Rude ‘Am I the A-Hole?’ Stories That Will Make People Straighten Up

ben - October 1, 2021

Have you ever heard of the AITA stories? Basically, AITA stands for ‘Am I the A-hole?’ And the whole jig involves people describing random situations and the role they specifically played. The poster (in this case, Reddit user) thinks he or she has done no wrong. However, it’s very obvious to everyone elsewhere the problem lies: with the a-hole poster! Here are twenty mean and rude a-hole stories that will hopefully make you realize how much of a good person you are. If not, you should start being on your best behavior! Stop thinking everything is no harm, no foul! Instead of being rude like these huge jerks, maybe we can all consider each other’s feelings.


29. A Hangry Boyfriend Who Overworks His Girlfriend

There’s something to be said about a partner who is excellent at cooking. Sometimes their cuisine is so good that you may not want to eat anything else. Of course, people nowadays are eating out more often because they don’t want to cook at home. But when GirlFriendRestaurant ended up loving his girlfriend’s cooking so much that he didn’t want to take her out to eat anymore, not even on special occasions. He comes across as very selfish because he only wants to eat her cooking every night. And the Internet wasn’t afraid to inform him of his giant mistake.

“It’s gotten to the point where I don’t see any point in going out to eat, pretty much ever, except maybe her birthday. I just don’t think it’s worth it to go out and pay restaurant food prices when we can stay home for home food prices and have food that’s just as excellent. So, Reddit, am I the a-hole for not wanting to pay a restaurant to cook my meals because I practically have a private chef of my very own?” So, this is a bit of a backhanded compliment. On one hand, it is truly great that he loves her cooking. However, he needs to make sure he can wine and dine her, too.


28. A Partner Who Doesn’t Understand How Babies Work

Having a new baby in the home is beautiful but busy. They need food and fresh diapers every few hours in order to keep them happy. It’s bad enough that the mother has to be up breastfeeding all hours of the night. It’s something else that the father chooses to stay in bed and want to sleep instead of helping out when he helped to make that baby too. wizardad admitted that he thought it was fair that since his partner was up anyway and that he got up with the dogs at 6 am, he didn’t have to change diapers in the middle of the night.

“My argument is that she’s already awake to nurse, so she should do the diaper changes too. I have offered to do half the diaper changes, but that’s not enough for her. My partner thinks that I should do all the nighttime diaper changes since she’s breastfeeding. She argues that since she’s nursing day and night, it’s only fair. We are both on parental leave now, and when I go back to work in construction, I need a full 8 hours’ sleep. She will be on leave for the next 18 months.”


27. Hurting A Child’s Feelings Is Never Okay

When an undesirable situation takes place, you have to do the best with what you have. Having a baby as a teenager is already stressful, but things are a little better than going alone when you have a family member to help you. Maybe it’s not what everyone hoped for, but there’s no reason to disparage people for their life choices. userthrowaway21-3 didn’t seem to think so and shared their blunt opinion with their sister at their niece’s birthday party.

“When my sister (26F) was 17, she got pregnant and had a baby girl. Obviously, since she was young, she wasn’t exactly ready to raise a kid, but my family did the best we could to help her out. The other day I came over for her daughter’s birthday party, and we were talking about her as a baby. At one point, we started to argue about how she was raised, and I said, “Don’t you ever think your life would’ve been better if she had never been born?” It turns out her daughter was in earshot of this, so she heard everything and got really upset.” Needless to say, she isn’t the favorite auntie of the bunch.


26. When Blood Really Is Thicker Than Water

The blending of families is often not easy; spouses with children break up and start to date other people. These new partners may feel awkward around these children, but what they shouldn’t do is treat them like they’re a stranger. RoommateMovingOut doesn’t seem to understand. Just because her partner’s daughter isn’t going to be with them most of the time doesn’t mean she still shouldn’t have room to sleep when she is there.

