We Don’t Know Whether to Admire these Unique Chair Designs or Sit on Them

Trista - March 31, 2022

The ancient Egyptians probably invented the four-legged seat with a back that we call a chair. The earliest forms are in tombs from 2680 BC, and they used carved wood and covered the chair-like structure with cloth or leather. Since then, designers have continued to create unique chair designs, from mass-producing standard styles to making a custom piece of art. Do you think all furniture should be comfortable, or does aesthetics play a role? Check out these 40 uniquely designed chairs that you may or may not want in your house!

Kenneth Cobonpue

40. The Yoda Chair

A Yoda chair you must have. This architectural but natural-looking chair comes from rattan vine and uses natural tension. The designer chair is a piece of art for your home. Not only that, but it also supports your back and offers comfort. The piece is available in various fun colors, so it could be the pop of something you’ve been looking for. You may not want a whole dining room set of these chairs, but just one or two could become a fascinating talking piece for your home.

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39. The Enignum III Chair

While this unique chair is no longer available, it’s quite something to look at! Irish furniture designer Joseph Walsh created it using thin wooden layers. This designer chair has an incredible sense of movement because of the manipulation and reconstruction of the material. The designer has said that this chair is a unique collaboration of man and material. If you’re wondering about the name, it comes from a combination of two different Latin words. They ultimately mean the composition’s mystery lies in the material. Maybe they’ll stock it again someday!

Mutual Art

38. The Etruscan Chair by Danny Lane

Have you ever seen such a unique design for a chair? Danny Lane created the Etruscan Chair. With a polished and hammer chipped gloat glass, forged stainless steel holds up the chair. It looks like a table more than it does a chair; wouldn’t you say? This design of the chair would look exceptional in an industrial-style home. Image a set of six chairs around an equally beautiful table; your dinner guests would be amazed by your unique style and probably go hunt down some furniture just like it!


37. The Gramophone Lounge Chair

If you’re a lover of the style of the 20s, we have the chair for you. Meet the Gramophone Lounge Chair from Velichko Velikov. Sure, people might not use this outdated technology anymore. Nevertheless, it certainly proved to be the perfect muse for this designer. It looks incredibly comfortable and as though you would be swallowed whole by its comfort. The natural design of the Gramophone was the designer’s inspiration and couldn’t overlook its potential as a piece of furniture.


36. The Pleated Paper Chair

At first glance, you may not even realize that this is indeed a chair! Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer, created this piece of furniture. It makes sense why this chair is so stylish and features beautiful fabric. He requested that the chair feature pleated paper that often gets tossed out while making pleated fabric. Pleated fabric is one of this designer’s signatures. Issey Miyake says, “Don’t just wear clothes, but shed their skin.” So, in this case, you won’t be wearing the chair, but you can sit on it.

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35. The Flow Chair

The Flow Chair has curvy bamboo strips, which are renowned for being one of the sturdiest yet flexible materials. This unique chair is a stunning and quite whimsical lounger. Its natural lines and shapes would fit any garden style but perhaps belongs in a fairytale instead. Thanks to the incredible material, this chair is a piece of artwork yet practical. Each of these chairs takes up to 30 days to complete. It’s handmade by a Taiwanese bamboo craft master who has been doing this for 25 years. You won’t find this skill or craftsmanship anywhere else.

Center of Art in Wood

34. The Diwani Chair

This chair looks like it would mold perfectly to the shape of your body. It seems as though it was custom-made with your body in mind. The unique designer first created the Diwani Chair in 2015. You’ll be lucky if you can still get your hands on one of these. Using Atlantic birch plywood, this natural yet futuristic chair is one for the ages. The organic nature of this piece of furniture makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine sitting next to a water feature, reading a good book while lounging back in this piece of art? We’ll be ordering one right now.


