These People Got their Deep Dark Confessions Off their Chest

Alli - July 26, 2021

Walking through life, minding your own business might be the best route for some people. But for others, feelings and thoughts build up at an alarming rate. For mental health, it can sometimes be beneficial to just let it all out. According to a Time Magazine article, ” Emotions have energy that pushes up for expression, and to tamp them down, our minds and bodies use creative tactics—including muscular constriction and holding our breath. Symptoms like anxiety and depression, which are on the rise in the U.S., can stem from the way we deal with these underlying, automatic, hard-wired survival emotions, which are biological forces that should not be ignored.”

Right now, a growing community on Reddit is taking to r/TrueOffMyChest to get their deepest and most personal thoughts off their chest. Some of the confessions are just plain sad, while others are hilarious anecdotes in their daily lives. But one thing is for certain when it comes to these people: they really needed to get something off of their chest.

The sad reality for women

“I’m a big dude 6’2/240. Whenever I’m out in public by myself (running, jogging, walking, running errands) it’s not uncommon for women to intentionally put themselves on guard when I approach. I do the best I can to give him as much room as possible but sometimes it just can’t be done. The constant looking back over the shoulder a bunch of times or doing the best they can to cover themselves with whatever they were wearing or try not to be seen, the removing of both headphones until I pass etc.

Women must always be on alert when out alone or exercising. Shutterstock.

“It used to make me feel bad about myself but now it just makes me feel sad for these women. We’ve created a society where harassment and assault is so common that women have conditioned themselves… And rightfully so… To be on high alert whenever a fairly large guy by himself is near them. I don’t blame them but I do feel sad for them. Edit: get lost with all that “not all men” or “this has never happened to me so OP is making it up” crap.” – Confessions by Jim_from_snowy_river

New Yorkers: Nobody cares you’re from New York. Chill.

“There’s a new cook at my job who’s been there about 3 months. Literally the first sentence he said when he started wasn’t even an introduction. It was, ‘I just came from New York, this is slow compared to what we deal with up there.’ Um cool, nobody asked bro. After that, it was always, ‘when I was in New York…..’ Or he’d tell a normal story as anyone would, only after it was over he’d have to throw in some irrelevant line like, ‘you know, I’m from New York, we’re a different breed.’ Even though it had zero relevance pertaining to the story.

New Yorkers seem to have a certain self-importance. Shutterstock.

Three months in, and it’s gotten worse instead of better. The worst part is, every single New Yorker I have ever met in my life is the exact same way. Seriously New Yorkers, why are you like this? From the bottom of my heart, I say this with full sincerity – literally nobody cares that you’re from New York. We don’t see it as this mythical land that only exists in movies, we don’t think New Yorkers are any different than anyone else, and there is no perceived aura like, ‘ooh, he/she is from New York.’ Seriously, nobody cares. Nobody. You can stop reminding us every 12 seconds, we got it. And Texas, if you don’t knock your sh** off I’m coming at you next. You haven’t gotten as bad as New York, but you’re definitely sending out feelers.” – Confessions by njones1220

When you didn’t have to pay for a booty call

“I miss the days when you would hit somebody up on the internet and if they wanted to talk to you, they would and if not, they didn’t. Now, every time you try to talk to someone it’s, ‘Subscribe to my OnlyFans, I only respond there.’ No. I’m not going to pay to have human interaction with someone. Rant over.” – Confessions by stainedcouch892

Online dating and ‘viewing’ services can sometimes replace genuine connection. Shutterstock.

It is becoming more and more popular to only allow communication through services that pay their members. That being said, we don’t know what kind of vibes this guy was giving off. It could be a case of a guy being rejected one too many times who needed to rant. Or maybe this is the updated 2021 rejection line? However, with social media becoming increasingly geared towards influencer culture, it does seem difficult to make genuine connections with people without a catch.

How do people afford anything?!

