How To Make a Living Room Look Like Jessica Alba’s For Less Than $100

By Shannon Quinn
How To Make a Living Room Look Like Jessica Alba’s For Less Than $100

Jessica Alba is a famous actress and founder of The Honest Company. In 2019, Alba allowed Architectural Digest to tour her home for their YouTube channel. It has become one of the channel’s most popular videos, and it’s easy to see why. She completely customized the home to be built using natural materials in the exact style that she always wanted. Every little detail, from the art on the walls to the rugs of the floor are all made from products you can find in nature. In the photo above, you can see her family sitting in her gorgeous living room. Here at Home Addict, we’re going to break down exactly how you can replicate the look for under $100 per piece.

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Bamboo trays are stylish, and help keep your important items together. Credit: Woodabamboo

. Circular Bamboo Trays Are Great For Having a Snack, Or Keeping Items Close By : $25.99

When you’re opting to have a leather ottoman like Jessica Alba, you can’t put down drinks, because it would damage the material. It’s also sort of slippery, so objects tend to slide off if you just leave it alone. To solve this problem, Jessica Alba has two circular bamboo trays stacked and sitting on top of her leather ottoman. You might want to buy one of these whether you have a leather ottoman or not. Having a tray in your living room is great for somewhere to put your drinks, remote control, or any snacks that you might bring into the room. It also doubles as a great way to carry food in and out of the room, should you decide to eat in front of the TV.