Incredible Getaways from Around the World Once Things are Back to Normal

Trista - November 15, 2019

Vacation is a luxury for most: with how fast-paced society has become, people often feel pressured to work over the mandated 40 hours a week. Employed individuals often have limited vacation time, at most earning up to a week for an entire twelve months of labor. While it doesn’t seem like an ideal situation, it is our reality. With extended hours and short vacations, it is hard even to sit down and plan a trip, let alone find the time to enjoy one.

What if I told you that I could take away one of the hardest parts for you: picking a destination. With Airbnb taking off in popularity, it only seems fitting to comprise a list of dream destination spots across the globe! Whether you plan on staying within our borders or traveling outside your comfort zone, be sure there is an affordable and decadent Airbnb close by to meet all of your traveling needs.

New Zealand has some of the most beautiful coastlines. Shutterstock

Kaikoura, New Zealand

You are starting strong with a destination far from home. Do not be swayed away from this beautiful country due to its recent earthquake activity: things seem to be looking up overall. This beautiful coastal town is home to a giant whale and seal population, so if wildlife is your thing, it may not be a bad place to stay awhile.

Are you worried about how you will get around? Don’t be! The country is equipped with an extensive train system that can take you around the island to see everything on your to-do list.

A vibrant nightlife that will keep you entertained. Shutterstock

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Moving back to the States, Wisconsin seems to be an up and coming popular destination in the years to come. Why might this be? Experts speculate that more interest in the city has gained purchase due to the fact that it will be home to the next Democratic National Convention.

Milwaukee is also in sight of Lake Michigan, which makes it a beautiful place to stop and take in the view. It is also home to various activities, such as a bountiful bar and restaurant scene and the sight of many cultural centers, such as art museums. The town can also boast of over 100 miles of bike trails, which can be enjoyed by novices and professionals alike.

A quiet town rich with culture. Shutterstock

Maastricht, Netherlands

Moving back overseas, this town also hosts its own slew of cultural activities. This upcoming year, Maastricht will hold The European Fine Art Fair, which is one of the world’s largest art fairs. Other cultural hotspots include historic buildings and museums.

If history and learning are your niches, it may be worth it to check out what this country has to offer this upcoming year.

A peaceful vacation in a bustling city. Shutterstock

Xiamen, China

Want to go back to the coast? Look no further than this small port city. This city on the coast is surrounded by a plethora of islands, which are begging to be explored by tourists. What is so exciting about Xiamen is that it is home to an extraordinary island called Kulangsu: no vehicles are allowed on the site, which makes it a perfect spot for long walks at sunset.

The island is also known for its amazing seafood, so if local cuisine is your thing, make a stop in China! Some fun activities that can be enjoyed are bread baking, which can be learned in a local dessert studio or a pub crawl, which is hosted by a local.

Who wouldn’t want to spend their vacation on the water? Shutterstock

Bilbao, Spain

Another cultural center, Bilbao is home to the famous Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. Do you want to know the real reason this city made the list? Next year it will be the host of one of the biggest soccer competitions in Europe, Athletic Bilbao.

Visiting this city will satisfy many tourist cravings all in one trip! Check out the amazing Airbnbs before booking your destination.

One day by the beach is more than anyone could have asked for. Shutterstock

Malindi, Kenya

This village is a mixture of African, Arab, and European influences, making it a cultural hub. This African nation is home to a myriad of natural wonders, making it the perfect spot for outdoors enthusiasts. If fresh seafood sounds appealing, look no further than Kenya! Enjoy both the food and the place in which dinner was caught; the village is also home to many beaches.

Another interesting fact about Kenya is that they made a promise to plant trees and increase their energy efficiency, so by the time you visit the landscape may look a little different, but in good ways.

Immerse yourself in Mexico’s beautiful and rich culture. Shutterstock

Puebla, Mexico

Moving closer to home, Mexico is our next dreamy Airbnb destination to discuss. Even though the earthquake experienced just a few years ago, this town has everything you could possibly need in a vacation spot. It offers a unique experience separate from that found in Mexico City, just a mere two hours away.

Here we see more exotic cooking classes hosted by one local while another will take you to a live lucha libre event. Whatever brought you to town, your host will satisfy your cultural needs.

