Satisfying Ways to Reorganize a Kitchen

Trista - April 4, 2019

Kitchens tend to gather much clutter with all of the glassware, utensils, and food you keep in there. Keeping it organized regularly may feel like an exercise in futility, but there are some helpful tips you can use to help keep your kitchen under control. We are spending a lot of time at home these days, so finding ways to make it function better is fantastic. An organized kitchen will also help your brain feel more relaxed! Read on to take advantage of some super simple ways to make your small kitchen feel larger than life and more organized. Check out 60 fast and easy ways to reorganize a kitchen. You can even complete some of these affordable DIY kitchen hacks this weekend.

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60. Kitchen Drawer Dividers

One quick and easy way to reorganize your kitchen is to incorporate drawer dividers wherever you can. They help to keep similar items alike and together. However, it is vital to make sure that you are maintaining their organization. It helps direct your hand to the exact utensil or tool that you are looking for by remaining organized and together. The drawer dividers also help prevent clutter by giving each item a specific space while also minimizing sliding around in the drawer. You can not only use these drawer dividers for your regular utensils but also your baking utensils.

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Drawer dividers are an excellent and easy way to add some structure throughout the drawers in your kitchen. You can not only use them to keep your regular eating utensils in their place, but you can use them for your other drawers as well. Maybe you have that one junk drawer in your kitchen that has a collection of items you just don’t know where to keep or how to keep it organized? Add a drawer divider and put similar items together to create some organization and structure. You will feel so much better knowing you can see what is in there.

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59. Labels for Everything

Kitchen labels are an easy and effective way to reorganize your kitchen. You will find immediate satisfaction by knowing what everything is and how much of it you have left. That can be incredibly satisfying when you identify what is needed on your next grocery run or ensure that you grab flour instead of sugar when you’re doing some baking. By adding labels to your kitchen items, you are making it a lot easier on yourself. You can visualize what you have, where it goes, and what you need. Labeling restores calm, and although it might seem ridiculous, it is incredibly calming.

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While you can visually see a clear container’s contents, adding labels to each of them is even more aesthetically appealing. You can label everything from your cereal to dried goods to baking ingredients. You will feel more organized and structure while also ensuring you are grabbing the right one right off the bat. Spices are also another large kitchen item to label. It can make cooking so much smoother because you don’t have to question whether you are grabbing the wrong spice. Labeling everything is a great way to organize your kitchen and give yourself some peace.

One easy way to reorganize your kitchen is to get baskets and storage containers that match your decor. Shutterstock

58. Think About Counterspace

Part of reorganizing and decluttering your kitchen means that everything has a home. That helps prevent clutter and ensures organization. The key is that when you take something out of its home, that it gets put back. For instance, you can get bins and bowls to put your peppers, lemons, and limes in, which provides a home for each item. A utensil canister helps ensure that all the utensils are kept tidy and in their place. Although it may seem contradictory to add more bins, bowls, or canisters, it can help maintain organization and provide such a satisfactory feeling.

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The great news is that you can find plenty of bins and bowls to match whatever your home decor is. When items don’t have a home, they often find themselves thrown in the nearest drawer or cabinet. The downside to this is that it further adds to clutter and chaos. You will feel so much better if every item has a specific place to be stored, and you ensure that when it is taken out of that home, it is also put back there. Otherwise, the next time you reach for that item, you might not even know where you last put it.

Another great way to reorganize is to hang up your utensils. Shutterstock

57. Hang Your Utensils

If your cabinet or drawer space is limited, don’t worry! You can still have a lot of organization in your kitchen. One of the quickest and easiest ways to reorganize is to hang up your cooking utensils. Add a bar with some hooks where each utensil has its own place. That satisfying way helps you see each utensil without shuffling them around in the drawer or canister to get the exact one you need. Hang anything from your cake spatulas, soup ladles, and even your cheese grater. That is a neat way to keep your kitchen organized and clean while making the most of a small space.

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Hanging up your utensils is a great way to visualize what you have when you need it. It helps to maintain organization and structure within your kitchen. It is also a great organization option when you have a smaller budget or space. You can take any rod, even a curtain rod, and any hooks to add to your utensils. There are so many different styles of rods or hooks that you can find one that fits your specific decor style. Your friends and family are sure to ask questions about it when they come over! It is a great way to organize your utensils, kitchen, and even your mind.

Kitchen towels can often become cluttered and take up more space than necessary. Shutterstock

56. Organize Your Kitchen Towels

You can quickly reorganize your kitchen by straightening up your kitchen towel drawer. Many times, people lay them on top of one another, limiting the number of towels in the drawer and creating a hassle when you’re trying to get them out. Laying them on a slight slant allows you to see all of the kitchen towels at once neatly. It also makes it easier to pull one out at a time to use. You’ll be shocked to find out how many kitchen towels you can fit into one drawer. Utilizing this easy organization hack will be immediately satisfying.

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This organization tip is one that is not only so simple but so satisfying. If you don’t have a lot of drawer space, it is crucial to ensure you are maximizing every inch of the space that you do have. When you stack your towels in a drawer, there might be a lot of unused space. The good news is, this can be fixed just on how you organize the towels in the drawer. Rather than piling them on top of one another in a vertical pile, try adding them to the drawer on a slight slant. You’ll be stunned at how much more you can fit in the same drawer.

Putting your spices on a shelf can help free up cabinet or drawer space. Shutterstock

55. Put Your Spices On A Rack

We have talked about many different ways to store your spices, including lazy Susans and pull-out spice racks. Another easy way to keep your spices and reorganize your kitchen is to add a small shelf, or two, by your stove. Easily and neatly store your spices on the rack. Not only will you be pleased with the way it looks, but it will be easily accessible while you’re preparing your favorite meal. When you’re done with the spice, neatly put it back in its place to ensure your kitchen space stays neat and organized. You might have to get more than one shelf if you’re a true chef!

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Spices are a hot topic in the kitchen! Perhaps it is because they are often used with most meals, and so their ability to be accessible and organized functionally is a big deal. There are many ways and options to manage all of your spices, including the lazy Susan, pull out rack, and on a wall rack. The wall rack is a great choice if you are limited on counter or cabinet space. It also allows you to see which spices you have quickly. If you want to take it one step further, add labels to your wall rack’s spices for optimal organization.

When reorganizing your kitchen, organize by use. Shutterstock

54. Reorganize By Use and Category

You may wonder what this means. It means to create zones for storage containers, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. For instance, inside your pantry, put all of the noodles together and all of the dried baking ingredients. You might also wish to dedicate a specific space or cabinet to your baking ingredients or bakeware. There might include storing your cookie sheets, bread pans, and cooling racks in a distinct and separate cabinet than your pots and pans. If you organize your kitchen items by their use, you will instantly feel more organized and have an overall sense of calmness because you will know exactly where everything is.

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Some people already organize their spaces by use to some extent. However, have you ever really taken the time to organize your kitchen tools, cookware, and items by use? I always thought I had until I pulled everything out of my pantry and realized how wrong I was. It might take some initial time upfront to reorganize your space, but doing so will pay off in the long run. There is also a great, free way to declutter and provide organization to your area and mind. Your kitchen space will function so much smoother when you put similar items together.

