Make these Yummy Recipes that Freeze Well to Stock Up on Meals

Trista - March 29, 2022

According to the Conversation, people spend less time cooking meals in the kitchen than in previous generations. For example, women in 1965 would often spend two hours on average preparing for dinner. Men cook in the kitchen more than ever but only spend about 20 minutes making a dish. Sometimes it’s easier just to grab food and heat it rather than spending time cooking things from scratch. However, you still prefer healthy options instead of buying processed dinners from boxes. The best route is to bake nutritious family dinners and then save the leftovers in the freezer until you are ready for more. In order to get the most out of this dinner-saving idea, you need to discover which meals freeze well. Here are the best recipes that freeze well, so you can stock up on meals during the week. That means you don’t have to cook lunch and dinner every day. But you won’t feel guilty ordering pizzas, getting drive-thru food, or reaching for boxed meals with processed ingredients.

A patty melt is a great freezer meal that will taste like it came from a diner. Food and Wine

40. Patty Melt

Patty melts are lunch favorites and quick dinner options. You can double the meat for this freezer-friendly recipe to save for later. After cooking the patties for dinner, toss the extras in the freezer. Once ready to eat the leftovers, just pull them out, unfreeze them, and toast some bread. Voila — an instant patty melt. It’s a great alternative if you don’t feel like paying and still waiting at a diner for one. This recipe that can freeze is faster and cheaper, a win-win.

You can freeze enchiladas and enjoy them later. Food and Wine

39. Enchiladas

This Mexican recipe is excellent frozen because you can bake it beforehand, and once done, just toss it in the freezer for later. This tasty enchilada dish has smoky guajillo chilies and a fruity taste from the ancho chilies. Many people like this recipe not just for its flavor but also for its simple serving method. Cut out a piece, heat it, and you are ready to feast. You can add rice and beans as a side item too.

If you love Taco Tuesday, you have to try this version of tacos. Food and Wine

38. Birria Tacos

This delicious type of tacos does involve a bit more prep work than other recipes. You need to shred the meat, toss it with some broth so the meat is in the liquid, and freeze it. Don’t forget to freeze the leftover broth separately. Some people like to freeze the adobo after making it before braising, which gives it a pleasant taste and texture. Not only will it taste yummy, but to serve, you just need some taco shells and toppings of choice to enhance the experience.

Warm up with some tasty butternut squash soup anytime of the week when you freeze a batch. Bon Appetit

37. Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is a favorite of many because it’s hearty, filling, and delicious comfort food for those cold nights. During the fall, when it’s the peak season for this recipe, you can buy butternut squash for an affordable price and then make a bunch of batches. This freezer recipe is a great lunch or dinner item if you want to come home and have something warm waiting for you. Besides, it is the first of many soups on this epic list of great recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

When you try this French pastry, make extra so you can freeze some and enjoy later. Food and Wine

36. Gougers

This French pastry has cheese and choux dough. There are many variants of this recipe, with different kinds of cheese. However, the most popular cheeses include Gruyere, Emmentaler, and Comte. Other tasty and healthy additions are veggies. Luckily, gougers are not only yummy, but they freeze insanely well. You need to bake them and let them cool and become firm before they freeze. Nevertheless, once that process is done, you can put gougers in a Ziploc bag and freeze them for a few months.

Vegetarians and vegans alike can enjoy this broth fresh or frozen and reheated. Bon Appetit

35. Umami Broth

This recipe has a broth perfect for making different soups and stews. It is a vegetarian-friendly option too, and also vegan-friendly. You can use chicken stock instead for vegetarian options, but for vegan broth, just follow the recipe. When you’re ready to serve it, you can add different veggies and possibly meats depending on what you prefer. Simply heat it to feast, and you’ll have a hearty meal that was fast, easy, and filling. Keep reading for more great recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

Freezer-friendly recipes include baked goods like these yummy cookies. Bon Appetit

34. Pinwheel Cookies

Do you want homemade cookies that you can have at any point in time? This recipe creates a roll of cookies you can store in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat them, you just have to slice them and bake them. They have tasty jam inside and the fun pinwheel texture and taste you crave. If you want to serve a sweet treat but don’t feel like putting in the work for it, this recipe is one of the best options; it’s simple to make and doesn’t take long for those who aren’t into baking but have a sweet tooth.