“My boyfriend has a four-year-old daughter “Kate” from a previous relationship. I love Kate with all my heart. She lives with my BF’s ex and comes to visit us for short stays and sleepovers, more often in the summertime. Our new house is about a 30-minute drive from Kate’s mom’s house. It has three bedrooms: a master bedroom and two smaller bedrooms. We are converting one of the rooms to be an office for my BF and me to work from. That leaves just one spare bedroom. My issue with this is that I don’t want Kate to treat the only spare bedroom as her personal bedroom. Rather, I want it to be thought of as a “guest” bedroom.” Because apparently, she intends to have guests stay more often than her partner’s daughter? Maybe the dad should realize he needs a bedroom for his daughter that is suitable; otherwise, it will prove difficult for her to continue sleeping over.


25. A Stepfather Who Has No Qualms Stealing Money

Lending children money isn’t something you expect to get paid back anytime soon unless you’re a real stingy parent. You want to make your kids happy, but you also don’t want to spoil them by throwing money at them all the time. So when GamblingStepsonTA decided to give his stepson $100 when they were at a casino, we’re pretty sure he didn’t expect to get any of that money back. But when the stepson returned with a $1,100 cash return, the stepfather decided to turn into a royal a-hole.

“I gave the boy $100 and told him that he should go make me some money. Eventually, I met up with my girlfriend (his mother), and he came up a little later to both of us with a cash waiver for about $1,100. He looked really proud of his earnings. I told him to turn his cash for another $100, but he responded, “No, I think I’ll keep this.” I answered him, “No, you didn’t earn that,” and took the money and explained that all winnings between us were communal. I gave him another $100.” Excuse me, but how did he get that extra grand? Plus, the stepdad is a little backwards on his thinking, there.


24. A Father Who Doesn’t Invite His Own Children To His Wedding

This is another story about blending families and how complicated the process can be. No one wants to play favorites, but no one wants to be left out either. NewlywedAH missed out on that memo and decided to make the big decision not to tell his own children when he was getting married. What’s worse is that he rushed the marriage because he doesn’t believe in having sex before marriage. Wait, what? So, that’s more important than his own children?

“We got engaged two weeks ago in front of all the kids who were very happy. Then my kids went to the mother’s house for their regular week with her. While they were there, I married my wife. It wasn’t a big wedding, just a nice evening on the waterfront. Her kids were with their grandparents, and again, mine was with the mother. When they came home from the mother’s house, my daughter noticed I was wearing a wedding ring. At that point, we told the kids we were married. My kids say I’m the AH for not inviting them.”


23. This Mom Doesn’t Know How To Buy Proper Gifts

Graduation is a critical time for any young adult. It’s a sign of the next step in their lives, moving into adulthood and new responsibilities that they have to conquer. It’s also a celebration of all the hard work they put in the last umpteen years of school to get to where they are now. Specialist-Bother-91 has three kids. Two are in their 20s and one who’s 9. When the older children graduated at the same time, she thought she was doing a good thing for all of them, but it came across to her other children that she was playing favorites.

“I have 3 kids, Raimondo (23M), Jonibella (20F), and Wren (9M). This was a big occasion for them, so my husband and I decided to get both graduates an iPad and a $100 Visa card. However, I really felt like Wren ought to have something too, just for being such a trooper. So I went ahead and bought him an iPad, as well as a new Switch and a couple of games since he’s younger and might not have much use for a Visa card. […] I gave him the presents not for graduating but for being a good kid all through the graduation festivities.” Ummm, those older kids are not coming home to visit.


22. Teenagers Aren’t Always The Most Organized

Teenagers are known for putting things off until the last minute. It’s not the best way to stay organized, and it can quickly become a bad habit that becomes difficult to curtail when they get older. But when sweet_matrimony gave their daughter several warnings to get her homework done during the weekend, and she refused to listen, the OP decided not to allow her daughter to finish her homework at all. Is that too much?

“Saturday, I reminded her about her homework. She said it wasn’t due until Wednesday (today) and that she would get it done. Sunday, she worked on it but didn’t make much progress. She never asked for help, which she always does when she needs assistance, and never mentioned having an issue with the assignment. Tuesday night rolls around (last night), and she is scrambling to get it all done 30 minutes before bed. I had to be up at 4 am for work and told her that I would not be letting her stay up later to finish it, as she had four days to get it done.”


