These People Made Bunkrooms the Next Hot Thing to Have

Trista - March 22, 2022

Although the term “bunk bed” dates back to 1890, nobody is really sure where it came from. Nevertheless, everyone knows what this unique bed design looks like. What you probably don’t know is that you don’t have to stick to the regular style. There is a plethora of bunkrooms that will take your sleeping accommodations to the next level. Whether you want to save space or have kids sharing the same room, these bunk bed ideas have charming designs, fun themes, and unique configurations. Some bunk bed ideas require painting or some handy work that DIY beginners can do, while others are works of art that involve specific room designs. No matter where you are on the scale of do-it-yourself, these ideas will give you inspiration for amazing bunkrooms.

You and your children (or teens!) will love their cool room and be able to get a good night’s rest for a win-win. In fact, these amazing bunkrooms go beyond kid options and are perfect for your cottages, cabins, and other space-saving bedrooms for anyone. Many of these bunkrooms feature elegant adult features or Airbnb themes for one-of-a-kind rentals. Read on to learn more about different types of bunk beds, from loft or trundle to l-shaped and double or triple options.


40. Create Rustic Bunkrooms That Resembles Luxury Cabins

Bunk beds are fantastic pieces of furniture that can age with your child’s interests as they grow. Your kids will make fond memories using the shared space with friends or siblings, whispering and giggling about whatever happens to be on their minds. The bunk beds can be the center for adventure, an instant fortress to thwart the bad guys, or anything else the imagination will allow. It can even be the cozy corner to lay their head at the end of the day. Even if you have an only child, a bunk bed invites sleepovers in close quarters. Besides, this room is clean and classic enough for adults to enjoy, too! A double bunk bed with built-in steps can provide even more of a community feel like you get to sleep at summer camp all year long.

39. Build Custom Bunkbeds with Enough Space for Three

Bunk beds do not have to come in one size, and you can have your set tailor-made to fit your and your family’s needs. Be inspired with this youthful and unique design that fits your little ones. It comes with an adjoining tabletop that each smaller bed orbits around. The charm of this whimsical bedroom design is perfect for younger siblings who want to watch each other since both sleeping areas are within each other’s vision before they close their eyes. Keep reading for more epic bunkrooms.

38. Optimize Shelf Space with a Clever Reading Nook for Your Kids

A bedroom is so much more than a place to sleep. Another example of great use of bunk bed space is this easily accessible library with several built-in steps to reach the top of the second loft. Your children will be able to showcase their favorite reads and have bedtime stories within reach. Of course, no reading nook would be complete without a lamp nearby. Decorate with the back walls with their budding interests by using designs that will grow right along with them.

37. Make Room for Storage Using Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk beds can come in all shapes and sizes, although most use double-twin or full-twin bunks. One universal thing is the need for storage. This bunkbed design takes that concept and elevates it with steps that double as drawers. For most parents, tucking away toys, pajamas, undergarments, and other items neatly away from eyesight is ideal. It is also uneven with a larger bed on the bottom bunk, making a great sleeping area for an older sibling to grow into.

36. Have a hideaway loft for extra memories.

The underneath area of a bunk bed does not necessarily have to occupy another sleeping unit. Have your child sleep covered and cozy with this treehouse-like loft with a desk as the bottom bunk. The shelves alongside the desk are great for keeping toys and books tidy. This unique idea even has a little window to peek out over the room, just like the treehouse in the backyard. Top it all off with personalized touches, and your child’s bedroom will be the place she wants to be.

35. Welcome Guests in a Rustic Bunkroom at Your Airbnb

Bunkrooms are popular for rentals and other one-of-a-kind vacation spots. This bunkroom would be ideal as an Airbnb rental for those who love the rugged, wild west. Cowboys and cowgirls alike will flip over this bunk bed that takes its inspiration from the great outdoors. Many children can imagine climbing real trees out in the Wild West with this rustic option. There are a lot of wooden characters in this shared space, and the frame can grow with your children’s interests and tastes. It just speaks cool, and not everyone wants to sleep in such a boring place.

