Home Trends You Won’t Regret In 5 Years

Monica Gray - July 12, 2023

Have you ever looked at your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, and thought it looked outdated? You’re not alone. Many of us fall into the trap of decorating our house with a popular trend that loses its popularity rather quickly. There’s a reason certain trends and designs go out of style, and sometimes we don’t recognize those trends that should have never become a thing in the first place. Redoing and updating your home is easy. Designer Ben Stokes said, “The quickest way to refresh any space is the soft furnishing. Swap out old cushion covers and outdated rugs for vibrant and contemporary alternatives. It’s amazing how different an outdated piece of furniture can look with the addition of a new fabric. It’s easier than you think to reupholster an accent chair or make your cushion out of a favorite fabric.” Luckily, we’ve curated a list of the best home trends you won’t regret in five years. You won’t be standing in your living room wishing you could rip the wallpaper off.


Use Open Style Shelving

With open-style shelving trends, you can display your family heirlooms, vintage pieces, artwork, and special travel treasures. Designer Larina Kase said, “Art is a great opportunity for texture. Wall sculptures and other décor can bring a cozy feeling to any space.” By leaving the shelves on the walls, you can constantly change up the look of a room by changing what’s on the shelf. If you want to change your home from chic to farmhouse, simply replace what’s on the shelves. Use baskets to make your shelves look less cluttered. Furthermore, designer Courtney Hinton said, “If you’re wanting to add a little interest and texture to a space, consider layering an element such as old dishes, books, feathers, or old book pages.” With these simple added elements, open-style shelving is one of those trends you won’t regret in a few years because of how versatile it is (My Domaine).


Incorporate A White Sofa

There’s something extremely elegant and timeless about white sofas. They’re something that won’t go out of style anytime soon. In recent years, we’ve seen white make a comeback. In regards to white sofas, designer Sarah Rosenhaus said, “Whether it’s a cool or warm shade, white brings a crispness to your interiors. You can opt for a tonal play with neutrals to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Or, you can use it as a canvas to play with bold color blocking, patterns, and vibrant tones. A white sofa can fit with any architectural style and change with you as your style evolves.” If you do decide to use a white sofa, make sure you have enough texture around the sofa so your living room doesn’t look washed out. Expert Ami McKay said, “Generally you want to make sure there are other textures, layers, shapes, and colors in the room for the eye to find. A white sofa up against a limewashed wall provides depth, and accents such as a light woven pendant, or a plant in a large vintage pot add texture.” With a little bit of added style, you can make that white sofa pop (Living Etc).

Elle Decor

Play With Neutral Tones

Sometimes, there’s a popular “it” color that everyone uses to decorate. While this color may seem modern and trendy, it might not seem that way in five years. Colors usually go through trends that don’t last. But neutral colors are timeless and work anytime, anywhere. There’s a way to decorate with sophisticated neutrals. Designer Jeanne Finnerty said, “My go-to neutrals are a rainbow assortment of off-whites… I also really love the tonal quality of taupe-it is so warm and earthy, and it can also be modern and sophisticated or dark and moody. As an example, Benjamin Moore River Reflections is a very versatile color, timeless and classic, and practical, too. It mixes well in many color palettes.” Trying to decorate with bold, loud colors is not sustainable in the long run. This is why it’s important to skip trends that involve loud colors. Keeping your home neutral is the smartest way for sustainable decorations long term (Elle Decor).


Decorate With Organic Materials

Use wool, alpaca, and linen to freshen up your bedroom or living room. These materials are long-lasting and ideal for pillows and bedding. They’re practical, beautiful, sustainable, and naturally made to give your home a luxurious look. Sarah and Sally Wilkie from Home Barn said, “Organic materials have increased in popularity as more homeowners look to capture a raw, rustic, pared-back look in their homes – think linens, cotton, and other tactile materials that add a feeling of softness to the space.” Furthermore, if you pair this with a few vintage pieces, it’ll tie the look together for a cohesive look (Homes and Gardens).