21. What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

Couples always want to be treated as equals in a relationship. It doesn’t matter what it is; there’s no reason to have a faction of rules for one person and a different set for another. That’s wholly unfair. goingcommandoaita sees no problem with this, however. She seems fine when she gets to do whatever she wants around her boyfriend’s family but then gets uncomfortable when he pulls the same stunt. Then, she even insults him to his face.

“Two summers ago, we spent about 10-days with his family at their lake property. My BF’s grandparents were at the lake property as well, and my BF asked that I dress respectfully around them. For the most part, I did. But there were a few times where it was just too hot or uncomfortable to wear a bra, and I would just not wear one under a crop top or whatever I had on. Well, this year, we decided to spend Labor Day with my family. What I didn’t know was that he ordered a swimsuit with an incredibly short inseam that was also very, very tight. I told him there was no way he was going to wear that around my family […] and he literally looks like a sausage.” She didn’t like it when the tables were turned on her. That is why everything (and we mean everything) should be equal for a couple.



20. A Rude Guy Has A Problem With His Girlfriend’s Smile

Women already get told to “smile” by random strangers on the street, especially men. All women want is to be left alone. But when you get into a relationship, apparently, that kind of criticism doesn’t stop. SmileThrowaway77 didn’t get the memo, or he’s just a heartless jerk who doesn’t know how to treat his own girlfriend. He took something she was already self-conscious about and made her feel even worse about it. After all, if she were already uncomfortable with her smile, she wouldn’t don one for photos. Here’s their story:

“She’s a really pretty woman, but she does have a slight flaw to her physical appearance; she has a bad case of TMJ, which makes it so that when she gives a big smile, one side of her mouth curls up into a huge grin while the other side basically stays still. Every selfie we’ve taken together has her looking like this. We’ve recently started talking about becoming engaged. But when the subject of engagement photos came up, I told her that she should not smile quite so broadly so as to let her true, natural beauty shine through. She got really, really angry at this and said that the curled up lip on one side *is* her natural beauty since it’s her.”


19. A Rude Fiance Who Isn’t Interested In Following Traditions

There are just some traditions we should respect. That is especially true if we’re in a foreign country or visiting someone with a different culture. It’s just a sign of mutual respect. Pride, on the other hand, seems to get the better of some people. Why? Because they refuse to adhere to these traditions. Maybe they don’t understand them or they simply don’t want to. The same can be said for bowaita. He was engaged to a Korean-American woman. However, when she invited him to meet the rest of her family, it was terrible. He had no interest in paying them any respect.

“She’s asking me to bow to her grandparents when we meet since respecting the elders is a big deal in Korean culture. Not just like a [casual] dip, like a full-on 90-degree bow. I said I’d rather not since I found it emasculating and that I just don’t bow to anyone. She said that it was important to her culture, but I pointed out that she didn’t bow to my grandparents or parents. I just think it’s hypocritical to expect me to bow to her grandparents when she didn’t bow to mine. Her grandparents aren’t my superior just because of their age. Why should I have to bow?”


18. Some Parents Don’t Always Have The Best Intentions

We always expect parents to have their children’s best interests at heart. After all, children can’t make decisions for themselves and rely on their parents to take on that role on their behalf, expecting the best out of the situation. However, when it came to Spiritual_Weekend_78 making a decision regarding their two children, they couldn’t have made a more wrong decision. It’s clear why their daughter got upset at them and had every reason to.

“Emma has always been brighter than is typical for her age, she was reading at 4, and she’s even gone to national competitions. We’re really proud of her and all she’s accomplishing. She’s been in the gifted/talented program for a few years now, but now her school wants to take it further. They want her to go to eighth grade this year instead of seventh. The thing is, though. Jonah repeated a year (sixth), so he actually is in eighth grade. I don’t think it would be good for him if he and Emma share classes, which is very likely because it’s a small school. So I declined the skipping grades arrangement and asked if we can just give Emma further enrichment like we’ve been doing because she can definitely do eighth-grade work. The trouble is that when I told Emma what we decided for her, she didn’t take it well.”


