Questionable Bachelor Pads that Give Us Hives

Shannon Quinn - November 25, 2022

The definition of a “bachelor pad” is a home (usually an apartment) where single men live. Without the guidance of female design aesthetics and common sense, these young men are often left bewildered as to how they should decorate a home. Sometimes, this is due to financial constraints. (After all, everybody has to start out somewhere.) Other times, they simply spend all of their money on video games instead of furniture. Here are some examples of some of the most cringe-worthy Bachelor Pads we could find on the Internet. These were originally posted on the Male Living Space Reddit, but the “best” were compiled by a Twitter account called Reddit Spaces.

This basement apartment has not just one, but two air mattresses sitting side-by-side. Credit: Twitter

Air Mattress Central

This looks like a really nice basement apartment. The landlord clearly put in the effort to give them nice new flooring, and a nice selection of paint colors. But whoever moved in here is clearly just starting out in their life. Instead of a real bed, there are two air mattresses on the floor. A brand new pack of sheets that have never been opened are sitting on top of the bed. But on the lefthand side, we see that this person spent a lot of money on their PC setup. In case you don’t know, that type of gaming PC is usually well over $1,000. Then you’ve got a gaming chair and monitor. Clearly, all of their budget has gone towards the rent and video games.

At least this place has a nice view. Credit: Twitter

What a View

Clearly, this is a very empty apartment. If you look out the windows, you can see that this apartment actually has an amazing view of the beach. Ocean-view apartments in the corner of the building never come cheap. So he is most likely paying a lot of money to live there. But he’s clearly spending all of his money on the rent, because there is absolutely no furniture in the room. There is one single camping chair sitting in the middle of the room, and the TV is relatively small. Off to the right of the TV is a Playstation 4. Here again, we see the bachelor’s priority is video games rather than anything else.

This living room is pretty empty, except for a few skulls. Credit: Twitter

Get Your Priorities Straight

The man who did this needs to get his priorities straight. For those of you who don’t know, this is an Eames chair and ottoman by Herman Miller. If you buy a legitimate chair, it will typically run you about $6,000. Even the cheapest replica of an Eames chair I can find on Amazon is still $650. Clearly, this guy spent his entire furniture budget on that one chair, because the rest of the room is empty. Where are his guests going to sit? To top it off, he also has several creepy skulls lying around the room. If those are real skulls, those also run a few hundred dollars each. He could have used all of that money to buy a real couch, some ends tables, and a stand for his TV. But nope. He wants his desert oasis – or maybe an occultist dream?

The double-decker couch doesn’t look very safe. Credit: Twitter

A View For Everyone

This bachelor pad looks like it’s either a Frat house, or a home shared by male college students. Clearly, they didn’t think there was enough couch space. So they built a loft to fit a third couch into the room. Obviously, the couch needs to be elevated so that they can see the TV over the heads of the guys sitting in front of them. But it gets worse. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the double-decker couch goes over a staircase. So if this fell for any reason, it wouldn’t just drop a few feet to the ground. It’s going all the way down to the first floor.

Why would anyone ask this question? Credit: Twitter

A Dangerous Question

There is an old saying that “there are no stupid questions”. But in this case, we’ll make an exception. The original poster asks, “Putting fridge into the bathroom? So I have a master bedroom and I’m thinking of putting a fridge in the bathroom. There is an unused bathtub that I want to put my fridge in. I can elevate the fridge by putting it on a box or platform or something to make it high enough to open the doors. The reason I’m thinking of doing this is because I think it will be more silent. Thoughts?” The responses say, “How high were you when you wrote this?” and “food and bathroom is a no go.” Also, “If anyone ever comes over, or even just finds out that you do this, the’ll think you’re insane/gross. I strongly recommend against it.” Finally, “Bro you gonna die if you use the bath.” The real question is- Where would he bathe, then?