Turkey burgers are a healthy alternative to beef, and they also freeze well for later. Food and Wine

33. Turkey Burgers

Sure, you can freeze any burger in most cases, but turkey burgers are perfect for those interested in beef alternatives. You can make this turkey burger recipe early and put the patties in a freezer-safe container. Save these turkey burgers in the freezer for up to a month. You should thaw it before you cook it and serve it. Turkey burger patties can be pre-made but spend some time cooking these for best results. Add your own flavorings like grilled onions or fresh lettuce and tomato to create your preferred burger.

Instead of getting store-bought biscuits, just a freeze a batch when you make some from scratch and they will still be yummy. Food and Wine

32. Buttermilk Biscuits

While it isn’t a full meal, these are perfect for those looking for a tasty side item that doesn’t need too much time or effort to serve. It might seem like freezer-friendly biscuits would taste half as good, but the butter and shortening ratios give these biscuits a tender and moist texture. For best results, freeze a part of the dough and bake these when you want them. Keep reading for more family recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

If you have a craving for pie, you can eat just a slice and save the rest for later. Food and Wine

31. Apple Pies

Pies are a tasty dessert, and they are freezer safe. Dried apple pies don’t lose their texture and taste, even after sitting in the freezer for so long. For best freezing, you need to hand-prepare these pies by rolling the dough out, putting the filling there, then sealing it. After that, add vents to the top, and you can freeze the pie for at least a month. When you want to feast, you just have to bake it for a bit of time. However, you should put some beaten eggs and a little bit of sugar on top for best results.

For those who grow tomatoes in their garden or love DIY canning, tomato sauce is ideal for freezing. Food and Wine

30. Tomato Sauce

This basic freezer recipe is simple and great for practically any pasta dish you make. It only requires a few ingredients, and you can add herbs such as basil and oregano to create a flavorful sauce. You can freeze tomato sauce for at least a month. To use it, just heat it over your favorite pasta dish. This recipe creates a fast and easy meal for those interested in having something they can just put on top of their favorite kinds of pasta, the perfect addition to any dinner.

It’s about time you tried chickpeas and freeze a bunch so you can eat this healthy option the entire week. Food and Wine

29. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a simple vegetarian protein and complex carb. The best thing about this freezer-friendly recipe is that you just have to heat it. You can freeze chickpeas for up to a week. Pair them with bread for a hearty meal that is filling and tastes fantastic. This quick recipe is the perfect meal for when you need something fast yet healthy. Like beans, if you want to make sure that the recipe tastes just like you expect it, keep the broth it’s frozen in together. Why? Because it makes the chickpeas taste even more flavorful.

If you love lasagna, you know how filling one piece can be. Don’t feel guilty for making an entire pan when you can freeze it for later. Food and Wine

28. Lasagna

Are you looking for a yummy way to use that tomato sauce? Well, lasagnas are something you can cook in large portions and freeze for later. When you’re ready to eat it, you just cut a piece, heat it, and you’re on your way to a delectable Italian feast. You can also include sausage, cheese, and mushrooms in lasagna to create a filling meal that you can enjoy any day of the week. Keep reading for more great recipes that freeze well to stock up on meals.

Making chili means a hearty meal is coming your way, and using the slow cooker means everything simple. Bon Appetit

27. Slow Cooker Chili

Here is one of many ways to cook chili. This freezer recipe is for those who love carbs, need fiber, and looking for a fast protein fill. Here is a yummy chili that involves preparing a few ingredients and then throwing them in the slow cooker for a few hours. You can put the chili in Tupperware containers and freeze it for later. Then, pull it out for lunch the next day when you’re hungry and heat it for a leftover feast. It’s ideal for meals on the go or when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Like lasagna, you can freeze baked ziti and eat leftovers the next day. Bon Appetit

26. Ziti

Ziti is similar to lasagna in that you can spoon out a dish, reheat it, and then eat immediately. However, this favorite pasta dish doesn’t involve layers of noodles. Instead, ziti is larger, thicker noodles. You can add meats if you want to this simple recipe. For best results, sprinkle a bit of cheese on top of your serving before heating it, so it melts and creates a gooey topping for this yummy Italian dish. Keep reading for more great recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

Make your favorite pasta dish using egg noodles and freeze the leftovers for up to three weeks. Food and Wine

25. Egg Noodles

You can leave egg noodles in the freezer for three weeks or more. Not only that, but you can also freeze special sauces for this recipe. It only involves a few ingredients, but this is freezer-friendly recipe is ideal if you want something simple and filling. Plus, egg noodles are tasty, cheap, and last a long time. With your favorite veggies, you’ll have a mouthwatering dish ready to go at any time!

