Home Decor Items That Will Always Be In Style

Shannon Quinn - July 23, 2019

Home Decor trends come and go. We can guarantee by next year, there will be a new style that everyone is trying to copy in their houses and apartments. However, there are certain things that are truly timeless, and will never, ever get old. With so much hype on HGTV and YouTube, it’s far too easy to forget what is only going to be cool for the next few years, and what will be stylish for a lifestyle. Here are 30 home decor items that will last the test of time.

Statement light fixtures will always be cool. Photo Credit: Followtheflow/Shutterstock

55. Statement Light Fixtures

Every couple years, the trends in the popular style of light fixtures will change. However, there are certain ones that will remain cool forever. Even those old fashioned chandeliers from hundreds of years ago still look gorgeous. When shopping for a statement light fixture, really think long and hard about it, though. How will you feel about it in a few years? And if you decide to alternate your style, will you have to buy a new one?

Daybeds are great for naps. Photo Credit: Svetlana Satsiuk/Shutterstock

54. Daybeds

Daybeds come in all shapes and sizes. Technically, you can get a twin sized mattress on a frame that is shaped like a metal couch, and it’s considered to be a “daybed”. Or, you can find a chaise lounge, and it kind of serves a similar function. They are great for guest rooms and offices, just in case you have someone staying overnight. Smaller ones like the one shown in the photo above are not as common anymore, but they work great for a dressing room or office space to lay down and read a good book.

Fancy linens make you feel like you are at a hotel. Photo Credit: Daria Minaeva/Shutterstock

53. Linen Bedding

One of the best parts of going to a fancy hotel is lying on a bed with real linen sheets. Even though so many people crave that feeling, a surprisingly small number of people actually put up the money to get them for their own home. If you invest your money into a high quality set of sheets, it truly may last you a lifetime. If this is something that you consider to be out of your price range, put it on your Christmas wish list or your wedding registry.

Coffee table books have been around forever. Photo Credit: Northern Virginia Mag

52. Coffee Table Books

Even in the modern world of cellphones and iPads, there is still something special about seeing a beautiful hard cover coffee table book. These are a great way to display your interests, and to add a designer element to the space without spending a ton of money. For example, a Chanel blazer might be over a thousand dollars, but the coffee table book is just $27.

Eames chairs have been popular for decades. Photo Credit: Karen Culp/Shutterstock

51. Eames Lounge Chair

Originally designed in 1956, there is just something about the Eames Lounge Chair that makes you go “wow”. Its color scheme and design automatically tells people that you have a valuable and expensive piece of furniture. And, apparently, it is one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in. If you buy an original piece, it will cost over $5,000. Lucky for you, there replicas online for a little over $500.

Hardwood floors always look great. Photo Credit: MPanchenko/Shutterstock

50. Hardwood Floors

People have been using hard wood floors for centuries. It will truly never get old. You can rest assured that if you invest in really high quality hardwood floors, they will most likely stay in that house until the end of time. And if you truly cannot afford to buy real hard wood, consider getting vinyl flooring that looks like the real thing. It should be easy to install with two people. If you have never done it before, check out YouTube tutorials on how it’s done.

Plants will always be an important part of home decor. Photo Credit: ReginaYs/Shutterstock

49. Houseplants

Buying plans for your home will help to bring life to a space. It will also help the air smell much better, too. Some people opt to buy fake plants, because they are afraid that they will die. However, it’s actually a lot easier to take care of plants than you would think, and it’s a lot cheaper to get real ones, too. For example, a fake fiddly fig tree is usually around $150. But you can go to Home Depot and buy a real fiddly fig for just $20, and try to grow it yourself. If you feel intimidated, just go on YouTube and type in “How to take care of….” and fill in the name of the plant.

Remember to get great throw pillows for your space. Photo Credit: ben bryant/Shutterstock

48. Throw Pillows

For most people, getting throw pillows for their couch is a no-brainer. However, a lot of people might just grab whatever the couch came with, and call it a day. You really should think about the quality of throw pillows, because it can add a lot of style to a room. It may even be a good way to show off the season. For example, you could switch out tartan or holiday themed pillows around Christmas time.

Curtains are almost always necessary in any space. Photo Credit: August_0802/Shutterstock

47. Curtains

When you hang curtains in a room, two things happen. One is that you have given yourself a way to filter or block out the sun completely. Secondly is that you have softened a space, and made it a lot more cozy. Long curtains can also add an illusion of height, which will make you feel as if there are high ceilings. If you purchase high-quality curtains that are a neutral color, like the white sheer curtains shown above, you should be able to re-use those no matter where you live.

