The Hottest Home Tech that Will Make Your Guests Jealous

Shannon Quinn - March 23, 2022

As time goes on, new home tech has become so advanced, we truly are building smart homes of the future. These items are some of the newest products that will change the way we live in the future. Hey, we might not have flying cars yet, but these products are almost just as impressive.

This speaker table also charges your phone. Credit: Home Designing

40. Smart Table With Bluetooth and Wireless Qi Charger

You’re looking at the best bedside table ever: The Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table. The entire thing is one large bluetooth speaker that works with Qi wireless charging. So all you need to do is put your phone down on the table at night, and it charges itself without ever needing to plug anything in. If you have Siri or Alexa, you can even do voice commands to ask it to play your favorite music.

Give your good boy a treat whenever you want. Credit: PetCube

39. PetCube Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser

Do you ever wish that you could give your dog or cat a treat while you’re away from home? Well, now you can with the PetCube. It comes with a camera and a speaker, so you can see your pets and speak to them from far away. This helps them not feel so lonely, but it can also be used for training to make sure your pets don’t destroy the house while you’re gone.

Apparently we need more tech in the bathroom. Credit: Kohler

38. Kohler’s Smart Toilet

Kohler’s “Numi” is a multifunctional toilet that is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This means that you can speak to your toilet and have it flush, lift the seat, prepare the bidet, or play songs from the toilet. (In Japan, it’s popular to have sound effects playing on their toilets to cover up the sounds of going number two.) Kohler CEO David Kohler said, “Voice services and connected devices have become integrated into every facet of the home—with the notable exception of the bathroom, until now.

Help clean the air in your home the smart way. Credit: Philips

37. Philips 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Many of you out there may have tried out an air purifier during the pandemic, since they help to cut down on toxins in the air that cause allergies, colds, and viruses. The Philips 3-in-1 Air Purifier is different from all the rest because it works as a fan, purifier, and even a heater all in one. The reason why it’s so important to have both a heat and a cooling function is because of heat inversion. In the cooler months, a layer of warm air covers cooler air. All pollutants that would normally get blown away become trapped. So by changing the fan to the heating function, you can still clean the air in all kinds of weather.

This TV rolls up from the rectangular container it’s housed in. Credit: LG

36. LG OLED Rollable TV

Have you ever dreamed of having a rollable TV? Probably not, but people didn’t want folding smartphones either, until they could have it. This LG OLED just might be the beginning of a new fad with televisions. When the TV is off, it just looks like a rectangular cabinet that could be mistaken as a speaker. But when it’s on, the TV rolls out to its full 65 inches. This is perfect for anyone who’s trying to follow the Feng Shui rules of minimizing screens whenever possible. The only downside to this TV is that it costs $100,000.

This water pitcher improves the tech needed to clean water. Credit: Well and Good

35. UV Light Water Pitcher

There are plenty of pitchers out there that clean your water, like Brita and LifeStraw. But there is a brand new pitcher on the market called Larq, which actually cleans your water twice. Like most other brands, it has both “essential” and “advanced” filters to trap dirt particles from the water. But then it also uses a UV light filter called “PureVis” to clean your water. The top of the water pitcher changes colors to let you know when it’s time to swap out your filters or change the battery on the UV light.

The Nemeio customizable keyboard is tech you can take on the go. Credit: Yanko Design

34. Customizable Keyboard

The Nemeio Keyboard is a customizable touch screen keyboard that will allow you to translate your keys into any language or personalized setting. Yes, this matters, especially if you travel a lot and plan to borrow someone else’s computer. This is a wireless keyboard that connects to devices via bluetooth, so it’s easy to take it on the go.

This piece of art is actually a speaker. Credit: Ikea

33. Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame

Ikea is known for creating products that make your home look cool, hip, and up-to-date, and the Symfonisk picture frame is no exception. It’s a stereo speaker hidden behind a piece of artwork. So you can have this hanging on the wall, and your guests will never realize that it was actually a piece of tech. Unfortunately, you can’t customize what type of artwork you put on the front of this speaker just yet, so you would be stuck with the black geometric print that you see above.

It only takes 30 seconds to clean your phone with this device. Credit: Forbes

32. Cleanstation Phone Hand Sanitizer

Phone sanitizers are nothing new, but the thing that makes this tech called the SimpleHuman Cleanstation superior is the fact that it sanitizes your phone in just 30 seconds. You insert your phone into the device like a toaster, and it pops out when it’s done. Considering how much people are on high-alert when it comes to germs and viruses, this just might be something you want to include in your cleaning regime at home.

