The Many Uses of Baking Soda Can Make Life Easier

Trista - November 29, 2019
Bug bites can be itchy, but baking soda provides quick relief. Medical News Today

Relieves Insect Bites

No matter where you live, at some point in the year, you will often have to deal with either mosquito, black flies, or some other kind of insect that likes to bite us. That is the one downfall of many outdoor activities, and the annoying itch is enough to deter anyone from actually participating in them. Don’t let the uncomfortable itch of bug bites stop you from exploring and enjoy mother nature and her beauty! If you can find a good bug spray to begin with and only have to deal with a few bug bites afterward – we have a solution for you to be able to deal with the annoying itch. 

Like a lot of other remedies using baking soda – you will want to make a paste. A good ratio for most of these is three parts baking soda to 1 part water. To keep this simple, we like to use three tablespoons of baking soda to one part water. Once you have made your paste, you will want to apply it to the bug bite and leave it on the surface for about ten minutes. Wipe it away with a damp cloth afterward and leave the area to dry. If skin irritation occurs, do not repeat the process or apply it to other bug bites. 

Do you want an organic way to wash your hair? Try baking soda. Shampers

Creates No ‘Poo (Shampoo)

A couple of years ago, there was a trend – it was the “No ‘Poo” movement, which sounds much worse than it is. Some people still follow it, but it has lost most of its hype as it’s no longer a new trend. People opted out of using shampoo or conditioner instead of natural products or no products. The idea was that they didn’t want to use the chemicals in these standard products anymore and wanted a natural alternative to this beauty norm. It was an unconventional way of managing your hair hygiene for most people.

However, if you were in a pinch and didn’t have any shampoo, you can use baking soda! That is what many people used during their No Poo journey to find an alternative to shampoo. To use baking soda as your shampoo, simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of warm water. Pour this onto your scalp and work it with your fingers massaging gently. Make sure to rinse this solution out well. This method is not recommended for long term use but can work when you have forgotten to pick up more shampoo from the store. 

Stop wasting your time scrubbing the dirty microwave when you can just use baking soda instead. Good Housekeeping

Makes for an Easy Microwave Cleanup

One of the hardest things to clean in your kitchen is your microwave. Most people use this small appliance every day to get dirty quickly, and hard-cooked foods can be a pain to try and clean up. If you catch it right away, it’s not as bad, but it can be easily missed. Another unfortunate thing that happens in most microwaves is the smell inside lingers – have you ever accidentally burned some popcorn and notice it still smells like burnt popcorn several days later? There is a solution that will clean and deodorize your microwave in the same step!

All you will need to do is two tablespoons of baking soda in a microwave-safe dish and one cup of water. Place this in your microwave and microwave for 3 minutes. Some microwaves will require longer, while some may take less time. When the baking soda is heated, it eliminates the offensive odors, while the steam from the water loosens up any caked-on foods making clean up very easy. Carefully take the bowl out of the microwave as it will be very hot, and use a damp cloth to wipe the inside of the microwave.

Don’t worry if your little ones colored on the wall. Just use baking soda. Parenting

Cleans Crayons from Walls

It is not a very lovely surprise to come home and see marking on your walls from crayons. Hopefully, it is just a small space, and there have not been little artists exploring for too long. Not to worry when this happens, there is a quick and easy solution for this small problem as well! Baking soda can take care of this, leaving your walls looking new, and you won’t have to worry about using it on painted walls. Since it is a natural stain fighter, it is the perfect solution that can be done quickly and easily so you can get back to using crayons on paper.

For a bigger batch of baking soda paste, mix half of a baking soda cup with a quarter cup of water. This paste is slightly abrasive, so you don’t want to apply much pressure when you put it on the wall. Gently rub the mixture on the wall in a circular motion, and you will start to notice the waxy crayon beginning to lift. You can also wipe off the mixture with a damp cloth then reapply more. Once you have removed all of the crayons and wipe the mixture off, make sure to dry the wall of excess water.

Get rid of those smelly odors in the litter box thanks to baking soda. ASPCA

Deodorizes Litter Boxes

One of the worst jobs of cat owners is having to clean their litter box. Unfortunately, it’s a task that needs to be done often – every day or at least every other day. Our furry friends deserve to have a nice clean litter box, and it helps your cats just be more sanitary in general. Not as much gets into their nails, and the fur doesn’t have a lingering smell if the litter box is clean. You can take a couple of easy steps to take your cat’s litter box’s cleanliness to the next level. 

Also, with baking soda being a natural product, there is no worry about using it inside the litter box. It won’t harm your cats. When you use baking soda in your cat’s litter box, it helps to absorb any unpleasant smells coming from the litter box. Of course, the best way to keep litter box odors at bay is to clean it often, including completely changing out the litter and washing the box. Once you do wash it, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the pan, fill it with litter, then sprinkle some more baking soda on top of the litter as well. 

Oh the many possibilities of baking soda! Pexels

Future Applications of Baking Soda

It is quite evident that baking soda has taken over the many tasks by extending its ubiquitous benefits. Not just in households, baking soda is now being used in every prominent industry for multiple purposes. Scientists have been continuously working towards finding more innovative and beneficial applications of baking soda in our lives. New research in baking soda is focused on finding its extensive scale application in cleaning and absorbing. It is also proven to be an active component in fruit production for removing pesticides. Baking soda works more efficiently than commercial sanitizers to clean the surface of fruits and vegetables before cooking. Pesticides chemically degrade when they come in contact with the salt of sodium bicarbonate.

It is also anticipated that baking soda can be used on an industrial scale to clean coal-fired power plants and other industrial facilities. It will work as a cost-efficient solution to neutralize flue gases as well. December 30 is celebrated as the National Bicarbonate of Soda Day. The day is dedicated to recognizing the science of baking soda. It is quite amazing to find that a little salt can provide such extensive benefits. There are no possible signs of baking soda losing its utility in the near future. The above mentioned were some of the best and credible uses of baking soda in our lives. Baking soda has indeed made our lives better and more straightforward with its chemical properties. If you underestimate baking soda as a baking ingredient, then it’s time to revamp your perception and start using baking soda for its multiple benefits.