Hosting Hacks that Never Fail to Impress Your Overnight Guests

Shannon Quinn - August 31, 2022
Allow your guests to help them decorate during the holiday season. Credit: Shutterstock

Include Them in Traditions 

If your guests are coming over at Christmas time, make sure to include guests in holiday traditions such as trimming the tree or making cookies. Just because they’re visiting doesn’t mean that they don’t want to also feel like home. If your guests are from a completely different culture than yours, this might be a great opportunity to teach them about your traditions that you practice at home. There may be holidays that they’ve never celebrated before. 

Teach your guests about your culture’s holiday traditions. Credit: Shutterstock

If you’re renting out an AirBnB, that’s a bit different. However, you should remember to put up some decorations, like a Christmas tree, during the holiday season. This will help people feel more festive when they come to stay at your place, since they won’t be able to decorate your house on their own. (via Southern Living)

Your guests will appreciate if you use your fine china for them when they arrive. Credit: Shutterstock

Bring Out The Good Stuff

A lot of people out there have a set of “good” dishes, maybe inherited from their parents or grandparents. Sometimes, people feel precious about their high-quality sets of dishes and cutlery, and they never actually use them. Remember that these objects are meant to be used! Bring them out when guests are over. Polish silver and clean stemware until they are sparkling before guests arrive.

Polish your silver before your guests arrive. Credit: Shutterstock

However, if they are bringing children, you might not want to bring out your antique china. Use logic and common sense when it comes to this. But even if you’re being cautious and leaving the “good stuff” in the cabinet, at least make sure you have enough matching dishes to accommodate your guests. If you don’t, make a trip to Dollar Tree, where you can find matching plates, bowls, and cups. (via Taste of Home)

Provide your guests with cleaning supplies. Credit: Shutterstock

Allow Them the Option to Clean Up After Themselves

Some people love to feel like they’re on vacation and have someone else do all of the chores for them. So by default, you should never expect your guests to do any chores while they’re over your house. However, there are others who actually like to clean up after themselves, because it’s just ingrained in their personality. Allow guests to use your laundry room during their visit, and give them access to the kitchen sink as well.

Some people like to make their bed every morning, even if they are on vacation. Credit: Shutterstock

This is especially important if you have an AirBnB. Make sure you give your guests access to cleaning supplies if they want them. Some people really like to clean up their space before they leave, in order to make it easier on you as a host. However, if you charge a cleaning fee, you shouldn’t expect to let them clean anything in your home during their stay. (via NerdWallet)

Bringing your friends to a winery can be a great time. Credit: Shutterstock

Visit The Nearest Winery or Brewery

One thing that is sure to impress your guests is if you take them on a trip to the nearest winery or brewery. In fact, some people have an entire hobby of doing nothing but traveling to as many of these as they possibly can. And if they’ve never been to a winery or brewery before, they might just be entertained enough to pick up a new hobby.

Many wineries allow you to roam the property. Credit: Shutterstock

If your guests have children, proceed with caution. People take their kids to wineries all the time, but you need to judge on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes there are activities like cornhole, apple picking, or live music to keep the kids entertained outside. Other times, the winery is very fancy and very much for adults only. In most cases, keep this activity for your grown up friends. (via Wine Spectator)

Find a museum that is kid-friendly if you have children coming to stay with you. Credit: Shutterstock

Visit the Nearest Museum

Taking your guests to the nearest museum is sure to impress them. For most people, this might require you to drive to your nearest large city. But there might be museums locally that you’ve never been to before. It may surprise you! Just do some Google searching to see what’s available nearby. Also make sure you check the pricing, and ask your guests if they feel comfortable paying the ticket price. If you can treat them, then it’s even better.

Art museums are great to bring your guests to visit. Credit: Shutterstock

If your guests have kids, make sure you go somewhere that they will be entertained. For example, very young children might not be able to handle keeping their attention at an art museum. But they would love to go somewhere like the Please Touch Museum, planetarium, or National History Museum where they keep dinosaur bones. (via Please Touch Museum)

Your friends may be grateful to get some exercise with you when they come to visit. Credit: Shutterstock

Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Last but not least is that you should consider taking your guests on a walk around your neighborhood. This is a great activity in the evening, and it can help burn off some calories after you eat dinner and dessert. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Your guests are probably skipping the gym while they stay with you, so getting some form of movement in their stay is good exercise. 

Many guests will be glad to go on a walk with you, even in the colder months.  Credit: Shutterstock

This is a different story if your neighborhood isn’t walkable. If it’s potentially dangerous or requires you to walk along a busy road, think twice about making your guests walk around. A better alternative might be to drive to the town’s main street or somewhere else that’s safe to get out and walk. Or, find a nearby town that is cute enough to show your friends. (via Mayo Clinic)