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Use Stone Or Wood Flooring

Even though house trends mainly involve furniture and layout, it’s important to consider the flooring material. You need to make sure the walls, flooring, and lighting all work together for a cohesive look. This is why stone and wooden flooring works so well together. Stone flooring does well for tactile elements and wooden flooring adds warmth. Designer Isabel Fernandez said, “Natural stone flooring can be one of the most forgiving floor coverings if the right stone and finish are chosen. Naturally, some stones will be denser than others which provides more durability, however, all-natural stones will be subject to a little wear and tear over the years – it only adds to the character and charm.” Using stone flooring is one of those timeless trends that only gets better with wear and tear, not worse (Ideal Home).


Go Green With Plants And Flowers

Nothing screams homey more than greenery. Decorating your home with plants is one of those trends that will never go out of style. There’s a lot of leeway when it comes to decorating with plants and colorful flowers. You can go a bit wild and cover as much surface area as you want. Plants are great at instantly bringing color and life into a room. People have been doing this for decades, and it’s not something that will ever disappear. Florist Suzie Woolley said, “A new bunch of flowers is an easy way to update your living room with an instant injection of color and scent. What’s more, using fresh, in-season products to bring the outside in has a profoundly positive impact on your mood.” Imagine walking into your home, full of color and life. That’s one way to lighten up your mood after a long day at work (Homes and Gardens).

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Add Intimacy With Pendant Lighting

There are numerous ways to add timeless trends to your home, and one of those ways is with pendant lighting. According to Sean Liddle, “Pendant lighting is a great touch to add more focused illumination, whilst at the same time introducing an added design feature. Whether opting for contemporary clear glass and chrome, antique brass, or even industrial matt black and copper designs, pendants are the perfect way of bringing your chosen interior scheme to life.” You can use this lighting to express your personality and break up the harsh lines you’ll often get with cabinets (Ideal Home).


Incorporate Jute Rugs

There’s something timeless about natural fiber pieces. They’re here to stay and are known as the minimalist’s best-kept secret. The expert from rug maker team Armadillo said, “Most often, designers love jute for its pared-back, casual nature; they’ll specify it as a neutral base layer and use it as a starting point to build a whole world around. Jute is a perfect choice for refined, everyday living.” Better yet, not only do they pair well with many types of home design, from contemporary to bohemian, but they’re durable. Founder of Copenhagen’s Norm Architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen said, “Natural materials are patient and adaptable, while they speak of time and transience,’ he says. ‘They don’t require much care or maintenance to endure. They are more likely to patinate beautifully than to attain unflattering signs of wear and tear.” These sorts of trends are the ones you want sticking around in your home (Living Etc).

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Choose Your Cabinets Wisely

It’s important to choose a cabinet material that’s timeless and won’t look outdated in a decade. Choosing a matte black or wooden cabinet is the sort of trend that won’t suddenly go out of style. Without having to fully renovate your kitchen, you can use matte black cabinets to incorporate a timeless, sophisticated look. These sorts of trends add style, without having to go the extra mile to completely change your kitchen. Matte black will give an illusion of a large accent wall, with an elegant look. On the other hand, wooden cabinets have elements that will remain steady over time. Architect Mindy O’Connor said, “The use of dark natural wood, like this walnut, as an accent against a light cabinet color creates a modern feel, but with warmth and depth. Walnut can have a rich and beautiful effect and wood cabinetry is most timeless as an accent rather than dominating the space if used on all of the cabinetry.” Instead of going bold in your kitchen, go classic. You won’t regret it in a decade (Homes and Gardens).


Go Vintage

If you have a vintage rug or piece of furniture that’s made it through tons of decades, it’s here to stay. Quality vintage pieces aren’t going anywhere, and are the sorts of trends that won’t disappear. Stylist Londiwe Ncube said, “We love getting ’60s pieces and ’70s pieces in because of the way they’re created — everything from the pattern to the stitching, it’s so unique. [The future] is going to be trying to find those pieces that are left.” There’s even a possibility that today’s most exciting brands will be the must-haves of tomorrow (Refinery29).