Clearly, this person prioritizes playing Bloodborne above anything else. Credit: Twitter

Boxes Upon Boxes

Here is yet another example of a bachelor that cares about setting up his video games, and then just completely abandons all other responsibilities in his new place. On the TV, you can see that he’s started up a gaming session of Bloodborne. He has his TV stand made, and he has a singular chair ready to play, even though it doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to sit in. Behind the chair, though, you can see a huge pile of cardboard boxes from Amazon, as well as larger boxes that probably contained the TV stand. There is also a giant pile of plastic sitting there. It would take less than an hour to break down the boxes and put them in recycling outside. But no. Video games must come first.

This person made a TV stand out of roof tiles. Credit: Twitter

Thrifty or Ghetto?

DIY is nothing new. It’s totally normal for people to make their own furniture, especially when they’re on a budget. But this particular TV stand looks ghetto, rather than thrifty. The original poster said, “Move in with my girlfriend this weekend. The XBox was essential. Made the TV stand out of unused roof tiles.” I wonder what the girlfriend thinks of this. And is this abomination living in the girlfriend’s apartment, or his? That part was unclear. If I was his girlfriend, I would quickly go to Ikea for their $60 Lack TV Stand. and pray to God that my boyfriend knows how to read instructions to put a real piece of furniture together.

There are a few things wrong with this picture. Credit: Twitter

Too Close For Comfort

Unfortunately, I can imagine that there are a lot of living rooms across America that look like this, and it’s not only bachelors that are to blame. There is a lot to unpack here. First is the outdated 90’s furniture that looks like it was handed down from the guy’s parents. (Or maybe found on the side of the road.) There is a terrarium on top of the dresser in the background. And the small TV is pointed directly at the semi-broken chair. This suggests that it’s the only seating available in the room, and that there is no couch. I also see a few Amazon boxes, cans of opened Mountain Dew, and other pieces of trash just lying around. Another perplexing details is the PC and monitor combo that hasn’t been set up yet.

This man placed all of his books around his desk, instead of getting a bookshelf. Credit: Twitter

A Man’s Library

In some ways, this looks like a relatively stylish bachelor pad. This guy has some plants, a statue bust, and a nice desk with a chair. However, it has something very crucial missing- a bookshelf. These can be purchased for as little as $23 at Walmart. But no. He proudly wrote, “Found a way to organize my library in the little space I have.” Instead of finding a shelf, this man piled is books on top of one another like dominos waiting to fall in a straight line. My only concern here is that he doesn’t leave himself a lot of room for his office chair. I can imagine myself accidently bumping into the books with the wheels of that chair. He also has to step over the pile every time he needs to get to the desk. It’s not practical, and definitely only something a bachelor would do.

This basement apartment doesn’t look very comfortable to live in. Credit: Twitter

Dungeon Status

Before I tear into this photo, I have to start out by saying that I feel sorry for whoever lives here. This is a basement apartment, but it is probably very cold in the winter months. You can see that the landlord is still storing some of their things there, like giant buckets of paint or whatever is in this gray buckets off to the right. And in this nearly-empty space, we see a Playstation 5. Again- video games are a priority. That poor dog is lying on the bed, which seems to be the only comfortable space for him to lay on, considering that the floors are made of concrete. I can only hope that this bachelor finds a way to move out of this space soon and find better accommodations for himself.

After 2 years, the apartment still looks like this. Credit: Twitter

How Much Time Do You Need?

The original poster said, “Two years into the lease.” Wow. How much time do you really need to furnish an apartment, though? There isn’t much to see here. It’s a living room with nice hardwood floors, wainscoting, and a decent-looking chandelier. (All thanks to the landlord.) But he has absolutely no furniture. There is a small TV on the floor, a camping chair, a fishing rod, a bag of Tostitos chips, and a glass bong sitting in the middle of the floor. So basically, this guy is a stoner, and he likes to go fishing on the weekends. I can only assume that all of his spare money has gone to buying weed, instead of furniture. My mind goes to all of the times I saw photos of men holding fish on Tinder. I think swiping left was the correct choice.

