Fun & Boozy Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Monica Gray - August 28, 2023
Living Life and Learning

Make Colored Rice

This one is fun and simple, and you could use the colored rice to decorate! Simply grab four Ziploc baggies. Fill them with rice and vodka, and then pour four different colors of food coloring into the baggies. Then, pour the rice onto baking sheets to let it dry. You’ll get rainbow rice! You could even eat the rice afterwards, though it will likely taste like vodka (Living Life and Learning).

Nordic Spirits

Make A Handheld Fireball Using Tequila Or Vodka

This experiment is not to be taken lightly. You’re about to hold a ball of fire, so make sure you use precaution, and don’t do it if you’ve already had a few alcoholic beverages. The best way to protect yourself is to wear flame retardant gloves to perform the experiment successfully. Cut a two to six inch piece of fabric from a material like cotton or wool. This material does not catch fire at low temperatures. Roll it up and thread it into a ball. Grab that old bottle of tequila or vodka, both of which are highly flammable, and lather it up. Then, set it aflame. You can pick it up and hold it for a few seconds without getting burned before you should put it away (YouTube).


Make A Density Tower

Because liquids have all different densities, you could make your very own density tower with water, vegetable oil, and alcohol. Grab a clear glass bottle and pour three different liquids inside. You can use oil, water, and whiskey. Watch the magic happen! The liquids will all settle based on their different densities, making a colorful tower. This is all thanks to the different mass of molecules, and the denser ones sink to the bottom (Exploratorium).