17. When A Future Father Just Can’t Take A Hint

Having a baby on the way should be a happy time for everyone involved. It’s a time of tears, joy, and overwhelming excitement that can be difficult to contain. Apparently, not for throwaway_6030. After he and the mother of his future child broke up after she caught him sexting other people, he asked if he would be able to be in the delivery room with her when she was giving birth. You would think that after cheating on the mother of your child, you’d be lucky even to see the baby at any point in their life.

“I called to check on her since she is due within the next month and asked what the plan for delivery was. I guess I assumed I would be in the room when the baby is being born. She told me that due to COVID precautions, she is only allowed one person with her while she is in the hospital, and she’s going to have her best friend with her that I could meet the baby once she gets home. I got angry and told her it was petty and vindictive not to allow me in the room to witness our child’s birth. She snapped back and told me she needs someone who brings her comfort, and she can be vulnerable with, and that’s not me.” Obviously. This guy brought her pain, but he still expects to enjoy all the privileges of fatherhood? Talk about a selfish person.


16. Bothering a Breastfeeding Woman To Go Somewhere Else

When it comes to being a new mother, you want to do everything that you can to make your baby feel comfortable. And that includes feeding. There’s a stigma against women feeding their babies in public, mostly because it makes other people feel uncomfortable. And for that reason, people will complain about breastfeeding, even though it’s completely natural. Chance_Object_7968 is one of those people, apparently, and couldn’t help but put his 2 cents in when telling a young mother to sit somewhere else.

“It just so happened that today a woman (early-mid 20sF?) came inside with a baby, and it was so busy that it looked like there were only like two open seats available, 1 of which happened to be the sit across from my small table. This woman asked if she can sit at the table. I said yes because what harm would it have done otherwise? So a little bit goes by, and her baby starts crying, so she takes a breast out and starts breastfeeding. Obviously, I’m just avoiding all eye contact, but it got so uncomfortable that I ended up asking if she might be able to see if she can sit at the other table.”


15. Is Root Trimming Without Permission Rude (After A Broken Bone)?

The law in regards to yards and trees is that if a tree is growing in your neighbor’s yard and a limb extends over your yard, you have to ask permission before trimming the limb since the overall tree belongs to your neighbor. Apparently, notagreenthumbaita didn’t know about this, but instead of tree limbs, he went to the roots of his neighbor’s tree instead. Not the smartest move since it landed him in a lot of trouble with his neighbor and the online community.

“One of my neighbor’s yards is separated from ours by a chain-link fence. There is a large tree just on their side of the fence. Some roots from the tree spread into my yard, and some of them are growing on the surface of the ground. About a month ago, my kids were running around and playing, and my daughter tripped on one of the roots, fell, and ended up breaking her wrist trying to catch herself. So, I bought some tools and started tearing the roots up as best I could. My neighbor must have noticed the work I did because he made a comment about the fresh soil. I told him I had to remove some roots since my daughter tripped on one. He got mad and told me I probably killed his tree.”


14. Some People Will Always Be Uncomfortable And It’s Their Problem

Being married means that there has to be some level of acceptance with how someone chooses to live their life. It’s also about compromise but said the compromise should only be for things that are reasonable. Otherwise, the other person seems like a control freak, wanting to dictate how their partner lives every aspect of their life. AITAmom2021 overstepped her husband’s boundaries, especially when it comes to his own mother. Really, this is the conservative hill she wants to die on?

“The issue began when my husband and I were sleeping at 7 am when his mom knocked on the door wanting help with something. My husband got out of bed and went to meet her downstairs. I wasn’t paying much attention to what he was saying. Why? Because I kept wondering how he was able to go outside the bedroom and meet his mom while wearing shorts. I told him I just didn’t feel comfortable with him wearing shorts around his mom. He lashed out, saying it wasn’t a big deal and found it strange to be uncomfortable with him wearing shorts around his mom since that’s his mom. I shrugged and said I couldn’t help but feel this way and suggested he wear pants or jeans since all of them are accessible and take him no time to put on.”


13. Which Sister Is The Rude One?

No one wants to get pregnant at a young age, but sometimes it can’t be helped. It’s a struggle taking care of a baby at such a young age, so we turn to family to help us out. Unfortunately for ThrowRa283827’s sister, she ended up taking care of her children full-time. Without pay. She even set aside a room for the children so that they had somewhere to sleep. So when the sister was finally ready to start a family of her own in her apartment, the OP wasn’t too happy about no longer having someone to take care of her children anymore. Talk about ungratefulness!