A cluttered space, especially in your kitchen or pantry, can create feelings of chaos. Shutterstock

53. Purge Your Pantry

You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you look at your pantry. Perhaps you don’t have any sense of organization or structure. One satisfying way to reorganize your kitchen and reset the tone is to purge your pantry. Spend 30 minutes and go through your pantry. Start by pulling out any expired items. Then sweep through your canned goods to determine what you should keep versus what you might be able to donate to a local food pantry. After purging anything that you don’t need, start organizing by grouping the remaining food by their category. You might have a section for baking goods and another that is full of snacks.

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There is another way to declutter your mind and your space that costs absolutely nothing. It is a great starting point so that you can see where you are starting. As you begin to purge your pantry and organize your space, you can determine if you need any more plastic containers, bins, or labels to finish off your organizing. You might visualize that you can add some wall baskets or shelves inside the pantry to get the functionality you desire. It can be overwhelming at first, but it is essential to stick with it, and the reward will be well worth it!

Hanging items up is a great way to reorganize your kitchen. Shutterstock

52. Reach High for Your Cleaning Supplies

We have talked a little bit about hanging up your pots and pans as well as your cooking utensils, but what about your cleaning supplies? You can easily and quickly install a curtain rod in your pantry with a few hooks to hang up some of your most commonly used cleaning supplies. Hang up your broom, dustpan, and even a lint roller for easy access. Incorporate a smaller rod under your kitchen sink to hang up the bottles of cleaning supplies that are often left without a home. Not only will it give those items a home, but it will provide you with peace of mind knowing where things are when you need them most.

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There is another budget-friendly way to organize your kitchen and ensure that every item has a home. You might even have an extra curtain rod at home already. However, if you don’t, you can visit any local dollar store to purchase the curtain rod and hooks. Many curtain rods are adjustable, so they can easily be altered to fit the specific space you are looking to house them. The next time you need to grab the broom and dustpan, you can quickly grab it off its hook to use. When you are done, you can put it right back. It is so satisfying to keep things organized.

Rethink where you store your pots, pans, and even your appliances. Shutterstock

51. Utilize Every Square Inch

One of the main points of reorganizing your kitchen is being aware of every square inch. You want to utilize and maximize the most of your space, no matter how big or small it is. Also, you can try storing your appliances in deep drawers or pull out shelves to free up as much counter space as possible. You will be shocked how good it will feel to give everything a good home while also allowing you to feel decluttered and organized. Appliances can often be a pain to store, but knowing how to do it effectively is a huge relief.

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When you start to research ideas and ways to utilize some of those uncommonly used spaces or nooks, you will be amazed at the options you have. There are plenty of options for smaller or larger areas. Besides, you can find many options regardless of what your budget is. Some ways to organize your kitchen do not cost a dime. You will be so impressed to see yourself so much more organized and, in turn, have such a clearer mind. Your items and space’s functionality and accessibility will help you feel less chaotic and disorganized every time you are in the kitchen.

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50. Put your Mugs on Display

Add a rustic shelf to one wall with some hooks, and you have an excellent display for your mugs! It keeps them on hand while being out of the way so that you can have more plates and cups in your cupboard. Find a convenient place to put these, such as above your kettle or your coffee machine. You’ll be surprised at how a simple change like this will make your kitchen more user friendly. This trick is an inexpensive way to organize your kitchen, too – we love these great budget solutions. If you have beautiful mugs, use them to your benefit and make a feature out of them.

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Putting your mugs on display is a fantastic way to house your collection. While you might prefer to have all of your mugs be alike, you might find joy in having a variety of cups in your collection. Perhaps you received some of them as gifts from loved ones or friends, or maybe one is a hand-me-down from your grandparents. Wherever they come from, they may hold a special sentimental value to you. Displaying your mugs on hooks not only frees up a lot of counters, cabinets, or shelf space, but it can also be a conversation starter with your guests.

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49. Get Creative with Utensil Storage

Throwing your ladles and serving spoons into a big drawer gets the job done, but why not put them on display? This stylish and unique way of storing your utensils without them taking up extra space can spice up a kitchen. It is all about finding beauty in ordinary things, such as placing our utensils on display. It will give you an extra drawer or two for storage – and this adds up to quite a lot, especially in a small kitchen. Wall space is underutilized in a kitchen – here’s your chance to make up for it.

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Everyone has kitchen utensils. Some people have more than others. No matter how many soup ladles or pancake spatulas you have, it is still imperative that you keep them organized and stored properly. By keeping them organized, you will have peace of mind every time you cook because you will know exactly where everything is. It will also save so much time rattling through that cluttered drawer. The greatest part is that storing your kitchen utensils can still vibe with whatever your home decor style is. You can add a white farmhouse canister or a metal one for a more modern look.

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48. Try a Magnetic Strip

Knife blocks are great, but you could have more counter space with a simple magnetic strip. Get one that’s strong enough to hold the weight of your cutting knives. Just be careful about reaching for the right end. Placing an item like this just above your cutting area in the kitchen is impressive. You have more counter space, and you still have the knives right there for your cooking convenience. You can order these easily online and have them installed in your kitchen in just a few minutes. They also add quite a nice aesthetic feature to the wall of your kitchen.

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Purchasing a magnetic strip for your kitchen knives is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to store your kitchen knives while also providing an incredibly modern look and feel. The downside is to ensure you are extremely careful which end you grab and who may have access to the knives. That is an especially great option if you find yourself using the same handful of knives each night. You can store the most popular two or three knives that you regularly use and avoid taking up too much space on either your counter or in your drawer.

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47. Squeeze In Narrow Shelving

Look for ways of using all the space in your kitchen by finding some narrow shelves on wheels. These can be placed between your fridge and your counter space; they slide right out when you need it — almost like a secret drawer! Having storage on wheels is ideal – you can move it to where you need it to be. There are also inner cupboard portable storage units you can have installed if you don’t have space for a shelving system on wheels. These storage units are fantastic for storing all sorts of things: fruit, drinks, extra kitchen items, and even spices.

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Narrow shelving can be incredibly appealing to someone who may have a smaller kitchen or a lot of narrow spaces that are essentially wasted space. However, it’s essential to have a smaller space to truly maximize every inch of it and get the most out of your kitchen. The narrow shelves are a great alternative to store snacks, cups, sports drinks, or those fancy glasses that only come out a few times a year. If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate narrow shelving into your space, check out Pinterest for many options.

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46. Buy a Roll-Up Drying Rack

You don’t want an awkward, crate-like thing on your counter all day. This roll-up drying rack can be kept out of the way until you need it. Just unfurl and place it over your sink for your glasses to dry on. Drying racks also aren’t the most admirable display feature, so this is something that you can use when you need it and put away when you don’t. If you already have a drying rack on your counter that you do need – this is also a fantastic option for extra drying space when you have a dinner party with lots of dishes to clean.