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Use Natural Woven And Rattan Materials To Decorate

Furniture that’s woven or rattan is versatile and textured. It’s one of those trends that are gaining in popularity. It will still be something that will remain classic, even if you have to spice it up a bit in the future. Grasscloth and rattan furniture have been around for decades. According to designer Jenna Choate, “For a while now rattan has been making its way into our homes, but it’s important to not overdo this look as it can quickly feel outdated. Rattan has been around for hundreds of years, so it’s safe to say it’s timeless but should be balanced with other tones, textures, and materials. Avoid matching furniture sets for one-off statement pieces and contrast with warm-toned accessories.” In this case, less is more. Pieces like bamboo pendants or rattan mirrors are lightweight and will add texture to your space (Homes and Gardens).


Play Around With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is here to stay. If you choose the design correctly, it can make any ordinary room turn into a striking statement. It’s always a good idea to decorate with wallpaper. It’s incomparable to paint and there are so many different designs and textures to choose from. If you’re decorating your home with vintage pieces, you can use wallpaper to match. Design expert Richard Smith said, “Choose a wallpaper that resembles a vintage fabric, such as the ‘Lucia’ design, which is loosely based on seventeenth-century crewelwork embroidery. This distressed floral wallpaper is created using various aging processes so that the historical context of this design is softened to create something entirely new, which sits equally well with a paisley or a modern geometric print, bringing a timeless feel by incorporating a mix of contemporary and traditional styles.” By incorporating several trends that won’t go out of style, wallpaper and vintage pieces can stick around in your home for decades (Ideal Home).


Tuxedo Style Sofas

Clean lines are never a bad idea. This is especially true when you’re looking to decorate your home with trends that’ll never go out of style. Tuxedo-style sofas are one of those trends. Besides, these curvy, simple sofas work anytime, anywhere. They got their start in the early 20th century, and many of them are even velvet with tuft buttons. These sofas will bring sophistication and elegance into your room. Make sure you stick to a solid fabric since it’s more likely that trend will stick around than a patterned one, though the shape of the sofa will easily take on the shape of any pattern or color you do choose (Melissa Penfold).

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Go For Durable Countertops

Without durable countertops, you’re looking at replacements that are costly and time-consuming. Durable countertops will give you a comfortable headspace for cooking. You don’t have to worry about damaging your kitchen. Designer Graeme Smith said, “Your work surfaces are continuously used, whether for preparing and serving food or dining as well as to store everyday items. As such, they need to be able to withstand regular, intensive pressure from pots, pans, and utensils as well as remain timeless. They are also always on display and so are a key part of the design process. Think about combining materials such as quartz and granite with end-grain timber to provide you with resilience and durability as well as a strong, statement look.” Use plain units and add a bit of texture with natural stone. Lastly, avoid big, bold, colored tiles, which will likely go out of style (Homes and Gardens).

Martin Moore

Incorporate A Kitchen Island

Not only are kitchen islands essential for a fully functional, efficient kitchen, but they’re timeless and will never go out of style. You can play with different shapes, sizes, and designs to suit your needs. According to designer Martin Moore, “Islands provide the most space-efficient way to organize everything in dedicated zones… and this helps significantly with the flow of traffic around the room. They make a great focal point for the room, especially when they are multi-functional incorporating appliances and informal seating.” Whether you’re using it to chop vegetables or cook, the kitchen island is a necessity. Furthermore, Moore said, “They help us multi-task: cooking for a dinner party, chatting to friends gathered around the island, or sitting kids down to do their homework whilst we prepare supper. Islands also make great space dividers between the kitchen and adjacent dining/living areas and you can add even more design focus in your choice of color and worktop materials.” You have ultimate freedom when it comes to a kitchen island (Homes and Gardens).

