These People Broke The Rules & Created Their Own Dream Homes

Monica Gray - October 23, 2023

Building a dream home means you have the ultimate freedom to develop and create it exactly as you wish. There’s no set of rules you have to follow, though people normally add to a typical home already built. But what about those other, lesser-known people who bend and break the rules to create their ideal dream home? We’ve curated a list of these people, to give you inspiration to get started building your dream home. Some of these people live in tiny homes or mobile homes, while others have flipped their homes from dilapidated to dazzling.


The Cabin In The Woods

This Reddit user did not shy away from a DIY project. They decided to build a log cabin in Finland, off-grid, with its “own waste-water treatment, water well, solar + battery storage, wood boiler for hot water and underfloor radiant heating and a masonry fireplace with oven.” But that’s not all, they’re “Cooking using propane gas in winter and because of excess solar, electric in summer – and outdoor kitchen of course. In summer, the excess power will also be used to cut/split wood – essentially storing solar for later.” That smooth wood says it all. People think dream homes have to be in a neighborhood or have all the glitz and glam that modern homes have. Well, take it from this Reddit user and think again (Reddit).

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Converting A Rundown Camper

Driving around in a camper is the epitome of freedom. But we usually buy liveable and clean campers, not completely rundown. This is why it was so surprising when this woman was gifted this rundown camper, and instead of breaking it apart and using the pieces for something else, she turned it into her dream home. The owner, Mama V, saw its potential. She said, “She’s ugly, but she’s mine!” She then breathed new life into it with a lot of TLC. She got rid of the wasps and found a fully functional fridge. Eventually, she cleaned it out and now calls it her home (Home Hacks).

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Living Life On A Cruise

Even though this older couple, Jess and Marty, didn’t create their own dream home, they certainly crafted their lifestyle to live on their unconventional dream home – a cruise ship! They do this by booking 51 back-to-back cruises every single year. They’ve been cruise ship enthusiasts for years, and finally made it their dream life. They have the world at their fingertips and don’t want to feel confined to one place. Jess said, “It’s a lifestyle. Where else can you go, you go for dinner, you go to a show, you go dancing. Through the day you have all these activities.” They’re living life to the fullest, to say the least (Home Hacks).

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From Shabby Garage to Chic Granny Flat

All it takes is a little bit of effort to convert a shabby garage space into a chic, liveable flat. That’s exactly what this homeowner did when she converted a 370-square-foot garage into an addition to her very own dream home. The transformation includes glass windows, glass doors, a comfortable twin bed, and chic design hacks to make it look larger than it was. It’s the perfect size for someone who lives alone and wants to enjoy comfort and coziness (YouTube).

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The Tiny Home

Most people think that bigger is better. But that’s not necessarily always the case, especially for those of you who are always on the move. How much easier would it be to live in a tiny home? There’s less to clean, less to worry about, and fewer things that could break. That’s exactly what carpenter Nick thought when he built this tiny dream home on wheels. It’s 26 feet in length and 8.5 feet in width. Inside there’s minimalistic design, beautiful aesthetics, and stellar use of space. The living room is probably the best part of the house, where it’s in proximity to the stove. Plus, the secondary heating system is installed under the couch for a warm, cozy environment, even without a fire. The loft bedroom makes it feel like it’s a completely separate room with its unique design (YouTube).


The Wagon House

Built by Nick, the same carpenter from the tiny home, the wagon house takes the dream home to another level. It’s built with reclaimed materials. According to the description, the “house was originally built to be a canvas-covered bow top wagon but was recently renovated to add insulation in the round walls as well as a metal roof. The woodwork in this home is stunning, with a custom standing desk, a curved kitchen counter, a sofa that converts to a bed, handmade windows, and an ornate Dutch door.” It’s fully live-able, warm, cozy, and comfortable. He added dormers for more natural light, with water that comes from a hose (YouTube).


