These Hilarious Home Renovation Disasters Are a DIY Fail

Shannon Quinn - March 10, 2021
This man won’t be able to walk up the stairs without hitting his head. Credit: woodycarpenter1 on Twitter

7. Don’t Forget to Measure the Ceiling, Too.

Earlier on this list, I showed the image of someone building very wonky and uneven stairs. Unfortunately, even if you carefully measure all of the steps correctly, there is something else that can go wrong…The height. Remember that even if you’re a relatively short person, tall people are going to need to use the stairs, too. Always remember to measure the head height on the angle of a stairwell to make sure someone over 6 feet tall can comfortably climb the stairs without hitting their head. In the photo above, it looks like the opening needs to be larger, but that might not be possible in that house.

Professionals need to carefully measure every aspect of a staircase. Credit: Shutterstock

In older homes, it may not be possible for you to fix a problem like this. People used to be much shorter than they are in modern times. However, if you’re working on a modern house, or doing modern updates, there is no excuse for this terrible DIY fail. Like everything else on this list, you want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to installing a staircase. This can be a very expensive and dangerous mistake if it’s not done correctly.

This door was way too small for its frame. Credit: Reddit

6. Not All Doors Are The Same Size

When you go to nearly every middle class home in the United States, it seems like everyone has the same door. It’s the white particle board door with the four rectangular panels. These are commonly found at Home Depot and Lowes. So it’s understandable why some people would assume that all doors are the exact same, especially if they seem to come in a modern standard size. But no. Door frames are all different sizes, and you need to measure them first. Never assume that just because a door looks the same, it is the correct size.

Hardware stores sell doors that come in all different sizes. Credit: Shutterstock

If you can’t find the correct size door in stock at your local store, it may be necessary for you to order it online. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. Otherwise, you may end up having to replace every door in the house if you don’t want one awkward unique door that seems out of place to everything else in your home.

This person’s ladder is stuck inside of the wood beam forever, it seems. Credit: Reddit

5. Apparently a Lot of People Trap Their Ladders Forever

While doing research for this article, one of the most common DIY Fail images I found was people trapping their ladders inside of the thing they’re trying to install. People have trapped their ladders around TV satellite dishes, plumping, wood beams, and so much more. To me, it’s mind boggling that someone could allow this to happen. But apparently, it’s a really common problem that people have. The only way they can fix the problem is to completely undo the work they did, and try again.

Be careful about your ladder placement, and consider having a spotter. Credit: Shutterstock

When you use a ladder, you should always have a spotter there with you. A spotter holds your ladder to keep it steady. They are also nearby to make sure you don’t make mistakes like wrapping your ladder around a wood beam. Spotters are also necessary to make sure if an accident does happen, they are there to help you. Think about it. If you were on a ladder working all by yourself and you fell, you would most likely be unconscious. And the impact might break your phone. According to the Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, 500,000 people fall from a ladder and injure themselves every year. It’s no joke, and something you should never take lightly.

This DIY fail looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Credit: Reddit

4. Drywall is Harder Than it Looks

On a lot of websites, they claim that hanging drywall is easy to do on your own. But this DIY fail proves that apparently, it’s a lot harder than it looks. This was posted on Reddit with the caption, “How do I even piece together this puzzle?” It’s hard to tell if this person was trying to use up all of the scraps they had left over from other parts of the house, or if they were having a hard time covering something that was a strange shape. Obviously, this is not going to look good when you spackle and paint this. There is absolutely not fixing this situation, and it’s surprising that they committed to it for so long.

A professional hanging drywall. Credit: Shutterstock

Even if it costs the extra few hundred dollars, it’s better just to hired a professional contractor to hang your drywall. They can get it done quickly and efficiently. In most cases, there needs to be at least two people working on it together. This is especially true if a piece needs to be lifted up to the ceiling. Drywall and sheet rock is a lot heavier than you would imagine. It’s dangerous for someone to do this on their own, even if they have a ton of experience.

Spray foam doesn’t belong in the cracks of a brick wall. Credit: Reddit

3. That Doesn’t Go There

This next DIY fail has me doing a face palm. Someone thought it would be a good idea to put spray foam into the cracks of their brick wall. Sure, this might be a temporary solution to their draft problem. But it’s not going to be structurally sound. It also looks really unattractive to have all of that spray foam oozing out of the wall. At the bottom of the wall, it’s hard to tell if there is a foundation issue causing the crack, or if that just came from a messy job of someone trying to slather concrete all over the wall.

Hire a professional to fix your brick walls. Credit: Shutterstock

Fixing brick and stone walls are more involved than you might think. It’s not exactly difficult, and anyone can learn. But it’s something you need to be taught how to do by someone with experience, or at least watch a few YouTube videos, first. Depending on the age and the color, you will need to use a mortar that matches the existing wall. Since that can get a bit involved, it may be best to hire someone with the experience to get the job done correctly.

Less than 24 hours after they built a new wall, a car smashed through it. Credit: KEPR Action News

2. Smashing Through the Mistakes

Imagine working hard to install a brick wall in front of your house to help you feel protected from the highway right outside your door. Then, just a few hours later, a car comes crashing through your cinder block wall to destroy all of your work. Then, they get out of their car and run for the hills, because they’re afraid of getting arrested for drunk driving. Now you’ve got a car on your front lawn. Maybe this homeowner somehow predicted this would happen. It’s a good thing that something was there to stop the car from going into this person’s house!

Hopefully those home owners can use their insurance to pay someone to build a new wall. Credit: Shutterstock

This image was posted on a sub-Reddit all about people who have committed a DIY fail. It’s funny, because instead of talking about how crazy it was that a random person crashed through the wall, everyone is commenting on the poor craftsmanship. “It wasn’t going to last very long anyway”. And, “Best thing to ever happen to these folks. Now they can hire someone to do it right.” From the looks of it, the wall seems like they didn’t actually put anything in-between to help the block stick together.

Something doesn’t look right about this mirror. Credit: MLS and Reddit

1. An Unfortunate Arrangement

Someone who posted this on Reddit left the comment, “Good if you only want to see half of yourself.” The photo was originally found on the real estate MLS system. This is going to make the house difficult to sell, because no one will want to deal with this on a daily basis. People like symmetry, and they like being able to look at themselves in their mirror when they brush their teeth or wash their face. Moving side to side is going to get old fast. Clearly, this is a DIY fail, because no professional home builder would ever design a bathroom this way.

Smaller vanities can hold plenty of space. Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, a room can be an awkward shape that seems difficult to work with. The solution to this problem would be that the home owner should have installed a smaller bathroom vanity that would fit in-between the two windows. Then, they could have purchased an extra piece of furniture to use for the storage they needed. Or, they could use the corner of the room for a basket of towels, plants, and so many other things that would make the room look more appealing.