Photo Credit: Masa Aero

This modern drying rack is an excellent way to reorganize your kitchen space. Typical drying racks are large and can take up a significant amount of kitchen counter space. Not only does this roll-up drying rack not take up any counter space, but it also allows any excess water to drip down into the sink. The best part is unlike traditional drying racks that tend to sit out on the countertop, the roll-up drying rack can be easily folded or rolled for easy storage. It is not only more visually appealing, but it works even better than the typical drying rack.

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45. Grab for an Under-Counter Wine Rack

This rack can be installed quickly on the underside of a counter and is a great way to keep your wine on hand. If you’ve got a big wine collection, just add more racks the entire length of the counter and put your bottles on display. That is such a creative use of space, and you can easily just pull out a bottle to enjoy while you are cooking. You can also use this to store the bottles you want to drink and find another spot that isn’t as accessible for ones you aren’t using. It will be a great way to free up counter space.

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Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day of work or perhaps when you are hosting a small gathering of your closest friends. It is great to have some wine on hand for those planned or impromptu moments. That under the counter wine rack is a fantastic storage option without taking up any unnecessary space on your counter or in your cabinet. The under-counter wire rack is sure to be a topic of conversation amongst your guests. It will help leave you feeling more organized and satisfied with the way your kitchen not only looks but functions as well.

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44. Look at Your Measuring Tools

Tablespoons, teaspoons, and measuring cups — oh my! These awkward yet necessary kitchen items can take up much space in your drawers and cupboards. By installing some hooks and hanging them up on the inside of your cupboard door, you’re freeing up much space. Add some cute decals so that you know where everything should belong. You could even add them to a beautiful chalkboard where you can write up your favorite baking recipes. This rustic storage solution is stunning to look at as well as being practical. Hanging your measuring tools up will allow for easy access, and you won’t spend time fumbling for the exact measuring device.

Photo Credit: The Modernnest Blog

If you are limited on cabinet or drawer space, hanging items up is a great option. Measuring cups are a sore subject as they often get thrown in the cabinet and shuffled around as more items get tossed in. If you don’t want to hang up your measuring cups out in the open, you could also consider hanging them up on the inside of your cabinet or cabinet door to help conceal them while also keeping them organized. You might even wish to go as far as labeling your measuring cups to identify which is the one that you need quickly.

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43. Purchase a Handy Wine Glass Holder

You’ve seen these at bars, and they’re an excellent way to show off your wine glasses while still maximizing your cupboards’ space. Include a strip of LED mood lighting, and these glasses can shine. Get ready for the compliments on your simple kitchen upgrade. Another bonus about storing wine glasses this way is that they won’t collect as much dust, which means less cleaning for you before your guests arrive. Wine glasses deserve to be displayed, and this way is genius. You can even install them in a bar area if you have one to create the whole vibe and ambiance.

Photo Credit: Way Fair

The wine glass holders are a terrific way to organize your kitchen space and glasses without taking up too much cabinet space. The wine glass holder also helps to keep your wine glasses separated from your other cups. It offers a unique and cool way to display your glasses when you have that small get together or when you host the next holiday party. You are sure to be the hostess with the mostest if you have this wine glass holder. You can order the holders online and get as many as you need to accommodate your wine glass collection.

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42. Consider a Bottle Organizer

It’s hard to keep track of your water bottles and thermoses in your home. Open a cupboard, and they all crash down. A simple plastic rack gives you a great way to keep them all in one place and can be easily moved around when you need the space. We all need to be drinking more water each day, and having it organized might make you more inclined to do this. It’s incredible the psychological effect that organization has on us. You can even keep this inside a cupboard if you don’t want it on display but know that it’s all in the correct place.

Photo Credit: M Design Home Decor

If you have kids, this can be a great way to get them started on their organization journey. Encourage them to take one from the organizer and then put them away in their organized spot. This simple water bottle organizer can help ensure that each bottle stays in its space and doesn’t continue rolling around in the drawer or cabinet. While it may seem contradictory to add an acrylic organizer, it will help create structure and organization to satisfy you. If you have many water bottles, you might even want to stack the organizers to maximize the space.

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41. A Must-Have Kitchen Caddy

Dish detergent, sponges, brushes, rags, and more! Shoving them behind your faucet when you’re done cleaning isn’t the best way to store them — it only creates a smelly, mildew mess. Instead, get a nice caddy to keep everything neat. Get one that can clip onto the edge of your sink and has drainage holes for them to drip dry. We all tend to leave our sponges and washcloths lying there. Instead, this will allow them to dry correctly and save precious sink space. It only takes up a tiny bit of space in the corner of your sink.

Photo Credit: Charles Sturt

Whoever invented the kitchen caddy did so with organization in mind. Have you ever got done cleaning and just threw the towel or washcloth over the sink? Then it falls into the sink. Overall, it just never feels truly clean or organized. Getting a simple kitchen caddy will give you satisfaction like you never knew you needed. It is truly a game-changer when it comes to kitchen cleanliness and organization. You can easily store your towels, brushes, and sponges all in one space without worrying about them dripping in your freshly cleaned sink or floor. Don’t miss out on this must-need kitchen item.

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40. Put Some Shelves in the Fridge

It sounds like a weird idea, but putting more shelves in your refrigerator can provide you with added space to stack your favorite drink on top of each other. Get creative with shapes and sizes so that you can maximize the space in your fridge even more. There are lots of different types of storage available to order. One of our favorite options is the can holders. These tend to always roll around the fridge; we all had lost one or two cans when they dropped onto the floor and exploded! Get one or two shelves to keep your fridge clean and your cans organized.

Photo Credit: Container Store

Fridge space is so vital and even more so if you have a smaller fridge and kitchen. Utilizing and maximizing the space that you do have is so important to feeling organized. By adding some shelves into the fridge, you can ensure that everything has a place and that the refrigerator items remain organized. The can holders are an awesome way to keep your pop cans organized and ensure one doesn’t go rolling out on accident. They also free up valuable space for other food items. The best part is that these shelves are versatile and can be used in the pantry for canned goods.

Photo Credit: Ali Express

39. Order Fridge Suspension Shelves

You can also get these fridge drawers to add as another storage option in this space. We love these because they are so simple to add but add excellent storage space. For example, fresh fruit that you don’t want rolling around in the lower fruit drawer. You can also add these to all levels of your fridge and save space and use it in a much smarter way. They are also easy to remove and clean so that your produce is always kept fresh and safe. Just clip them on, and you’re ready to have a much more organized fridge.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Often there is a lot of unused space in the fridge. You might put something on the shelf and leave six or more inches above it. When you are already limited on space, that unused space is essential. Clipping in these shelves that can go underneath the shelves helps to ensure you are maximizing all of the space you have. What a perfect way to keep your fruits or vegetables fresh and easily accessible! They are so easily accessible that they might even encourage your kids to grab for a healthier snack instead of those chips in the pantry – one can dream!

