The Ultimate Guide to Home Fragrances 

By Trista
The Ultimate Guide to Home Fragrances 

Smell has an incredible way of working its way into our memories. When you get the whiff of a particular aroma, you sometimes find yourself being transported back in time to one of your favorite moments. What fragrance does this for you? 

It could project you to a loving thought or a fond family member, or perhaps it ignites specific energy within you. A scent can have that much power. During the current crisis, why not find the best scent to fill your room with while you stay home. Let’s begin a journey of fantastic smells and what they can do for your mood. 

Scent is very strongly tied to memory.

Different Scents For Different Moods

Different scents can have a particular impact on your mood. Why is this? We have what is called an olfactory bulb. It is a part of our brain that is responsible for observing different smells. Did you know it is found in the limbic system, and this part of our brain houses our emotions and memories? 

When you smell something, a message is sent to your emotion and memory parts of the brain. This concept is why you suddenly recall a memory or feeling when you smell a particular scent. It is also why you may feel calmer or more energized when inhaling something as well.