“How do people have biga** $50k+ vehicles, 2000+ square foot homes with pools, go on vacations 2-3 times a year and so on? Do you people just finance everything forever? Like a 10 year car loan or some sh**? I made almost 100k last year and I don’t understand how so many people can afford such things. I certainly can’t.” – Confessions by Possum_Muncher

Some people may look like they have it all. But don’t worry, that twinkle in their eye is terror and crippling debt. Shutterstock.

I bet many of us can relate to this one – and most don’t make $100k/year. But to answer your questions, yes, people just stay in debt for years and years. And normally, when you’ve finally paid it off, it breaks down and you have to enter another 6-7 year arrangement with interest and fees just to have something that runs! The cost of living and transport goes up disproportionately from most people’s income levels. Let’s not even get started on what inflation is going to look like in the coming years…

This tragic story of murder and grief

“My boyfriend was murdered 8 years ago and I still can’t get over it. I’m still a mess. He was murdered and he was 17. I just can’t seem to get over his death whenever the SLIGHTEST thing reminds me of him I just burst into tears or randomly burst into tears in the middle of a conversation with someone then I have to explain to them about my boyfriend. I just feel like going to bed all day whenever this happens. I just wish I was there for him, so I could’ve stopped it from happening. He was killed by his ‘friends’ who lured him out only to kill him brutally.

Grief can be all consuming, even years after the fact. Shutterstock.

“I’m conflicted on whether or not to believe in an ‘afterlife’ for him because if an afterlife does exist, that means he’s stuck as a ghost and he’s still suffering (some people told me they actually saw his ghost wandering around) or he’s dead forever. I can’t make peace with any of these options and I haven’t had a relationship since. I don’t have a job anymore because my mind is on this endless repeat of what his final moments were like and it is absolute torture. I often have dreams where for whatever reason he’ll be alive, in some place, somehow. for example a new cloning technology arrives and he’s cloned, consciousness and all, and I feel so happy that he’s alive again and I hug him but then he just disappears and I wake up find out its a dream and cry. And the cycle repeats. Every single day.” – Confessions by CheesecakeOk1734

This guy accidentally played NSFW adult content on a speaker for his mom to hear

“So I was watching it in the toilet with the shower running so no one could hear. Little did I know, the beats pill (Bluetooth speaker) is still synced to my phone and proceeded to play it on speaker :/ the girl in the vid was relatively silent so I was lucky and my mom thought I was watching a movie. Even luckier for me was that I think she thought I was watching a movie on Netflix or something. The worst part is that she confronted me after showering. I told her to keep it a secret and that was that but man FML.” – Confessions by Zealous_Racer

Nothing could get more embarrassing than playing your private adult content on a bluetooth speaker with your mother present. Shutterstock.

We’re sure a lot of people have these horrifying experiences. And I hate that this man suffered such an embarrassing moment with his mom. With bluetooth devices and Airplay becoming increasingly popular, it’s bound to open up a whole bag of issues for privacy. But maybe we can use this guy’s story as a cautionary tale to disconnect from all devices BEFORE indulging in private, adult activities.

Being Ghosted by a friend is never fun

“I had a friend who ghosted me after 2 and half years of friendship. We met at work and would have such a laugh. We would also meet up after work for dinner, drinks or just go play pool for a bit. When we had similar shifts we would eat lunch together. Occasionally my friend would meet me after work even on their days off for a drink and catch up. My friend then got a new job and soon after they ghosted me out of the blue. I don’t know what happened as we were really close….. or so I thought.

Being ghosted by anybody isn’t fun, but friends leaving hurts a bit more. Shutterstock.

“I really miss our friendship as I find it hard to make friends. This shouldn’t make a difference but I’m female and married and my friend was male and single. No nothing ever happened, I am very happily married and have always had more male friends than female. I just want to ask him why he stopped being friends or at least tell him I was hurt by him ghosting me. But there’s no point as he probably wouldn’t care – I’m just pissed off by what he did and can’t let it go.” Confessions by In-a-world-of-my-own

This guy REALLY hates paper straws. So much that it needs two parts.

