These Landlords Were So Bad They Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Tenants

Shannon Quinn - January 4, 2023
Credit: Shutterstock

This Landlord Broke In to Steal Money and Underwear

One tenant’s landlord goes beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior. The next horrifying story came from a Reddit user called sahmeiraa. Her landlord came into the apartment days before she was set to be gone. She had piles of stuff set to go to different places, such as her new place, friends or family, or to donate. But she came in to clean one day. Things were moved, and boxes had been opened. And when she walked into her bedroom, there were a few pairs of her underwear on the floor in the middle of my room, despite the fact that she had already moved her clothing out. A jar of cash from her wedding fund was out in the open. It had been a while since she had counted, so she could not tell if any was taken. The landlord wouldn’t admit that he had done that, but he dropped the issue of the last month’s rent.