Photo Credit: Bob Vila

38. Don’t Forget About Storage Containers

Having a bunch of slightly opened containers of cereal and chips don’t stack very well together. Instead, invest in some airtight storage containers for your assorted goodies. They can be organized more efficiently and take up less space. If you are feeling crafty, they can be labeled to know what is in each one. Labeling is the organization must-do of the year; it looks good and helps you keep organized. This simple trick will also help your food last longer instead of going stale from leaving the bag open. Your pantry and kitchen will remain organized, and you will enjoy being able to see all of your ingredients!

Photo Credit: Emsa

Storage containers in your pantry serve a dual purpose. They help to keep you organized and also help to ensure that items remain fresh. You don’t have to worry about bags ripping open or spilling because they will be in an airtight container. Visual seeing all of your ingredients and how much you have left of each is hugely satisfying. You will be able to quickly find what you’re searching for, use it, and then put it right back in its place. Using storage containers will help eliminate some of the chaos of digging through your pantry for the right item.

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37. Hang Out with Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be a great way to display your products without having them be in the way. A few simple hooks in your ceiling and you’re ready to hang your vegetables and fruits. Just make sure you keep an eye on them so that they don’t become overripe. This hack is such a smart way to save on space and create a somewhat decorative piece in your kitchen. Your guests will be sure to ask where you got the idea. The hanging baskets also put the fruit on full display to snack on them when you go into the kitchen for chocolate or treat items.

Photo Credit: Jowel Khanr

There are so many different hanging baskets that you can choose which goes with the decor in your home. You can also choose from the number of baskets that you want. You might only want one or two baskets, whereas someone else may prefer three. That helps reduce how much space you are taking up on your counter or in your pantry. Furthermore, it allows you to visualize how much you have left of each item. What you want to add to the hanging baskets is entirely up to you. You can add fruits, vegetables, or maybe even a plant to the mix.

Photo Credit: Idesign Live Simply

36. Buy a Few Leveled-Drawers

Do you have a lot of spices and seasonings? (You should!) Are you tired of keeping everything in a dirty, dark cupboard to pull out every container to find the right one? A stackable basket drawer makes it easy for you to see what you need so you can get back to slaying it in the kitchen. Spices are vital to our cooking experience, and it takes away from it when you get frustrated having to sort through the entire cupboard to find the Paprika. This kitchen hack is also a good idea for other items like vinegar and dressings.

Photo Credit: Container Store

Cabinets are often a source of wasted space. You might be able to put stuff in the bottom shelves, but what about all of that other space on the top or back? One way to maximize the space is to add leveled-drawers. You might even want to add ones that slide out for easy access. The addition of pull-out and leveled drawers will create a sense of satisfaction that will be unmatched. Can you imagine going and grabbing what you want without having to dig through a cluttered mess? If you’re like the rest of us, it can often seem like a lost cause.

Photo Credit: Homestr Atosphere

35. Get a Spinning Spice Racks

Another option for spice storage is a spinning spice rack. You can find these on Amazon or in your local kitchen store. There are ones that spin around like a lazy Susan or spin around like a Ferris wheel. If you’re looking to save space, opt for the Ferris wheel style, as this is narrower. If you have some counter space or cupboard space to spare, the lazy Susan is a great way to have all spices on display and easily move through them without getting irritated or making a mess. You’ll be able to keep your spices and cabinet space clean and clear with this organized rack.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Spice racks are trendy and come with many options depending on the size of the space you are working with. Spinning spice racks are an awesome alternative for a smaller or more narrow area. Another huge benefit is that they allow the user to see all of the spices they are working with and give them all a space. Having an identified space for each item is key to keeping a kitchen clutter-free and organized. You’ll be able to quickly put your favorite spices on one side for easy access and add those that are less used to the opposite side.

Photo Credit: WichitS/Shutterstock

34. Create a Mug Closet

This easy DIY project will keep your mugs out of the way so that you can fit more in your cupboards. The shape of these particular cups doesn’t make them very conducive for maximizing your space, so hanging them gives you more cupboard space. By maximizing the space in this cupboard, you can add other dinnerware such as plates, bowls, or side plates. You could also add more mugs here if necessary, but hopefully, you have space to hang them all up. That also keeps them cleaner. It will also give you a chance to sort out that mug cupboard you’ve been avoiding.

Photo Credit: Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock

If you don’t have much cabinet space, a hanging coffee rack is a great option for storing your coffee mugs while also leaving a good amount of space for other items. You can take a curtain rod made to fit your cabinet’s size and get some decorative hooks. Some people choose to use shower hooks, but any hooks will work! That is a great opportunity to choose some hooks that emphasize your decor style. Next, hang each coffee mug carefully and allow them to be on display and properly organized. You will be amazed at how much space this frees up!

Photo Credit: Ikea

33. Make Storage Inside the Pantry

Another DIY trick to maximize your kitchen is the use of under-sink storage. Attach magazine organizers to the cupboard doors under your sink and ta-da! Instant storage for your box of foil, wax paper, trash bags, Ziploc baggies, and more. In particular, this cupboard becomes a mess so quickly, and we need to start using better organizational habits down here ASAP! Magazine holders work a dream, and you can use them for all sorts of items thanks to their depth and height. The magazine holders will help clear up a lot of shelf or drawer space by making the most of your area.

Photo Credit: Closet America

There are so many items around the house that can serve a dual function in organizing and decluttering. Many office supplies such as a magazine holder or file divider are beneficial when reorganizing a kitchen. Using the magazine holders can help free up a drawer or cabinet while maximizing the space inside a cabinet door. The next time you throw out an old household item, try thinking about whether you can repurpose it. I am not encouraging you to hoard items, but rather, think about their potential and whether they can be better served in another area of the house.

Photo Credit: Organized By Ellis

32. Have Refrigerator Storage Success

Besides the wired crates, you can also take these magazine organizers into your fridge to create more shelves. If you have smaller, fragile foods, place them accordingly so they don’t get crushed. As you get more and more into organization, you’ll start finding items around your home that can be repurposed for organizational purposes. Fridge storage solutions are so important and help you keep track of what is being used and what isn’t. There is often so much unused space in the fridge, so adding a shelf helps make the most out of the entire space.

Photo Credit: Wsj

You can store items under the shelf and place lighter items on top of the shelf. For instance, you can store butter or lunch meats underneath the shelf and store your eggs on the top. Adding the storage shelves in your refrigerator helps ensure you are making the most of the space while also staying as organized as possible. You will be shocked to learn how much you can fit into your space. That could be a game-changer if you have a smaller fridge with limited space. You might even want to try incorporating two or three shelves into the refrigerator.

Photo Credit: Family Handyman

31. Purchase Stacking Units

One easy way to reorganize your kitchen is to get an organizer to arrange your plates and cups. These organizers make it easy to take everything out if you need to wipe your shelves down. Stacking units essentially give you double story storage space. It’s like adding extra shelves without needing to get your joinery redone in the kitchen, which would be very expensive. Adding these simple stacking units creates organization and extra storage space for plates, mugs, and even teapots. You will have an easier time finding what you need but having all of your items organized is very appealing to the eye.