A “Luxury” in home office space owned by a man. Credit: Twitter

There Are A Few Thing to Iron Out

The caption for this photo says, “Luxury in-home office.” Obviously, that’s a joke. But it’s a very large room, and they are, in fact, using an ironing board as a desk for their laptop. If you look closely, there are two SAT prep books. This means that the person who lives here either has a kid who is still in high school, or they never went to college themselves. There is also a puzzle on the floor with a bottle of Diet Coke. The ironing board also has a Domino’s box and an open jar of peanut butter with the spoon still inside. What a combination. It looks as though this person has been living this way for a long time, and it’s not because they just moved in.

This man up-cycled an old bed frame instead of buying a new dresser. Credit: Twitter


The original poster said, “My friend’s boyfriend is using an old bed frame as a dresser…” Okay. Some people might look at this in a positive way, and say that the man is up-cycling. After all, mattresses and box springs in landfills are a huge problem for the environment. So I genuinely applaud him for that reason. But if you look closely, there isn’t a lot there. He has his entire book collection on the bottom shelf. And his clothing doesn’t take up much room at all. In a way, that’s kind of sad that he doesn’t have a lot to his name. And it was free furniture for him to use. I can only assume that his mattress is laying on the floor, since it’s not being elevated by the box spring anymore.

This man is using his shirts in place of buying curtains. Credit: Twitter

Who Needs Curtains?

Instead of buying curtains, this man decided to hang his shirts on the curtain rods instead. Some might call this “clever”. But I would call it lazy. The downside to doing this is the fact that the sun can bleach color out of clothing if it’s been exposed for too long. So over time, the bath of the shirts will end up a different color than the front. You can buy cheap curtains at Walmart for just $10 per window. So he’s only saving $20 by doing this, and it looks really tacky. At least his bed is elevated off the floor, which is more than some of the other bachelors can say in this post. However, a bed jammed into the corner of a room is actually very bad Feng Shui. It also doesn’t have a headboard, which doesn’t make it look like the most adult bedroom on the planet.

This bachelor pad is, in fact, cold and sterile. Credit: Twitter

Bunk Beds, Though

The original poster said, “Some call my apartment ‘cold and sterile’… I call it home. Downtown San Diego (Gaslamp District.” You can tell that this man probably spends a lot of money in rent on this apartment. After a quick search online, I found that the average price of rent in the Gaslamp District of San Diego is anywhere from $2,200 to $10,000 per month. So this guy lives in a hip area, but he’s furnishing the place with literally an old futon and a bunk bed. Yes, that’s right. A bunk bed. Because you need a place for your buddies to sleep, right? (Besides the futon, of course.) To his credit, maybe he chose this vast open space so he could host dance parties or a silent disco. Otherwise, it kind of looks like a modern art exhibit on the life of an American Bachelor.

This man really loves Jesus. Credit: Twitter

Jesus Christ

A lot of people have a crucifix in their house, especially if they were raised in the Catholic faith. But most of these crosses are small enough to hang on your wall. For some unknown reason, this man doesn’t have a proper bed, but he has a life-sized crucifix hanging out in his apartment. I would love to know the story behind this. Was a church getting rid of its crucifix, and this man decided to save Jesus from a parish yard sale? The only thing I could find online that’s even remotely close to this is a 51-inch tall crucifix from The Catholic Company for $800 (plus shipping). Maybe he got a really good deal on it, and couldn’t pass it up.

There is a lot to look at in this photo of a bachelor pad. Credit: Twitter

A Vegan’s Nightmare

This room would be a literal nightmare for anyone who is a vegan or animal rights activist. The space looks very small and narrow, almost like a closet. But the man who lives here has covered nearly every square inch of the place with stuff. Something that sticks out to me is the zebra head mounted on the wall. After some quick research, I found a resin Zebra head for $130, but the one in the photo looks quite real. A genuine zebra taxidermy head like that would cost over $6,000. There is also an Oryx taxidermy head that would cost over $2,400. Aside from the taxidermy, we also see fur pelts hanging from the walls. Of course, we also see some wrestling belts and medals, plus a fake fireplace.

