These are the Dreamiest Attic Rooms on the Internet

Trista - June 30, 2020
Sometimes you need an organized space in your attic to store furniture that you can’t get rid of or save for someone. Shutterstock.

Organize for a Storage Room

There is nothing wrong with having your attic as a storage room. You might be saving furniture and other items for when your children move. Perhaps you’re looking for a bigger place yourself, or you can’t get rid of the things you have up there. You also might have other plans for donations or other ideas.

Photo Credit: Olga und Goran Skrtic/Shutterstock

Whatever it is, you can use your attic as storage, but also a clean and organized place where you know what is up there and where it is. You might find that you’re comfortable spending time working on a few projects or just drinking a coffee while looking out the window alone as you reminisce about your life.

You might like an attic with little light and a few items because it helps you write the horror story in your dreams — or nightmares. Shutterstock.

Enjoy a Hobby Retreat

You can do more than crafts and work in your attic. You can also create a space that is specific to your hobby. If you’re a writer or an artist, you can set up your workspace and then a few cozy areas to relax and find inspiration. You might have a bookcase or create different feature walls throughout your attic.

Photo Credit: Halfpoint/Shutterstock

You can use your attic to add your personality into space so you can be comfortable and motivated to improve your skills and talents. You can even create a seating area for when your friends come over, family comes up to visit, or you start to have clients. Remember, you don’t need to create the perfect space right away. It might be something that you build slowly as your hobby grows. 

Build a home theater that is perfect for your needs and what you want to give your family and friends. Shutterstock.

Say Yes to a Home Theater 

Have you been dreaming of a place in your house for a home theater? Do you keep looking around your home and wondering how long it is because you think you need to wait for one of your children to move out? If you have an attic, it’s time to stop thinking that you need to wait and start living your dream.

Photo Credit: Svet_Feo/Shutterstock

You don’t need a large screen; you just need a television to let everyone see the movie. You don’t need to create rows of seats, instead just have a few comfortable chairs for your family and friends. You might have chairs that people can lay down and fall asleep on. It’s also handy to have a little end table for drinks and snacks. 

You no longer need to worry about traveling hours to have your dream spa vacation when you can walk up to your steps instead. Shutterstock.

Transform It Into a Spa

Have you ever wanted to get away, but close to your home so you can go there whenever you want and not worry about your children? If so, a home attic spa might be the perfect getaway for you. Don’t worry about needing to book flights or a hotel room because you can turn your spa into the stay of your dreams and all you need to do is walk up a few steps.

Photo Credit: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

If your attic is large enough, you can build a bedroom in one corner and the spa with a Jacuzzi. You can purchase luxe features with a soaker tub and frameless shower. You can even get a new skylight to help illuminate the many divine features of your space.

You can set up your antiques around your attic and establish a show room. Shutterstock.

Don’t Forget Display Pieces

Are you into antiques or iconic works of art? Do you have enough unique items that you can create your museum? Maybe you like setting up themes around your house and find that your attic space is the perfect room to decorate with your different ideas. You might also want to practice your interior design skills to show them off for your new side hustle or business.

Photo Credit: DedMityay/Shutterstock

Display pieces are perfect for an attic because it’s an environment that you can control a little easier than other areas in your home, especially if you have little children. You can set up your unique pieces of furniture, show off your carpentry skills, and even refurbish your furniture to make it look rustic. 

Build your luxury master suite in your attic to create the bedroom of your dreams. Shutterstock.

Adore This Master Suite

Go farther than just building a bedroom in your attic – create a master suite. If the space is large enough, half of your attic can be your personal bathroom, and the other half is your master bedroom. This project will create an extra bedroom downstairs, but it gives you more room and area to be you.

Photo Credit: Belskih/Shutterstock

You can design the space how you want it from creating a tropical paradise bedroom to a spa-like bathroom. You can even include a reading nook and other features providing you have space. Maybe you want to limit your material items to create a large open area. 

The key to building a rock climbing gym is that you focus on safety and make it possible for your kids to climb. Shutterstock.

From an Attic to a Rock Climbing Gym

One unique feature about attics is they have slanting walls, which often makes them unattractive for many of these ideas until you start to build it. However, you can also make use of the walls and create a rock-climbing gym, especially if your children are into it.

Photo Credit: Duet PandG/Shutterstock

Use Pinterest or talk to people who have experience with rock climbing to design your walls for safety and usefulness. You can also contact the nearest gym with this feature and ask them the best process for this type of wall.

Help families create memories in your photography studio. Shutterstock.

You Need a Photography Studio

You’ve always had an interest in photography but never had the place to set up a studio. An attic creates a room for a photography studio because you can design it to take photographs in one end and develop it on another end.

Photo Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Create a cozy spot so children will be comfortable and interested in playing. You also have room to have different props and an area where adults can relax while waiting for their turn or their children to finish with the pictures. 

Build a larger living room in your attic so you can spend quality time with your friends and family. Shutterstock.

Another Living Room

Is your living room rather small downstairs? Do you feel like you can benefit from a more prominent room where your family and friends can come together? If this sounds like you, one of the perfect steps to take for your attic is to make the living room of your dreams.

Photo Credit: PlusONE/Shutterstock

The walls will help give this space a unique style that you can customize to your desires. You can also create an accent wall where your family can sit and talk without distractions from phones or TV. 

Your fur babies will also find a new place to nap when you build a nap zone in the attic. Shutterstock.

Enjoy a Nap Zone

That’s right: create a space that is meant for napping. The attic can provide you with the right amount of silence to help you find a dreamy state. It can also make you feel relaxed because you don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle in and outside of your home.

Photo Credit: Fizkes/Shutterstock

You can create space for your children and adults to sleep. You can even decorate your attic to make it cozy and warm with the perfect colors. 


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