Get Cozy With These 39 Fall Decor Ideas

Trista - October 21, 2019

Who doesn’t love the pumpkin spice season when everything looks and smells nice? The magic of autumn is such that one finds the decaying leaves more romantic than any flower that has ever blossomed. How about bringing some flavors of autumn home and make it a part of your decor? After all, it is almost time for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Here, we have put together some interesting fall decor ideas that you can incorporate in the interior as well as the exterior of your home. So, enjoy the coziest season of all with some pumpkin spiced latte!


Washtub planters. Shutterstock.

1. Washtub Planters

If you are looking for an idea to make your house’s entrance look dressed in autumn, you can simply place a couple of washtub planters on either side of the door. Now, you can let your imagination flow and fill the planters with fall season foliage. Add a couple of tiny pumpkins for a better effect.

You can make this DIY idea work for nights as well by adding some season-friendly lights on top of the plants. Not a fan of fairy lights? Don’t worry. You can always highlight your efforts by adding some decorative lamps right on top of the planters, bringing them into the spotlight.

Credit: Shutterstock/Titi Crafty

2. Paper Blossom Branches

Although the brown, orange, and yellow of the withering leaves have a separate place in your heart, watching the empty branches makes one feel sad. Then again, you can always decorate the bark and twigs with some DIY paper blossoms and make them appear lively once again.

Bring your origami skills into use and cut your favorite colored papers into flower blossoms. Use glue or string to attach these flowers to the empty branches of the tree and make it look as stunning as ever. You can make flower bunches, single flowers, and go creative with colors since it is your custom autumn tree!

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3. Incorporate Pumpkins into your Decor

Nothing describes the fall better than Halloween. And nothing describes Halloween better than pumpkins. Therefore, you have to incorporate those cute, orange, pumpkin-like lanterns, cushions, and flower vases into your decor. You can try this decor idea on the inside as well as the exterior of your house.

If you are wondering that investing in fall season accessories will prove expensive because you cannot use them all year long, you can go frugal and make your own decorative pieces. All you have to do is color your old accessories orange or use cardboard for creating make-shift accessories such as ornamental lamps.

Fall jars. Shutterstock.

4. Fall Jars

All you need is a little imagination to bring in use the stuff that is already lying around to make your home fall-ready. So, if you have some mason jars that you can do without for the season, then how about decorating them with some lace.

You can stick to rustic shades like brown, grey, off-white, and yellow for the effects and top them up with foliage that pleases the autumn gods the most. Also, you can add in some burlap for giving your jars a more alluring appeal. Remember, you need to go creative but stay minimalistic for the best results.

Gold accents with fall decor. Shutterstock.

5. Gold Accents

When you are in a dilemma about whether to keep the sophistication of your previous decor intact or go all-in with the Halloween theme, we have the best solution for you- why not make Halloween sophisticated too!

Yes, add the fall produce you love to your decor and cover them into geometric gold accents. No color can give your decor a more luxurious look than golden, and the geometric fineness will make your efforts look more detailed. Apart from using the product for decoration, you can use some local flowers, real or fake, to accentuate the appeal of the decor. Ensure that every shade goes well with your walls and furniture.

A fall-decorate bedside table. Shutterstock.

6. Dress Up the Side Table

Fall is a beautiful season, and you can seldom get enough of it. What if we tell you that you can bring in the decor to your bedroom too! Yes, with a tiny pumpkin and seasonal foliage, you can adorn your side table with the hues of autumn. Plus, you will not have to make significant changes to your usual living space for that.

Top your usual stuff on the side table with some Halloween essentials such as a tiny pumpkin. Also, if you have an old mug, you can repurpose it as a flowerpot and place it on the nightstand with lots of maple leaves and orange flowers.

Focusing on the fall mantelpiece can make or break the center of a room. Shutterstock.

7. Focus on the Mantelpiece

Since it is a bit chilly outside during autumn already, we know that you spend most of your family time in front of the mantelpiece. So, why not put in some brains into converting the fireplace into a fall attraction.