33. The Shell Chair

We’ve just found the perfect match for those who love a nautical-style home. The formal and structural biological references of a shell were the main inspiration, and the whole structure of the chair looks like a shell with a spine and curves. It comes with pillows for extra comfort, and you can adjust them just as a shell in the sea does. Moreover, if you’re quick about it, you can still get your hands on this chair. It won’t come cheap, but it will be worth every penny to have this designer chair in your home. It’s coming from Portugal, and it’ll be worth the wait.


32. The Vintage Heart Cone Swivel Chair

If you are a collector of vintage pieces, stop where you are on this epic designer chair list. This design was first in Denmark in 1958, and it looks like the coolest office chair we have ever seen. Since many of us are now working from home, this piece of furniture would be the ultimate upgrade to your at-home office. Its retro style is fascinating, but it looks relatively comfortable for something so ostentatious. The pop of orange is very bold and beautiful. However, it would look remarkable among woods or even with a monochromatic color scheme.


31. The Beautiful Barca Lounge Chair by Conde House

Does this chair remind you of anything? If you thought about a boat, you’d be correct. This piece of furniture isn’t any ordinary chair because you can change it. How? You can move the 28 pieces of sliding boards to adjust the chair. It has to go down in history as an iconic piece of furniture and its clever design. We all love an office chair with the ability to move bits and pieces around, but this takes it to a whole new level. The chair even won the best prize at the International Furniture Design Fair back in 2008 for just how original this design was. Will you be ordering a chair like this one-of-a-kind furniture design?

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30. The Loop Chair

Now, this unique chair design is the definition of a two-for-one special. The Loop Chair is the only piece of furniture that combines a lounge chair and a rug! It should take the award for the world’s coziest chair. A design student created this fantastic chair, and that designer is going places after this creation. They constructed it from 1,000 feet of yarn pulled through a wire mesh. We love the hue of this chair as well; it’s bright and exuberant. If you struggled to find a lounge chair and a carpet that work together, here’s your answer.


29. The Doeloe Lounge and Pretzel Bench

Next up on this epic designer chair list is the Doeloe Lounge and Pretzel Bench! This chair’s name came from the continuous line looped with a rope tie. The designer used rattan, making it is a fantastic piece of furniture, being both stretchy and able to bend yet stable, of course! It’s got a lot of character, and it’s an exciting take on the usual rattan furniture we see in stores today. This stylish chair has a unique design, but it’s also relatively classic. So, if you’re looking for something different, but not too different, here is a style that would work a charm.

L’art Devivre Online

28. The His and Hers Chairs

There are his and her combos, so why not try some unique chairs? That’s the actual name of these chairs. Rotationally molded polyethylene makes this design, and a 3D scan of two plaster sculptures made this furniture. It also comes in four chairs and is still available to order. You’ll get two “His” chairs and two “Her” chairs. They’re also made in two different finishes for you to choose between. These are quite risqué chairs. Would you have them in your home?


27. The Self-Portrait Chair

Many people get self-portraits painted, and many artists paint their own self-portraits, but what about a self-portrait chair? That’s the route designer Ka-Lai Chan decided to go! She created this piece of furniture as her graduation project, and she saw her spirit manifest in the form of a chair. What would your spirit look like in chair form? While the chair might appear quite out there. The designer describes herself as a quiet and introverted person. She explained that the white bubbles on the chair express her emotions, bubbling just below the surface. If you love monochrome aesthetics, here’s an option to consider.


26. The Ultimate Wooden Chair From the Steam Collection

Here is wood craftsmanship in its prime; this curvy piece of furniture will bring not only value to the interior design of your home. Also, it will bring your house to life! It’s such a modern piece of furniture that will suit the fashion of a modern family. The chair will never go out of style with simple lines and innovative design. This unique chair is part of the Steam collection by Korean designer Bae Se-hwa. This furniture is no ordinary wooden chair, and it has the grace of sophistication mixed with a modern style. The Parametric chair even offers the perfect spot to rest a good cup of coffee in the morning or a cold glass of wine.


