Make a Statement in 2022 with these Bedroom Designs

Trista - December 31, 2021

Remember that Greens Are Important (for Decorating)!

We know, we know. You don’t desire to eat green plants, probably since childhood, and that’s okay! We don’t like to eat them so much, but plants are essential. Whether placing them in your bedroom or stomach, they play a massive role in your life. Gone are the days where bedrooms were left bare. Today, everyone seems to have one potted plant or the other, and we think you should too. Select a plant that smells nice, one with flowers or without. It’s your choice, really, and place it somewhere in your room where it can get enough light to stay alive.

While we advise you to get and place plants in your room, we think you should start slowly with at least one first until you learn how to take care of it, especially if you have never had a plant before. Positioning is necessary, depending on the type of plant you get. For instance, you can place some sweet-smelling flowers by the bedside drawer, so it’s the first thing you see and smell when you wake up. A cactus is quite the opposite, though. You don’t want to be reaching for your phone and end up grabbing a cactus. However, a succulent is excellent for those without a green thumb because you don’t have to water hardly ever (via ProFlowers). Besides, everyone can use some fresh aloe once in a while, especially if you burn yourself with the curling iron (via PopSugar).


Bare Walls Are So Last Season

We can’t remember the last time we saw bare walls in any bedroom décor aesthetic or theme, and mere thinking of it, well, gives us the shivers. Having something on your wall is the one thing to complete your decoration and provide the top look of whatever style you are trying to emulate. Now this consists of a wide variety you can make your choice from. Paintings are usually the go-to choices. Large paintings that attract your eyes the minute you step into the room, but only if you are an art lover, of course. Alternatively, you can hang up inspirational or motivational quotes and paint your favorite quotes from books. You can even keep track of your diet, sleeping pattern, or anything you want on your wall (via Apartment Therapy). Think of it this way: your bare wall is a blank canvas waiting for you to make a masterpiece out of it.

You can also put up pictures, posters, or even a wall clock to start with if you are still unsure. However, if you still don’t want anything on your wall, you can consider placing a built-in wall sconce. Wall sconces are lights that are mounted to the wall. They are sometimes like art pieces, have depth and dimension, and come with an on/off switch (via Apartment Therapy). What’s more, they can be tailored to your needs. Wall scones have been trendy for a while, and we don’t see them coming down the scale of favor anytime soon.


Out with the Artificial and In with the Natural

Earthy tones and textures have always had a calming effect on spaces. Using earthy colors and materials such as wood, straw, or wicker gives bedrooms an added layer of comfort and calmness (via Insider). This year, most bedroom decor features a lot of cerused lumber used for flooring, furniture pieces, and even wall paneling. There is a plethora of shades available to match your mood—everything from the inkier gray to the pale whitewashed finish. A designer, Elaine Griffin, has described it as the hottest look of the year. The cerused wood can be used with open-grained hardwood, but most people prefer cerused oak (via Apartment Therapy). 

Apart from cerused wood, traditional materials such as rattan and wicker are used in modern furniture styles. Wicker chairs, rattan benches, storage boxes, and baskets made of straw, rattan, or wicker are ideal for updated bedroom design. Browns, beiges, forest greens, and all shades of rust have taken over fabrics and textiles, especially in upholstered furniture pieces. Sofas, throw pillows, and even upholstered headboards now feature these warm hues, specifically focal point design pieces.