You’ll find history lessons everywhere you go. Shutterstock

Buriram, Thailand

More exotic destinations are coming your way! If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your vacation, look no further. It is home to some of the most prized relics of the Khmer Empire, which makes this spot the perfect location for history buffs. Try visiting some local temples to take in the architecture and the lore!

Increased activity may be in part to the city hosting sporting events. A few years ago, Buriram hosted a racing event called the MotoGP racing event, which was its debut. Next year the event plans to make a comeback. The town also holds an annual marathon!

Hills, valleys, waterfalls; what more could you ask for? Shutterstock

Kerala, India

Just in time for fall, Kerala hosts an annual harvest celebration of Onam, perfect for getting into the spirit of the holidays! The past few years have earned Kerala the title of the most beautiful state in India; this alone should pique the interest of any traveler looking for adventure.

What makes this location so desirable? This coastal state hides wonders such as waterfalls, lakes, and mountains; any nature enthusiasts dream! The state also has a tourism program that encourages visitors to dive into the culture of the place while also trying to preserve traditions handed down through generations.

Beautiful white cliffs and sprawling countryside. Shutterstock

Normandy, France

Oh, the land of love! We just could not leave this off of our list for the best Airbnb destinations. This city, in particular, holds a lot of history; it was the sight of D-Day during World War II. If you wish to participate in this special event, it will be the 75th anniversary of the event next year.

Normandy is also only a few hours away by train from Paris, which is a vast cultural hub. There, guests can enjoy beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, and the Route du Camembert, which is a hiking trail.

A night of celebration. Shutterstock

Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Our next destination takes us way south to the land of Australia. What makes this place so special is that it is the birthplace of cricket, which is a massive sport in European countries. One of the most revered trophies can be won playing the game in this town; this trophy is known merely as The Ashes. What The Ashes are are a series of cricket matches between England and Australia; these two teams have a longstanding rivalry.

So if you are looking to check out a new sport, this next year would be a good bet to visit Australia: the ICC T20 World Cup of cricket will be happening in Sunbury. Sunbury is also a great place to enjoy the scenery, with tons of wildlife and wineries.

Don’t miss a visit to see Tokyo Tower. Shutterstock

Tokyo, Japan

Moving across the globe to a place most people have heard of on the tiny Asian island. But what makes this well-known city so great? It will be the home of the Summer Olympics in 2020, so be on the lookout for great Airbnb deals sports fans!

Officials have ensured that the country will pursue tighter environmental control and will make sure such enforcements are in effect before the games begin.

Who wouldn’t want to partake of that glorious view? Shutterstock

Great Smoky Mountains, US

Returning to the United States for this next dream vacation spot, the Great Smoky Mountains houses one of the most visited national parks in the country. Although ravaged by wildfires two years ago, officials have reopened two walking trails they have deemed safe. The Great Smoky Mountains are also home to some amazing wildlife and fauna due to the park being part of UNESCO’s International Biosphere Reserve. These mountains are home to the largest black bear population in the states.

What else can you visit besides the park? The Great Smoky Mountains are also close to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood; they also host a Christmas party every year, which may turn out better than the office party.

A beautiful city to behold. Shutterstock


This destination is the perfect place to call home for a week for those who are not looking for a traditional get-away. Romania is scattered with luscious hills and rural villages waiting to be examined by new eyes.

The area is the ideal location for peace and quiet, almost perfect for those trying to escape their hectic lives. In the past few years, Romania has been working hard on their environmental policies, trying to crack down and enforce stricter laws.

Don’t forget your skis. Shutterstock

Les Contamines-Montjoie, France

The country so great we had to recommend it twice. This site attracts tourists for other reasons than the culture, however. Here, outdoor activities are the main attraction, with mountain climbing being big during the summer while skiing takes over during the winter months.

While culture is not the main drawing point of this commune village, there are a few landmarks worth noting that may be of interest to tourists. Individuals may visit Eglise Notre Dame de la Gorge or the Eglise de la Sainte-Trinité, which both happen to be churches.

This location should definitely be on your list of vacation destinations. Shutterstock

Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

If the currency exchange rate is not enough to bring you to Argentina, the scenery will. Be warned here that this location is not the same as the capital of Argentina, which bears the same name. This province stretches along the entire length of the Atlantic Ocean.