25. The Saji Chair

Say hello to the Saji Chair. It has a very exotic design that would work perfectly in any beach resort. The designer has created a piece of art in the intricate weaving of the wavy wooden ribbons forming this chair. It certainly is unique, but it’s elegant too. Also, this piece of furniture is an exceptionally sturdy chair! The artist who designed the chair wanted to challenge herself to create a three-dimensional form from a single two-dimensional curve. She used laminated strips, which use the wood’s flexibility and allow her to contort the bend into the intended shape.


24. The New-Age Bahia Chair

The New-Age Bahia Chair came from humble beginnings as a vintage chair. After some serious reupholstering in the velvet cord as well as yellow and green checked cotton. If that wasn’t enough color for you, they added some turquoise buttons! There are also 5000 Brazilian ribbons which are a lucky charm in Brazil. So, if you get hold of this chair, you’ll be fortunate and should probably enter the lottery. You make a wish for each knot, and when the band falls off your wrist, they will come true. So, you should be in luck when all the ribbons fall off the chair and it’s back to its original form. For once, you won’t be complaining when your furniture is coming apart!


23. The Bloom Chair

This unique designer chair is striking, not just with the magnificent yellow, but with its overall style. You can choose to purchase it in red, moss green, light green, or black if yellow doesn’t make your heart sing. It is like a flower in bloom and brings joy to everyone who sees it. Imagine having a whole flower seating area; you’ll feel like you’ve brought the outside inside with this chair design. On top of the steel base sits the flower-like seating area made from microfiber and then stitched over a resin top. This chair design is extraordinary.


22. The Octopus Chair

With this chair design, your interior design will come alive! The artist even said he wanted to bring it alive and make it more present to create a link between the piece and the spectator. This powerful chair puts all executive leather chairs to shame! You will only feel like a true boss when sitting in the Octopus chair, and it is majestic in form and function as well. The artist stayed true to the animal’s physique and decided to create this chair style. Why? Because he was tired of the ordinary chair and wanted something common to become incredible.

Beautiful Life

21. The Timothy Oulton Aviator Chair

This style isn’t your ordinary tub chair. Here is the Timothy Oulton Aviator Chair, and you can make it yours! World War II bomber planes inspired the chair design, with aluminum-wrapped curves and leather seating. If you have a den, library, or man-cave, you are missing out if you don’t order this chair from Restoration Hardware. It comes with a hefty price tag, but for a designer chair that looks very comfortable, you won’t be experiencing any buyer’s remorse with this one. The leather is also such a warm and delicious tone that offsets the steel sides’ harshness.

Carl Durkow

20. The Narl Chair

Feeling sad about getting rid of your bean bag as you move into a more adult home? You can just replace it with the Narl Chair by Carl Durkow. With its gorgeous felt fabric, this chair is super snuggly and a great piece of furniture. The fabric pieces this is constructed from appear to look like feathers. The soft gray tones are the perfect neutral tone for any home. It could be the ideal spot to relax with a good book after a long week. This style is a modern take on a classic child’s chair.


19. The Rocking Wheel Chair

Here’s a fantastic option to order if you’re looking for a modern version of the traditional rocking chair. This chair has the dynamic and futuristic design of the rocking chair. Nevertheless, there are many more perks than ever before. It has an integrated overhead reading lamp that switches on the chair itself. Suppose you’re an avid reader. In that case, here is the prime position to be sitting in. It looks relatively comfortable with an ergonomic design and cushions. If you need a chair for your modern interior design, try to order this unique designer rocking chair.


18. The Chair That Seems To Float On Air

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a chair! This unique chair is somewhat bizarre. It’s incredibly modern with a metal frame and a white seat, and it almost doesn’t look like it would be stable. However, that’s what makes it so interesting: it seems to just float in the air. A person with very modern taste and who appreciates curves instead of sharp edges would love this piece of furniture. This unique chair could be a cool and inspired choice for a glass office somewhere in a city. One of these chairs would be enough to make a big statement.