Photo Credit: Simply Put Organizers

Stacking units are a great investment. They can help create an immense amount of structure and organization, especially within smaller spaces. Stacking units help to ensure that you are maximizing the space from top to bottom. You can easily store double the amount of kitchen items when you incorporate stacking units into your cabinets. The units on the insides of the cabinet drawers are also great options to maximize space. Stacking units are incredibly appealing for renting as they do not require any alteration or screws to the actual cabinets to be more landlord-friendly.

Photo Credit: Container Store

30. Take Advantage of Lid Storage

This simple and convenient kitchen tool helps you keep them all in one place, organized, and ready to use the next time you have leftovers or transport a treat. This upright storage container makes it easy for you to find the right lid for the suitable container instead of going through trial-and-error. If you have loose tops, you will adore this simple kitchen update. Lids in kitchens are like socks when it comes to washing. We aren’t sure what happens to them, but this hack will help you keep track of what you have and what you don’t to ensure you don’t lose any overtime.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect lid for your container? Have you ever shuffled through the lid cabinet only to end up making more of a mess than what you originally started with? If you are like me, then you will want to invest in some lid storage. It seems like a no brainer to help reorganize your kitchen space. Being able to find the right lids will not only save you a lot of time but many headaches too! You will easily be able to locate the covers that you are searching for. This simple organization tool will be a game-changer.

Photo Credit: Walmart

29. Use a Pull-Down Spice Rack

It happens to everyone: you have a shelf full of spices, and you don’t know where anything is. You can save yourself the trouble by using a pull-down spice rack that doesn’t take up much space. If you don’t like the spinning spice rack idea, this pull-down allows you to see all your spice options at once and still have them in an organized fashion. You also have quite a few of these drawers, so you have plenty of space. You might prefer to be able to see the majority of your spices on one rack rather than spinning a rack around.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

If you don’t have an entire cabinet to dedicate to a lazy Susan spice rack, the pull-down option might be a better option. It can help optimize a smaller space to ensure you have enough room for all of your spices. In addition, the pull-down spice racks come in a variety of options with someone having more than one rack. You will be able to purchase the one that is best suited for all of your spice and organization needs. You can easily grab whichever spices you need to prepare a phenomenal meal. When you are finished, quickly put the spices back in the rack and push them back up into the shelf.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

28. Organize your Entire Fridge

If you thought we were done with keeping your fridge in order, then you guessed wrong. There are even more shelving solutions for your fridge to keep your refrigerator organized. You won’t have any more condiments getting lost at the back of the fridge; instead, everything is where you can see it. More storage boxes in your fridge may seem like it could clutter it, but it has the opposite effect. You can easily pull out a container and sort through it instead of making a big mess in the fridge. You’ll also easily identify what you need the next time you have to run to the grocery store.

Photo Credit: Rd

You can purchase a variety of fridge storage containers for a variety of needs. One of the most commonly purchased ones is for your eggs. It not only helps prevent them from being squished but helps you quickly see how many eggs you have at one time. The other containers will help to ensure that each item stays in its place. It will be so much easier to navigate the inside if things are organized in the storage containers. The storage containers will be a hit with your kids as they can easily see which bins contain their favorite snacks.

Photo Credit: Sites Google

27. Create Magnetic Shelving

You have that huge space on the front door of your fridge; why not use it? Add a magnetic shelf with some hooks, and you can give your smaller items some space. Having one with a paper towel holder will also make it easier for you to clean up those messes before they have had a chance to dry. Magnetic storage isn’t just for knives; it is for anything you need. Paper towel holders take up counter space, and this option reduces that need. Freeing up the counter space will immediately make your kitchen feel more organized and less cluttered.

Photo Credit: Japana Home

Magnetic shelving can help you create and be as organized as possible with the space that you have. It may even prove to be more functional as you can keep your paper towel or coffee mugs up off the counter or out of the cabinet space. If you want to get creative, you can add some personal touches by choosing a little specific decor that is accent pieces within your kitchen. This quick, simple touch will make you immediately feel more organized, and like you can function better than ever! The magnetic shelves can vary in size and style, so do some research, and you will be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

26.Utilize Wall Baskets

Place wall baskets all around your kitchen to hold your jars, canned foods, or cleaning supplies. You’ll be surprised at just how much more space you can obtain in your kitchen by putting your fruits and veggies on display this way. They can even look pretty if you organize them well. They are an affordable storage option, and you can place them inside cupboards or on walls. Wherever you need them, hang them up. The great thing about wall baskets is that you can add as many or as few as you would like. Also, you can add anything that you see fit to them.

Photo Credit: Thevyrai

Wall baskets serve a dual purpose. Not only can they be used to create immediate organization within your kitchen space, but they also serve as a piece of decor. You can add wall baskets above your sink, stove, or in the pantry to store dried goods or fruits and vegetables. The best thing is that the wall baskets are so versatile. There is no right or wrong way to go about using them, and you can hang them to best suit your needs. How cool is it to be able to quickly see what ingredients you have and what ones you might need?

Photo Credit: Wsj

25. Organize Your Space with Cooking Hangers

Trying to get your pots and pans out of the cupboard without knocking them over can be a real pain. That can be especially true if you are already working with a smaller kitchen space. However, getting a hanging organizer puts everything within reach so that you can take exactly what you need. Pots and pans tend to get thrown into one space, and it’s so difficult to find the one you need. They can also get damaged when packed incorrectly, which isn’t something you want to happen. Store them hanging to save them from being damaged and to save yourself the frustration of digging them out.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are limited on cabinet space, the cooking hangers are a great alternative to keeping organized. Hanging up the pans can be incredibly satisfying and allow you to quickly grab the one you need without rummaging through the cabinet and ultimately creating more of a mess. If you want to take it one step further on organizing your hanging pots, put them in the smallest to largest. That is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it easy for you to know where to grab the pan you need when you need it. There will be no time wasted!

Photo Credit: Geteatj

24. Buy a Pot Organizer Rack

If you want to store them in the cupboard and not put them on display – you can do so with this incredible pan organizer. It creates different slots for each pan to be separated and won’t scratch each other. This kitchen hack might take up some cupboard space, but at least it will be organized, and you don’t have to rattle through numerous pans to find the one you need. The best part about this pot organizer rack is that it can lay horizontally or vertically to best suit your needs. You’ll be able to grab whichever pot you need at that moment quickly.

Photo Credit: Lynk Inc

You may not have much space to have your pots hanging from the ceiling or wall, so an organizer rack is a great option to consider. This pot organizer rack allows you to easily and quickly organize your cooking tools without having to screw in any hangers or hooks. It can smoothly slide into your cabinet and sit either upright or on its side, as shown below. You might also prefer to have it on your countertop in the corner and place it in a way that it looks like a piece of decor. Your guests will be sure to ask about it!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

23. Try Cupboard Door Storage

Along those same lines, add a storage unit that hangs over the cupboard door to store your larger items. You’ll know where everything is at any given time, and is very easy to access. This simple trick is an excellent place for your cutting boards, too. A kitchen hack is also a great option if you don’t own the home and are just renting. You can move these storage items with you to your next spot and don’t have to get permission from your landlord to make these changes to the kitchen. The inside the cupboard door rack will help keep your items organized and prevent clutter.

