We Don’t Know Whether to Admire these Unique Chair Designs or Sit on Them

Trista - March 31, 2022
Hive Modern

2. The Ribbon Chair 

According to the designer of the Ribbon Chair, a chair should be more than just its function; it should also be “friendly, fun and colorful.” The extreme contours of this chair allow the chair user to sit in various positions while still enjoying support from the structure. The ribbon form is known to be an exciting style, but this is a very innovative vision of the concept. This unique designer chair comes in a few different choices of the upholstery but still retains the incredible shape of this piece of furniture. 


1. The Drawing Chair 

The Drawing Chair looks like a sketch on a page when you’re bored in a meeting, making it fabulous. This unique designer chair shows off the idea of an abstraction meeting function. It also encourages people to sit upright, something we all should pay more attention to, by supporting the lower back with a light touch. It does also allow the user to sit more relaxed with this support. You can choose from three different colors: blue, red, and yellow, and they’re all slightly different in design, with a certain number of strokes used to create the final design.