“My sister texted me [and told me that] the children’s bedroom will be converted into their children’s bedroom and that if anything, they’ll get a sofa bed or air mattress for when the children stay. I told her I was upset with this because they have their spare room, which they’re currently using as a room for their rabbit. How can a rabbit be the priority? And it’s not like they’re babies so that they can share a room with a rabbit?” I don’t think OP gets the point that it’s her sister’s house, and she can do what she wants.


12. Not Understanding What A Disability Actually Is

When riding a bus, it’s customary to always leave the seats at the front of the bus empty so that the elderly, women with children, and people with disabilities can find a seat without having to go all the way to the back of the bus. It’s just good manners. What people forget is that some disabilities can be temporary, such as a broken leg. Even if they get better over time, they’re currently not able to move about the way they used to. Financial-Yam7246 hadn’t come to terms with this, however, and ended up bullying a young adult out of the disabled seats at the front of the bus.

“Today, a girl walked in maybe 14-15? IDK for sure, but she was in high school. She had a knee brace, a boot, and crutches and sat in the disabled/elderly/pregnant women’s seats. The bus was almost completely full, and an elderly man walks in. He asks her if he could have her seat as it was meant for the elderly. She said disabled people could sit there as well, and she really disliked standing, and it hurt. This is where I piped up and said a broken leg wasn’t a disability, and she didn’t have a right to the seat.”


11. Rude Parents Or Rude Teenagers?

Everyone can admit that taking care of children isn’t easy. Especially financially, there are a lot of things you end up having to pay for. One of them is trips with friends, especially if they’re older teenagers. The teenager in this story was eager to pay most of the cost for the trip, and her father, NO3007635, decided to help her out with some of the funds necessary for the trip. Keep in mind. This promise was made long before OP posted the story below about needing a babysitter for his wedding anniversary.

“We planned to go out and celebrate in the evening, and I asked Zoey if she could watch her younger siblings while we’re out. She said, “sorry, I have plans for tonight” […] she wanted to meet her best friend at a party before she leaves town as her friend will be moving away this month. She suggested we get a babysitter, but it was already late for me to call and arrange for a babysitter. My wife suggested calling my sister, but my sister has enough on her plate to be watching our kids. I tried to convince Zoey to skip going out; [that she should] watch her brothers, but she refused. I was getting p*ssed off. [So} I brought up the trip that I was paying for and told her I would take the money back if she refused to watch her brothers for the evening.”


10. A Nasty Neighbor Can’t Just Let Kids Be Kids

People take pride in their yards, and they always want it to look their best. But if you have neighbors, you have children, that comes with a certain amount of acceptance that some things can get ruined. But Neighborthrow618 went a little too far when the children next door were being very respectful to their yard, but they still felt the need to get the authorities involved. Just because the kids lost their ball in their yard.

“As I was driving down the street, I saw one of the older boys walk into my yard, bend down, pick up a ball, and go back to his house. I was angry because I was raised with the idea of never trespassing into someone’s yard like that without permission. I confronted the boy, and he said he was sorry, but you could tell he really didn’t mean it. So I went and talked to his father, and I didn’t get anywhere there. He didn’t seem to take me seriously at all, and he told me that I was overreacting. I snapped and told him that he better not let his kids trespass in my yard again; otherwise, I would call the police.”


9. A Wicked Stepdad Holds A Stepdaughter Unnecessarily Accountable

Good parents should treat their children equally, regardless if they’re biological, stepchildren, or adopted. After all, it’s not the child’s fault since they didn’t get to choose how they became a part of a family. So to treat them differently from any other biological child is a big blow to their ego and can ruin their self-confidence and ideas of self-worth. NoWorldliness7 didn’t seem to understand that concept when they decided to hold their stepdaughter accountable for the actions of her biological daughter. You already know there are red flags from the beginning when she calls one child her actual daughter.