17. The Beautiful Lounge Chair

Say hello to the Beautiful Lounge Chair by Kyle Buckner. And no, we aren’t just describing the chair; that’s its name. An American designer created it using 152 layers of pinewood and then carved and painted them in a stunning mahogany shade. Finally, the designer used a leather cushion, and voila. It is a beautiful lounge chair. Furthermore, it still retains the classic essence of a recliner while bringing in a whole new design element. Even if you didn’t find this chair exceptionally comfortable to lounge in, it could function solely as a sculpture in your home.

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16. The R540 Rocking Bench

The R540 Rocking Bench is a whole new concept of the rocking chair. It has a particular shape and gives the old classic rocking chair a new life. Its woven style is very artistic and bold, and the designer used a stretched thread to create a unique look. It might not be the most relaxing spot to sit without a backrest. Nevertheless, it is a talking piece and a bold pop of color for your home. This chair functions perfectly as an extra seat for your lounge area without using too much space.


15. The ‘Wegner’ Reinterpreted Lapella Marble Chair

Here is the reinterpreted Lapella Marble Chair. Zaha Hadid Architects designed this unique piece of furniture. This fantastic chair would be an iconic piece of furniture in your home. All the interior decorators you know would be swooning over this work of art. Depending on your desire, you can order it in variations, including any granite or marble. It also takes about three months to make this stylish chair. Like they say: good things come to those who wait. You can request your customization today and have this contemporary piece of furniture in your home for the next season.

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14. The Loopy Chair

We can think of no better name for this chair than the Loopy Chair, and it certainly meets its name! They made it in 2011. This chair is the definition of bright and bold, with totally abstract lines and shapes. Imagine this chair placed below some stunning abstract art; it would complete the interior design perfectly. While quite a low chair, it still looks comfortable, with the larger loop acting as a backrest for you. This chair is a lot of fun and is very playful in its artistic design.

My Modern Met

13. The Pipo Chair

Here is a very graceful curving wooden piece of furniture called the Pipo Chair. Designer Alejandro Estrado exquisitely crafted it, and you can get it from Piegatto. Wood is the sole material for this chair, and it is quite remarkable. The arms flare out, and the layers of the wood widen with light passing through the sides. That allows the light to highlight the natural contours of the piece. Estrado used 29 wooden strands cut from just two pieces of plywood. We love that this design is so artistic but very economical too.


12. The Unique Knot Stool

The Unique Knot Stool is available online right now. You’ll find it on Etsy, an incredible platform for finding distinctive and affordable furniture. Nautical elements flood the aesthetics. Strong Beechwood forms the chair, and the chair’s cushion uses a remarkable tying technique. The one-of-a-kind stool is a brilliant option for a pop of color or an extra seating spot in any room of your choice. Not only does it provide color but texture as well. This chair texture is the perfect way to make a room more inviting because they put so much thought into the design.


11. The Quetzal Armchair

Renowned French designer Marc Venot designed this unique chair. It shows that an armchair can be more than just an armchair. He has turned it into a visual piece and an interactive product that you can beautifully integrate into any space you desire. It has a magical feeling because the Quetzal bird taking off into the sky of South America was the inspiration. The bird’s feathers change colors with the mix of tones in this chair and how they design carefully laid them. Also, it looks very cozy for sitting while providing a beautiful warmth through the color choice.

Ambiente Direct

10. The Coconut Chair

Here is the Coconut Chair, which George Nelson created in 1955. It is a new version of the chair and uses clear shapes and reduced materials. A shell seating area of plastic makes the chair, while the legs are from steel. The seat shell has a single upholstery lining that guarantees the highest seating comfort for the person lucky enough to get a spot in this chair. It is available in different versions, including dark brown leather, black leather, or even black fabric. They’ll even throw in felt gilders for hard floors with the delivery.