You can add in a lot of tiny pumpkins or a couple of big ones, top the mantelpiece with some seasonal flowers and leaves, and let a banner hang from it. Stick to a consistent color scheme. Now, every time you will sit with your family in front of the mantelpiece, you are more likely to feel comforted by fire on chilly nights.

Birch accents and candle holders. Shutterstock.

8. Birch Log Candle Holders

If nature is your one true love, you can go organic on your decor ideas by incorporating nature’s elements. One way of doing so is adding in some birch logs over the winter foliage that you found outside your house.

Now, you can arrange these birch logs as you like and top them off with some candles or fairy lights. At nights, the slight glow coming from the candles will give your house a pleasing aesthetic appeal that you would love. Please place this piece of decor inside your home; otherwise, the candles might not be able to survive the chilly autumn wind.

Old wooden frame on desk. Shutterstock.

9. Reclaim that Wooden Frame

Want your home to look more inviting for your family and friends? Then, why not bring an old wooden frame to use? Yes, all you have to do is look for a wooden frame in your garage that you have stopped using and show some draping skills on it. You can tie around a bow, add a dried wreath on it, and adorn the wreath with some tiny pumpkin decorations.

With a simple wooden frame, you can make your home look more exciting for children as well as adults to go trick or treating!

Leaf art. Shutterstock.

10. Leaf Art

For some, it is the smell of pumpkin spice that indicates the arrival of autumn. And, for others, it is the withering maple leaves that surround their porch one beautiful morning. So, if you are from the last lot, you can add in some leaves dressed in autumn hues to cover your entrance door.

The best way to add some leaves to your decor is to stick some of them to your glass door. If you do not have a glass door, then you can go ahead with a glass frame near your porch and let the leaves hang.

Little pops of fall foliage. Shutterstock.

11. Bring the Foliage

Nothing can make your space look more energized than incorporating some foliage into the interior decors. You can place some wooden boxes in front of the fireplace and use them as stands for your orange mums. Also, you can arrange some leaves and top them with a seasonal gourd for the much needed aesthetic appeal.

You can have your favorite page from your favorite fall book framed or superimposed on a canvas and use it as a painting for your mantelpiece. Apart from that, lanterns, orange wreaths, banners, mugs full of golden sheaves of wheat, and more pumpkin will look alluring around your fireplace.

Credit: Shutterstock/Home Stories A to Z

12. Acorn-Filled Clear Lamp Bases

Since you are in awe of this season so much, then there is no way your lamps should not reflect the same. You can sill your lamp bases with some acorns and place some foliage baskets around them. In this way, when your lamps give out light, the acorns in the bottom will reflect the perfect shades of autumn.

This idea can work like magic when you are not a fan of fairy lights too. Plus, the lamps do not have to be the only pieces, you can add in some baskets on your nightstand with other objects and colors that scream autumn too.

Credit: Shutterstock/A Bubbly Life

13. Acorn Fairy Lights

Two fall decor favorites- acorn and fairy lights- can be brought together to create a cozy setting that you will love. All you have to do is paint the acorn shells in the colors you like, top them up with some shiny glitter, and add them to your fairy lights. The slight reflection of light and the glitter will come together to give your walls an ideal autumn feel.

Not only will your guests, but passers-by will be impressed with the efforts you’ve put into making your decor stand out with this little addition to the good-old fairy lights.


14. Leaf Art Garlands and More

Often, homeowners spend all of their time in taking after the appearance of the porch and interiors that the windows facing the backyards are overlooked. That’s why, whenever you feel like soaking in the autumn sun in the yard, it doesn’t make you feel as cozy. Hence, it would help if you worked on those windows too.

Add some artsy leaf garlands to use and team them up with corn cobs, pumpkins, and orange mums. This easy idea will make your home look dresses in autumn all around, not letting any part of your house down whatsoever.


15. Garden Wagon Autumn

It is the yard in every household that deserves its share of decor in every season, whether it is Christmas or Halloween. Therefore, you should bring that old yard wagon to use for making your yard look cozier than ever before. Arrange some orange mum plants on the cart; surround it with autumn foliage, and a stack of burlap.