34. Imagine Elegant Bunkrooms

This elegant space looks like the von Trapp family had a marvelous vacation here. Wait, did they have bunkrooms in their house? Anyway, you can make a small room feel bigger with multiple bunk beds. Sharing is more than caring when you grow up in a household with two children or more. Bunk beds make occupying the same space a preferred sleeping arrangement. Why? Because children enjoy the opportunity to host nightly sleepovers next to each other. Plus, they have their own independent sleeping area as well. This option provides a uniform bed, but each child is allowed to have a place all their own.

33. Fence the Top Bunk for a Stylish Yet Safe Detail

While bunk beds really don’t have an age limit, they do recommend children over six and older sleep on the top. It can be a little frightening to have smaller children sleep on the top bunk. Some kids sleepwalk, and others are violent sleepers who risk falling off. Fret not. A great way to put you at ease and relinquish those fears is with a bright, white picket fence. This little contained space oozes with charm and grace from the amazing ceiling and gorgeous light fixture. However, it can be easily decorated depending on your own aesthetics. Keep reading for more bunkrooms with adult bunk beds and styles for kids.

32. Keep Your Bunk Bed Design Classic

Bunk beds can be an ideal and sturdy place to keep essential things right underneath. This bunkroom idea combines a grown-up option with the safety of the fenced-in area with a few drawers under the bottom bunk for safekeeping. The classic white undertones can be the perfect canvas for whatever your children’s interests are and bring the entire room together. Pair with a study area, and you will be glad you transformed the bedroom into the perfect spot to snooze and study.

31. Style a Bunkroom for Any Age

Play it cool with white and navy blue. You may not think of versatility when it comes to bunk beds, but the way they can fill a space like no other. The clean lines in this design help elongate the room, while the navy and white stripe add the right kind of drama. White acts as a high-contrast partner that lifts the coolness of the navy. Juxtapose the linens with dark photo frames to further elevate the classic look. Another great idea to incorporate is an enclosure of the end board sides to the stairs and an ottoman on the other side. The separation adds more decoration and seating options to the room.

30. Remember Clean Lines and Classic White Are Always Appealing

It’s all right to go all white in bunkrooms, no matter the age. Lean completely into an all-white trend and create a sophisticated bedroom that utilizes its space. Nothing can make a bunkroom feel crisper and clearer than an all-white background. Then, just find a few pieces of color to really make it pop. You can use the extra shelving to display their interests and other things your kids love. Also, there is an additional option to fence the top bed in without looking like a crib.

29. Install Wall Lights for a Private Haven

When you build bunkrooms, don’t just think about the beds; create a cubby space for kids and teens alike. Another option to consider for bunk beds is this beautiful, enclosed set. The bunkroom sleeping areas will feel like their own personal cubby or cave, built right into the wall. Several other little details make this an excellent idea for any child’s room, including their own reading lamp and shelf to decorate and personalize. The subtle nature of this sleeping set can also help you maximize the rest of the room into a playroom or however else you decide.

28. Get Dramatic with Dark Wood and a Double Bunk Bed Set

As much as stacking beds make sense, you can split bunk beds into two separate accommodations. If you need to add more sleeping areas than one set, then consider this incredible and dramatic look that not only builds in the beds but doubles down for a cool, grown-up version of the adult bunk bed style. The enclosed beds also make the room look double the size. The top enclosed area and the drawers underneath are beneficial touches to this bunkroom, and potential decoration options are limitless.

27. Maximize Your Space with a Wall of Beds

Be bright and cheery with your bunk beds, especially if they are for children. Sharing a room is great but if your children need their individual spaces in the shared room, then look at this cheerful bunkroom. With the bright color scheme and the wall in between, it is hard not to smile at the bunk bed wall option. Utilize the space underneath the bed with shelves and drawers to keep everything they need within arm’s reach. The mirror on the wall is an especially nice touch to help the area look more prominent.

26. Decorate with Real Wood and Interesting Wallpaper

The customized double set of bunk beds wows and impresses with its all-tone details, even down to the comforter and sheets! The long staircase provides double duties as a storage space. This bunkroom idea is another excellent example of using mismatched full-size beds on the bottom bunk, perfect for older kids who share their rooms with younger siblings. Anything added to this incredible set would be up to your discretion and ensign aesthetic. PS – this beige wood and the panel background paired with the grey tree-like forest wallpaper is a rustic dream come true.

