It can be a beautiful homage to your family by including photos of their weddings. Credit: Inside Weddings

29. Framed Photos of Your Relative’s Weddings

If you’re choosing to have a backyard wedding, you can likely only invite people in your immediate family, and closest friends. This can actually be a very beautiful and loving thing that you and your partner can look back on with joy. Even before the current restrictions, plenty of people chose this style of wedding because of its intimacy. Instead of feeling sad about all of the people who can’t be there on your special day, try to fully embrace and appreciate the people who can. That’s why I love this idea of having photographs of your relative’s weddings.

This wedding included family photos from both sides. Credit: Inside Weddings

By displaying photographs of both sides of the family, you’re paying homage to the people who came before you. If you have a small enough guest list, you can have a framed picture of your parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousin’s weddings on both sides. One of my favorite elaborate photos displays is in the image we included here, which is the literal family tree. Or, you could keep it simple by keeping photographs of both sets of parents near the guest book.