The Restorative Bed by Bryte helps you get a better night sleep. Credit: Forbes

31. The Bryte Bed

If you’re in the market for a fancy mattress, consider “The Restorative Bed” by Bryte. It has an embedded sensory network that detects your heart rate and breathing patterns. So this tech knows exactly when you enter your first stages of sleep, and when you enter REM. During the first state of sleep, it turns on a cooling system to lower the body’s core temperature, so you can sleep faster and deeper. On top of that, 100 computer controlled air cushions alleviate all of your body’s pressure points. In the end, all of the information of how much sleep you got is documented, so you can check to see if it’s helping with how much rest you get at night. If it’s too expensive for you to buy on your own, you can stay at one of many hotels that are going to carry this bed.

If you’re building a new house, consider getting the Masonite Smart Door. Credit: Tech Hive

30. Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door

Nowadays, it’s common to see people installing smart doorbells. But what if we went one step further and had a smart door? The Masonite M-Pwr smart door combines a Ring doorbell and a Yale smart deadbolt. There are motion-activated LED lights that turn on when you (or anyone else) approaches the door. The only downside to this product is that you can’t buy it and install it onto your house. It’s only available for new home builds.

This projector creates a 100 inch smart tv on your wall or ceiling. Credit: Input Magazine

29. Samsung Portable Projector

There are plenty of projectors out there on the market. However, none of them can do what the Freestyle Samsung Portable Projector can. It actually turns your wall into a Smart TV. The projector itself looks like a spotlight, and there is a large speaker built into it. Once the projector is on, the image spans 100 inches against your wall or ceiling. This would be perfect for glamping, but it also just might replace your next TV upgrade.

Grow plants easily on your countertop with the aerogarden. Credit: The Aerogarden

28. The Aerogarden

Have you ever wanted to grow plants, but your apartment doesn’t get enough sunlight? Don’t worry, because the Aerogarden is an all-in-one growing station that fits on your countertop. They claim that plants will grow up to 5 times faster than growing in soil. This could be great for someone who wishes they could grow fresh herbs or veggies from home, but they have failed in the past. The tech from the aerogarden just may be the missing piece to making it work.

Heat water instantly with the duo carafe. Credit: Duo Carafe

27. Duo Carafe

New tech is all about taking those small inconveniences in life and making them easier, or eliminating them all together. Are you tired of waiting a few minutes for your water to boil? That’s where the Duo Carafe comes in. It promises to make your water heat to any temperature instantly. And as the name suggests, “duo”, means that they have two sides to the carafe. So if you want cool water, you can just pour it out of the cool side, instead.

See more of your baby’s nursery with the Eufy baby monitor. Credit: Eufy

26. Eufy Baby Monitor

There are a lot of baby monitors out there on the market, but not all were created equal. Many of them will have small screens with fuzzy image quality. The Eufy Baby Monitor is a new piece of tech that promises that you can see up to 87% more with a 720p HD resolution image. It also allows you to pan the lens 330 degrees across the room, and 110 degrees to see floor-to-ceiling. The monitor also alerts you immediately when your baby is crying.

This tech gives you a custom smell experience. Credit: Etcentric

25. Fragrance Diffusion System

Are you worried about having a good-smelling home? Here at Home Addict, we’ve already given you a guide on how to improve the odor of your house. But the Fragrance Diffusion System, which was exhibited at CES in 2020 promises to give people a unique olfactory experience. It uses cartridges of essential oils to emit scents throughout a home, and yet the have somehow figured out the technology to make sure the odor doesn’t stick to clothing or furnishings. So with the touch of a button, you can change your custom smell options.

Next level smart lights with Wink. Credit: Wink

24. Wink Bright

Putting a light on a timer when you’re away is nothing new. But the Wink Bright takes it one step further to make sure it mimics human behavior. For example, their “home sitter” setting will turn lights on and off periodically, as if someone is walking from room to room. Their “moonlight” mode will turn on the lights at certain times of day. This could be useful if you don’t want to talk up to a dark house when you come home from work.

The world’s first invisible headphones stereo system. Credit: Noveto

23. Noveto N1 Invisible Headphones

The Noveto N1 Invisible headphones promise to be a “first-of-its-kind magical immersive and personal audio experience.” It’s a small speaker that uses technology so that you can hear what’s playing, but other people around you don’t. So it’s just like wearing headphones, but without putting anything in your ears. It can also be integrated with Alexa, so you can speak voice commands to the stereo.

