These Landlords Were So Bad They Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Tenants

Shannon Quinn - January 4, 2023
This tenant decided to turn the stove on when the landlord turned their heat down. Credit: Reddit

The Landlord Turned the Heat Down, But The Joke’s on Them

A Reddit user called JohannReddit posted this photo on Reddit with the following caption: “Landlord decided to turn down the heat today in my MN apartment as it reached -40°. But the idiot must have forgotten he pays my electric and doesn’t realize that I value my comfort over safety or energy conservation.” In the comments, people are suggesting that he should also turn on the oven and open the door to let more heat into the apartment. Hopefully they also plugged in an electric heater, heated blankets, and literally any other form of heat that they could get from electricity.

This landlord thought it was a good idea to put this in the tenant’s living room. Credit: Reddit

This Replacement Heater is Mildly Infuriating

A user called Darbooka posted this on the Mildly Infuriating subReddit. They said, “Told our landlord to replace our gas fireplace because it was leaking CO, and came back to this monstrosity in our living room.” Someone joked in the comments saying, “Ok. Now complain about a leaky faucet and update us with the new town square fountain.” In all seriousness, I’m not sure why this landlord would install something like this, unless it was an old building, and they didn’t have a proper HVAC system. Hopefully they did something to fix this ugly issue before the next tenant moved in.

Credit: Shutterstock

This Landlord Refused to Fix a Serious Rodent Problem

One tenant’s rental experience turns into a nightmare due to a mouse infestation, neglect from the landlord, and an unexpected charge for cleanup. This renter moved in and, within a week, a mouse problem got out of hand. Overnight, hundreds of droppings would show up. They informed the landlord about the mice, and he ignored it for four days before ever responding. Eventually, he came by with some traps three days later, making them wait an entire week for help. They moved out a week before the end of the month. The landlord didn’t get to the apartment until the second of the next month. He texted them, saying he’s keeping $200 of the damage deposits because of the mouse droppings cleanup.

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The Landlord Signed the Lease During a Party

When a tenant scheduled a meeting to go over and sign their lease, they didn’t expect to be rushed through the process because their landlord was a party animal… This guy’s landlord told him they could only meet on a certain day to go over and sign the lease. He went over to the landlord’s house as planned. But when they got there, the landlord was hosting a party. The entire time, he complained about how he was missing his party and tried to rush them out. The lease was sketchy. It was full of typos and questionable statements that concerned them. So the renters needed to speak about it before signing anything. Which didn’t make the landlord happy. Yikes! There are red flags all over the place.

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The Landlord Completely Blocked His Car in the Garage and Left on Vacation

A spontaneous landlord and a towed car turn into one tenant’s unexpected parking predicament. He had an off-campus apartment, and the landlord bought a large Winnebago that he and his wife could drive away in for spontaneous vacations. Not realizing that his tenant’s car was parked inside the garage that came with the rent, the landlord parked his regular car in front of the garage bay door and took off, never thinking about his inability to get in or out. The landlord was away for over two weeks and left no contact information – just gone in the Winnebago. He was furious when he got back that they had his car towed to a nearby parking spot during his absence. The landlord said he wouldn’t pay the towing fees for having blocked them in all that time.

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The Landlady Showed Her Gratitude With a Lame Re-Gift

One tenant’s experience of helping their demanding landlady with various tasks is met with little appreciation and a re-gifted bottle of wine. Their landlady lived in the duplex below them, and decided to sell the house. So for three months everyday, she knocked on the renter’s door and asked them to help her. They pulled weeds, cleaned the basement and garage, washed the windows, etc. But she never really acknowledged it with a “thank you”- just asked them to do more. On her last day at the place after it sold, she asked them to help load the moving van. Then, just before she left, she gave them a bottle of wine for all my work. It had a picture of a frog playing a banjo on the label. An hour later the realtor showed up to thank them. He gave them a bottle of wine with a picture of a frog playing a banjo on the label. She re-gifted the wine.

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This Landlord Broke In to Steal Money and Underwear

One tenant’s landlord goes beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior. The next horrifying story came from a Reddit user called sahmeiraa. Her landlord came into the apartment days before she was set to be gone. She had piles of stuff set to go to different places, such as her new place, friends or family, or to donate. But she came in to clean one day. Things were moved, and boxes had been opened. And when she walked into her bedroom, there were a few pairs of her underwear on the floor in the middle of my room, despite the fact that she had already moved her clothing out. A jar of cash from her wedding fund was out in the open. It had been a while since she had counted, so she could not tell if any was taken. The landlord wouldn’t admit that he had done that, but he dropped the issue of the last month’s rent.