Don’t Judge A Home By Its Exterior

You might look at this home at laugh, just like everyone else did. But once you walk inside, you’ll notice how talented the man who converted this home into a tiny, cozy abode is. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can turn an unlivable space into your dream home. There’s ample room inside to sit comfortably. A frisbee conceals the toilet, and the sink is the size of a large can. If you’re someone who lives minimally, then this is enough to live a fulfilling, comfortable life! What more do you need? (YouTube).

Auto Evolution

This Tiny Home With A Staircase

This one has to take the cake when it comes to aesthetics, comfort, and style. According to Auto Evolution, “the Babbalucci is only 8-meter-long (26 feet), 2.4-meter-wide (7.8 feet), and a little over 4 meters (13 feet) high. Yet, somehow, it manages to “magically” squeeze in two loft bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, and a bathroom (the area that takes a hit in terms of size, being extra compact).” The tabletop is foldable, and there’s even a washing machine and built-in pull-out pantry. But what dominates the property the most is the staircase dominating the center of the tiny home (Auto Evolution).


From Dreams To Reality With This Mobile Home

There’s no point in dreaming if you’re never going to try to turn it into reality. This retired woman took her dream of traveling around the USA and made it a possibility with her dream home. The interior of her mobile home is spacious enough for her to stand inside. She even has an efficient kitchen and bathroom combination that’s like hitting two birds with one stone. While some people might feel claustrophobic inside, Sharon loves it. She says, “I bring in a little wooden table to eat off of or to work on my computer.” It’s a mini apartment on wheels that can even go off-grid with its solar panels (YouTube).


A Tiny Home Bursting With life

Fabian built his tiny home with sustainability in mind. He’s one of the pioneers for our future. One perk of living in a tiny home is that it’s energy efficient and much better for the environment. Not only does he relish coziness and minimalism, but his tiny home is nestled in nature. It sounds like a two-for-one win! He even has two entrances, one main entrance and another he calls the staff entrance, which makes his home feel more private and personal. The interior is thriving with plants and enough space to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie (YouTube).


From Wagon To Home

This woman, named Brooke, made her canvas this wagon, constructing a roof that was functional and aesthetically pleasing. With a bit of elbow grease, she painted a beautiful 5′ x 10′ trailer into her very own Vardo Wagon. She carefully planned each step until it turned into something she could sleep, live, and eat in. Brooke took her dream and turned it into something tangible (YouTube).

Home Hacks

What Best Friends Are For

Isn’t everyone’s dream to live with their best friends after retirement? Besides, what’s the point of making all those friends if you’re spread out around the world? Well, that’s exactly what these seven best friends plan on doing once they retire. In 2008, they bought an abandoned building and are turning it into their retirement dream home mansion. The idea started as a joke but quickly turned into something real. The desire for connection remains constant throughout humans, so it comes as no surprise that these besties all chipped in for this. At first, the home looked horrendous, but they transformed it into something spectacular. The home is located in China and only costs about $82,000 per person. They’re not anywhere near retirement, but they at least have a home to save for the future (YouTube).


The Treehouse

Whoever said you couldn’t permanently live in a treehouse? This sprawling apartment complex in Italy challenged those rules. He took a building, housing 63 apartment complexes, and turned it into a forest in the middle of a city. Throughout all of the terraces of the apartment complex are 150 trees in quirky shapes, gardens, and beautiful flowers that make everyone living there forget they’re in a busy city full of concrete. Once you step inside that oasis, all the stress from city life disappears. That’s one way to give back to Mother Nature and make an impact on the world and the people living inside this home of dreams (YouTube).

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The Tiny Home That Sits On Top Of A Bus

When this family of seven outgrew their school, they decided to take it up a notch and build their dream home on top. Most people would have moved out of that school bus, but not this family. They took their imagination and creativity to another level and decided to enhance their space. They managed to combine travel, education, and home in one space. But that doesn’t mean the home is lacking in comfort they made sure there are enough pillows, blankets, and snuggle space to fit a large family. If you never liked riding the school bus, you might change your mind now (YouTube).

