Fun and Creative Accessories for a Treehouse or Playground

Trista - November 24, 2019
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A Little House

This is another option for those parents who are a little nervous about letting their children play up high in the trees. This house is raised off the ground, just like the house on stilts discussed earlier. The asking price for a home like this is around $2300 and is entirely customizable. Add features such as flower boxes, curtains, and cushions, a slide, sandbox, skylight, and ladder. The Little Squirt House is perfect for children of all ages, as long as they have a working imagination! This is also a good alternative if you lack any sturdy trees in the yard.

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Swing on the Monkey Bars

Another playground classic, monkey bars, can be a fun way for kids to exit the playhouse or travel from platform to platform. One of everyone’s favorite obstacle courses, everyone can enjoy this simple feature. Did you know that monkey bars have been providing entertainment for children everywhere for 100 years? Someone is on to something here. Not only will everyone enjoy themselves, but they will also be working on their cardiovascular health and upper body strength, in addition to coordination and balance. Do not just limit yourself to monkey bars: you may also choose from monkey rings, trapezes, and shimmy bars.

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A Pirate Ship Wheel

A wheel is such an easy addition that can add countless hours of imagination fueled the fun. If you already have a crow’s nest in the works, this would be the perfect add on to complete the pirate ship look. Kids can pretend they are driving a bus, racing a car, flying an airplane, or directing a boat through the high seas.

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Keep It Simple

If complicated houses are not your deal and carpentry is not your skill, constructing a simple treehouse might be in your future. What does a simple treehouse look like? It is just a platform built up in the trees; no other structures or features to be found. Of course, you will need a way to reach the platform, such as stairs or a ladder. While this may not be the option the kids are looking for, it is a great way to get yourself outdoors. Set up some furniture and lights and enjoy your night star gazing.

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Splash in the Hot Tub

Want to bring your treehouse up to the next level? Try installing a hot tub or jacuzzi to add layers of fun to the house high in the sky. Add a romantic element for you and your partner. This may not be the best option if the treehouse is being used regularly by little ones: it is quite possible they could accidentally turn on the hot tub and fall in, potentially harming or drowning themselves. Build windows on all sides of the container to get a great view with a great soak.

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Hang a Jolly-Roger Flag

Complete the pirate look of the treehouse by adding a pirate flag to the top of the crow’s nest! Your child can act out the life of a captain of a pirate ship for days to come, spending extended periods up in the crow’s nest. You may want to think about adding a few more pirate touches, such as painting a pirate map next to the wheel or possibly bringing a treasure chest on deck to make playing that more authentic.

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Draw on a Chalkboard

Chalkboards can add a level of secrecy to the treehouse: it allows you to leave secret messages for your friends or family. Let your friends know when you will be back from dinner or simply have fun drawing endless pictures on the erasable surface. Kids could even pretend they are back in the classroom, giving each other school lessons for the fun of it. Play tic-tac-toe or hang-man, old school games that used to provide us with countless hours of entertainment. Just be careful where you place the chalkboard as it could get damaged if exposed to the elements.

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A Fun Telescope

Completing the pirate apparel is the telescope, which kids can use to watch the whole neighborhood pass them by from the height of their tower. Telescopes are not the only option here: parents have the choice between binoculars and a periscope as well. It really just depends on the overall atmosphere of the treehouse: binoculars could be used for any situation while a periscope brings to mind a submarine atmosphere. Choosing a magnifying device all depends on how mobile you want your child to be: binoculars are movable while a periscope and telescope would be fixed in place.

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A Fragrant Flower Box

While this feature may not be for the kids’ sake, it is an excellent way to spruce up the treehouse. Bring a pop of color and a splash of design by adding flower boxes under windows in the treehouse. That way, they are out of the way of children’s play. However, be cautious because flowers will attract bees. Try to research which ones are less prone to these little stingers.

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Lovely Wind Chimes

Create natural melodies by hanging a pair of wind chimes up in the trees. You have many options here, including buying a set of pre-made wind chimes or making your own by utilizing old glass bottles of varying shapes and sizes. If you live in an especially windy area, it may be best to buy a wind chime, so you don’t risk creating a mess with broken bottles.