“Paper straws. We all know the dread when we go to our favorite smoothie shop or iced coffee bar and they replaced their non eco friendly plastic straws with ‘eco friendly’ paper straws. They turn to mush within an hour, they make the taste of the drink taste off and are absolutely disgusting to throw away after you’ve used them in a reusable cup. Now you might say: ‘Oh so you want to kill the planet and choke turtles with plastic straws!?’ And to that I say of course not! Enter the world of Biodegradable plastic and reusable straws!

Plastic straws are known to be harmful to wildlife and the environment. Shutterstock.

Biodegradable plastic is made with waste starch usually corn stalks and cobs or grain products. Literal food garbage is turned into usable material and that makes it cheap and effective. Silicone and metal straws are reusable, highly customizable and can even enhance the taste or experience of your drink. You gotta try a milkshake with a metal straw it will rock your world.” – Part 1 Confessions by garmdians

Yup. The paper straw rant is still going.

” ‘But what about cost difference?’ According to my local deli/Italian soda shop the bio plastic straws are 5 cents cheaper per box and the company that they source it from gives a 10% discount on bulk orders meaning that there is no reason for paper straws to be a thing. So to recap: paper straws are not as eco friendly, not as durable, not as good an experience and cost more than biodegradable straws. So ya fu** paper straws.” – Part 2 Confessions by garmdians

Going an alternative route to plastic or paper is the best when it comes to straws. Shutterstock.

While this person really went on an intense rant about paper straws, there is a lot of truth to what they’re saying. Just because regular paper is biodegradable, doesn’t mean that paper straws are biodegradable. The term biodegradable can actually have different definitions, and can sometimes be misleading. To be considered “biodegradable,” the carbon material of a product has to break down by only 60% after 180 days. In real world situations, the paper could last a lot longer than 180 days (but will still disappear faster than plastic, of course). And another issue is that while you may be able to “recycle” paper straws, paper recycling facilities will not take items that have food residue or waste on them. Which means they can’t accept straws.

The Ex that keeps hanging around

“So 3 months back, my ex gf broke up with me after 3 years in a relationship and started dating her guy best friend a week later. I didn’t block her but removed her from everywhere and have not been in contact since. They have been in a relationship since and I have been in NC with her all this time and now suddenly she requests to follow me on Instagram.

An ex following on Instagram could be harmless, but leads to a lot of questions. Shutterstock.

I accepted and followed her back after a while but I am confused as to what she wants from me. (She also posted a story of a the song she would tell me all about it when she meets me again) but there is no direct reference that it’s for me. She is in a serious relationship but still request to follow me, she has recent posts on her insta with her current bf and this is making me wonder as to what she wants from me? We both haven’t done anything besides just follow each other, no messages have been sent at all.” – Confessions by Informal-Wealth-6044

The guy who doesn’t want to buy his gf a gift because… he’s not attached.

“I really have no good reason for not buying her anything. I just don’t want to get too attached to her and I feel like if I spend money on her, she would feel like I’m her boyfriend. I’m really cheap and I just worked a bunch of hours at my job but I don’t want to spend it on a girl that I’m not crazy about.


“I kinda feel bad about it like I’m an a**hole. I think I would feel worse buying her a gift though. Thanks for reading. P.S.: I’m an emotional wreck at this stage in my life, I have trust issues, and I get annoyed/bored with people really fast.” – Confessions by charactermatterz. Well, it’s easy to just dismiss this as a guy who doesn’t want to buy a girl a gift. But it seems like there is a bit of guilt there. So at least we’ll give that to the guy. What would you do?

This guy literally imagines throwing people into volcanoes… and should seek therapy.

“I work as a cook in a mid level restaurant, think a bar and grill with really great fish and chips type of restaurant. In the summer we have college and high school kids taking up about half the staff. Everyone is hurting for staff members so it is very hard to be fired. So every day I come into work, and I have to tell these kids everything short of how to breathe.

Ever felt like throwing everybody into a volcano? Shutterstock.

