Incredible Getaways from Around the World Once Things are Back to Normal

By Trista
Incredible Getaways from Around the World Once Things are Back to Normal

Vacation is a luxury for most: with how fast-paced society has become, people often feel pressured to work over the mandated 40 hours a week. Employed individuals often have limited vacation time, at most earning up to a week for an entire twelve months of labor. While it doesn’t seem like an ideal situation, it is our reality. With extended hours and short vacations, it is hard even to sit down and plan a trip, let alone find the time to enjoy one.

What if I told you that I could take away one of the hardest parts for you: picking a destination. With Airbnb taking off in popularity, it only seems fitting to comprise a list of dream destination spots across the globe! Whether you plan on staying within our borders or traveling outside your comfort zone, be sure there is an affordable and decadent Airbnb close by to meet all of your traveling needs.

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful coastlines. Shutterstock

Kaikoura, New Zealand

You are starting strong with a destination far from home. Do not be swayed away from this beautiful country due to its recent earthquake activity: things seem to be looking up overall. This beautiful coastal town is home to a giant whale and seal population, so if wildlife is your thing, it may not be a bad place to stay awhile.

Are you worried about how you will get around? Don’t be! The country is equipped with an extensive train system that can take you around the island to see everything on your to-do list.