25. Buy an L-Shape Bunk Bed

It is time to extend out your bunk bed for a great look with this L-Shape option! You can purchase a bunk bed with this style. An all-time classic bed option is something to pursue, even for kids. Match the wood of your bunk bed to the rest of the furniture in the room, and you have this cohesive option that fits right in. This bunkroom is another way to build the bed into the wall. However, this time, allow it to stick out and around the other shelves. The leaning ladder helps lead the child to their dream destination spot, and the other details help make the room have its unique personality.

24. Allow Eight People to Sleep in One Room with this Epic Bunkroom Idea

Look at your space and consider maximizing the area by putting bunk beds on opposite walls. For more than one set of bunk beds, you could use one wall set, or you could do two with a double set like the ones pictured here. The middle asks as a sort of aisle leading each to their personal cubby and space. Use a neutral rug to tie the room together. The matching sets of comforters and the drawers underneath the bottom bunk are additional touches to make the room feel more personal and inviting.

23. Consider a Trundle Bed the Best Invention

Yes, it is time to get creative with a trundle. Bunk beds provide a plethora of decorating options, especially when you need to brainstorm about what to do with the space underneath. One great idea is to transform the double sleeping area into a triple with a trundle bed. The trundle is basically a drawer that is big enough to house an extra mattress. Perfect for sleepovers or a three-person occupancy room. This trundle bed option is classic, with additional built-in features and shelves right along the right spits.

22. Make the Kids Happy with a Bunk Bed Slide

This is definitely a kid’s bunk bed because they can be playful with a built-in slide! Playtime is an integral part of childhood, and what better way to incorporate that fun than a small slide built in a bunk bed? This creative option provides a fantastic alternative to waking up on the right side of the bed with a breezy escape route right alongside. The rest of the design aesthetic keeps cool with classic black and white polka dots and occasional pops of teal color. The only trouble could be deciding who gets the top bunk.

21. Install Port Windows and Pool-Like Ladders for a Maritime Look

Are you trying to decorate your Airbnb rental to follow a nautical theme? Keep an eye out at the foot of the bed because these port-like holes are perfect for all ages. Playing peek-a-boo just got elevated with a bunk bed style. This option is another one that plays with the room and still manages to be grown up enough for older kids. The foot of the bed features a clever lookout spot for the occupant to see what is around the corner. Each sleeping area also has its own lighting for nestling in and reading before settling in for the night. It is a classic way to add personality to any room.

20. Paint the Wood Your Favorite Color

Create a green country-inspired room with envy by adding a splash of paint. It’s easy to go all green with this outdoor-loving bunk bed option. Built-in the wall, the room provides serene vibes throughout its decoration details. Add a neutral curtain aligned to each bed to provide extra shading and privacy right when needed. The flannel is another down-home country touch that ties the whole room together. Although green is a popular paint shade, you can opt for your favorite hue to make the room perfect.

19. Create a Chic Space with Elegant Touches and an L-Shape Bunk

Switch up your idea of standard beds with an L-shape bunk bed. There are no hard and fast rules for home decor, which applies to bunkrooms too. You can arrange bunk beds similarly to this idea, depending on how you envision your room functioning. Take this clever take on the classic set that provides a loft sleeping area and another extension underneath swapped to set a dresser nearby. The subtle overhead lighting on both sets of beds is perfect for reading and playing without the look of a lamp hovering overhead. Tre Magnifique!

18. Customize Standard Bunk Beds with Pallets

When it comes to bunkrooms, this DIY idea is straightforward. Chunky headboards are a solid choice for even the most standard bunk beds. Another option for mismatched bunk beds that sets a full-size bed underneath a twin, this sleeping area is actualized with a chunky headboard to match the individual mattress. The leaning ladder rests perfectly next to the boards and can provide steady steps to the top bunk. The rest of the design aesthetic is up to you and your child’s interests. Solid colors like the ones shown are great for tying the room together.