Find art that is unique to your style. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

46. Art

No home would be complete without art. It can truly tie a space together, bringing a personal element to the walls, instead of an impersonal blank canvas. The quality and subject of your artwork also says a lot about you, as well. Maybe you are a huge movie buff, and you want to have a poster of your favorite film on display. Or maybe you absolutely love classic painters like Van Gogh. It gives you an opportunity to show your friends and family what you love.

Don’t throw away all of your family heirlooms. Photo Credit: Karin Hildebrand Lau /Shutterstock

45. Family Heirlooms

There are some people out there who don’t seem to have a lot of sentimental attachment to family heirlooms, or they keep them hidden away in the attic. However, some of your important family pieces can look truly beautiful on display when it is done tastefully. Take some time to go through your family’s belongings. If something jumps out at you as being truly special, don’t be shy about incorporating it into your decor.

Oriental rugs are colorful and sophisticated. Photo Credit: Sean Pavone /Shutterstock

44. Oriental Rugs

Whether you call them “Oriental” or “Persian” rugs, we are all talking about the gorgeous low-pile throw that is available in a variety of colors and patterns. This really only works if you have a room that already has a hardwood floor. These rugs are so classic, some people will actually go out of their way to find ones that are antique, and have been kept in good condition. Many retailers are trying to replicate the look of beat up oriental rugs. So if you can find one second-hand at a yard sale, thrift shop, or auction, you will probably get an amazing deal. (Just be sure to clean it!)

Fresh flowers are wonderful in any home. Photo Credit: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

43. Flowers

The tradition of having fresh flowers in your home is common in Europe, but it truly should be done more often in the United States. Fresh flowers add a pop of color to a room, and they smell good, too. There is something about getting flowers that says; “I actually care”. Even if you cannot afford fresh flowers all the time, you may want to splurge when you expect to have guests coming over. They will not go unnoticed.

Real wooden furniture should last a lifetime. Photo Credit: Breadmaker/Shutterstock

42. Real Wood Furniture

So many people immediately run to IKEA and Walmart for affordable furniture in their first house. Even though a lot of it can look stylish and cute, it’s almost always cheap for a good reason. Particle board will bend and buckle over time, and it will eventually need to be replaced. If you buy real wood furniture, it will most likely last a lifetime. Once you get a wooden piece, you will actually begin to feel like a “real” grown-up!

White walls are classic. Photo Credit: Marina_D/Shutterstock

41. White Walls

Some people feel that white walls are awful, and need to be changed almost immediately. But you can choose to seem them like a crisp white canvas. They will bring a lot of light into the room, especially if you don’t have a lot of sunlight. White walls usually work really well if you are trying to go with a bohemian or surf shack style home. Before you go all white, check out some style inspiration for white walls on Pinterest.

Beams and crown molding make a house look more expensive. Photo Credit: pics721/Shutterstock

40. Beams and Molding

Back in colonial times, all homes were build with the European style of using wooden beams to support the walls above. In modern buildings, it is rare to find those beams. But when you do, they truly do add a historic touch that cannot be replaced. Same goes with crown molding. That has been a sign of wealth and prosperity for hundreds of years. Before you jump into a molding project, just make sure you choose something that is a good fit with the height of your ceiling, as well as the style of the rest of the house.

There is just somethind mid-century couches that still look good. Photo Credit: Thomas Studios Laguna

39. Mid-Century Couches

Just like the Eames chair we mentioned earlier in this list, there is just something about the design of couches in the 1950’s and 60’s, that still looks very cool, even today. It has remained stylish for the past 50 years, and it may just keep going until the end of time. You may be able to find something cool at a thrift store or local auction, but there are plenty of replicas being made every year.

Luxe throw blankets always make a huge difference. Photo Credit: Oksana.Bondar/Shutterstock

38. Luxurious Throw Blankets

It’s easy to go to Walmart and buy a $5 throw blanket if you get cold. But those do not actually give any design element to a space. If you are going to have a throw blanket on display in your living room couch or on the end of your bed, you might as well go for something a bit more luxe. Check out Home Goods, because you can find some amazing name-brand blankets there for half the retail price.