This man decided he would rather have space for Brazilian jiu jitsu instead of a couch. Credit: Twitter

Let the Battle Begin

The original poster said, “Mats for BJJ instead of a couch!” In case you weren’t aware, BJJ stands for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After some quick research, it costs between $100 to $200 per month to take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and have access to a gym. So my question is- Did this man decide to transform his living room as a way to save money? If that’s the case, he could be saving $1,200 to $2,400 per year on a gym membership. Good for him. But that just leads to more questions. How his he convincing his Jiu Jitsu buddies to come over to his apartment to wrestle? Wouldn’t they want to go to the gym instead?

This man has a collection of vintage laxative tins. Credit: Twitter

An Odd Collection

The original post says, “vintage laxative tins over the toilet”. You can see that this man purchased a shadow box to tastefully display his vintage collection of laxative tins. I actually have some hope for the style of this bachelor, even if his collection is a bit weird. It’s always a good thing to see someone’s collection displayed in a tasteful way like this. And it’s displayed in the appropriate room, since laxatives obviously make you run to the bathroom. Why does this man have the tin collection in the first place? Who knows. Maybe he was one of those bullies who liked to put laxatives in people’s food, and he grew up with a fascination for it ever since. Who knows.

This man devoted half of his living room to making a home gym. Credit: Twitter

A Home Gym

Having a home gym within itself isn’t odd. After the Covid-19 Pandemic, home gyms became more popular than ever before in history. It’s just the fact that he decided to put it in his living room that seems a bit odd. Most people will put a home gym in a garage or basement, where there is a cement floor and a reasonable amount of free space. But in this case, the man is using what space he has available to him in order to make it work. After a quick bit of research, I found out that that punching bag dummy costs around $370 on its own. So he must really get the urge to punch people.

This bachelor pad has a rubber ducky light fixture. Credit: Twitter

Duck, Duck, Goose

I truly wonder what the story is behind his giant rubber ducky. After a quick Google search for rubber ducky light fixtures, all I can find are string lights and night lights. This means that they must have ordered a giant rubber ducky and decided to jam a light bulb inside of it. That makes it so much worse. I can only imagine that it doesn’t emit very much light. In fact, you can see that there are lights on in this picture, and the window in the very back of the photo shows us that it’s night time. So why isn’t the rubber ducky light on? What is its purpose? We may never know.

This man decided he wants giant speakers in his bedroom. Credit: Twitter

A Guarantee to go Deaf

In what world would you need four gigantic speakers pointing directly at your bed? This man either lives in a studio apartment, or this setup is in his bedroom, because we can see his bed is just a mere foot or two away from the TV and stereo setup. These types of speakers cost hundreds of dollars. So it’s not cheap by any means. We can also see that he has a small collection of miniature arcade games. But this real question here is: Why? Apparently, over 1 million millennials are going deaf at an early age, because of our habits with listening to loud music. This dude is definitely one of them.

This dark living space is sort of scary. Credit: Twitter

Dark and Creepy

This image is creepy in general. We can only assume that this is either the man’s bedroom in a shared house, or a small studio apartment. On the lefthand side, we see a poster depicting some imagery from a psychedelic trip. This means that whoever lives here does some kind of drugs. The fact that the walls are painted red makes the room feel very dark, cave-like, and rather creepy. The mattress on the floor is a mess, and you clearly have to walk on top of it to get to the couch if you ever wanted to watch TV. In my mind, this photo was taken by someone who was visiting. Because why would you post such a messy room to the Internet for critique?

