Fun and Creative Accessories for a Treehouse or Playground

Trista - November 24, 2019
They could find their favorite planets. Shutterstock

A Fun Telescope

Completing the pirate apparel is the telescope, which kids can use to watch the whole neighborhood pass them by from the height of their tower. Telescopes are not the only option here: parents have the choice between binoculars and a periscope as well. It really just depends on the overall atmosphere of the treehouse: binoculars could be used for any situation while a periscope brings to mind a submarine atmosphere. Choosing a magnifying device all depends on how mobile you want your child to be: binoculars are movable while a periscope and telescope would be fixed in place.

Nothing wrong with a touch of color. Shutterstock

A Fragrant Flower Box

While this feature may not be for the kids’ sake, it is an excellent way to spruce up the treehouse. Bring a pop of color and a splash of design by adding flower boxes under windows in the treehouse. That way, they are out of the way of children’s play. However, be cautious because flowers will attract bees. Try to research which ones are less prone to these little stingers.

Sound beautiful in a breeze. Shutterstock

Lovely Wind Chimes

Create natural melodies by hanging a pair of wind chimes up in the trees. You have many options here, including buying a set of pre-made wind chimes or making your own by utilizing old glass bottles of varying shapes and sizes. If you live in an especially windy area, it may be best to buy a wind chime, so you don’t risk creating a mess with broken bottles.