Large mirrors almost always look good. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

37. Mirrors

Everyone needs a mirror. (Unless you really don’t care what you look like.) Whether it’s a mirror hanging on a wall, or a large floor-to-ceiling mirror that helps you take some sweet outfit of the day selfies, it is almost always a worthwhile investment. Just remember to measure your space to make sure you have enough room to bring a mirror into the room you are hoping to put it in.

Console tables near your front door are useful for decor and a place to put your keys. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

36. Console Tables

In case you weren’t aware, a console is a table that greets you when you first walk through your front door. This is usually there to put a few items on display. It may have a place to put your keys, purse, and other items that are important to grab when you are ready to leave the house. As long as you choose a console table that is neutral in terms of its style, you should be able to re-use it again and again. Maybe if you move, and you don’t have an entryway anymore, it can end up being an extra table in your living room. You never really know how it will be put to good use.

Bedside tables are useful, and they look good, too. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

35. Bedside Tables

Having tables on each side of a bed is incredibly useful, because you can put your glasses, cellphone, remote control, and anything else you may need. Even though they are so important, tons of people go their entire lives without every using one. Not only are they useful, but they can also provide additional storage, and they add a sense of symmetry to the space. Once you start using bedside tables, you will never go back.

There is almost always a good way to incorporate wallpaper into a house. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu /Shutterstock

34. Wallpaper

Sometimes, wallpaper can look truly awful and tacky, especially if it has a lot of dark colors and patterns that were used decades ago. However, it is often not the wallpaper that’s at fault. It is the execution. Nowadays, it looks much better to just have one accent wall. Or, find a large wall sticker, like the one shown in the image above. If you have never seen large wallpaper stickers like this, you really need to check out what is available nowadays. They are truly amazing.

Tiles are both beautiful and functional. Photo Credit: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

33. Tiles

Tiles are both functional and beautiful. They add pops of color, but they will also protect your floors, walls, and ceiling from water damage. They aren’t just for the bathroom, either. Many kitchens use tiles as the backsplash behind the kitchen sink or oven. Once they are installed, most people will appreciate them for a lifetime. And if you pick truly high quality pieces, the next person to buy your house will most likely keep them, too.

High-quality ceramics can last for years. Photo Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

32. Quality Ceramics

When a lot of people first move in to their first house, they will just run out to Walmart and get whatever plates are more affordable. Or, they might take a set of hand-me-downs from a relative. But once you invest in your first set of truly beautiful ceramic dishes, it will become your pride and joy. Check out department stores like Macy’s for sales on ceramic dish sets. You would be surprised how often they go on sale, because styles are changing all the time.

Ottomans are useful and stylish. Photo Credit: remuhin/Shutterstock

31. Ottomans

An ottoman describes a storage bench that is padded with fabric or leather. They are usually multipurpose, and can be used in various rooms in the house. You could have one in the living room as a coffee table and storage space, in a dressing room for a place to sit, at the end of the bed for extra blankets, and so much more. On the low end, they can cost around $40 to $50, or they can be a couple hundred dollars. It really just depends on where you find it.

Fireplaces add a sense of classiness to a home. Photo Credit: Kittisak Sirichunsuwan/Shutterstock

30. Fireplace

Having a fireplace in your home really does give it a sense of coziness. People love to hang stockings during Christmas time, and the mantle becomes a display area for greenery or decor. There is just something truly magical about having a fireplace. In fact, it has been known to help a house sell more quickly. So, if you house is old enough to already have a chimney, you may want to consider getting that up and running.

There will always be a need for a good standing lamp. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

29. Standing Lamps

You can almost never get enough light in a room. Standing lamps are amazing, because they can fit in small spaces, and they give you light when you really need it. More often than not, a standing lamp will stay in style for a very long time. Again, just try not to pick anything that is overly trendy. Finding a lamp that is a solid color like black, white, gold, or brass is always a good bet. Also keep in mind that you may need to re-use the lamp again in a future style, so don’t pick anything too wild like turquoise blue.

Black and white photos look incredibly chic. Credit: KATExLEO on Etsy

28. Black and White Photographs

Color film has been around for a while now, and yet man photographers still choose to use black and white. That is because certain images truly do look more dramatic when you remove the color. These images are also great if you are trying to decorate a home that already has a lot of colors going on in the room. Best of all, a black and white photo can be re-used over and over again, because it will match literally any color. Check out Etsy for some amazing photos. You can also pay artists to frame or even get something made onto a canvas for you.