Photo Credit: Jenna Burger

Many people don’t typically consider the inside of the cupboard door as available storage space. Therefore, it finds itself going unused. Now, I’m not saying that you have to utilize the inside of every cupboard door, but it is great to know it is an option if you are looking for a little extra space for those items that can otherwise take up a lot of cabinet space. You can easily add an inside cupboard door storage holder to hold some of your most frequently used cooking items, such as cooking spray and olive oil.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

22. Build a Pegboard Organizer

Who thought you could use such a simple trick to keep your drawers organized? All you need are some pegboards and dowel rods, and you have a great place to stack your dishes and bowls. Say goodbye to clattering around or losing your stuff in the back of your kitchen cupboards. This pegboard organizer allows you to customize it perfectly, depending on what you need to store. Just simply move around the pegs, and everything will be divided. If you have more plates, you can just add some more pegs horizontally. Depending on the size of your bowls, you can customize the placement of the pegs.

Photo Credit: Organized Home

This kitchen organization hack blew my mind! How cool and easy is it to get a pegboard to fit your cabinet is inside and customize it to suit your needs? The great part is that as you grow and evolve within your kitchen, you can quickly move the pegs around to keep up with your needs. This organization tip is exceptionally versatile, and the initial investment will be one that will pay off as you continue to organize your kitchen items. Have you ever witnessed this firsthand in someone’s home? Iit is a great way to ensure that the dishes don’t scramble around.

Photo Credit: Walmart

21. Order Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Cut down your kitchen tools in half with these stackable magnetic spoons. It keeps everything in one place, and you won’t have to search around your drawers for the right one. You’re welcome. This simple organization item will change your life if you are someone who loves baking and cooking. This stainless steel option is also so easy to keep clean and looks impressive too. Measuring spoons are often easily misplaced and can create clutter in the drawer. The magnetic spoons ensure that they all remain together and in an organized manner. You won’t regret getting these magnetic measuring spoons.

Photo Credit: I Love Savings

Have you ever found yourself going to bake a cake or cookies and scrambling through the drawers trying to find the specific measuring spoon you need? Do you need a teaspoon or a tablespoon? Grabbing the wrong one can make a significant impact on the outcome of your baked goods. The magnetic measuring spoons are incredibly appealing because they all stick together. You won’t have to worry about them individually contributing to the chaos of a cluttered drawer. The ones above also easily specify their measurements and can fit together in their order from smallest to largest to ensure you are never grabbing the wrong one.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

20. Utilize a Tea Organizer

Those tea boxes can take up much space, especially if you’re a tea fanatic. Recycle the cardboard and keep your tea bags in a handy place. Something this small and simple can hold up to 100 tea bags, so cross your fingers you don’t have more than that. It’s almost like visiting a hotel with all their tea bags neatly organized – bring this level of storage into your home for a staycation feel every day. You’ll feel at peace being able to see all of your tea options visually. You can easily pick whichever flavor you are feeling that day.

Photo Credit: You Copia

If you are a tea lover, then this organizer is even more appealing to you. It is a chance to have all of your favorite tea flavors on display, so when you choose which you would like, you can see all of them at once. The best part is that adding them all to the organizer keeps them in a slim container and avoids taking up too much space with all of the bulky boxes you have to sift through. You still get to enjoy all of the different tea types without having to worry about all of the clutter that many tea types can create.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

19. Get a Coffee Pod Organizer

If you are a coffee person, you have a fantastic coffee machine that requires capsules. You probably have these scattered around in a drawer and often end up having a flavor you didn’t even want that morning. There is a simple way to store this that takes up no space, and it looks very fancy too. You can easily slot in new pods and pull out ones you want to use with no hassle. The coffee pod organizer is a great way to keep your coffee pods organized and will be a great way to keep a variety of options in your kitchen.

Photo Credit: Walmart

The coffee pod organizer is not only a great way to keep your individual coffee pods organized and on display, but it can also help add to the decor in your kitchen. It is a great visual to see when your coffee cups are running low and adds a little bit of ease into your morning routine. You don’t have to go rummaging through your cabinets to grab your coffee and get it started. If you have guests over, they will also quickly see what coffee choices you have and can even make a cup themselves if you are unavailable.

Photo Credit: Rev A Shelf

18. Always Use Lazy Susans

Keep your condiments on hand without them taking up all your shelf space. Place them in the corners of your cupboards so that you can store even more things and get to what you need more easily. A lazy Susan is also great for when you have guests over for a meal – you can move this lazy Susan with the condiments on it straight to the table without having to sort through all your cupboards first. You can use a lazy Susan for your condiments in the refrigerator, spices in the cabinet, or sauces in the pantry. You can incorporate them throughout your kitchen for optimal organization.

Photo Credit: Rev A Shelf

Lazy Susans are also great if you have kids. If you purchase some clear lazy Susans with sections, you can fill each section with healthy, kid-friendly snacks that are parent-approved. That will allow them to easily grab their snacks on the go and keep them from scavenging through the pantry. Lazy Susans are also a great option to store vegetables, so you can store them and grab what you need quickly at the time. The key to purchasing lazy Susans is to measure the space before you buy to ensure they will fit and function in the way they are intended.

Photo Credit: Ny Mag

17. Put Shoe Organizers in the Kitchen

You can better utilize those huge plastic sheets where you keep your shoes behind the door. for your groceries and other assorted items in your kitchen. Keep them out of the way and out of sight until you need them. Alternatively, add your cleaning supplies so that you can have more space under your sink. You’ll find that you can store many kitchen items in these – even food products and snacks. You will be shocked at their multi-uses. Hang them on your pantry door for another storage space.

Photo Credit: Kitchen Stuff Plus

You will be able to customize their use to you and your families’ needs.
You can add snacks for the younger kids on the bottom and snacks for the older kids on the top. I would have never thought of putting a shoe organizer in my kitchen, but when you think about it, what a great idea! If you are looking to use them for your cleaning supplies, it helps ensure each cleaner has a specific pocket so that none of the products negatively interact. You can put the cleaners near the top to keep them out of reach of any curious little ones that might be running around.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

16. Consider Keurig Storage

These tiny and convenient drawers can be placed under your Keurig and used to store your coffee pods, creamers, and tea bags. Everything can be in one convenient place instead of going back and forth across your kitchen, getting what you need for the perfect cup of coffee. Just think of how much easier your morning routine will be, too! It looks just like the coffee and tea storage in a hotel so bring a bit of luxury into your coffee routine. It will not only create a more organized space, but it will bring more convenience to your life.

Photo Credit: The Green Head

When you are completing a task, even one as simple as making coffee, it is so much easier and quicker when you have everything you need at hand. It also helps when all of your supplies and materials are in an organized manner. You won’t have to find yourself going back and forth from the Keurig machine to the cabinet. Adding the tiny drawers to the bottom of your Keurig will be an organization drawer that you didn’t even know you needed! If you don’t prefer to have your coffee pods out on display, you can neatly organize them in the drawer for added convenience.