“My actual daughter is a good girl, but she’s very energetic, and unless she is with somebody who can pay attention, things can go wrong. My stepdaughter is well aware of this as she usually looks after her on weekends while her father and I are out, which is why I think it’s fair for her to take responsibility for anything that does go wrong under her care. I recently purchased a beautiful sculpture, […] a unique piece that held a lot of meaning to me. Ashley has a part-time job and more than enough money to buy herself […] a number of other things, so I don’t think this is so unreasonable a request, but her mother went ballistic after she found out that her father and I expected her to save up to cover the cost of the item.”


8. A Rude Mother Who Can’t Respect Her Son’s Decisions

It’s difficult for a mother to see her child focusing on someone else as a romantic partner. However, the best she can do is let them be to grow and make their own decisions. But a mother like Background-Low-8044 doesn’t realize when she’s taken things too far. She seems to want to control whom her son spends her time with. Then, she gets upset when he wants to choose the company of his girlfriend over his own family. Everyone else said that they were fine with the arrangement. Is the mom the a-hole in this story?

“Girlfriend was supposed to graduate in May 2020 but never had a graduation ceremony because of COVID. I told him that the ceremony is the same day as his cousin/my niece’s (24F) wedding. My girlfriend and my son talked about skipping the wedding ceremony and going to the reception after the girlfriend’s graduation is done. My son talked to his cousin, and she said she is okay with him missing the ceremony. I think that his girlfriend is selfish, and I cannot believe that she is making him abandon his family when they aren’t even married.”


7. A Woman Who Can’t Appreciate Her Sister’s Choice of Employment

Sibling rivalry will always be a natural thing. It may not be intentional, but they always want to vie for the attention of their parents. But when an entire family continues to compete with each other long into their adulthood, then there are definitely unresolved problems that they need to get over. So when Nice-Blood7615’s sister finally felt like she belonged to a family whom all worked in STEM, the OP decided to crap on her choice of employment and make her feel like the black sheep of the family all over again.

“My sister Queenie (not her real name) and I come from a STEM-heavy family. Well, in the last year, Queenie enrolled in some courses and became a certified gemologist. I’m really proud of her for this. Her self-esteem has really improved since she got certified. She was gushing about her new work as a gemologist when she brought up how accomplished she feels and is comparable to everybody else in the family now as a “woman in STEM.” I respectfully disagreed with her on the ‘woman of STEM’ part because gemology isn’t really a science. Long story short, Queenie is now furious with me and refuses to even look at me anymore.”


6. An Ungrateful Bride Who Can’t See The Blessing In Front Of Her Face

Children can go through a tough time when their parents get divorced. It can be even more problematic when one of the parents move away. Or, even worse, want nothing to do with the child ever again. Sometimes a stepparent steps into the role. Hopefully, they make the child feel welcome. You would think that child would be grateful. Unfortunately, AdAdAdAdaMaria missed the memo on all the things her stepfather did for her. That was even after she admitted that he had stepped into the role of being her real parent. Things got even worse when it got to her wedding day.

“At last minute, my bio-dad decided he didn’t want to come to my wedding and walk me down the aisle. I got the call while I was getting my makeup done, and I was devastated, needless to say. Fred was in the room with me, and he started comforting me, telling me it would all be okay, and he said, “if you want, I can walk you down.” That just rubbed me wrong, and […] I just snapped and told him he was selfish and told him to get out. Fred left, and one of my uncles ended up walking me down the aisle.”


5. A Soon-To-Be Father Puts on Display Why The Mother Of His Child Wants Nothing To Do With Him

This is another story about a father expecting the birth of his son. Now, a heads up here. The mother and father are divorced already. Tv_Nostalgia95 admits that they are both at fault for the divorce but was still interested in being a part of his future son’s life. That seems fair, and anyone would have agreed with him on the matter. But it’s the way he tells this story that sends up so many red flags. It’s no wonder that they’re divorced. No one would be able to tolerate this guy’s sense of entitlement or verbally abusive attitude for more than a few minutes!