After making a healthy pan of creamy Swiss chard, freeze a bunch it doesn’t go to waste. Food and Wine

24. Creamy Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is a leafy green that’s healthy, filling, and flavorful. This recipe involves unsweetened coconut milk and refined coconut oil. Thus, it’s healthy and doesn’t contain harmful inflammatory oils. You should keep the greens in the liquid to freeze this recipe properly. Plus, press it down before putting it in the freezer for best results.

Freeze stock poultry and don’t worry about it for a few weeks. Bon Appetit

23. Poultry Stock

Do you have a lot of chicken in your freezer? Or maybe you are looking for a post-holiday freezer meal. This recipe is not only yummy, but it is ideal for stacking and saving in the freezer. The method is the same for each one. You just need poultry of choice as the ingredient, and you can freeze poultry stock for a few weeks. This freezer recipe is a great way to ensure that your Thanksgiving scraps don’t go to waste or any holiday meal leftovers that you might want to have later.

Everyone needs a tasty version of vegetarian chili. This chili recipe can freeze well, like others. Bon Appetit

22. Vegetarian Chili

Since beef chili is a meal you can save in the freezer, why not make a vegetarian version to store for later, too? This chili recipe is spicy, and you can leave it in the freezer for a few weeks. It’s very filling even without the meat, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry. You’ll not only enjoy making this simple chili recipe but eating leftovers during cold months.

Save this freezer-friendly meal for about a month so you can feast on it whenever you please. Food and Wine

21. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This sweet potato gnocchi recipe is another scrumptious meal you can keep in the freezer for about a month. You can best preserve this recipe by freezing it without covering it on a baking surface for an hour. After that, put it in a freezer bag. You can even portion the meals so that when you’re ready to have them, you just have to grab a bag, heat it, and dine. Sweet potatoes are tasty as well as filling to eat. Thus, this simple recipe to freeze is a fast, easy, yet yummy meal to enjoy on the go.

Do you love potato soup? Make it a bit healthier with leeks, and then freeze a batch so you can stick to your diet throughout the week. Food and Wine

20. Potato Soup with Leek

Potatoes and leeks are nutritious and delicious. Like the sweet potato gnocchi and other soups, this recipe is ideal for freezing. The convenient thing about this soup is that you can add different toppings or extras once it’s defrosted for a flavorful taste. Some people prefer to add broccoli to this or top it with cheese and smoked salmon. The possibilities are endless with this potato soup recipe, and it’s an excellent way to create a hearty soup meal you won’t get tired of eating.

Feel free to share these versatile goodies with everyone, especially after you freeze a batch. Bon Appetit

19. Falafel Fritters

Have you ever had these delicious snacks? Thanks to this freezer recipe, falafel fritters offer a sweet crunch that you can eat for a snack or leftover meal. You can also freeze these in the form of chickpea patties, and then when you’re interested in having falafel, this can help with the cravings. You can add yogurt sauce and cucumbers to enhance the experience and give you those falafel goodies that you enjoy. It is the perfect snack or in-between meal if you want something quick and easy.

Did you know you can freeze this classic Italian meal? The meatball lover in your family will appreciate it. Bon Appetit

18. Spaghetti and Meatballs

This simple pasta recipe is delicious yet straightforward for those interested in having something quick yet filling. You can boil the pasta fresh, warm up the frozen meatballs, and add them to your dinner. Did you know that you can freeze meatballs for up to a month and still enjoy them later? Furthermore, you can add your own seasonings or sauces to meatballs to create a tasty dish to pair with a portion of pasta.

On cold nights or chilly months, dine on scrumptious beef stew. Food and Wine

17. Beef Stew

Beef stew: it’s simple, hearty, and filling. However, perhaps the best thing about this freezer-friendly recipe is that you get six meals from this alone. Even better is that you can also double this with the ingredients. You can change the meat, from beef to veal, if you desire. This beef stew recipe is straightforward to freeze. Nevertheless, for best results, you should wait for the stew to cool down before you can put it in the freezer. Keep reading for more great recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

Everyone loves this comfort food, so why not make extra so you can freeze it for later? Food and Wine

16. Chicken Pot Pie

The best thing about this chicken pot pie recipe is that you don’t even need to put it in Tupperware or anything; you can freeze this meal right in the baking dish. You can use the store-bought dough for the pie to make this process that much easier on you, too. This hearty meal is great for those who crave comfort food but don’t have the time to cook it every day. You simply have to take a slice out of the freezer, reheat and enjoy.