Being so close to the ocean can only mean one thing: beaches! And this place is loaded with them; forests are also abundant in the province. Forests are open for tours if individuals feel a little adventurous. Within the area is a town called Tigre, which hosts a famous craft market. Tandil is yet another city; this one is famous for its beautiful mountains.

The historical wall is definitely something you should see. Shutterstock

Xi’an, China

France is not the only country to be featured multiple times on this list. This region is one of the oldest cities in China and is rich with culture as a result. Xi’an was the ancient capital of a total of 13 dynasties; no wonder it is home to multiple historical and cultural sites. The most famous attraction located here is the Terracotta Warriors.

Besides cultural attractions, Xi’an also offers a mosaic of cuisine, ranging from Cantonese to spicy Sichuan. Some of the best dishes to check out are dumplings, noodles, lamb, and kabobs.

Soak up some sun. Shutterstock

Ubatuba, Brazil

You thought other destinations had beaches: think again. This place can boast having 100 beaches, more than enough to go around for everyone. Not surprisingly, Ubatuba is known as the surfing capital of São Paulo. If the land is more your style over water, Ubatuba will not disappoint; get lost on one of the myriad hiking trails that cut through a rainforest!

If you love the water and the creatures beneath it, Ubatuba will be a complete winner in your books. The waters around this coastal town are crawling with sea turtles: you may also visit a center with feeding tanks to get a closer look at these animals. More marine life can be observed at the Ubatuba Aquarium.

Don’t let the quiet look fool you; this place is teeming with adventure. Shutterstock

Accra, Ghana

This destination has been drawing attention for Airbnb travelers for more unconventional reasons: most people are coming in search of a spiritual journey of self-discovery. This adventure is not the only attraction drawing attention: Accra puts on a bazaar, much like it has been depicted on television. The city is also home to a few beaches which boast of exciting nightlife.

If you are interested in the more historical aspect of things, the capital city also contains a Memorial Park in honor of Ghana’s first president. The park is home to a mausoleum and museum for those interested.

One magnificent monument to visit is The Arc of Triumph. Shutterstock

Paris, France

Arguably the most cultured city in the world, Paris, could not be excluded from this list. There is so much to do in the city that it will be hard what to choose to do. Art museums adorn the streets, right alongside the world’s oldest bookstore!

If you tend to drift towards the more outgoing side, try taking a stroll down to the Moulin Rouge. As the sun sets, take a walking tour of the Canal St. Martin, a waterway bordering local bars and shops.

Plenty of museums to explore in this town. Shutterstock

Eugene, Oregon

One of the most beautiful spots to visit in the US, you will not be disappointed with your stay. Eugene sits right on the Willamette River with beautiful scenery running rampant. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon, which houses the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, perfect for any traveler.

If art is more your forte, look no further: the University is also outfitted with the John Schnitzer Museum of Art, which is quite famous for its Asian collectibles. Trails run abundant through multiple open green spaces such as Alton Baker Park and Hendricks Park.

Shops and kiosks litter the street for an authentic shopping experience. Shutterstock

Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Our next dream destination takes us a bit north to the great land of Canada. Courtenay is located on Vancouver Island, surrounded by mountains and meadows. The beauty does not stop there: visitors may come to admire Nymph Falls, a nature park full of beautiful rapids and waterfalls.

A 1.6-mile trail is provided for those who want to wander the entire length of the park. Another park similar to Nymph Falls is Puntledge Park, which includes its own beach and play area for children.

Beaches! Beaches everywhere! Shutterstock


The African nation so lovely we couldn’t decide on just ONE place to stop. The whole country is populated with beaches, making it the perfect winter destination! Beaches are not the only landmark to take a look at because Mozambique is also home to unique coral islands, a mangrove-covered island named Iso Island, as well as marine and national parks.

More beauty to come: the water is surrounding the country is home to at least 200 species of fish, which can be observed up close through snorkeling or scuba diving. If you prefer the company of animals to people you will not be disappointed: take the time to visit the flamingos, crocodiles, and dolphins.

A city to go to for shopping, food, and spotting a star or two. Shutterstock

New York City

The closest thing America has to a cultural hub, New York is a great Airbnb destination if you are looking to stay close to home. New York is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the land and has something to offer for everyone.

