Recreating Celebrity Homes on a Budget: Dakota Johnson’s Cozy Mid-Century Modern

Trista - October 9, 2020
Bring your dining room to life with one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and finishes like pendant lights above the table. Credit: Simon Upton

Another heart of home and entertainment is the dining room. Don’t neglect the dining room!

Speaking of seating options – have you seen her beautiful dining room? This room is fantastic for entertaining, and yet it continues to have the incredible and intimate feeling that the rest of Dakota’s home has. She has once again gone for a beautiful glass table – like in the living room. We know glass tables are beautiful, but they’re also quite practical. Wooden tables can get stained, and it can be hard to repair that. 

These stunning glass tables help create beautiful, modern, and clean lines within a room and are very practical. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Glass tables were a big mid-century modern feature and is making a comeback.

With a glass table, especially if you love entertaining, you will clean it very quickly. You don’t need to worry about covering up the table with a tablecloth, which essentially ends up hiding the design’s beauty. Instead of pairing the table with glass Tiffany chairs, she has again brought in a new wood tone. It’s a much lighter wood than in the rest of her home, but it works perfectly in this space with the white chair cushions. 

A mix of contemporary art and antique fixtures will make any space feel the perfect balance between old and new. Credit: Shutterstock.

Find thrifted or antique pieces to add a bit more character to your decor.

The area is decorated with a stunning pendant lamp, which appears to be another antique piece in her home. Even though the pendant lights are antique, it is offset and made modern by the rest of the room’s decor. Ms. Johnson has exciting and contemporary art on the walls and has also chosen more wooden feature walls, making the space very warm. She’s chosen another beautiful Persian carpet for the floor. 

Bring out the real depth of a subtle color somewhere in the room using the color again in something like a floral centerpiece. Credit: Shutterstock.

Dakota uses hints of yellow and other colors to breathe in some happiness and light.

There is a hint of yellow in a piece of art. The actress has highlighted this hue by bringing in many yellow wildflowers as the centerpiece for the table. This idea is a great design trick that you can use at home. Pick a color in a painting or cushion in your room and bring it to life with many flowers. Greenery makes a room, and something more laid back like many wildflowers could create a fascinating design aspect in your home. 

Dakota’s home has so many beautiful seating areas that are all carefully considered and well designed with cozy in mind. Credit: Simon Upton

If you have a smaller space and no dining room, a breakfast nook  could add a cozy aspect to meals.

Aside from this main seating area, she has also created another beautiful eating space in her home. It is the perfect breakfast nook just off to the side of her kitchen. This smaller space is ideal for quiet dinners at home. Her home seems to be iconic for it’s mixing of woods, and it can be seen once again in this spot. The actress has combined a round wooden table that seems to be a bit rough around the edges with woven backed wooden chairs. This decor is all set against another wooden panel feature wall. 

Remember to decorate your informal dining area as well; you can simply add a beautiful carpet and lighting. Credit: Shutterstock.

Lighting can make or break a dining room.

If you’re looking for a new lighting option for your dining room or eating area, a pendant light is the way to go. They help make the ceilings feel higher and act as a piece of decor within the room. Dakota’s stylish breakfast nook comes with another beautiful blue and gold Persian carpet and more stunning art that is on the wall behind the table. She has also made use of the window sill for more design elements. 

Finding the balance between too much and not enough is difficult but looks good when you get it right. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Be very careful when decorating with unique pieces; you don’t want to have a cluttered look.

She has managed the unique balance of having lots of little things all around her home without it seeming cluttered. There is a fine line between this, and you might have to try it out a few times before you get the look perfect. Add bits and pieces that you love to empty spaces like window sills and then sit with it for a few days. If it seems too much, take away one or two items and find a different spot for them in your home to refine the look. 

Instead of painting a small room white, go for deep colors and tones to make it feel like a warm space. Credit: Shutterstock.

Fight your instincts and don’t paint small areas white.

This breakfast nook area in Dakota’s Hollywood home is probably relatively small, but she hasn’t gone for the obvious choice of painting the area all-white to create the illusion of it seeming bigger than it is. Instead, she has chosen the dark wood walls to make it feel cozy and treehouse-like. The space is made to feel bigger with innovative features like the mirror on the wall and a small round table that perfectly fits the space. 

Consider the outside areas of your home that are visible from spaces inside your home as well. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Don’t neglect the outdoor areas of your home.

Why is her home is the apex of style this year? It’s because she’s paid attention to all aspects of the house instead of just the inside. She has considered the outdoors too, and how this plays a role in home design. This actress’s house has all these beautiful large windows. Out of the entrance of her home, there is a lovely bamboo-like garden. 

Dakota has also been very successful in using soft and hard styles to reflect her personality. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Mixing concrete woods and letting your yard grow around you naturally can strike a cozy balance.

In the back garden of the home, it has an incredibly romantic feeling to it and slightly overgrown. She’s used a mix of wooden and concrete furniture around the space to create even more welcoming spots. We hope this celebrity home has inspired you to start making your home feel cozier and moving away from the cookie-cutter look that everyone does these days. Allow your house to feel personal, and you will love it just as much as Dakota adores her lovely abode.