Recreating Celebrity Homes on a Budget: Dakota Johnson’s Cozy Mid-Century Modern

Trista - October 9, 2020
Consider the outside areas of your home that are visible from spaces inside your home as well. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Don’t neglect the outdoor areas of your home.

Why is her home is the apex of style this year? It’s because she’s paid attention to all aspects of the house instead of just the inside. She has considered the outdoors too, and how this plays a role in home design. This actress’s house has all these beautiful large windows. Out of the entrance of her home, there is a lovely bamboo-like garden. 

Dakota has also been very successful in using soft and hard styles to reflect her personality. Credit: Architectural Digest YouTube

Mixing concrete woods and letting your yard grow around you naturally can strike a cozy balance.

In the back garden of the home, it has an incredibly romantic feeling to it and slightly overgrown. She’s used a mix of wooden and concrete furniture around the space to create even more welcoming spots. We hope this celebrity home has inspired you to start making your home feel cozier and moving away from the cookie-cutter look that everyone does these days. Allow your house to feel personal, and you will love it just as much as Dakota adores her lovely abode.