If you get the chance, stop by Times Square to take in the hustle and bustle. You might also try attending a Broadway show if that is your cup of tea. Don’t forget the giant Thanksgiving Day parade and illuminating Christmas lights.

This area has so much to offer when it comes to looking for a vacation destination. Shutterstock


If old things bring a smile to your face, this is the country to visit. This country has so many castles to visit; it is hard to get an exact number. One of the castles open for tours is the Vianden Castle, which is a feudal castle built upon old Roman ruins. Castles are not the only historic buildings available for viewing: you may also visit the palace residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Is that type of adventure not doing it for you? Try visiting the Cathedrale Notre-Dame, a huge Catholic church constructed in the 17th century. Luxembourg has no shortage of fantastic architecture: the Adolphe Bridge is a stone bridge built in the early 1900s that welcomes tourists for a short outing.

A lot of structures to explore in a city with a rich history. Shutterstock

Aberdeen, Scotland

Nature lovers will have a hard time avoiding this place. Another coastal town, Aberdeen, is also equipped with museums, restaurants, and galleries. If you are a history buff, there is a special surprise for you: Queen Elizabeth II’s summer home is less than an hour’s drive away!

The locals have given the town the name Granite City due to the abundance of gray-colored buildings. If being in nature is what you most crave, Aberdeen can satisfy that need with its charming, open Duthie Park, which has its own gardens on the property.

Leave yourself with some time to relax and enjoy the view. Shutterstock

Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Moving off the mainland, the Outer Hebrides are an island chain located off the coast of Scotland. It seems this place is teeming with more wildlife than humans: here you can glimpse red deer, golden eagles, otters, whales, and dolphins. Even when you land, you will be overwhelmed with beauty: the airport is one of the few in the world that lands on an actual beach.

Besides hopping from island to island, there is a lovely church available for visits, called the Eilean Chaluim Chille. One of the islands, Ensay, is currently unpopulated but may still be visited, which most people do for the chapel and burial grounds on site.

So much to see in this great city. Shutterstock

London, England

Another great cultural hub, London, is full of some of the most extensive art collections around the world. There are multiple museums to choose from, such as the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the National Gallery.

Of course, it would not be a complete visit without taking a look at some of the more famous attractions such as the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Be sure to check out the Thames River in some exciting ways: rent a bike and ride down the Thames Path, which takes you past public beaches, a few pubs, and finally ends at a garden.

Also the home of NASA! Shutterstock

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Back over the pond in the USA, this coastal town is home to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. While this may not sound exciting for every visitor, the beaches are sure to draw everyone’s attention.

If you are looking for an Airbnb destination next year, look no further: Cape Canaveral will be hosting the Mars Exploration Program put on by NASA. If space exploration is your niche, this island is right up your alley: it is also the location of the launch pads for the Kennedy Space Center.

Get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. Shutterstock

Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Are you looking for a spiritual journey? Then Japan is the right country for you. This place is full of Buddhist temples (around 50 in total) that offer multiple services, such as meditation, temple services, gardens, and vegetarian cuisines.

Not really into the spirituality thing? Check out an open-air bath in Kawayu! Other activities to experience while on vacation would be tuna-cutting shows (which are done daily) and the Nachi Fire Festival, which is one of the oldest traditions the country still participates in.

Beautiful oceans and wonderful warm weather… what’s not to love? Shutterstock

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What is up with all of the coastal towns? They are a hit for Airbnb this year! Being on the coast means there are beaches to explore: you have the choice between Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach. After a day of suntanning, why not travel over to Sugar Loaf Mountain, where you may visit the peak and look over the city.

Do you want to see the colossal statue of Jesus? Travel to the tippy top of the Corcovado Mountain. None of this spark your interest so far? Why not go check out 8,000 species of plants in a local botanical garden.

You’ll get your dance on in the salsa capital of the world. Shutterstock

Cali, Columbia

Another center of cultural diversity, Cali, is a mixture of African and Columbian heritage. Surprisingly enough, Cali is known as the salsa capital of the world (the dance, not the food). Try out your new skills at one of the many night clubs that line the avenues.