Always try to keep your home organized. Photo Credit: Myvisuals/Shutterstock

27. Brilliant Organization

Organization will always be cool from now until the end of time. If you take the time to set up a great built-in closet, or if you make a kitchen space with plenty of storage, you are going to appreciate and love that for the rest of your life. The next person who buys the house will likely appreciate it a lot as well.

Tastefully displayed antiques look amazing. Photo Credit: NazarBazar/Shutterstock

26. Antiques

When some people hear the word “antique”, they get images in their head of their grandparents. But not every antique piece is outdated or matronly. You can truly find some really amazing artwork, furniture, and accessories that blend nicely with brand new things. Take some time to visit a local auction, eBay, thrift stores, and Etsy to see if anything vintage jumps out at you. The number of adorable and amazingly high quality things available might surprise you.

A closet with a built-in organizational system never gets old. Photo Credit: romakoma/Shutterstock

25. An Organized Closet System

Everyone loves a walk in closet. Even decades for now, people are still going to appreciate having plenty of storage for their wardrobe. What makes it so much better is having a built-in organizational system to hang clothes and keep all of your accessories. If you are considering investing in a closet organizational system, try to think about the longevity. For example, the wire shelving that you can find on the cheap at places like Home Depot don’t actually last much longer than a decade. Consider investing in a system from a company like Ikea or California Closets, instead.

Clawfoot tubs have been in style for hundreds of years. Photo Credit: Xolodan/Shutterstock

24. A Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs have been around for a few hundred years, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. There are plenty of people out there who would prefer a step in shower or a Jacuzzi style bathtub, but pretty much everyone appreciates a clawfoot when they see one. These tubs are sometimes found in older houses, and you’d be lucky to discover one. Otherwise expect to pay a small fortune in order to get this look. However, many bath enthusiasts say that there is no better style of bathtub for really sinking deep into a warm bath.

Wood paneling on the wall has been popular for decades. Photo Credit: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

23. Wooden Wall Paneling

For some people, the idea of having wood paneling on the walls makes them cringe. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, some people went over-the-top with rooms that resembled wooden box prisons. However, this is usually the case with fake wood paneling. The type that lasts forever throughout the decades is real wood paneling, sometimes called Knotty Pine. This is high-quality material that last longer than traditional drywall. It can be sanded down and painted or stained into any color that you like, and it gives dimension to the wall. When done correctly, having wood paneling can add to the value of a home, rather than detracting from it.

These built-in shelves will most likely stay in the walls forever. Photo Credit: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

22. Built-in Shelving

One of the greatest surprises to find when searching through real estate listings is a house with a library or a built-in shelving console. This is always a huge bonus for future buyers, and it never goes out of style. Wooden built-in shelving provides extra storage, but it also gives a lot of dimension and interest to a wall. Even shelves from a hundred years ago are still considered to be useful and stylish today. But if you choose to incorporate this into your home, make sure to hire a professional who can install a high quality product to last a lifetime.

The combination of black and white never gets old. Photo Credit: Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock

21. Black and White

Every single year, there is a new trendy color for every season. A common mistake that people make when purchasing home decor items for their new house or apartment is buying everything in a color that was popular the year they moved in. This will quickly get old over time. The combination of black and white has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It will never get old, so you can’t really go wrong with having that combination in the pieces around your house. Since these are also neutral, they are easy to incorporate with any other colors that you do choose to add into your decor.

Marble countertops have been around for years, and should remain popular. Photo Credit: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

20. Marble

Even during Greek and Roman times, people knew that decorating with marble was a sign of wealth and elegance. Nowadays, it’s very popular for people to install marble countertops. Rest assured that if you have anything in white marble, it’s likely to stay popular for the next few decades. With that being said, there are certain trendy color combinations or patterns that might have sprung up in the year that you moved in. Take a good objective look on your style choices, and ask yourself if this is something timeless or not. With a little bit of effort, you could invest in a high-quality marble object that will last the rest of your life.

This brass faucet and subway tile combination is timeless. Photo Credit: blaskor/Shutterstock

19. Brass Accents

In the past few years, brass light fixtures and faucets have become very popular, and can be found in nearly every home decor magazine. However, this trend is nothing new. If you go antique shopping, you’ll notice that a lot of the high quality furniture was made with brass knobs, and the material has been used for a large part of human history. So if you want to make your home look timeless, brass is always a safe bet. Just be sure that it matches your existing accessories, and avoid clashing metals.