Since you have put so much effort into its decoration, place the wagon next to a fence where it is most visible. You can also add a dried wreath on the wall to bring the decor together.

Bright, modern fall decor. Shutterstock.

16. Brighten Up the Space

All work and no play can make Jack a dull boy. Similarly, the colors of autumn are rather flat and can make your house appear so too in the day. Therefore, we would advise you to add some bright and fresh colors to your decor also.

To begin with, you can buy a fresh, lush green wreath instead of the dried out one. You do not have to have pumpkins which are painted in shades of autumn; you can color some red, blue, yellow, white, or in whichever color that’s up your alley and place them on the mantelpiece.

Little, subtle touches of leaves can be just as effective as bold colors. Shutterstock.

17. More on Leaves

Although there are a million ways in which you can design fall banners, none of them can beat the banners that have real autumn leaves on them. Moreover, you can pick up your favorite fall book, Xerox its pages, cut them in leaf shapes, and add them to the actual leaves.

Such leaf banners will not only take you back to the time when you read this book for the first time but bring the cultivated you to life. Not to forget how well will the off-white paper highlight the orange hues of the withered leaves!

Glass candle holders can be repurposed for each season. Shutterstock.

18. Glass Candle Holders

When we say glass candle holder, we actually mean the candle holders that you can design with the help of glasses which are no longer in use. You can reclaim those glasses and other pieces of crockery this autumn by painting them in shades of yellow, golden, black, brown, and orange to highlight them as a part of your decor.

Once your glasses are ready to hold the candle, place one of those you bought from the fall market inside it. The appeal would be even better if your candle has the scent of pumpkin spice that we all love.

Credit: Shutterstock/House of Hawthornes

19. Velvet Pumpkins

While you are looking for excellent fall decoration ideas, why not make the home ready for the winter simultaneously? For this, you can bring the seamstress in you into action and make some pumpkins out of velvet. They will surely give you the cozy, warm vibes you’ve been longing for.

You can place the velvet pumpkins into a basket, either on top of your mantelpiece or use it as a centerpiece on the dining table. They will look even better if you combine them with some branches of acorn or orange mums. Moreover, once you make the velvet pumpkins, you can use them year after year.

Fall leaves on coffee mugs bring a cozy touch. Shutterstock.

20. Stencil Leaves on your Mugs and Jars

Whether you are planning to serve your guests some coffee, ginger ale, butter beer, or pumpkin-spiced latte this autumn, you need to have the perfect mugs. For this, you can use some maple leaf stencils and paint the cups in the colors of autumn.

Not only leaves, but you can also buy stencils of pumpkins, acorns, and what not to make your mugs and jars look autumn-ready. You can use the same technique to adorn the front of your house too. Just make sure that you buy bigger stencils for bigger surfaces; otherwise it will take you the entire season to decorate.

Cute chalkboards are always in. Shutterstock.

21. Fall Signs

Nothing screams autumn louder than “pumpkins, apples, and hayrides,” so, how about incorporating them in your fall decor. You can bring in signboards that have some words or pictures that signify autumn for you and add them to your decor.

If you have a feeling that just the signboards won’t be enough to make your home look cozy, you can add a basket of seasonal gourds, apples, pumpkins, and foliage to accompany the sign. If you have wooden boxes lying around in the garage, you can paint them in the desired color and fill them up with withered leaves also.

Fall Mason jar with twinkle lights. Shutterstock.

22. Twinkly Mason Jars

If you are looking for an idea that can delight your tiny little guests as they visit your place for trick and treating, you can add some fairy lights into a mason jar. This idea will liven up one more element of autumn- fireflies.

You can have some dark green foliage accompany the fairy lights so that they are spread throughout the jar. Plus, you can either hang the jar from the ceiling or place them on the yard table. If you have a tree trunk that has a flat surface, you can arrange your decor on top of it.

Cute jack-o-lanterns. Shutterstock.

23. Jack-O-Lantern Decor

Well, who isn’t a fan of Jack-o-Lanterns during Halloween! So, it would help if you didn’t give it a second thought when you come across pretty Jack-o-lantern pillowcases, lanterns, and more in the mall this season. You can use these accessories as statement pieces and place them to accentuate the decor.