17. Built-In Bunk Beds Are Great, and Pastel Hues Are Even Better

Add a pastel accent hue to any room for a designer look. This built-in bunk bed option plays off the off-white neutral tone with a coral accent color. Other built-in details include a separate stairway to the top bunk and the shelves on the other side of the bed. Your kids will rejoice at the sight of this bunkroom idea. One side of the room is for bunkbeds and interests, while the other is open to a new world of possibilities. It really livens up the space to fulfill their wildest dreams.

16. Elevate Your Room — Literally

Take a look around your bedroom and see if you have space to go vertical. Make a study area and more with this chic bunkroom. The built-in bunk beds can be even more functional by utilizing the space on the other side as a personalized study area. The ladder at the foot of the bed leads to an enclosed deck that could be great for doing homework. Add shelves above the desk to display books and other necessities for those assignments. The rest of the room appears bigger, thanks to the accent wall.

15. Feel Cozy in Your Cottage with Double Bunkbeds and Window Seating

Say yes to stripes in linens and furniture. You are not seeing double in this cozy, camp-inspired bedroom. The asymmetry and lines brought in by this cute design offer a clean way for them to catch some Zs and everything in between. The window treatment catches the eye to another impressive feature in the room: a window seat ottoman for extra seating. There are several other details to love in these custom-made bunk beds, including the parallel lines and striped bedding.

14. Create a Nautical Theme for Your Cabin

Several designs on this epic list for bunkrooms take their inspiration from the sea. And this one is no exception: the beds look like they could be setting on top of a sailboat heading toward the horizon. The steps feel like you are walking right up to the top tier of the ship. The paneled enclosed areas offer privacy and comfort in the shared room, and the peek-a-boo windows inside the whiles allow your little ones to seek out who might be coming aboard. The cool colors offer a relaxing atmosphere during both day and nighttime hours.

13. Invite Friends into Your Cave

Set stonework in your new bunkroom for a strong look, and you won’t regret it. Industry and stone can be a great outdoor inspiration for any room in your home, and a bedroom is no different. Mix and match these solid materials for a can’t-miss treatment that is bold and beautiful. The cabin aesthetic elevates the wall from the ceiling to the floor. Furthermore, the same neutral tones of the Aztec-inspired bedding add more personality and interest to the whole look.

12. Add Charming Barn Doors in Bunkrooms

Barn doors are all the rage in home decor, and there are several ways to use the same style in bunk beds as well. The peek-a-boo window has a sliding door for additional privacy. There are shelves for both of the bottom bunks for some extra pizazz. Another great touch is using the same bars for the windows and the ladder leading up to the top bunk. The whole country-inspired bedroom is too cute for words, and it will feel like you have split the bunkroom!

11. Create an Eco-Friendly Area with Limited Materials

Add personality and add an eco-friendly feel with this space-saving bedroom idea. After all, home decor is supposed to be fun, which is undoubtedly the case with this whimsical room. The beds are elongated to make the small space feel larger than it is. With a wink and a nod, you can add all kinds of elements to your children’s personalities. With a small bar ladder, kids can enjoy the view from the top place in the room. The simplicity in this bunkroom lends itself to a number of ideas Keep reading for the top ten bunkrooms.

10. Remember that Simple Designs are Sometimes the Best

Does your child’s bedroom have to make the most out of a little amount of space? Are you dealing with an awkward wall or another design obstacle? Fret not, with inspiration from this clever and decked-out bunk bed. Keep it cheerful with bright colors, a reading cubby, and other items to spark interest. The narrow beds optimize the space while letting each corner have something all its own. The matching details also carry into the table across the room. This room design stimulates the mind with a charming decor.

9. Maximize the Corner Space with Double Bunkbeds

Do you dig this diagonal look? Get the point together by adjoining the two separate bunk beds and setting them in the corner. The diagonal can help you focus on the point of interest. This busy but cohesive design utilizes bold and robust comforters and a landscape mural to create drama and maximize the amount of space in the small room. Diagonal lines are essential to the aesthetic appeal of the overall room, and the possibilities are endless in incorporating the detail in your home.