The Endearing Designer

9. The Sunflower Chair

Not only is this a lovely chair but an innovative one too! Suppose you live in a small apartment or just want an exciting piece of furniture. In either case, the Sunflower Chair could be just the thing you need. If you’re looking for a reading chair, look no further than this chair, as you can just pull out your favorite book while you’re sitting down. This brilliant chair has integrated the concept of a library and a chair into one. With a bright yellow cushion resembling a sunflower, the partitions on the circular shelving look like the petals of a happy flower. The Sunflower chair will put a smile on your face.

Dzine Trip

8. The Silk Chair

This stunning chair is an environmentally-friendly chair built from FSC-certified oak. Furthermore, the back and seat have an eco-friendly fabric called silk thread. The silk thread is strung artistically and with engineering in mind throughout the frame to create the seating space. The designer’s ambition is to create furniture and products that use environmentally friendly products while promoting durability and sustainable production methods. If this is important to you, consider getting the Silk Chair and researching more about this chair designer.


7. The Nest Chair

“If I’m a bird, you’re a bird.” This artist set out to create graphical chaos that still felt like a unified whole, and they did achieve that with the Nest Chair. There is a structure of a set and four stabilizing legs within the nest. The nest aesthetic is created with birch strips of different thicknesses and wound together to make the nest. The cushion is covered in a dusty chocolate brown to play off the pale tones of the birch. The designer intended an internal section of a nest lined with soft down for the eggs and chicks.


6. The Shadow Chair

It might take you a moment to realize what is happening with these chairs as it almost becomes an optical illusion! Here is the Shadow Chair, and it appears to be a two-legged seat defying the laws of gravity. It seems the designer used just wood, yet it actually has the steel to help hold it down securely. This unique designer chair is a playful piece of furniture and an engineer’s dream chair. The concept behind this chair is very clever, and someone with a good sense of humor would appreciate this type of furniture.


5. The Bicycle Chair

Where would you get inspiration for a chair like this? It was from looking around him and at his life for designer Jan Waterston. His inspiration came from cycling, to be exact. He said that a bicycle is something that the user can feel a seamless relationship with and then the road. He echoes this relationship in this design. It seamlessly flows into itself and resembles a modern bicycle design wrapped around the user. This piece of furniture looks seamless and would be an incredible dining room set.


4. The Peacock L Chair

Birds seem to be an everyday inspiration for chairs, and not just for the filling inside the cushion! This unique chair is the Peacock L Chair and represents the bird’s tail fanning in the courtship ritual in this breed of birds. Also, the design intends to represent frozen moments of beauty and happiness. It plays on the creation of paper cutting, as children do, to reveal the splendid shape of the fanned peacock tail. An acrylic composite transform using heat to make a unique design, and it requires a very delicate manipulation procedure. The Peacock L Chair captures the movement of the peacock’s tail fanning. Plus, it is almost throne-like in its appearance.

Kenneth Cobonpue

3. Another Peacock Chair

Hang on — we’re not done with the peacock chairs just yet! Another stunning peacock-inspired chair offers a modern take on the traditional wicker chair. Using different shades of material produces a peacock feather’s flowing colors. It also uses rounded feather shapes to create the woven forms and the actual structure of the chair. It is just as majestic as the bird, and it will stand out! This unique design also seems reminiscent of an egg chair which is so lovely to tuck yourself away into.

Hive Modern

2. The Ribbon Chair

According to the designer of the Ribbon Chair, a chair should be more than just its function; it should also be “friendly, fun and colorful.” The extreme contours of this chair allow the chair user to sit in various positions while still enjoying support from the structure. The ribbon form is known to be an exciting style, but this is a very innovative vision of the concept. This unique designer chair comes in a few different choices of the upholstery but still retains the incredible shape of this piece of furniture.


1. The Drawing Chair

The Drawing Chair looks like a sketch on a page when you’re bored in a meeting, making it fabulous. This unique designer chair shows off the idea of an abstraction meeting function. It also encourages people to sit upright, something we all should pay more attention to, by supporting the lower back with a light touch. It does also allow the user to sit more relaxed with this support. You can choose from three different colors: blue, red, and yellow, and they’re all slightly different in design, with a certain number of strokes used to create the final design.