These Brilliant Ideas Will Inspire You to Fill Up The Space Above the Toilet

Trista - April 27, 2022
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7. Give Baskets A Go

Baskets may not be the first idea on everyone’s mind when you think of decoration or statement pieces because they seem so ordinary. Yes, they’re great for helping you carry your lunch outside for a picnic. However, baskets, whether for the brilliant purpose of pretty, pristine storage or simply for decoration, are a great choice for durable storage in any bathroom. Although available in different colors, their popular warm, brown tones will give a very earthy and calming feel to any room it’s placed in.

Besides placing them on the toilet lid for storage, you can achieve so much else with them. Have you ever heard of a basket wall? Well, it’s a gorgeous idea, especially if you’re into the more rustic, boho aesthetic. You could create an excellent coordinated design above your toilet and bring a retro flair into your space by getting about two or more flat woven baskets of your choice. Similarly, you could also hang deeper baskets facing outwards, mirroring a shelf for storage and functionality. Keep reading for easy ways to fill the space above the toilet. 

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6. Fall In Love With Ladder Storage

Ladders aren’t just for getting to places you can’t reach anymore. Ladder storage has garnered an impressive amount of popularity over the years. A bathroom ladder shelf might be the perfect, minimal effort solution for filling the space above your toilet and providing excellent storage space. It’s incredibly efficient and convenient because you don’t have to drill holes or make any significant readjustments to your wall. You don’t even have to go through the tedious affair of ensuring your shelves are level. You need to shop for a ladder that suits your state and place it over your toilet. Voilà.

There are two types of ladder shelves: freestanding and leaning ladder shelves. Leaning ladder shelves rely on the wall for support, while freestanding ladder shelves can support their weight. The choice is entirely up to you. Ladder shelves come in many different colors, sizes, and designs. They are also incredibly portable and lightweight, and this is a huge plus if the time should ever come that you need to redecorate or repurpose them. Overall, ladder shelves are an efficient and fitting option to consider in decorating the space above your toilet. 

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5. Install A Towel Holder And Shelf Decor

Simply sticking to one idea or tip just isn’t enough for some of us, and we want to add some more ideas to the mix! There just isn’t enough space for some, so we have to maximize as best we can and do more with less. That is where the principle of combination comes in very handy. Perhaps you’re sentimental or what we like to call a “minimalist,” and you’re somewhere between mini and maxi, wanting a space to be filled but not cluttered. As a result, you have multiple items you’d like to display.

Allow us to direct your attention below. Is there not much space in this half bath between the toilet and vanity? It was not a problem for the decorator; they made the absolute most out of the situation and placed a towel holder above the toilet, close to the sink, the perfect distance for a hand towel. Also, the shelf above the toilet is simple but perfectly matches the aesthetic while simultaneously offering support to some plants in a glass vase and two mini picture frames. The succulents in the vase on the toilet lid are the cherry on top, as this cements the cozy yet stylish look.


4. Use Decorative Shelves

Makeover your bathroom by adding wooden shelves to make a decorative statement as well as provide excellent storage to the area above the toilet that is frequently left empty. In addition, you can add some farmhouse-style decorations to create a stylish, sleek bathroom. You can display some items such as plants, photos, baskets, and small toiletries on top of a shelf or implement new design skills to suit your taste. These over toilet shelves will give your bathroom an organized and designer look as they can fit snugly without taking up a lot of space. 

Choosing the right type of paint for your shelf is a relatively easy chore to match your modern bathroom decor. Ideally, quick-drying acrylic paint is the best consideration on bathroom shelves. Adding a protective finish to the shelves can help improve their durability. Paint them with the color of your choice. You can include neutral colors to keep your bathroom feeling dapper and soothing. This above-the-toilet design will also add to your bathroom’s overall beauty. Keep reading for easy ways to fill the space above the toilet. 

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3. Try Surrounding Storage

You can try something new in your bathroom by maximizing the storage space – and making it look dashing – by placing a small and thin sofa table over the surface of the toilet without taking a lot of space. This above-the-toilet design will give your bathroom a sleek and rustic look. However, it can also be the perfect place to store oil diffusers, toiletries, and decorative items without filling the space disorderly. Placing an aesthetically pleasing woven basket on the table will alter, improve, and modernize the appearance of your bathroom. You might even choose to keep some washcloths or extra hand towels in the basket, which would look just as wonderful. 

In addition, you can create a gallery of decorative mirrors on the wall just to spice things up. Mirrors are fascinating because they allow you to play around with shape, size, and even color. This bathroom design will give a sense of class to your area, but it will also provide depth and improve the overall appearance of the space. You can also place some artificial succulents in ceramic holders that go well on the floor to add more aesthetics to the toilet location. When you utilize the right blend of bathroom accessories, the area appears to be a separate space.

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2. Use Practical Toilet Paper Dispensers And Storage Baskets

It can be a bother to store toilet paper, even in the bathroom. Consider using a storage basket as an effective place to keep a few extra rolls conveniently out of sight, providing storage for other bathroom necessities. You can also improvise by using unusual containers that you can repurpose and put to new usages. There are so many toilet paper holders that suit your style.  

Another interesting way is attaching a trolling rod to the tip of the basket, which serves as a perfect place to hold the rolls. In addition, you can pair it with other baskets of different sizes, shapes, and weaves for bathroom countertop storage. Asides from acting as a storage, it also serves as a big statement piece. Just place one or two baskets on your toilet and watch your bathroom turn into a beautiful place. 


1. Install A Hanging Shelf 

Did we save the best above-the-toilet design for last? Perhaps. Either way, shelves are a subtle way to add a luxurious appeal to bathroom space, and as such, you can bring elegance and a personal tone into your bathroom by hanging this shelf above your toilet. This wall-mounted wooden shelf is exquisite, but it’s quite sturdy to keep a few items such as family photos, a portable flower vase, nail polish, or makeup conveniently nearby. You can simply incorporate it into window or wall space. 

Hanging shelves bring a statement when adequately mounted and matched with similar decor and personal style. The jute rope is relatively strong and sustainable, and you can easily adjust the length to your discretion. A simple nail or a hook is enough to hang it on the wall, and the choice is yours! Share with us your bathroom designs and above-the-toilet designs that serve both practical and stylish elements!