8. Go with an Organic Bedframe and a Bright Wall

A vibrant accent wall does wonders. Another great way to build interest in a room is an accent wall. Plus, this bunk bed idea delivers all kinds of storage surprises. That includes a trundle and a suspended shelf above the bottom bunk to store all the trophies, awards books, and other essential items. The compact design fits well in a smaller space. Create contrast and interest by using different colored bedding to really make the bed the focal point of the room. The wall shelving between the two beds is charming and practical. In fact, the entire design of this wooden bunk bed is organic and aesthetic, including the bunk railing with circles.

7. Get Inspiration for Rustic Cabin Bunkrooms

Do you want to utilize a small space but still use a loft bed? Consider using similar wooden pieces to really up the ante like this bunkroom idea. The bigger bed faces the TV, and the cohesive, chunky woodwork puts the whole atmosphere on display. The wow factor of the entire room is how beautiful the whole furniture works together. Besides, wooden inspirations bring the outside back indoors. This bedroom design is ideal for those who love nature and rustic themes.

6. Steal this Industry-Inspired Look

Grey is a sophisticated color, with an edge, elegance, and ease to refine any room. If your room needs to occupy more than two children in a smaller space, take a look at this steel-inspired bunk bed style. Let this go-to scheme be undeniable in its simplistic charm. Pair with similar color bedding to make it look more together and grown-up. Keep reading for more theme bunkrooms, bunk bed ideas, and awesome styles that you can use for your house or airbnb rental. Keep reading for the top five bunkrooms.

5. Hang Curtains to Hide Your Bunk Beds

Why line one wall when you can line three? Transform a room into the ultimate sleepover station with a trio of double beds. The panel wall helps make the room look taller and brings the eyes upward. The ottoman in the middle of the room is in the community space, so all occupants have space to share. The neutral colors shown here are just one example of a grown-up way to use bunk beds. But let’s not forget to mention the best feature of all. The floor-to-ceiling curtains to cover each section.

4. Yell Timber When You Get Wood for Your Bunk Bed

Go to great lengths with this multiple option bed that looks like it came straight out of a luxury retreat. The towering real-wood pillars have rugged features for an authentic cabin ambiance. Stretch the bed to the ceiling and create a large drama space with this built-in bunk bed. Everything you need rests on one side of the room. The eyes are immediately drawn to the focal point of the bed, combining many of the bunk bed ideas on this list. It also features built-in bunkbed spaces and cushioned window seats.

3. Build a Bunk Over an Existing Bed — And You’ll Have the Most Headspace Ever

The bottom bunk can get a bad rep for tall people. The traditional top bunk may be too close to the ceiling, and the bottom may not be big enough either. Don’t worry, this bunkroom option fixes that problem with ease by situating the top bunk high above the lower level. The loft-style idea works with a simple bar, and you can also use the shelf on the other side for extra storage. If you need to add an extra bed to your already existing space, or desire ample headspace for a bunk bedroom, try this idea!

2. Decorate with Wooden Panels and a Custom-Made Light Fixture

Wall panels are a popular trend in home decor, and you can place the pieces as a way to frame the bunk beds. This bunk bed example matches the wood for the leading staircase and undercarriage drawers, and it’s practically perfect. Big, bold designs in sheets create more drama with the otherwise single-toned room. Keep reading for the final bunkroom idea that is fit for a designer magazine spread or HGTV special (at least that’s what your friends and family will say)!

1. Use Faux Fur and Cowhide for a Western Bunkroom

When you think of bunk beds, these amazing bunkrooms probably didn’t come to your mind. This theme can be a great inspiration for a room. This bunkroom is so elegant that adults probably use the space, too. If you want to embrace this wild-west theme, follow this bunkroom idea. The quilted silver headboard is paired well with the darker grey tones used throughout the room. Russel up some other items to really make it sing. Fake fur and cowhide are further winks to the Wild West. You can also enjoy built-in shelves, tables, and other trinkets to help make the room feel more like you could hang your hat or anything else. Did you like these bunkrooms?