“A few days ago, I came over to our house to pick [stuff] I needed for my new place. Her mom and sister were visiting, and I [overheard] them say the name “Jimmy” repeatedly. I waited till my [soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law] got out to have a conversation with her. [Out] of curiosity, I asked who the eff Jimmy was. She said it’s the name her sister picked for our son. I snapped and went inside to talk to her. I told her very loudly that [no matter] what goes on between us. She can never change the fact that I’m still the father and get equal say in every-freaking-thing regarding our son. I insisted that she get that through her thick skull and understand I have no problem letting my lawyer deal with her unacceptable behavior.”


4. A Mother Who Rewards Her Son For Bad Behavior

Most parents try to do their best when it comes to keeping their kids on the straight and narrow. But there are just some choices that actually end up hurting more than helping. Gullible-Corgi-3149 thought they were trying to keep the peace by having her children share with each other, but they only ended up making things worse – a lot worse – by allowing her son to be rewarded for his bad behavior and punishing her daughter in the process. “My daughter “Lana” […] and her brother “Layne” […] both got Switches a couple of years ago when they were new. Layne’s Switch recently started to have issues, it wasn’t charging properly, and it would sometimes die in the middle of a game. Well, it died in the middle of a […] game […], and he got really frustrated and threw it up against the wall.”

“Now it doesn’t turn on at all. Now, Lana used to play her Switch a lot back when “Animal Crossing” was new. However, she kind of lost interest and doesn’t touch it much anymore. So I decided that since she rarely plays with it, I would give it to Layne. Well, at least in the meantime until he gets a new one. So about three days later, Lana asks where’s her Switch. I told her, and she flipped out, saying, that’s her Switch. Also, it’s not her fault Layne’s broke.”


3. A Father Making A Choice To Spoil His Daughter Rather Than Play Fair

NegotiationCreepy164 took things a step too far when they ended up punishing their niece in the process when she was only trying to do something nice. “We all waited in line for 45min for the local ice cream place, and I got my daughter one cone and my niece one cone. But how it worked out as I handed my niece her cone, walked around to the other side of the car, then handed my daughter hers. But between then, my niece gave hers to my daughter so my daughter would go first.

I didn’t notice until my daughter was double fisting. The thing about my daughter is that if I took an ice cream away, it would be an atomic meltdown. I told my niece that she shouldn’t have given her the ice cream because if we’re going to continue our day, she will need to have both; we don’t have time to wait for the entire line again.”


2. Saying You Can Only Wear Black Or White Is Just Plain (Rude)

A wedding should be a time that everyone celebrates. But like all grand events, there’s always some kind of drama involved. For this sister, she decided for herself that even though her brother and his fiancee had chosen the colors for their wedding, she wasn’t going to adhere to them and wear whatever she wanted instead. Needless to say, things didn’t end up going very well for backinblackaita when they turned up to the wedding wearing black… and then couldn’t understand why everyone was upset with them.

“The problem I have with this is that I only wear black and white. Like, I literally do not own any clothing that is not black, white or a combination of the two. I complained about it to my parents, and my mom offered to take me shopping to find something to wear. And she told me it was just one day and that wearing something a different color for a few hours is not going to kill me. [S]he ended up just buying a couple of things in the two colors and brought them home.” So it wasn’t as if she didn’t have many options to wear or couldn’t afford it. She was just being a rude, selfish, obstinate brat.


1. Denying A Daughter Her Deceased Mother’s Possessions

It’s never an easy thing when a parent passes. You expect them to be there forever, given the impact they have on almost your entire life. So when a parent passes, it’s only natural that you want to have something tangible that belonged to them to remember them by. plains_and_fields had very different ideas, given the “lifestyle” he had with his deceased wife, which involved not being tied to material possessions. What he fails to consider is that his daughter is her own person with her own set of beliefs, ones that obviously differ from his.

“My partner passed away around six months ago. I didn’t see a need to hold on to the possessions she left behind – in many ways. I know she’d want it that way. Anyway, our daughter has been [fervent] in trying to get something that belonged to her mother. She hasn’t been particularly picky; she just wants something. The problem is, as she’s been bugging me about this for the past couple of months as I’ve been slowly [whittling] away at the pile (donating mostly), and frankly, I don’t think she should get anything. Frankly, my daughter doesn’t need any of these items, at least not as much someone else would, and my partner didn’t leave her anything either.”