These men wanted a platform for an extra couch in their living room. Credit: Twitter

Double Decker Couches

Earlier on this list, we saw another example of double-decker couches. There is no way of telling who got the idea first, or if bachelors all work in some sort of hive mind figuring out these life hacks. After Google searching “double decker couch”, I came across a company called Expand Furniture that literally made a couch that lifts up into the air so you can double the amount of seating. There are also multiple blogs that have DIY versions of these double-decker couches that men have made all over the country. I truly hope for their sakes that these structures are sturdy, because I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

This man left his wife and proudly displayed his bachelor pad online. Credit: Twitter

Maybe She Nagged For a Reason

This image comes with a rather cryptic message. The original poster said, “Finally got my new place feeling cozy, no more nagging wife.” The top response says, “Did… Did you kill her?” Let’s examine this space, shall we? I see a fish tank, some dumbbells at the foot of the bed for this guy to work out. After all, he’s single now, so he needs to get in shape for the ladies, right? I’m not sure what that box-like structure is against the wall, but it’s partially blocking the window, and could potentially be a fire hazard. Maybe his wife nagged him for a good reason. It doesn’t look like he can take very good care of himself.

This man is trying to squeeze a lot of things into a small space. Credit: Twitter

A Tight Squeeze

Here is yet another $1,000 gaming PC setup accompanied by a fold-up camping chair. The mattress to the left is also an air mattress, and there aren’t any sheets on the bed. Instead of a real desk, he’s using a small inexpensive fold-up table. Again, this is a matter of priorities. This guy cares more about video games than he does about having real furniture in his apartment or bedroom. We can see that he also has a laptop, which is all anyone needs to get their work or studying done. He can clearly afford to live like an adult, but his priorities lie elsewhere.

This bachelor is trying to sleep in a hammock indoors. Credit: Twiitter

But Why a Hammock?

There are so many questions about this one. The original poster said, “My friend drilled his own hammock into his apartment ceiling for more floor space.” This hammock is so high off the ground, you can see that there is literally a stool there, which I assume is what he uses to get himself into this hammock. Is this safe? Is the ceiling going to give out at some point? And what happens to the $17 Ikea coffee table underneath the hammock when it comes crashing down?

No bachelor pad is complete without a bean bag chair. Credit: Twitter

One. Giant. Beanbag.

This man is blessed to have this beautiful view, with lots of natural sunlight. We can see that this is probably a kitchen or dining room area, because there is the kitchen island off to the right. But instead of having a rug, table, and chairs to eat at, he has a gigantic beanbag chair smack dab in the middle of the room. This looks like a Chill Sack, which retails for just under $400. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: these bachelors need to figure out their priorities. With $400, you can go to a thrift store or browse Facebook Marketplace and find a kitchen table with chairs, the rug, and maybe even some art to hang on the wall. But no. This guy just wants to chill and stare at the trees, I guess.

This man keeps his motorcycle in the middle of his living room. Credit: Twitter

The Centerpiece

If you look closely, this guy has expensive taste. He has a relatively expensive glass coffee table that shows off some expensive coffee table books. For example, that Louis Vuitton book would be expensive on its own. The black chair on the side of the room also look good. But then things get a little weird. He has a singular sneaker on display on top of his TV console. Then, of course, there is the elephant in the room: The motorcycle sitting in the middle of the room. Someone sent the original poster a DM, asking for more information. He said, “Wait, these are all photos of the same room. What’s the story here? You can’t leave it like this.” OP responded, “It’s just my living room.” “OK. But why the motorcycle.” “Centerpiece.”

A very expensive chair and TV combo, with nothing else in sight. Credit: Twitter

Expensive Priorities

The original poster said, “Got the essentials sorted in my new place.” Here is yet another person with expensive taste, but not a lot of common sense. As we mentioned earlier, these Eames Chairs cost anywhere from $600 for a fake one up to $6,000 for the real deal. Personally, I got very lucky and found one at an antique store for just $300. So I can’t deny the allure of this chair. I’m guilty of it myself. But no matter how you look at it, this guy has an incredibly expensive chair in the middle of the room, and absolutely nothing else. Where are his guests going to sit when they come over? And how can he enjoy his giant television if he can’t even look at it eye-level?