If you’re on a budget, you do not necessarily have to buy the lanterns. You can also use the orange pillowcases; for example, you have lying around to create Jack-o-lantern pillowcases. Use some stencils or your sketching skills to bring the pumpkin to life and add some burlap on the edges to complete the look.

Credit: Shutterstock

24. Create Your Own Pumpkin Soaps

Who doesn’t love to place some pleasant-smelling soap around their house for long-lasting happiness! So, how about playing those soaps for creating the cozy feels for autumn?

Yes, you can create your own pumpkin-shaped soaps with the help of some DIY videos. Remember to use some autumn flavors into your soap so that they smell of the season and, if possible, create varying shades of orange. Once you have the pumpkin soaps ready and dry, you can place them in bowls. Do not forget to accompany the dish of soaps with some autumn foliage for the context.

Credit: Shutterstock

25. Use Dried Stalks and Pumpkins Together

Whether or not you are a huge fan of incorporating dried stalks in your decor, they will undoubtedly add the flavor of the season to the exteriors of your house. So, when you are out shopping, do not forget to pick up some dried stalks, wreaths, and branches from the park.

You can place bigger dried stalks on either side of your entrance. If you feel that they appear too dead, liven them up by arranging some orange mums on their side. You can also create Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and place them on the steps.

Credit: Shutterstock/Addicted 2 DIY

26. Burlap Art

Burlap art is one addition that will enhance the entire appeal of your fall decor. You can buy burlap canvases, threads, wreaths, and more to add some fall accents to your interiors. If you are not a fan of buying your art, you can create it yourself by investing in some canvases and painting them with your own version of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Other than canvases, you can collect some dried twigs from the garden and make their bundles. Tie these bundles with burlap strings to get another autumn piece just like that! You can always reuse the art once created in the coming years.

Credit: Shutterstock

27. Create Themed Calendars

There is no better time to bring out all your fall pictures from the previous year than fall itself. You can incorporate the images of your kids trick or treating in your decor. Primarily, you can add these pictures into the calendar to make it more personal to your family.

For making a calendar this fall, all you need is a family picture with some elements of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now, you can add it to a sheet of paper and draw dates on it. Throw in a couple of words or images that will make the calendar look more artsy.

Candy corn always serves as happy decor. Shutterstock.

28. Candy Corn Candle Holder

There is no denying the fact that, for kids, Halloween, fall at large, is all about candies. This is one night they get to indulge in this pleasure and not feel guilty about it at all. Therefore, you have to have some sweets as a part of your fall decor.

You can begin with some candy corn. Since they are candies that look like corn, there are no better alternatives to it. All you have to do is, fill in a mason jar, halfway, with some candy corn and top it with molten candle wax. Do not forget to add a string to light up the candle, in any case.

Apples, gourds and other harvest items make great decor. Shutterstock.

29. Use Autumn Harvest

Since it is the Christmas fir that occupies an honored space in your living room during Christmas, it is only fair is that space is given to some earthy autumn harvest during autumn. Therefore, you should bring all the gourds, pumpkins, apples, corn cobs, and sheaves of wheat you can put your hands upon for autumn.

Once you have the product ready, all that is left is to arrange them neatly in flowerpots, baskets, birch barks, and vases to bring in the cozy autumn feels. Make sure that you keep the decor minimalistic as you would not like dry hay flying around your house.

Credit: Shutterstock

30. Peek-a-Boo Mason Jar Decorations

Another way in which you can bring autumn to life into the interiors of your home is to use peek-a-boo Mason jar decorations. You can either fill them up with acorns and candy corns or simply light a candle in them. They will look stunning on the corner table in your dining area.

For making peek-a-boo mason jars, paste a maple leaf on the pot, from where you want to peek, and paint the rest of it with the desired color. It would help if you used subtle pastels for a better appeal. Now add your favorite decoration into the jars and club their rim with a burlap string.


31. Create Festive Signs

Since every house becomes an autumn wonderland when it is that time of the year, how about incorporating some signs into yours to remind others of the same? Yes, you can create attractive and interactive signboards with autumn lexicon on them.

