Home Improvement Projects to Complete in 2020

Trista - June 28, 2020
You might even rearrange your furniture to give your home a different and fresh look. Shutterstock.

Maximize Your Unused Space

There is always unused space in your home. You might not think so. You might look around and see that your home is cluttered. But, by searching from corner to corner, up and down, you’ll find that you do have unused space, even if it’s on the walls.

Take time to redecorate this space by adding shelves, pictures, or other decorative objects. You can also find that you might be able to clean out some of your clutter by putting it in these unused areas, which gives your home a fresh look.

You can do a lot of fun things to change your entryway from adding shelving to painting. Shutterstock.

Enhance Your Entryway

One of the first locations people see when they come into your house is your entryway. However, this area doesn’t get as much love as a living room, kitchen, or bedroom because you don’t spend much time in this location.

There are a lot of easy and fun projects that you can bring into your entryway. You can add some paint, artwork, or even freshen it up with some shelving and rugs. Find pieces that include that not only provide function but also give your home a unique look.

Change your laundry room to give your home an updated look. Shutterstock.

Show Your Laundry Room Some Love

If you have a laundry room, it might be the most neglected room in your home. No one likes looking at the masses of laundry that you need to do (face it, we all have the piles from time to time). If you have a door to the area, you might just close it and pretend it doesn’t exist for a couple of days, but it’s time to change your mindset to this room (not to do more laundry) but to give your home a nice pop.

Like other rooms, you can upgrade, look at the paint, and add some shelving for storage space. You can also update your washer and dryer or give the room it’s own personality. You might find that you don’t mind spending more time in the room. You might soon find yourself hiding snacks from your children that you can eat while you’re “doing laundry.”

You can put anything your fur companion likes in their personal space, including their favorite chair that they probably took from you. Shutterstock.

Create a Space Just for Your Pet

Some pets, such as dogs, might like their particular space more than other pets, such as cats. But, you can always try to change a part of your home by giving your pet their own space. You can give them a new bed, scratching post, toy box, and anything else you think your companion will like. You should also include their food and water dish as then they know this is their spot.

You might find that your fur baby finds their new space pretty exciting and doesn’t spend as much time near you as they used to. They might sleep in the area and be happy. Then again, this might only last a few days or weeks, especially if you have a cat because they will just lie wherever and without a care in the world.

You can update and organize your closet by adding shelving and drawers. Shutterstock.

Organize Those Closets

Do you just grab what you need quickly out of your closet and then shut the door? Maybe you have a bunch of boxes of storage in your closet or find the need to put up an “Open at your own risk” sign on the door. Don’t worry if you fit this category because you’re not the only one!

But, if you do fall into this category or just want to make a change with your closets – improve them with organization. You can add shelving, paint, put up adhesive tiles, and so much more. You can make the closet of your dreams by making a few changes to make you happy and proud to show off your wardrobe.

You can find mirrors to help replace your old and maybe boring ones. Shutterstock.

Mirrors and More Mirrors

I know you probably don’t care to look at yourself in the mirror every time you turn a corner, but they can add so much personality into your home. One of the most excellent tricks with mirrors is that they can make your home seem more substantial. Another bonus to this room hack is that you don’t need to spend much money because you can find several in secondhand stores and at garage sales.

You don’t need to add mirrors to look at yourself in every room. You can put them higher on the wall for decorative purposes. They will also give your room a bit more brightness. Some people will put smaller mirrors on their shelves and set a knick-knack in front of it to provide a customized look.

If you’re still looking for the best work-from-home space during the current crisis or your job decided to go remote for a long time, check out your closet space. Shutterstock.

Turn a Larger Closet Into Your Office

Did you do some spring cleaning and take a bunch of your items to a secondhand store to realize that you emptied a whole closet? Maybe not, but it’s possible, and when you take this step, you can turn the area into an office.

Clean out your closet thoroughly, take off the doors, create your office, and put some decorative features in there. Keep all distractions out of your workspace so you can get some work done. In a few days, you can find yourself going from no home office space to a great little nook that keeps you motivated.

You can change up your landscape by adding some stone, brick, flowers, and so much more. Shutterstock.

Improve Your Landscape

Do you feel that your yard is a little… how do you say it… blah? Do you think that you could get a few ideas to liven up your space and make it a bit different than your neighbor’s yard? If so, then you want to think about ways to improve your landscape as your next home improvement project.

Besides adding a garden, you can also add a few stones for decorative purposes or people to walk on. You might even add words in the rocks that give your outdoors a positive vibe, such as “Happy” or “Smile.”

Don’t make spring cleaning all work, have some fun while doing it. Shutterstock.

Start Spring Cleaning

Have you been putting off spring cleaning, even with the current crisis? Okay, let’s face it, you might have put off spring cleaning for a few years. It happens. It’s a lot of chores to go through your home and not only clean but organize it, especially when you have your whole family home.

But now is the perfect time to come up with a game plan. To make it more exciting, you can update your home or even decorate it differently while cleaning. You might also rearrange your furniture to give your home a completely new look.


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