Photo Credit: China Global Mall

15. Install Handy Window Shelving

Your windows can be an excellent place for a lovely shelf for your plates and mugs. Placing the shelf higher means that you can still utilize your window while keeping everything else out of the way. It also turns your storage from only being a functional piece into one that compliments the area style-wise. You want both form and function when it comes to storage in a kitchen. Place your most beautiful mugs on the shelves to finish off the look. Having your kitchen items on display will create a unique look that your friends and family will admire.

Photo Credit: The Identite

When you have a smaller space, utilizing every inch is critical. That includes the unused space in front of your windows. You can customize the window shelving to your wants and needs. For instance, you can add two layers of plate holders or incorporate two shelves for your glasses. One of them can hold your coffee cups, while the other has your more casual cups for everyday use. You can even add a little piece of decor, such as a small plant, to the shelf for a more personal touch. The window shelves are a great way to put your dishes on display while remaining organized at the same time.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

14. Display Colorful Containers

All you need is a spot to keep your spoons and spatulas in one place, and sometimes that’s not a drawer. Getting a tall decorative jar or vase can bring character to your kitchen while still giving you easy access to the things you need. Instead of just storing your spatulas in plastic containers, bring them to life and give them a beautiful home. You could also bring in more color in the actual utensil and have fun with your kitchen decorations. You can incorporate colorful containers to help your kitchen space be more organized and offer a pop of color.

Photo Credit: Written Reality

Colorful canisters are a great way to incorporate both organization and personal style into your space. They can be especially appealing if you are renting a space and have to make more subtle changes to be organized without drilling or hanging nails into the walls or cabinets. You can add the canisters to your window shelves, countertops, or even inside the cabinets. You can add your soup ladles or spatulas to the canister to keep them organized and colorfully display them. The colorful canisters are a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen space’s decor.

Photo Credit: Moore Or Less Cooking

13. Buy a Utensil Holder And Recipe Book Stand

This utensil holder serves an additional purpose. If you’re going to use precious counter space for your utensils, then it may as well have another use to it. This utensil holder also has a slot that will fit your favorite recipe book or even your iPad. It helps to guide you as you cook, so you’re not constantly scrolling through the book or trying to hold it open. Combining these two items into one is so clever and also means you don’t need both a recipe book holder and a utensil storage device. This multi-use stand will provide more function than you could imagine.

Photo Credit: Klevarange

Who doesn’t love an item that serves not one but two functions at the same time? I am all about a kitchen item that has more than one purpose, especially in a smaller space. It allows for less surface area to be used while also remaining extremely organized. This recipe and utensil holder allows you to prop up your recipe book while cooking and maintaining your utensils. As the recipe calls for each added ingredient, you can conveniently grab the utensil needed without having to run to the other side of the counter or kitchen.

Photo Credit: Adrp Fournitures

12. Build a Door Organizer

Find an old, wooden shutter door and place some hooks on it. Add a splash of color with some bright paint, and you have a unique organizer –that is all yours! This simple kitchen idea can do wonders for the decor and organization. If you just get a little bit creative, you can turn almost anything into something special. Finding leftover pieces like this in your home adds character to more dull spaces like a kitchen and adds exceptional and fun storage options. You can make each door organizer unique to you and your families’ needs while providing more functionality.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Moreover, you might be shocked to learn just how multi-functional home items can be. You might never have thought that an old door can offer you so much organization in your kitchen. I know I would never have thought that this was a possibility. You might be surprised to see how many cabinets and counter space you can free up while putting some of your most frequently used kitchen tools on easy display. It will make cooking so much easier when you can visually see the tools you have available without rummaging through cabinets or drawers to find exactly what you need.

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

11. Organize with Cookie Cutter Bags

Those darn things can eat up a lot of cupboard space, and it can be hard finding the right ones you want. Throw cookie cutters into storage bags and label them by shape or holiday. That way, these baking items aren’t mixed with your everyday cooking tools. Plus, you don’t have to sort through an entire year’s worth of cookie cutters. If you’re an avid baker – this is the quickest solution to sorting out your messy baking drawer. You can also label them, which makes this process and idea even better. Cookie cutters that aren’t organized can create a heaping mess of clutter.

Photo Credit: Stemazing

Adding the cookie cutters to bags by holiday offers immediate and satisfactory organization. It may seem like a simple organization tip, but it will make a massive difference in your kitchen space. You might even want to take it a step further and put the bags in another storage space. For instance, if you put your Christmas cookie cutters in one bag, you might want to put that specific bag in another storage room to free up some space in your kitchen until the next holiday season! As each season or holiday comes around, you can easily bring the cookie-cutter bag that you will need out.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

10. Feel Handy with a Magnetic Spice Rack

Your fridge can only do so much, so why not add a magnetic sheet inside your cupboard door? Store your spices in metal containers and stick them on to the strip. This kitchen tip allows for easy access with no hassle. Just make sure you tighten the lid all of the way! If you do one necessary upgrade, fix your spices in some way. Magnetic storage is so versatile, and you can add so many things into these metal containers that will help organize your kitchen. The magnetic spice rack is an easy and quick way to incorporate some organization into your kitchen space.

Photo Credit: Aforagers Home

The magnetic spice rack is another great option if you do not own your home or cannot make any physical changes to cabinets or drawers. Adding the magnetic spice rack does not require any drilling to the cabinet to be easily added or removed. Depending on the size of the inside of your cabinet door, you can add as many magnets as you might need to hold all of your favorite or most frequently used spices. It is a great way to see them all quickly while you are cooking because they are easy to access.

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Use a Slide On Shelf Mug Holder

If you cannot make permanent changes to storage space in your kitchen, like if you are busy renting but need space for your mugs – this is what to use. This shelf mug holder is the same concept as adding hooks into cupboards and underneath shelving units. You simply slide this over the cupboard or shelf, and you have extra hanging space for your mugs. It also looks nice – maybe even nicer than the random hooks you attach. It is also very sturdy, so your mugs won’t go falling off anytime soon. If you have different mugs, this organization method will help you visually see all of them.

Photo Credit: Shopee

Often the space underneath cabinets goes unused. That might be because people don’t know what to use the space for or because the options are not visually appealing. The great news is that this mug holder is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It frees up quite a bit of space within your cabinets and ensures that your mugs remain organized. If you have more cups, you can add more under the shelf mug holders. The key is not to add too many holders; otherwise, it can quickly look cluttered and disorganized. You can also quickly grab a mug when preparing your coffee in the morning.

Photo Credit: Kammys Korner

8. Create Your Own Coffee Nook

Do you have a small wall in your kitchen with nothing on it? Are you an avid coffee lover? Get a small table and transform it into a coffee nook. Remember that excellent idea of hanging your coffee mugs from the wall? Make sure you include that tip here, too, and it will feel like your very own coffee shop. Now all you need is a personal barista. If you don’t have space for this in your kitchen, you could add this to your lounge or dining area to find yourself drinking coffee or tea in the chilly mornings or winter evenings.

