Hideous 90s Home Trends that Bring Back Nostalgia in All the Wrong Ways

Trista - September 23, 2022

From The 80s To The 90s

For some reason, we will never come to understand that during the 80s, it seemed to be that the ‘resort decor’ look was a popular trend in homes. Sporting an ultra-light scheme of the color of pastel pinks and barely-there peaches. When the 90s rolled around, that trend was carried over and was given a spin. This look was made to create a tropical feel, with deep yet vibrant magenta and turquoise color pairing. We don’t really miss this trend, and we don’t think many other people are too bummed to leave this look in the past.


Splashes Of Paint On Canvases

Ah, the good ole Jackson Pollock affect. Some may remember the bright neon hues the 80s had to offer. Well, 90s kids may remember that playful and graphic pops of super saturated primary colors were a staple in the early 90s. Although it may have been the 80s and 90s look, you can still find this trend in some people’s homes. Today, these pieces are of bold pigmented shades and can be found in eclectic accent pieces, trendy, color-blocked rooms, and more. This type of artwork fits perfectly in any room that needs a pop of color added to it, like in this photo above that shows a white kitchen with a very colorful and graffiti-inspired backsplash.