Luxury Purchases by Billionaires People Wouldn’t Even Fathom

Shannon Quinn - May 23, 2021
Vertu is a luxury phone company that very few people have heard about. Credit: Vertu Online

1. Private Smartphones that Come With a Butler Button

Vertu luxury smart phones are known for being the most expensive in the world. Many of their models cost over $9,000. Buying a new iPhone for $1,000 is bad enough as it is. So what makes them so great? After looking at some unboxing videos online, it’s difficult to understand why you would want one. The website offers to custom-build a phone for you in any material you like. So you could have a smartphone made of leather, gold, or whatever you want. There is also a “butler” or concierge button you can press. This person will help you get pretty much anything you need.

For the record, many elite credit card companies like the American Express Black Card also come with a concierge service, too. But when you really dig into what this job entails, it is the equivalent of hiring a personal or virtual assistant. Any business owner can hire a freelance PA or VA for $15 per hour, and ask them to complete certain tasks within a certain number of hours per week. So when you think about the perks of these luxury services, they might not actually make a lot of financial sense. Except, of course, these companies recruit the concierge for you without doing any hiring or interviewing.