Secret Rooms and Hidden Spaces People Unexpectedly Found

Shannon Quinn - March 22, 2021
At first glance, this looks like a luxurious wooden fireplace in an east coast mansion. Credit: Creative Home Engineering

2. This Massive Bookshelf is Hiding a Gun Safe

If you have guns at home, it’s always important to keep them in a safe, so that your kids don’t get ahold of them. For this home owner, they went above and beyond by keeping their guns in a hidden room behind their massive bookshelf.  Two bookshelves swing open to reveal a heavy bank vault door. You need to know how to open the door in order to gain access.

The secret is that there is a gun vault hiding behind the book shelves. Credit: Creative Home Engineering

This is like having double security. Most likely, this homeowner also keeps other valuables in this safe beyond just their guns. This home was custom designed by an architectural firm called Creative Home Engineering. The company specializes in building hidden rooms in your home. So if you have the budget to build something like this, be sure to check them out.

Most homes have floor-length mirrors, but not all of them are doors to secret rooms. Credit: Creative Home Engineering

1. These Mirrors Are Actually Secret Doors

If you want a secret room in your house to keep your valuables safe, this next idea is pure genius. A design firm called Creative Home Engineering specializes in hidden walls and rooms that can be constructed in your house. They sell several different versions of floor-length mirrors that are actually doorways. This is a brilliant idea, because most people would never think twice about seeing a large mirror in someone’s living room, bathroom, or bedroom. But in reality, it’s a portal to a hidden space.

This luxurious looking mirror is actually the door to the closet. Credit: Creative Home Engineering

In the photo above, you can see this luxurious mirror is actually a door into the master closet. If you have a lot of valuable clothing and purses that you want to protect, this could be a great way to hide them from potential burglars. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian to see a beautiful mirror where you can get ready in the morning, instead of a door that isn’t really serving a purpose. A mirror door like this cold also serve as a perfect hiding spot, in case you ever needed to conceal yourself during a break-in.