This subway tile shower looks clean, sleek, and stylish. Photo Credit: Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

18. Subway Tiles

For the past few hundred years, people have been using subway tiles in their bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. And in some scenarios, like a bathroom makeover, adding subway tiles to the shower can actually increase the value of your home. That they’re easy to clean, and can be a timeless piece that works with a lot of different decor styles. Lastly, they are amazing, because if one tile gets cracked or broken, it’s always going to be easy and cheap to find replacement subway tiles at any hardware store.

White will never go out of style. Photo Credit: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

17. White Kitchens

Every few years, certain colors will become trendy in kitchens. For example, in 2019-2020, we’re seeing a lot of forest green cabinets. While this might work for a few years, it’s often not timeless when you pick a color for your kitchen and choose to match all of your accessories. White kitchens are truly timeless, because they feel clean, bright, and open. When you’re cooking food, you want a space to feel clean. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong by purchasing a white kitchen accessory or appliance, because it will be able to transition into any future makeover you decide to give to the space.

All-natural materials look beautiful in every home. Photo Credit: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

16. Natural Materials

Last but certainly not least is buying home decor items that are made from natural materials. For centuries, human beings have been making baskets and furniture out of objects they find in nature like bamboo, reeds, clay, and wood. No matter what year you happen to live in, these natural materials still look amazing. In most cases, they also look far more luxurious than factory-made items, because there is an understanding that the object was handcrafted. It also works very well in a minimalist, neutral environment, which will always give your home good vibes.

Candles always give your home a cozy ambiance. Credit: Shutterstock

15. Candles

For thousands of years, humans used fire and candle light to illuminate the night. Even though we have electricity now, we never got tired of seeing the flickering flame. That’s why candles will always be in style. Of course, nowadays, you can buy scented candles to make your house smell nice, too. And there are LED pillar candles that look real, but they’re not. They’re available to purchase online, and they can turn on and off with the click of a button.

Tufted furniture can help make a room look more elegant. Credit: Shutterstock

14. Tufted Furniture

Tufted furniture is an upholstery technique where dimples are made into the pattern. There are a number of different types of tufted patterns, but one of the most popular is when buttons are placed in a diamond pattern. Typically, the fabric has some sort of padding underneath, making the peaked parts of the furniture soft like a pillow. This gives your furniture more of a design, rather than just being a sleek surface. Tufting has been around since the 1800’s, in Victorian England. It has never gone away since then, and it’s likely to stick around forever.

This large padded headboard makes a room more comfortable. Credit: Shutterstock

13. A Large Headboard

Headboards have been around since Ancient Egypt, where the wooden barrier helped keep out the draft at night. And in Ancient Greece, people started to add cushioning to make it softer. Having a headboard was a status symbol, since not everyone can afford it. Since these have been around since ancient times, they are never going away! Nowadays, having a headboard is more of a sign of “adulting”, rather than status. Young people sometimes skip their headboard, especially when they’re in college, moving into their first apartment. However, once you have a good headboard on your bed, you’ll never go back. It provides a lot of back support when you want to sit up at night, as well as a barrier between your head and the wall. Plus, it just brings the bedroom together and makes it look more stylish.

A 4-poster bed adds a sense of elegance to a space. Credit: Shutterstock

12. A 4-Poster Bed

The origin of the 4-poster bed leads back to England in the 1500’s. The idea was to hang heavy curtains around the bed, keeping all of the warmth trapped inside of the area where you sleep. This also gave royals some semblance of privacy, since kings and queens often had guards standing in their room all night. Usually, these beds were very ornate, only made of the best wood and fabric. Like most other things in life, commoners wanted to copy royalty. As time went on, the 4-poster bed evolved with time. Today, it’s still seen as a sign of wealth, even though the style looks drastically different, and it’s purely for aesthetic purposes.

This art is simple and dramatic, but it makes a statement. Credit: Shutterstock

11. Statement Art Pieces

Sometimes, a beautiful piece of art really brings a room together. It often becomes a focal point in design. In her Masterclass, interior designer Kelly Wearstler talks about how you need to pick a “star” of the room that everyone immediately sees when they walk into the room, and everything else is secondary. Think about Kendall Jenner’s house tour. When you walk into her home, you immediately see a piece by James Turrell. Most other luxury homes also have amazing works of art, and it has been the case for hundreds of years.