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DIY Recycled Tiny Home

This tiny dream home scores in sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Cassimiro Mattioada spent $40k on recycled materials to build his dream home. He didn’t miss out on one detail, and every single inch of his space screams creativity, art, and uniqueness. The best part of this home is the doors, iconic from The Lord of the Rings. Emma, his girlfriend, said, “The house is a huge reflection of him and how he sees the world.” Cass proves it’s possible to build a home you love, without harming the environment (YouTube).

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The 1985 Railroad Trailer

We’re seeing another camper dream home, but this time we’re going back a few decades. This woman, named Hannah, took a railroad trailer from 1985 and converted it into something that would both suit her wallet and her nomadic lifestyle. She grabbed the trailer for a whopping $350, and with her imagination and creativity, turned it into something spectacular. With the renovations, it cost her around $9,000 but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. Even this unconventional space, which was on its way to the dump, turned into someone’s forever dream home (YouTube).


DIY On A Massive Budget

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to renovate your home. Just take it from this girl, who managed to redesign the interior of her entire home for a whopping $125. And she did this because she was bored. How many of you redesign the interior of your home, just because you’re bored? At only 12 years old, she redesigned her home and turned it into something she’s proud of. She measured the walls, put up paneling, painted, and used repurposed items, which cut the cost of renovations quite a bit. It looks like she’s a natural! (Bored Panda).


From Fallen to Fantastic

One owner decided to purchase this fallen-down home and turn it into his dream space. The abandoned house sat on the original owner’s property for years, with no chance of selling. When the current owner stumbled upon it, he saw its potential. No one said your dream home has to be ready for you, sometimes, your dream home starts from scratch and comes from your imagination. He cleaned out cabinets and drawers, took out old appliances, and fully transformed the home into something unrecognizable. His vision led him to have something he can now live in forever. All it starts with is a vision (YouTube).


The 1914 Schoolhouse

This couple saw the potential in an old schoolhouse, dating back to 1914. It’s a massive building, at 10,000 square feet of space, and hope to renovate it completely to restore its natural beauty while honoring its history and making it a place they can live. One of the reasons they bought it was to prevent it from getting demolished. They knew how much it meant to the locals, so why not convert it into their dream home? They’re converting the school into a spacious, 4-bedroom home, with custom floor mosaics, new floors, paint, and more (Instagram).


From Dumpster To Dream Home

Whoever said you’re not allowed to live in a dumpster? This 28-year-old decided to do just that. By evading high rental fees, he converted a dumpster into a livable home and now only pays $62 for rent. Not only is he beating the system, but he’s almost using it as a parody since apparently living in a revamped dumpster is better than paying London rental prices. But after his TLC and renovations, you’d never know it used to be a dumpster. Talk about a transformation! (YouTube).


Built By A Single Mom’s Hand

This single mom shocked everyone when she built a beautiful tiny home for her and her son on her sister’s property. It’s decorated with pink and gold hues, giving it a warm, comfortable haven. It has two floors, one floor for Rebecca’s bedroom and office, and the lower floor for her son and all his toys and gadgets. She built the entire home for $230k, much less than it would have cost had she decided to build a traditional home (YouTube).


A Spectacular Cabin In Washington

These people took forest cabins to another level. They made their fairytale dream into something tangible. Not only is it a work of art, but it’s a home that’s made of sustainable, reclaimed, and repurposed materials. It’s nestled into the forest and fits perfectly with its surroundings. The moss-covered roof blends in with the trees, and at a glance from above, you might completely miss it (YouTube).


The Gingerbread House In Massachusetts

As kids, you probably wished you could live in a gingerbread house. Besides, could you imagine just how delicious the inside was? Even though this dream home isn’t made out of the sugary sweetness that an actual gingerbread house is made of, it doesn’t mean it’s any less spectacular. It’s surrounded by gorgeous nature, and the interior is one of the coziest spaces in the world. With a fireplace, couch, and pillows, all you need is a hot chocolate. It has high ceilings, and the bed resembles one in a castle. Best of all, you can pay to stay here for a few nights. This dream home might soon become a reality (YouTube).