Impress your guests will mouthwatering stuffed cabbage. If there is any left over, you can freeze it for later. Food and Wine

15. Stuffed Cabbage

This popular Jewish recipe is yummy for those interested in meat-filled and vegetarian options. If you’re looking to try a vegetarian alternative, consider using impossible meat as a substitute. Suppose you don’t want it to be as sweet as traditional stuffed cabbage. In that case, cut down the sugar. Also, if you don’t want to spend time cooking rice, consider buying pre-cooked rice. It does take a bit to make, but it’s a healthy recipe for those interested in comfort food leftovers.

Everyone will enjoy this vegetarian lasagna, and it freezes well just like the regular version. Bon Appetit

14. Vegetarian Lasagna

While we’ve gone over lasagna before, you might prefer vegetarian recipes. Not everyone wants meat, and sometimes, a meat-free alternative is necessary. This vegetarian lasagna doesn’t require beyond beef, but instead cheese and various greens. It’s a great dinner item, or if you want a simple lunch filled with plenty of greens that provide valuable antioxidants and vitamins, this is a great recipe. Plus, if you’re interested in having leftovers, you just have to pull them out of the freezer, put them on a plate, heat, and serve.

Cauliflower soup is healthy, hearty, and freezes well for the triple win. Bon Appetit

13. Cauliflower Soup

While it has a shorter shelf life of a couple of months, this cauliflower soup recipe is tasty and healthy for the fall and winter seasons. This soup comes with bacon and hazelnuts to create a sweet and savory flavor, and it also features a delectable creamy taste. If you want something hearty and filling that is simple to make yet incredibly delicious. To reheat, just grab the container, put it in a microwave-friendly bowl, and enjoy. Keep reading for more great recipes that freeze well so you can stock up on meals.

Not only will you and your family love this yummy chili version, but you can freeze it and feast all week. Bon Appetit

12. Chicken Chorizo Chili

You don’t want to use beef all the time but still want a meaty chili, right? This freezer recipe has tasty south-of-the-border flavors, with a hint of spice from the chorizo. The vegetarian meal is excellent for those looking for alternatives to beef and comes with hearty veggies that are a perfect dinner item. You can freeze chicken chorizo chili for weeks and warm it up to enjoy all the delicious flavors. Another great benefit of this recipe is that it’s very simple to prep and straightforward to serve.

Suppose you have a get-together coming up. You can prepare these freezer recipes ahead of time, so you aren’t up all night baking. Bon Appetit

11. Beans in Broth

Beans are a yummy yet healthy side item, containing a ton of protein and nutritious carbs. They’re also affordable recipes for those looking for practical meals. This recipe includes different variants, such as baby lima, giagante, and even cannellini beans. You can use practically any type of beans that you want. You need to freeze the beans in a broth to retain flavor and taste good. If you’re not a fan of the broth, you can strain it, but it does lose a bit of flavor this way. This bean in broth recipe can be warmed up instantly and is incredibly flavorful.

With the combination of meat and noodles, you can trust that this freezer recipe will be yummy in a few days. Bon Appetit

10. Bolognese

This meaty dish involves various veggies, pasta, and ground meat, usually pork or beef. To make a freezer meal out of this recipe, you prepare the sauce, freeze it beforehand, and then cook the pasta, heat the sauce, and top it when you’re ready. This method creates almost instant Bolognese and is a simple dinner dish for those nights when you don’t want to cook. The best noodles for this are tagliatelle or pappardelle. Nevertheless, some people like to use rigatoni since it does create a hearty pasta dish and mixture.

Next only are these tasty pancakes healthy, but they are freezer-friendly, too. Bon Appetit

9. Veggie Pancakes

Pancakes are a popular breakfast item but have tons of unhealthy carbs and sugars. These veggie pancake alternatives use scallions, a veggie that has a milder taste compared to onions and is similar to chives and leeks. You prepare the dough by combining the pancake with the scallions to make this recipe. From there, you sandwich the dough between them. Store this dough in between the parchment sheets for the best freezing. It’s a great vegetarian breakfast item and is very simple to cook.

From cheese to mushrooms or spinaches, pierogies are practically perfect — and freeze well! Bon Appetit

8. Pierogies

Pierogies are a polish meat dish that’s a scrumptious snack or side item. This recipe involves using bacon, spinach, and mushroom, but you can remove the meat if you want to create a vegetarian option. Frozen pierogies are a great simple snack with many tasty parts to it and textures. Homemade pierogies are simply delicious. Not only do they hit you differently, but you can store these in the freezer. You don’t have to bake them before serving, but some people do like to do that to create a fresh and fun snack. These delicious treats are perfect for when you want to have something simple on hand yet filling.