You can use your favorite autumn shades such as orange, red, yellow, and brown to create the signs and stick them on a stand on the porch. You can also place the signboard in the flowerpots on the porch. Do not forget to accompany your signboard with a couple of pumpkins for a better appeal.

Credit: Shutterstock/The Turquoise Home

32. Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin

If you think that real pumpkins would rot and smell on your mantelpiece, you can always make your own pumpkin with some Mason jar rings. Arrange the rings vertically in a circle and tie them up with a rustic string. You can also color the rings in the shades you love to make it get along with the interiors.

Mason jar ring pumpkin is the perfect idea for your tablescape and will certainly turn out to be a way in which you can create the best out of waste.


33. Pumpkin Planters

Using pumpkins as planters is a great addition inside or out! If you have got large planters for your porch, you should not leave them out of your mission for creating the best autumn wonderland. For this, you can place some pumpkins on top of the planters and trim the greenery on its sides. The overflowing greens will contrast with your orange pumpkins and let the color pop out.

You can create variations of this idea by carving out the designs you love on the pumpkins, some eyes and teeth perhaps, and let your efforts show. Since you are practically carving out a Jack-o-pumpkin, you can also place some light on top of planters and make it look like a lantern.


Wreath crafts. Shutterstock.

34. Homemade Wreaths

You can bring autumn to the empty walls of your house with some homemade wreaths. You can either create them with paper or burlap sheets so that they reflect that rustic feel of autumn. Plus, you can add some artificial foliage on the wreath.

You can follow various patterns for creating the wreath, such as the traditional ring-shaped wreath with flowers attached to it in a disorderly fashion. Or you can follow the picture above and use geometric patterns to create a sun outburst (much needed in autumn).

35. Leaf Art Bowls

If you haven’t started handing out candies to your friends and families yet this season, once you have got your hands upon these leaf art bowls, you would want to do so ASAP. This is because these bowls bring in autumn to your interior like nothing else and look stunning.

You can place the bowl at a spot where they will be most visible and add some autumn foliage at the bottom before filling them up with Halloween candy. They will go exceptionally well with the fall decor you are working on for the season.

36. Make your Porch Cozy

Your guests should start feeling cozy even before they enter your house. So, there is no harm in placing a blanket on your porch seating and throwing in a rug at the bottom. You can complete the look by adding some pumpkins to the steps that lead to your porch.

Now that your porch is all dressed up in autumn with throw blankets, rugs, pillows, and pumpkins, you can watch the children in your neighborhood trick and treating all through Halloween.

37. Gourds at Dinner Settings

If you are hosting a family lunch or dinner this fall, you can add some elements of autumn at around the dining area, as well. You don’t have to do a lot. Arrange some autumn gourds, acorns, and other pieces of foliage in a corner, or use a wreath and a text to adorn your mirrors.

Your guests are going to love the little things that will remind them of fall even inside the house, and they will never be able to guess that all it took you was a couple of minutes to set everything up.

Taking banners to a creative place. Wikimedia.

38. Festive Banners

The easiest way to decorate your walls and mantelpiece is by creating festive banners. You can use maple leaves, paper cut-outs, or glided feathers to create the flags you love. They are easy to make and add a fun appeal to your decor.

Since you are using paper cut-outs, leaves, and feathers to make the banners, you can assign the task to your kids as well. They would love to help with the decorations, and this will be an excellent origami practice for them. Make sure that you use existing fixtures on the walls for hanging the banners because drilling new holes in the wall will only look shabby once the season is over.

Throws and pillows always add extra layers to a room. Shutterstock.

39. Throw Rugs and Pillows

Since we are talking about making the house cozy here, we cannot possibly ignore the comfortable armchairs and sofas in the house. Nowadays, throw pillows and rugs are an interior design must-have, and we know that you have the perfect colors for autumn in store too. So, now is the time to bring all the rustic tones out.

You can throw the rug on the armchair or couch casually and let the pillow rest on it too. Now, whenever you feel like soaking in some heat from the fireplace, you can curl up on the armchair, wrap around the throw blanket and rest your head on the pillow.