“They tell me some story, I can’t tell you what the story is because all my thoughts are consumed with the images of throwing them into the fiery pit of a Volcano, and maybe if we throw enough of them in we will please the God’s of the underworld enough to avoid another 2020. Well I feel better, now. Thank you.” – Confessions by Excellent_Dingo3111. Okay, so who hasn’t wanted to throw a few people off a cliff? That’s pretty normal. But it seems like the pandemic has gotten to this person’s mental wellbeing.

Double Standards are getting out of hand (Part 1)

“OK, I just wanted to have a bit of a rant on here so bare with me. I (m30) have several male friends who constantly complain about not being able to get a girlfriend or hook up with girls. The type of girls they expect to get are tanned, fit, good hair, perfect makeup, well dressed, nails done and bald from the eyebrows down. That’s all fine, everybody loves someone who takes care of themselves. Here’s where my problem is…

Men will criticize women for how they dress and look – all while doing the bare minimum themselves. Shutterstock.

“They will turn up to the bar in sweatpants, overweight, not having had a shave or a haircut in ages and expect women to flock around them. It’s so frustrating listening to them complaining when they go home with their di**s in their hands. I mean come on man. Go to the gym, get in decent shape, go to the barber, dress smart and to suit your body type, brush your damn teeth, do some manscaping.” – Confessions by hitherehowru

Double Standards (Part 2)

“Edit: there’s a lot of people in the comments asking ‘why don’t you say it to them’. Well I have several times. Sometimes the response is like ‘yeah maybe you’re right, I’ll clean myself up’ but they never do. Sometimes it’s like “nah she is stuck up and only wants a guy who is 6’4 and is rich etc.”


“Or my favourite ‘it’s easy for you, you are fit and good looking, girls love you’. Yeah bro I’m fit and decent looking because I do all the things on that list. I wouldn’t be fit and good looking if I was lazy, 50 lbs over weight, in sweatpants with dirty teeth. And yes, I understand that there are plenty of women out there who are the same. Don’t look after themselves at all, yet want Mr. Perfect.” – Confessions by hitherehowru

“She Cheated and I Can’t Be With Her”

“Today while we were getting ready to go out for a week long trip, I found out my girlfriend was unfaithful. While she was upstairs, she left her phone on the kitchen table which buzzed with a text. The notification was a text from a guy that said ‘baby?’ After which I opened the conversation. Turns out she was talking with another guy who she would talk badly about me, sext, and was planning on seeing him in August.

This woman was double crossing her boyfriend. Shutterstock.

“Confronting her, I not only found out that she was talking to that guy but that she also saw another guy she met on bumble in Virginia when she had told me she was going to see her aunt. I can’t be with her anymore. Right now she’s begging to fix this and to still go on the trip but I feel like the relationship is just ruined. I’m so badly hurt. I can’t believe I believed in love.” – Confessions by Izzyreallyreal


“I spend so much more time in video games than real life. My life basically sucks and misserable. I’m nothing. But I’m video games I’m something, I wish that those VR games you see in movies and anime was real because then I would permanently stay there.

Video games can become a great way to escape… but sometimes that can go too far. Shutterstock.

“I used to be extremely social and loved to go to party etc. Bit since the pandemic started I have lost almost everything. All I still have left is my gf but my relationship is going down hill.” When you feel like the only thing you have in your life is video games, it’s probably time to reach out and find more support. Therapists, family, and friends can be a good support system. -Confessions by 93Kyoko28

I love my parents, but I can’t tell them I’m a millionaire (Part 1)

This one is interesting… but it’s a doozy and will take a few parts. “For context: I grew up in an Asian American household. Growing up, my relationship with my parents was very tumultuous. We fought often and they even temporarily kicked me out at 19. They never thought I would amount to anything and would always speak to me as if I was an idiot. I never got any support for my decisions in their life.

This woman grew up in a tumultuous Asian American household. Shutterstock.