A very cute tapestry is hanging on this bedroom wall in place of a painting. Credit: Shutterstock

10. Tapestries

For hundreds of years, royalty has been collecting tapestries to hang on their walls. For a long time, these were handmade by artisans, so it was incredibly impressive to have an entire scene hanging on your wall. Just like heavy curtains, tapestries also served the purpose of insulating heat in a castle. So they were often made to be so huge, they almost covered the entire wall. Nowadays, tapestries are popular in dorm rooms.

This room has beautiful rattan and wooden furniture. Credit: Shutterstock

9. Rattan Furniture

Back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, there was a huge trend with rattan furniture. This is furniture that is made from reeds and bamboo, similar to the Chinese furniture making that has been around for a very long time. The quality of these pieces were made to last a lifetime, which is why the trend has come back into style. It’s especially popular among bohemian design.

Gold accent pieces can bring glitz and glam to your space. Credit: Shutterstock

8. Gold and Silver Accents

Earlier on this list, we already mentioned having brass accents in your home. The same can be said about gold and silver accents. Picture frames, light fixtures, and cutlery are just a few examples of where gold and silver have been making an appearance for hundreds of years. Precious metals have always been a sign of wealth and elegance, and it’s no different in the modern world. Obviously, this doesn’t need to be real gold in order to make a statement. Walmart sells gold spray paint for only $3 a can, which means you can give yourself a glitzy DIY on the cheap.

The plants in front of this house creates symmetry. Credit: Shutterstock

7. Objects That Help Create Symmetry

Earlier on the list, we already mentioned the importance of having two end-tables on either side of your bed. This is a form of symmetry, and it’s important to have that throughout your entire home, not just the bedroom. It’s important to have two sconces on a wall flanking a doorway or a bed. And on the outside of your house, you may want to have a potted plant on either side of your door. When things are symmetrical, it’s far more pleasing to the eye. People have always found symmetry attractive, and that’s never going away.

This blue and white china has patterns that have been used for 200 years. Credit: Shutterstock

6. Pieces With a Classic Pattern

There are certain patterns in fabrics and ceramics that have been around for hundreds of years, and yet they haven’t gone out of style. One of the most famous examples of this is the blue and white china made by companies like Spode and Wedgewood. It doesn’t matter if your grandmother passed down those plates, because they still have the same sense of elegance. Same goes with a lot of classic patterns you see on fabrics. Instead of picking something graphic that became trendy in the past year, consider picking something that has been around for ages, instead.

These vintage chairs look amazing with the modern elements of this apartment. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Vintage Furniture

For the rest of time, it will always be stylish to go to your local thrift store and find good-looking vintage furniture. As long as you can make an older piece go with your current style, or do a DIY project to make it work, it’s going to be find. The great part about buying vintage furniture is that you know that you’re getting something unique that you wouldn’t be able to find somewhere like Ikea or Walmart. You can curate thrift store finds to match you, instead of feeling like you can only pick from a small catalogue of options.

The open shelving in this kitchen helps give additional storage on the wall. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Open Shelving

For a short period in history, it was popular for bookshelves to have doors. This helps to prevent dust, and it hides away anything that may look messy. Even at Ikea, you can still choose to attach doors to Billy bookshelves. However, if you want to do open shelving, that’s never going to get out of style. Hanging open shelves on the wall to give you extra storage is also something that’s going to stay classic for a long time.

These handmade baskets will never go out of style. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Handmade Baskets

Since ancient times, people have been making hand woven baskets. These are very utilitarian for carrying food and supplies with us from place to place. In home design, baskets are great for keeping extra throw blankets, or hiding anything unattractive during a home organization project. Hand made pieces made from natural materials are often more expensive, but it’s really worth it. These will last a lot longer, and can be passed down from generation to generation.

Jute rugs are made out of natural materials, and have been popular for a long time. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Jute Rugs

In case you weren’t aware, jute rugs are made from the fibers of the jute plant, which is found in Asian countries. Here in the United States, we have really adopted jute rugs in a big way. These have become increasingly popular in the past few years, because they are made of natural materials, and are therefore completely biodegradable. Jute rugs have been popular for hundreds of years in Asian countries, and it’s not going away. With the growing awareness of sustainability spreading here in the west, it’s not likely that jute rugs are going out of style any time soon.

All of these home accessories are very trendy. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Keep the Trends to the Accent Pieces

This list has been all about picking home decor pieces that are classic, rather than trendy. But trends are so much fun, it’s hard to stay away! If you’re going to splurge on some trendy items, just make sure they are accessories and accent pieces, rather than the structure or furniture in your space. These can easily be replaced over time, if you get tired of them and want to give your home a makeover.