If you are more the solitary type, try checking out one of the best zoos in the country, the Zoologico de Cali, where you will be able to observe exotic animals such as tigers, iguanas, monkeys, and flamingos. Animal lovers would also enjoy the butterfly farm in town that is home to 15 different species to behold.

It is known for its country music and great food. Shutterstock

Nashville, Tennessee

If country music is your thing, this town will be your dream destination. Nashville is filled with country music venues, including the Grand Ole Opry House. Want to take in the history of the country music genre? Take a gander at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for an afternoon of fun.

If Johnny Cash holds a special place in your heart, why not take a visit to his museum, located downtown. If museums and history are your forte, you might want to take a look at a replica of the Parthenon that stands in the city.

Your hiking adventure awaits. Shutterstock

The Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, US

Remember Woodstock? The 50th anniversary is looming just around the corner, and this was the place that made it all happen. Rumor has it that there will be a huge musical event to mark the hallmark anniversary.

This event is not the only highlight of the area: revel in the wildlife and many hiking trails available to the public. If you plan to take a trip in the winter months, try taking a trip to a ski resort or take a single trip to one of the many surrounding mountains for a snowboarding adventure.

The basilica spires can be seen from miles around. Shutterstock

Barcelona, Spain

This town is full of so much history; it will be hard to choose exactly what to explore. You could take a trip to see the unfinished spires of Sagrada Familia basilica, where an unhindered view of the city can be obtained.

Another site built by the same man is known as the Parc Guell, which is covered in mosaics (tiled art). Other old sites include the Gothic Quarter, which houses shops and cafes in an ancient section of the city.

A place separate from the rest of the world. Shutterstock


Another set of islands to explore, this nation consists of 80 islands and as many native languages. Set off the coast of Australia, these islands provide more entertainment than you could imagine. Volcano hiking? Check. Scuba diving in the coral reefs? Also, check. Scuba diving may prove the most eventful, considering what lies beneath the waters: underwater caverns and wrecks are available for exploration.

One of the most famous wrecks to visit is the World War II era, SS President Coolidge. For more information about the islands, hop on over to the island of Efate to explore the Vanuatu National Museum, which delves into the Melanesian culture.

Another scene of great music and even more exceptional cuisine. Shutterstock

New Orleans, Louisiana

While this city may not be on a coast, it is on a river: the Mississippi River, to be exact. If the nightlife excites you, then this is the town you want to spend your next vacation in. The city is known for its never-ending nightlife, live music scene, and of course, its cuisine.

With New Orleans being a melting pot of French, African, and American cultures, it is no wonder the food is to die for. The best time to visit would be during Mardi Gras when the people and streets come alive with costumes and parades.

A melting pot of various cultures. Shutterstock

Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Turning back to the South American country, this state is renowned for its beaches and mountains. Another cultural melting pot, this state embraces its various cultural influences: in the city of Blumenau, the German inspiration can be seen through an annual Oktoberfest parade and a Beer Museum!

Florianopolis, another town located in the state, is home to a history museum that is set up in the 19th-century colonial governor’s palace. The state has also spent time conserving wildlife for visitors to enjoy: visit the Sao Joaquim National Park to see untouched and protected land.

Some of the most beautiful architecture in Mexico. Shutterstock

Guadalajara, Mexico

The birthplace of tequila and mariachi music, Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico. Guadalajara is home to some of the most beautiful architecture, including the cathedral Archdiocese of Guadalajara, which is laid out in the shape of a cross with its adjacent plazas. This cathedral has withstood seven earthquakes with some restorations done but with most of the original architecture still intact.

For more history, try taking a trip to the Hospicio Cabanas, which was established as a hospital, almshouse, orphanage, and workhouse.

It feels like you’re literally walking through history. Shutterstock

Batumi, Georgia

Ending our list back in the US, this city contains the Black Sea resort, the perfect place to take a vacation. Of course, there are Airbnb options, as well. The Batumi Boulevard is close by, which includes a waterfront promenade and a beach with a park. The Alphabet Tower is also worth checking out: it is a 130-meter high tower adorned with Georgian script and also includes an observation deck.

If none of this strikes your fancy, try taking a walk through the Batumi Botanical Garden. There is also a place to observe dolphins! If history is more your style, the Gonio Fortress, Roman ruins of an ancient fortress, still stands and offers tours.