People Share Their True Creepy Haunted House Stories

Shannon Quinn - April 9, 2021
This haunted house had a friendly ghost named Kevin. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Kevin the Friendly Ghost

A woman named FitNurse6 on Reddit shares the story of the ghost of a little boy in her house. “When I was 10 years old, we moved into a new house. My parents let me stay home from school while they unpacked, and I was preoccupied with coloring books. In my brand new crayons pack, the blue crayon was missing. I went downstairs to check out the basement, and my blue crayon was next to the hot water heater. Scribbled on it there, it said ‘Hi, Katie, I’m Kevin’. I was so confused why my name was there. I started school and my new classmates were like, “Do you live in Kevin’s house?! Your house is haunted!!” It turned out that Kevin was an 8 year old boy that lived in our house prior to us. He got hit by a car in the front yard.”

“Kevin would write notes if you left out a pen and paper, open and close doors, adjust the thermostat and turn on Christmas music. We had a swing set in the backyard. Even on the hottest days of summer, the left swing would be moving back and forth. When I was a teenager, I was very upset and considered committing suicide during Christmas break. Out of nowhere, the police just randomly showed up at my house. The policeman said he was patrolling our neighborhood and felt very strongly that there was something wrong at our house. He stopped by just to make sure everyone was okay.  I’m absolutely certain Kevin had something to do with it.”

The ghost of a blonde girl tried luring this person into a crawl space. Credit: Shutterstock

2. The Girl in the Attic

A user called EconomyCactus recounts the ghost of a little girl living in his house. “The attic of my childhood home had two large closets that ran along the entire wall on both sides. It was essentially a 30-foot long crawl space. One day, a friend and I went crawling from one side to the other with flashlights. Then I saw a girl sitting there, in the corner. I was beyond terrified. This girl looked normal, had blonde hair, a nice dress and seemed friendly. I stayed silent, and got out of the closet. Told my friend what I saw, and he said he didn’t see it. But he had a strong feeling come over him, and he didn’t want to go back in. My parents would occasionally send me up to the attic to get something, and the crawl space doors would swing open.”

“I would lose toys and wouldn’t be able to find them anywhere. Months later, my parents would be getting the Christmas presents out of the attic and would find my missing toys in the crawl space. When I was 8 years old, I leashed up my dog to go take on the monster in the attic. My dog, usually up for anything, REFUSED to go off the top step. My parents never believed me with all the weird things that happened. I would get blamed for things. Leaving lights on, toys all over, things I knew I didn’t do. We moved out when I was 10. Not a week passes before the new owners call us to ask if the house is haunted. The daughter sleeps in the attic, and she says that she has been playing with a blonde haired girl at night.”

This person stayed in a beautiful mansion as a favor to their boss. Credit: Shutterstock

1. The Guardian of a Haunted House

A Reddit user called ICountFish had a house sitting nightmare. “I used to live in a big 6-bedroom house by myself, because I was looking after the place for my boss. The first couple of months were fine. But when winter came, I started hearing things coming from the second floor. I lived pretty much exclusively on the 1st floor. It started with little bumps, bangs, and footsteps coming from above. I had been up to the second floor to check up on it. One unfinished room was a sort of walk-in closet for one of the upstairs bedrooms. The door of the room was open when I went up to investigate the noises. So I shut the door and locked it. Two nights later, more footsteps. The door that led to the unfinished room would not stay closed or locked.”

“I tried everything. Eventually I pushed the bed up against the door to keep it from opening. That seemed to work, except that the door would continue to unlock on its own. As time passed- I would hear noises all over the house. Mostly footsteps, but the occasional THUMP. I cannot explain how horrifying it is to hear footsteps up and down the hall door during your morning shower. Eventually, I moved out, but another employee moved in to take my place. His stay there only lasted one month. The story he told me is that he was shaving one morning and he heard a SLAM like someone dropped a heavy stack of books right outside his bedroom door. Then heavy footsteps like someone running down the hall. He won’t stay there anymore. After that, no  one in the company will live in the house.”