Photo Credit: Mr Directint

One of the best and easiest ways to add some organization and functionality to your kitchen space is to incorporate a coffee nook. Adding a designated coffee nook is the perfect way to organize your coffee mugs, coffee maker, and any additional items you tend to add to create that desired blend. Not only will having a coffee nook create some organization in your home, but it might also inspire you to prepare your coffee at home rather than going through the Starbucks drive-thru on your way to work. You can create the perfect nook by adding a few different items, such as hanging hooks and wall baskets.

Photo Credit: Crate And Barrel

7. Get a Standing Pot Rack

However, if hooks out in the open aren’t your thing, you can get a standing rack for your pots and pans. This simple kitchen tip stops your pan surfaces from getting scuffed up, too. This hack is a great addition inside a cupboard space and allows you to organize your pans by size and use. Put the ones you use the most at the top and the ones you use the least at the bottom. Organizing them like this will make a small difference, but it will be a noticeable one for functionality and accessibility.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A standing pot rack is a great way to keep your cooking tools organized and easily accessible. That is one of my must-have items in my kitchen. Before discovering this rack, I was continually scrambling through the cabinet to find the pot that I needed and often grabbing the wrong one. Not only did it cause immense frustration for me, but it was deafening as I was banging the pots together as I was sifting through them all. This rack has been a great way to keep them organized and easily accessible without creating such a ruckus every night.

Photo Credit: Ali Express

6. Install a Bag Organizer

This essential kitchen tip is as simple as hanging a small basket over the door of your cupboard and poof! You have a new and nifty way of keeping your plastic bags on hand. When you need a bag, just pull one out. It’s tidy, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to store all of those plastic bags for little trash cans. We should be moving away from using plastic bags, but this is a better way to recycle and reuse them. Once you’ve used it – just pop it into the storage, ready for the next time you need it.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

My mom always had a bag holder growing up, and I always thought it was such a silly item to have. That is until I got my own home and realized just how quickly those plastic bags could pile up and create a mess of disorganized chaos. This bag holder is a great way to keep them organized and is easily accessible. Rather than taking up most of the space under the sink by just throwing them all underneath there, this bag holder gives them a designated space and allows me to feel a sense of calm when I open my cabinet.

Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Consider Over-the-Cabinet Bakeware Storage

Get all your bakeware organized in this over-the-cabinet hanging unit. It’s the perfect addition to your new kitchen storage solutions, so you don’t have baking trays clanging around in a drawer or cabinet. You can also get a few of these and organize them according to their purpose. After that, you can put all your cupcake dishes into one – all the different sizes. Then, you can put your metal baking trays and even cutting boards into another attached to the cupboard that houses your pots and pans. This quick and easy organization tip will save you time from rummaging through your baking pans.

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

Like many other kitchen items, bakeware can be a pain. It is often difficult to keep organized, which can lead to frustration and chaos when trying to grab the specific one you need. Before being aware of this over-the-cabinet bakeware holder, I would throw all of my cookie sheets, cooling racks, and muffin pans in one cabinet. When the time came to need one, I would find myself rummaging through them all to find the specific one that I need. Storing them in the over-the-cabinet container is a much better way to keep them organized to find the one you need at the moment.

Photo Credit: Container Store

4. Use Customizable Under-The-Sink Storage

How fantastic is this customizable under-the-sink storage? We all know that this is a pit of despair in our kitchen, but this can organize it quickly. You can move it around your pipes and build it into precisely what you need. This tiny kitchen hack will help you store cleaning products, shopping bags, and everything that usually makes this cupboard a big mess. The storage is easy to remove and clean if one of these products tips over and messes or spills inside the cupboard. Not only can you use them here, but in other cupboards too.

Photo Credit: Amazon

This customizable under-the-sink storage shelf is great because not everyone’s pipes are going to look the same. The sliding shelves allow each person to adjust them according to their specific setup. You might even be able to add more than one shelf under your sink, depending on the size of your cabinet. Besides, you can almost triple the amount of usable space under your sink by organizing what you have under the sink. You will be shocked at how much you can store, including cleaning products, extra sponges, or dishwasher pods. It will be a great way to organize your items rather than scrambling through to find what you are looking for.

Photo Credit: Container Store

3. Purchase Pull-Out Organizers

Your kitchen tools can get lost in drawers pretty easily. On the other hand, a slide-out organizer makes it easy for you to see everything that’s there. Grab what you need and slide it back into place. You will need to get these organizers installed adequately unless you’re handy to work correctly. You can get them custom-built into your cabinets, and your life will be so much easier and more organized. It’s so lovely when you don’t have to go diving into a dark cupboard, and you can just pull it out and see everything easily to get the exact pot or pan you’re looking for.

Photo Credit: Container Store

One of the biggest pet peeves for deep cabinets is that you have to often dig through what is in the front to reach what might be in the back. It can cause frustration and take time, but it can sometimes even make the mess worse. The pull-out cabinet organizers are a great, hassle-free way to maximize your space without any added stress. You can pull out the cabinets and see all of the items you have stored in the back. The organizers make every item easily accessible, which will help ensure items remain organized and decluttered.

Photo Credit: Ny Mag

2. Fall in Love with Kitchen Glass Storage Jars

Glass storage jars are handy, and they help keep items fresh as you can seal the container completely. If you live in a coastal area, you will know how important this is. You can keep your pasta and rice fresh for so much longer. You can also write on the labels to know exactly what everything is. Glass storage jars have become so popular, and people often make beautiful cookie stacks inside them to put in the display. The glass storage jars will also help you identify when you are running low on a particular item. You won’t even want to eat a cookie because it will look too good!

Photo Credit: The Spruce Eats

The kitchen glass storage jars are an easy way to add some organization and style to your kitchen space. These jars can be put out on display on the counter, in the cabinet, or even in the pantry. My favorite part is seeing the items inside without having to open the box or jar. It helps you remain organized while in the kitchen and helps you prepare when you are heading to the grocery store as you can easily and quickly see how much you have of each ingredient. The glass storage jars can also serve as a piece of decor.

Photo Credit: Container Store

1. Try Cupboard Lid Storage

Where do you keep all your pot and pan lids when you want to keep these items stacked neatly inside each other? They usually just clank around in the cupboard and often get damaged because of this. You can order yourself these pot lid holders. Then, add them o the side of your cupboards to store your lids safely. They slide in and out so easily, and you’ll be pleased that they are accessible too. You can find adjustable holders to fit the smallest or largest lids. Find the right lid quickly and get cooking straight away!

Photo Credit: Container Store

Like how pots and pans can become cluttered and chaotic, their lids are often thrown into a cabinet or drawer. Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find the specific top you are looking for at the moment? I know I have, and it often leads to an even bigger mess than what I started with. These easy to install lid storage holders can offer you a sense of peace and calmness that you didn’t even know you needed. It seems so simple, but it will make a tremendous difference when you are in a hurry cooking dinner. You can quickly grab the one that you need and also free up some cabinet space. What a bonus!