These Magical Wedding Backdrops Are a Total Steal

Trista - May 5, 2022
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4. Use Haldi Elements with a Boost of Color

This geometrical backdrop is straight out of Bollywood with its beautiful colors, floral strings covering the arches, and towers around it is a combination of traditional with modern. This wedding backdrop is the perfect stage to take the most amazing pictures of the happy couple that will feel like they are inside a beautiful dreamland filled with the most beautiful flowers you could ever find. There are many elements to achieve this style that are not affordable and easy to find. Still, if the budget is proper, anything is possible to get the best backdrop you could ever dream of.

3. Enjoy a Dazzling Wedding Display

A wall of lights is a significant effect when you want a whimsical and romantic backdrop; it looks impressive, but it’s super affordable — and a fast and easy setup for the DIY bride. They decided to combine the lights with vines for a more rustic and natural vibe for this desert wedding, with wooden furniture and a floral set for the table. Candles make everything more romantic, so combining the lights and the candles is a fantastic way to keep things on the mellow side. Nothing makes me happy than seeing how a simple backdrop turns out like the perfect place for a love story.

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2. Create an Entrance to a Floral Paradise

For anyone who wants a floral-themed wedding where you want to go all the way in with flowers everything, this is the way to go. Nothing says “I love you” like having curtains with flowers on strings and tall bushes full of exotic and colorful flowers. The combination of the background’s yellow and blue hue makes it more majestic, and even the tiled floor gives it the vibe of entering the flower garden of your dreams. Having said this, the process of decorating with so many floral arraignments takes a long time, but in the end, it is all worth the hard work.

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1. Say Yes to a Heavenly Wedding Arch

There is something romantic about having a backdrop with a chic wedding arch, almost like a wreath full of life and subtle colors. The greenery wall unites everything together to make it look like a backdrop that you would find in heaven. The table setting with the tall candles and flowers at the bottom is an effective way to bring the romantic mood up and show the world what real love is made of. The smiles on the happy couple say it all; this is the beginning of a beautiful and a life full of beautiful things to come.