Make sure you try this recipe and double the ingredients so you can freeze a portion for next week or an upcoming party. Bon Appetit

7. Slice and Bake Crackers

This tasty freezer-friendly recipe is another great snack or appetizer for parties if you hate to cook. When you have unexpected guests, don’t know what to make, and need something fast, that goes double. This recipe features creamy cheese that tickles the taste buds. To freeze it, you must leave the dough intact until you need this. When you’re ready to serve, you thaw this out, slice it into small slices, cook it on a baking sheet, let cool, and serve. Perfect for when you’re in a pinch and need a snack. Besides, this yummy treat is tasty and appealing for a fun get-together.

Sometimes the most important thing you need when freezing leftovers is a freezer-safe container. Bon Appetit

6. Pesto

Pesto is like tomato sauce; you can make a bunch and then use it for many delectable dishes. The beauty of pesto is that it’s less sugary than tomato sauce and includes more veggies. This recipe involves walnuts and kale, giving it a sweet taste and a nutty taste, too, adding a unique flavor to any dishes you make. Like many other simple recipes, it is fast and easy to make, and you just store it in freezer-safe containers for later. You can make a large batch of this, and it’ll last about a month. When you’re ready to consume it, just take this out of the freezer and add it to the pasta of choice. Alternatively, if you’re stuffing it inside something, warm it up and then bake it with the dish accordingly. This sauce recipe is simple yet delicious, and you can freeze it for future meals.

If this is your favorite pasta noodle, make sure you make extra next time and simple freeze it for later. Bon Appetit

5. Manicotti

Pasta is ideal when it comes to freezer recipes. Manicotti are large pasta pieces you can stuff with whatever you desire. Most people think of these as meaty or veggie crepes. If you’re looking to freeze this meal, just double the recipe and store the excess in the freezer. This recipe is straightforward to serve after freezing it, like lasagna and enchiladas. You just take a portion out, put it on a microwave-safe plate, heat it, and feast. It’s a tasty dish, and the beauty of this is that you can create both meat-filled and vegetarian-filled options that you’ll be able to enjoy. It’s perfect for those who want something to have when cooking dinner just doesn’t sound appealing.

Did you know that this pastry could freeze well so you can feast later? It’s true! Bon Appetit

4. Empanadas

This Spanish dish that’s basically a turnover pastry with filling. You can fill empanadas with various meats vegetarian options, and some people also make these as dessert treats. The beauty of empanadas is that they’re super simple to make, and similar to the pie recipe that we shared earlier, the freezer prep and thawing out is effortless to do. You can make this freezer-friendly recipe with either chicken or beef, whichever you prefer. After baking the pastry, you can put it in the freezer. When ready to consume, just heat it in the microwave. Serve with salsas of choice or other additions, depending on your tastebuds. This simple dinner is tasty for families or people who just want a snack.

Enjoy a European favorite like scones whenever you want since they freeze well. Bon Appetit

3. Cheddar-Walnut Scones

When we think of scones, we assume they’re a sweet dish, but you can make them with other fillings. This scone recipe has the taste of cheese, with the savory flavor of walnuts, which enhances the dish. To freeze this recipe, you take the scone dough and the filling and squeeze them into triangle pieces. For best results, serve this with apple butter or sweet butter for a mouthwatering experience. This freezer-friendly recipe is excellent for brunch or those who crave an afternoon snack that is slightly different from the norm.

Soups are notorious for being recipes that freeze well, including tomato soup. Bon Appetit

2. Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a simple meal that always warms your heart, especially on a chilly day. Instead of buying cans that don’t taste as good as the real thing, make your own tomato soup. You use raw tomatoes to make this recipe, which lasts in the freezer. Heat your frozen tomato soup whenever you get hungry for the best results. However, pair it with some grilled cheese to create a hearty dinner. Sometimes you need a simple dinner recipe that provides you and your family something that hits the spot but doesn’t take long.

You can make this tasty dinner with your own seasoning and spices for a new family favorite. Bon Appetit

1. Tamale Pie

Tamales are tasty, and this recipe makes it a little different for everyone. It takes the tamale dough and makes it a delicious pie that you can enjoy. In this freezer recipe, you’ll find various Moroccan spices and other familiar spices, including cinnamon and nutmeg. The recipe also calls for ginger and possibly chili for a bit of spicy flavor. Once you finish preparing and baking the tamale pie crust, you can store it in the freezer. Also, freeze the toppings. To serve, simply take everything out and add them to the tamale pie either on top or on the side. This quick dinner recipe comes with a smooth mint yogurt over the top to give it a cool, refreshing taste that combines nicely with the spice.