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Go For Subway Tiles

Just like tuxedo sofas, subway tiles are one of those trends that’ll never go out of style, even in a century or two. They’re here to stay, and it has to do with the colorway. The white, clean backdrop provides the perfect canvas for styling objects against. Designer Erin Davis said, “Subway tiles are classic and timeless, yet versatile, which is why they are so great. They aren’t going anywhere… What we’ll continue to see is creative applications or versions of the subway tile. For example, applying them in unexpected patterns such as vertically, instead of horizontally, and stacked instead of staggered.” Even though the look might change, the concept of subway tiles is not going anywhere anytime soon (Homelight).

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Pay Attention To Your Lighting

There are numerous ways to light up your home in a timeless way. Avoid lighting your home with trends that will likely go out of style. One way to do this is to highlight your dining table. Creative manager Hanna Walter said, “If you have a particularly long, rectangular table, spread the light with either a linear chandelier or multiple light sources (odd numbers work better than even numbers). If your table is round or square, a single statement chandelier or a dramatic cluster pendant can’t fail to create a stunning centerpiece. Look for lights made from materials that offset the cool materials that can dominate a contemporary kitchen – namely warming metals and woods, textured ceramics, and colored glass.” You can also spread out your lighting around your home in three sections, or decorate your lighting to match the style of your home, whether that’s a contemporary, modern, chic, or farmhouse (Ideal Home).


Use Natural Unlacquered Brass

Brass never goes out of style, as it’s a classic that constantly looks fresh. Furthermore, natural brass will never fade or feel any less fresh, unlike rose gold or copper. Brass always comes back, and it’s one of those trends that will never completely disappear. It’s even on the rise again now, so don’t think of going brass as a gamble that won’t work. According to Daniella Villamil, “Brass adds a hint of glam, warms up a space, and complements the natural, earthy tones that people are craving these days. The beauty of brass is that it can be used with any style; it will look good in a French Provincial interior as well as in a contemporary home.” This is good news if you’re someone looking to change up your home style. You can keep the brass (The Zoe Report).

Nicole Dianne

Decorate Your Home In All-White

White will never go out of style. White plays to every type of interior design style and will never fall out of fashion. Color expert Patrick O’Donnell said, ‘We all have a perception of white as cool and architectural, but white walls can play to many decorating styles – from beautifully edited, controlled interiors where discipline rules to a beautifully layered interior where it acts as a foil, allowing fabrics to sing and gallery walls to resonate.” Using underlying tones, you can add accents and pops of colors to your white decorations. Be careful about using pure white or white with too much blue in it. It can throw the design off. According to interior designer Lauren Sullivan, “Consider warm whites and even greige whites as an update to the typical stark whites that can sometimes make a space feel too cold, sterile, or just overall “blah.” Always keep in mind that you should test any white paint in your own space first as they can drastically vary depending upon the natural light, orientation, and other factors of the space.” It’s a good idea to always test out your colors and design before using them in your space to avoid any mistakes (Living Etc).


Decorate Using A Parsons Table

There’s nothing as simple as a Parsons table, which is a staple that’s been around for decades. You can use them in a contemporary, classic, or modern look. Preliminary versions of the parson’s table date back nearly a century. According to The New York Times, Jean-Michel Frank, the original creator of the parson’s table, said, “Frank challenged students to design a table so basic that it would retain its integrity whether sheathed in gold leaf, mica, parchment, split straw or painted burlap or even left robustly unvarnished.” They’re used for dining, working, cocktails, and everything in between (My Domaine).


Wood Wall Paneling

To make a room feel complete and cozy, use wooden wall paneling. Moreover, the wooden paneling speaks for itself and never goes out of style. You can always freshen wood up with paint if you get tired of its finish. It’s not difficult or costly to breathe new life into wooden wall paneling. According to designer Yulia Korelska, oak, and ash are the best types of materials for wall paneling. She said, “Oak panels are artworks. They benefit from restoration and gain some retro charm after time,’ she adds. Walnut is growing in popularity. ‘Its unique grain and warm shades make the panels live and rich. Alderwood is often used for small-sized decor pieces, as it is good for milling and its grain tends to be uniform.” Lastly, be wary of the type of paneling you choose if you live in a damp environment (Elle Decoration).