Now that I’m an adult, our relationship is a lot better. I don’t see them often, but when we do, it’s a lot calmer and they see that I’m very happy in a very loving relationship. They also see that I now live in a penthouse, and my lifestyle has changed in a lot of ways. I was a marketing executive for a long time, making very ok money, so they have a lot of questions on how this happened.” – Confessions by Dry_Dot_7285

I love my parents, but I can’t tell them I’m a millionaire (Part 2)

“The answer? During Covid, I quit my job and started to do OF full time. I used my marketing skills, and quickly blew up really fast. I started with monthly goals, and saw an increase every month as I started to improve my strategies. Earlier this year, I hit my first million. My partner has been very supportive of my journey, and I’ve honestly never been happier. I’m working safely from home, I’m making more money than I ever have, and honestly? I love what I’m doing. I’m doing what I like to do, using skill sets I have, and making a lot of money with it.

This entrepreneur used all of her skills to climb her way to the top. Shutterstock.

“The thing is though, I can’t brag about it. Recently my partner and I have started to reconnect with my family more, as they are getting older. Now that I’m an adult, I forgive my parents for their flaws and hope that do the same for me. I understand where a lot of it was coming from. At dinner, my youngest brother announced he was accepted into a great university. This is amazing!! However, I’m a college drop out. I obviously don’t tell my parents what I actually do, because they would never understand or think it’s legitimate. (I told them I’m a social media marketer lol) The conversation quickly delved back into why I’m not doing anything with my life, when am I going back into school, am I going to depend on my partner to take care of me?” – Confessions by Dry_Dot_7285

I love my parents, but I can’t tell them I’m a millionaire (Part 3)

“It makes me sad that my parents will never be proud of me, and I can never tell them of my success. I know there’s a lot of sex worker hate on this site, but making a million wasn’t easy. It was very rewarding but very hard, and I wish I could feel proud of my accomplishment and not keep it a secret. I worked my ass off, lots of all nighters and experimenting with different strategies and techniques. I don’t have internalized shame about my occupation, I just wish the world would understand that it’s legitimate, and my parents could appreciate that.


“If my parents found out, it would ruin the relationship I’m trying so hard to rebuild because they would feel so disgusted with me. Note: I’m very open about what I do to everyone else in my life. My friends are very supportive and my partner is the best, and he goes to school and has a traditional occupation. It’s just my parents I keep this secret from, but it’s their validation I want the most. :(” – Confessions by Dry_Dot_7285

This woman who just doesn’t want children

“I’m a 17-year-old woman, but for the 17 years I’ve been on the planet I’ve never wanted children. I’ve got no motherly instinct whatsoever – I like children and they’re super cute when they smile and laugh, but when they cry and scream and throw tantrums I absolutely cannot stand it. Even if I could deal with that too, I still don’t want children. Everything about pregnancy and childbirth terrifies me – I understand it’s a great miracle and a beautiful event to bring a child into the world, but I have never imagined myself in that position. It really rattles me. I’d happily love and cherish any nieces and nephews and young cousins my relatives may have in the future, but I don’t want any children myself.

Not every woman wants children. Shutterstock.

“Lastly, I’m sick of hearing people say ‘oh you’ll change your mind’. My mum and grandmothers think it’s rather selfish of me, in some way, that I don’t want to bring life into the world. As a woman, I believe I have a better purpose than just baring a child. I want to travel the world, meet lots of people and do lots of fun things on my own, without the restrictions of children. Yes, I may change my mind, but to me right now it seems highly unlikely. Please stop telling me that one day I’ll be a ‘great mother’ and ‘I’ll get used to it’. I’ve been told these things since I was 10 and old enough to learn about procreation – I LOVE that as a young woman it’s engraved in me by society that my main priority should be having a baby and settling down with someone (obvious sarcasm). I don’t want any babies, so please stop telling me I’ll change my mind. Chances are I won’t.” – Confessions by milliexe

Woman can’t get pregnant, shamed by husband

This one is enough to make you want to punch the next man you see. “Both 42, both healthy but I cannot get pregnant. We tried an tried, incl. IVF. Yesterday he asked if we should consider a surrogate, because ‘let’s be honest, you don’t want to deliver a child’. It was like a punch in my guts. I am so disappointed by him.” – Confessions by Kooky-2692

Infertility affects many couples in the US. Shutterstock.