Hive seems like an interesting alternative to Nest. Credit: Hive Home

22. Hive Thermostat Mini

The Hive Thermostat Mini is a smart heating device that promises to save you up to $144.99 per year in heating cost. It alerts you if you’ve left the house with the heating on, and it has built-in Frost Protection. Hive has a lot of products besides the home thermostat, including home security, lights, sensors, and more.

The Lutron Smart Light Switch. Credit: Lutron

21. Lutron Smart Light Switch

The Lutron Smart Light Switch allows you to control your home lights via an app on your phone. You can time it so that lights come on when you arrive at home, but you can also use it to change the mood of the room by dimming or brightening lights. The system also comes with remote controls that you can use, if you’d rather not use the app.

Deeboth D77 Super Sonic Robot Vacuum. Credit: Deebot

20. Deebot D77 Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums are nothing new, but none of them look quite like the Deebot D77. On top of cleaning like a typical vacuum, this comes with a supersonic canister. Once it’s done cleaning, it will actually empty its own dust bin. And it will keep vacuuming until it runs out of battery, unless you command it to go “home” with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, it has a lot of bad reviews on Amazon. So it may not be as amazing as advertised.

The Bediator is like a radiator that flips down into a bed. Credit: Bediator

19. Bediator

The Bediator is like a radiator that you can move. In some of the reviews, it even suggests that you could lay down on it to get warmth, while keeping the temperature of the rest of the room lower. The Bediator also cools in the summertime. In theory, you could place the Bediator under your mattress and have a heated bed in the winter time, which could be great, as long as you don’t get overheated.

The Ergatta rowing machine. Credit: Ergatta and PC Mag

18. Ergatta

If you love to work out on a rowing machine, you may want to consider the Ergatta. It has its own screen while bringing you through video game-like levels to complete. According to PC Mag, it’s not the best rowing machine tech on the market, because it doesn’t have any instructor-lead classes. But with its cherry wood finish, it might be one of the most attractive rowing machines on the market.

The Firepit+ promises to filter out smoke and enhance your fire experience. Credit: Biolite

17. Firepit+

Sitting around a fire pit with friends is an amazing pass time in the spring, summer, and fall. Buying a fire pit and wood is simple enough, so how could it be improved by tech? The Firepit+ promises to make the perfect fire without any smoke. It mainly advertises itself to be a charcoal grill for cooking outdoors.

The Ember Travel Mug. Credit: Ember

16. Ember Travel Mug

If you take your coffee to work with you in the morning, there is nothing worse than losing all of the heat by the time you get to the office. The Ember Travel Mug heats liquids inside of the mug and promises to maintain the temperature for up to 3 hours. It became so popular, it’s actually sold out right now.

Vive Flow VR Glasses. Credit: Vive

15. Vive Flow VR Glasses

VR headsets are nothing new, but most of the setups out there are very bulky and hart to wear. The Vive Flow VR glasses won the 2021 Best Wearable Tech award from Esquire Gadgets because it shrinks down the average size to just a pair of goggles. In the commercial, it shows you doing almost everything on the Vive Flow VR glasses, from waking up with a morning meditation to taking virtual meetings with your coworkers and even listening to ASMR to go to sleep at night. At $500 per pair, it may be too soon to try these out, but it will be interesting to see how much virtual reality will play in our day-to-day lives in the future.

The Capstone smart mirror. Credit: Capstone

14. Capstone Smart Mirror

When you get ready in the morning, you might spend a lot of time standing in front of the mirror. The Capstone Smart Mirror works like a tablet with a touch screen. You can watch videos through the mirror while you get ready, which might be useful for a makeup tutorial or a workout routine. It’s also useful for checking the weather, listening to music, or checking your daily social media feed without pulling out your phone.

The Sber portal smart display. Credit: Sber

13. Sber Portal Smart Display

Red Dot has this to say about the SberPortal, “From giving access to multimedia content to organizing daily routines and managing smart homes, the SberPortal Smart Display accomplishes many tasks. It is a multifunctional assistant capable of recognising speech, touch and gestures. This enables effortless, efficient operation. It has a 4K camera, a 6-mic array and AI assistants providing personal interaction and content customized for each user. Its compact, understated shape, with a powerful 360-degree speaker on which the display appears to float, is minimalist yet functional.”

Generation 7000 New Range. Credit: Crush Magazine

12. Generation 7000 New Range

If you cook a lot, you will eventually burn something by accident. Now imagine a smart oven with sensors that will alert you when your food is getting too dry or overcooked. That’s where the Generation 7000 New Range comes in. Not only does it look technologically advanced and beautiful, but it promises an elevated cooking experience for the user. There is also a camera inside of the oven, so you can use a smartphone or tablet to check on your food without ever opening the oven door.

The Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector. Credit: Black and Decker

11. Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector

Have you ever felt a draft, but you have no idea where it’s coming from? That’s where the Black and Decker Thermal Leak Detector comes in. It uses a laser to tell you the temperature of the surrounding area, and you can find the hot or cold spots that you’re looking for. This can help you find issues with your insulation, and so much more.

Arlo 4 Pro Spotlight Camera. Credit: PC Mag

10. Arlo 4 Pro Spotlight Camera

Many of you out there are familiar with smart home security systems that alert you on your phone if there is any activity outside of your house. Most home security cameras require a lot of wiring and setup before you get started. But the Arlo 4 Pro Spotlight Camera is one of the easiest to install, and it only takes a few minutes. This camera is motion-detected, but it also has a spotlight that will illuminate whatever it’s capturing on video. It won the PC Mag’s Best of the Year 2021 out of all other smart security cameras, which is really saying something.

The Dyson Omni Glide vacuum cleaner. Credit: SF Gate

9. Dyson Omni Glide

If you have ever owned a Dyson vacuum, then you already know why people are such huge fans of the brand. To elevate the tech to the next level, they have made the Dyson Omni Glide. The name comes from the fact that it’s omnidirectional, so it can go anywhere you need it to with ease, including fitting into tight corners. According to a journalist named Ana Suarez from SFGate, she tried multiple Dyson vacuums, and the Omni Glide was her absolute favorite. But with a $400 price tag, it might be out of reach for some people.

Surface Soap UV Wand. Credit: SurfaceSoap

8. Surface Soap UV Wand

In the era of Covid-19, people are worried about sanitizing surfaces, especially when they travel or go to a public space. That’s where the Surface Soap UV Wand comes in. It uses UV-C light to disinfect the area that you wave it over. When you turn it on, it takes a few seconds to warm up, and you use the wand to emit the light to kill germs and viruses.

The Balmuda Toaster oven offer steam tech to make the perfect croissant. Credit: Vogue

7. Balmuda Toaster

There are plenty of toaster ovens out there, so what makes the Balmuda Toaster from Japan so “smart”? It uses steam technology to make everything taste absolutely delicious. The toaster comes with a lot of settings to help you cook your foods to perfection.

The Withings Body Scan Scale. Credit: Withings

6. Withings Body Scan Scale

In the world of fitness, BMI scales are nothing new. But the more information you can learn about your body, the better. The Withings Body Scan Scale that was released during CES 2022 promises to feature six EKG readings, segmented body composition measurements, and the ability to assess foot nerve activity. You will be able to understand how the fact is distributed throughout your body, and how it relates to heart health. It also integrates with your phone and smart watches to help with your entire tech fitness experience.

Cinemood TV portable projector. Credit: Thrillist

5. Cinemood TV’s Portable Projector

There are plenty of portable projectors out there on the market. But the Cinemood TV Projector promises to deliver movie theater quality pictures coming from a small package. According to reviewers over at Thrillist, it delivers on that promise. The only downside to this product is that it costs $900, which puts it out of reach for most people.

Oren Ellis Anarbek couches. Credit: Mansion Global

4. Oren Ellis Anarbek

Not many people would ask themselves if their couch can (or should) be “smart”, but the answer is yes. The Anarbek from Oren Ellis’ couch looks like something out of Star Trek, so you’re already setting the mood for a futuristic smart home. This couch has built-in USB charging ports, bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and can adjust using a remote control. Just be wary of the price tag, which is over $7,000.

Heuer LED shower head. Credit: Heuer

3. Heuer LED Shower Head

This next item is one of the most affordable things on the list, and yet it goes a long way to make your home look like the set of Tron. The Heuer LED shower head allows you to change the color of the lights to give the room a fun ambiance.

The Pur plus faucet. Credit: PUR

2. PUR PLUS Faucet Filtration System with Bluetooth

The PUR PLus Faucet Filtration system promises to clean 10 times more contaminants than a Brita filter. It reduces 70 contaminants, including lead. And it’s bluetooth enabled! Not really sure why you would need bluetooth for your water filter, but it’s there.

Amazon’s astro robot. Credit: Amazon

1. Amazon’s Astro Robot

If you already thought Amazon tech was taking over the world, watch out, because it has come out with its own robot. Astro the Robot can deliver things to people in the household using facial recognition technology. It will also use Alexa voice commands to answer questions, play music, videos, and more. Lastly, it can be used for home security, since you can control it to roll to any room of the house and show you what’s going on when you’re away from home.