According to the CDC, Yes. About 6% of married women aged 15 to 44 years in the United States are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying (infertility). Also, about 12% of women aged 15 to 44 years in the United States have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term (impaired fecundity). For a man to shame a woman for their lack of fertility is also totally ignoring the fact that his little soldiers might not be marching…

No future in this country

“I’m 26 years old from Egypt, and I’ve been working since 2014. My highest paying job was 4000 egp per month (9 to 12 hours per day), and my lowest was 1700 egp, after I paid my rent and bills, I was left with 1300 egp, which isn’t even enough for food. How am I going to save 200,000 to 500,000 egp to get married or buy a car? How many years am I going to waste saving this much money just to live a normal life? I’m sick of it, and I hate feeling broke after everything I’ve done.” – Confessions by BlakeIvy5

People all over the world are finding their goals increasingly difficult. Shutterstock.

For those of us that aren’t familiar with Egyptian Pounds (EGP), let’s break it down to US dollars (USD). This frustrated Redditor says they need a minimum of 200,000 EGP to afford being able to marry. That is roughly $12,747 USD. Being able to marry the person you love shouldn’t revolve around what’s in your bank account. It sounds like many cultures and societies need to get their priorities straight.

TikTok feels like a huge confidence blow

This Redditor has pointed out something many of us might be feeling: “Now I’m sure it’s been said before but please hear me out. This summer, the outside world has been eating my confidence piece by piece and I’m panicking. I can’t figure out who to be and what to do and when I’m not anxious over that I just try to list the things I’m insecure about over my head and… it’s so cringy man ngl.

Social media can contribute to insecurities. Shutterstock.

“I somehow worry about not doing advanced make up looks? Or knowing how to style my hair? Skincare, make up and fashion seem to not be slowing down at all and looks are so important. Brand-worship is back, trends are changing faster than ever before and people out there judge everything for clout. As a woman, I’m so tired. I’m so tired of feeling I have to try so hard to feel GOOD for myself (not even to get attention yknow). It’s weird cause I’m not a teen anymore, I’m 20 for fucks sake and I should know better than that.” – Confessions by iivys

“I dislike my step-family and I’m tired of acting like I love them.” (Part 1)

“Some context: I was born a single child with wonderful parents. Sadly, when I was 9 a tumor was detected in the brain of my mom. A year and two days later, she died. My father has always been an amazing parent and person, has provided food, a ceiling on top of my head, love, affection… all I could have asked for honestly. Some years ago my dad married my step-mom, who lives in a different city with her two daughters.

It’s hard to integrate families. Shutterstock.

“I’m 18. One of my step sisters is a very loving person, she’s 21. She has a minor disability, so her personality is weird, she seems a kid for some things, and an adult for others. The other step sister is a narcissist and a pathological liar, and literally bullies her sister. She refuses to go to therapy. I really dislike her, but since she’s 24, I don’t usually interact with her. My step mom is a good person too.” – Confessions by wanna_be_hidden

“I dislike my step-family and I’m tired of acting like I love them.” (Part 2)

“As I said I love my dad so much, so for him, I’ve always pretended I don’t dislike spending time with the girls that much, but it’s honestly draining, specially now that I have to spend some weeks 24/7 with them because of vacations. I feel it would be selfish to treat them badly, because they are good people (2/3 people at least), but I just dislike them…. I guess as time passes and I become more independent I’ll just spend less time with them? Idk.


“It’s not rejection because my step mom isn’t my mother or something like that, I kind of disliked her even before my dad started dating her and they just were ‘new friends’. I just feel like everything my step mom finds interesting is super boring, and her personality is just not compatible with mine. They think I enjoy time with them, except my dad, who knows I don’t like spending time with them but doesn’t think I dislike them as much as I do. I’m just tired of pretending, but they don’t deserve me being an asshole to them just because I dislike them. Just gotta keep smiling and doing small talk I guess…” – Confessions by wanna_be_hidden