These Storage Hacks Save Homeowners Tons of Time and Money

Sai Leigh - November 15, 2022
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Stud Storage

Are you or do you know a handyman? If your answer to either is “yes,” and you’re looking for more storage, check out this design hack! It’s a little odd, but might be just what you need to create additional storage in your home. It’s hard to take into consideration the spaces we can’t see, but that’s what this homeowner did when they designed an interior shelving unit using the studs of the wall. By carefully removing drywall and creating a tailored shelf built into the wall itself, they did way more than just create more storage – they saved space. Recessed shelves aren’t for everyone, but they might be the perfect option for taking advantage of the nooks and crannies around your home.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Furniture Hacks

Function and aesthetic don’t always go hand in hand, but they can! As you purchase furniture for your home that adds those “final touches,” keep an eye out for added storage features that you may have overlooked. For example, entryway benches are a great buy. They provide seating for guests and family to remove their shoes while also providing a place to store those shoes! Minimalist design has been big in the last decade, but look at your furniture with a whole new perspective: an entryway table can be more than just a place to chuck your keys. Look for tables with multiple drawers to store dog leashes, gloves, or any other items that can be hard to find a spot for.

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Rolling Carts for Hidden Spaces

One of the most infuriating parts about trying to find storage in your home is seeing an empty space and knowing there’s no way you can make it work. But have you ever considered rolling carts? These carts are built to fit those awkward, narrow spaces – between your refrigerator and cabinet, for example, or up next to your washing machine. They can be tailored to have multiple shelves to store small items (like kids’ toys or books) or larger items (like laundry detergent or cleaning supplies). The addition of wheels on these carts makes them easy to pull out and, if necessary, move around the house or out of the way. Take advantage of that space you’ve always overlooked.


Fold-Out Work Space

Working from home can be a burden for some since we didn’t exactly plan for a workspace invading our day-to-day lives. Fitting a desk into a living room or second bedroom can be tight, and an eyesore to boot. Luckily, fold down desks are an option that creates an organized space and storage solution for your work-at-home needs. Fold down desks take up little space and can be as narrow as four inches from wherever you decide to mount them. Wood choice, stain, and paint color can all have an effect on creating a great aesthetic that fits your home. In the small space behind the fold out desktop you can also fit shelving that stores additional office supplies.


Pot Pull-Out Storage

Pots are infuriatingly hard to store in any kitchen. Most recently, the preferred method has been hanging them from a ceiling rack. In some kitchens (usually the spacious expensive ones…) this looks great. But in most homes, it can create a crowded look that makes a kitchen appear disorganized. After all, you’re not living in a restaurant, are you? One of the newest solutions for properly storing pots and pans is the pull-out pot rack. These racks can be built into an existing cabinet and pull out the same way a drawer does, with pots hanging down off of adjustable hooks. No more clanging around blindly and hoping you find the right pan; just slide this rack out from its hiding place.


Pot Lid Racks

Pot lids are notorious for causing disorganization in the kitchen. They’re an odd shape that doesn’t stack well and slips and slides all over the place. You can’t really store them with their matching pot, because then you’re limiting your space significantly. Luckily, items like pot lid racks are easy to make or purchase and are an awesome solution for this kind of storage. Pot lid racks are almost always angled and allow you to store lids upright. They make use of extra wall space and are pretty narrow in terms of size, so you won’t end up with an awkward bulky stack. Racks can be hung up wherever you feel they fit and lids will be within easy reach.

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Pegboard Craft Organization

Any crafter knows it can be tough to tame your passion long enough to get organized. Sometimes you get so wound up in a new idea that by the end, you’re too exhausted to clean up. Where this becomes an issue is the next time you’re looking for an item. Say, a spool of thread – where in the mess could it possibly be? No matter what your crafting area looks like, it could probably benefit from a pegboard. The grid pattern of a pegboard allows for utilizing the space in a tailored way to fit all your bits and bobs. Hang bins, tape, buckets, thread, markers, and more and keep them within easy reach. And whenever you take on a new hobby, you can simply re-organize in minutes!


Pantry Storage, Mix n’ Match

Pantries get messy very, very quickly – especially if you’re hangry and rummaging around in there! No matter if your pantry is a walk-in or a small space, keeping it organized can be a struggle. Part of the problem is that food comes in packages of all shapes and sizes. Cereal boxes, bags of flour, pasta sauce, snack boxes, and more can take up a lot of space. The easiest way to keep your pantry organized is to buy a few different sized bins and storage containers (three sizes, max). Remove products from their packages and store in these bins and containers to create a sense of cohesiveness. These containers will fit more uniformly in the space and, if they’re transparent, give you a clear view of what you’re looking for!


Wall-Mounted Storage for Cleaning Supplies

The old-school way to store your cleaning supplies has always been to shove them in a closet. “Shove” being the operative word, because it can feel impossible to keep cleaning supplies organized. Open that closet and, chances are, brooms, mops, dusters, and more will come spilling out on top of you. But using a wall-mounted broom and mop holder – bonus points for added hooks – is a great way to keep these supplies out of the way and easily organized. Grips on the mount contract around broom and mop handles to hold them in place and additional hooks are perfect for hanging up dusters.


Lazy Susans: An Oldie, But Goodie

Lazy Susans were incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1960s when housewives were looking for innovative ways to make their kitchens efficient. The history of the Lazy Susan actually goes back much, much further (about a hundred years, give or take). Surprisingly, they’re still relevant and helpful today when it comes to keeping your kitchen organized. Multi-level Lazy Susans can be tucked into or built into cabinets – especially those awkward corner cabinets – and used as miniature pantries. They’re great for storing canned goods, snacks, spices, and more. Plus, it spins! Everything you need is right at your fingertips.


Laptop Desk Organizers

With the COVID-19 pandemic these past few years, having an organized workspace at home has become a necessity for many. Unfortunately, you probably didn’t plan to be working from home long-term and may have had to make adjustments. In smaller homes and spaces, it can be hard to create organization and storage for your “office.” Laptop desk organizers like the one pictured really pack a punch. They’re compact, but have multiple sections for storing your keyboard, mouse, papers, cell phone, pens, scissors, and whatever other office supplies you need on the daily. Elevated laptop storage organizers also give that little extra “boost” of elevation that helps protect you from a sore back, neck, and shoulders!


High Shelving for Added Space

While it may not match your aesthetic, adding high shelves to your home is an easy way to create additional storage space. It’s definitely got a certain “vibe” about it, but many people – book lovers especially – utilize high shelving in their personal space or office. By high shelving, we’re referring to shelves (usually one or two) that are above your head. They are usually 6 – 12 inches below the ceiling. If you’re looking for a way to make these shelves more inviting in your space, consider adding backlighting with


Headboard Hacks

Chances are you’ve never thought of your headboard when it comes to storage. You could go old-school and buy or build a headboard with overhead shelving, but that could get…dangerous. Check out this sleek alternative – pull-out headboard shelves for secret storage! By creating a hollow headboard with shelving units that roll out, you can store all your nightly needs close at hand. Wide enough to act as bookshelves if necessary, they’re also a great place to keep glasses, vitamins, magazines, or whatever else is normally scattered around the bedroom. Plus…pulling these out is just plain impressive.


Kid-Level Toy Storage

It can be hard to corral kid toys, and storage options may be limited depending on your space. In some cases cube bookcases or furniture with built-in storage is idea. But if you’re looking for an interesting alternative, try creating storage on your walls and at the kids’ level. In this example, garden hanging baskets were used and secured to studs. The cage element to the baskets keeps toys inside and creates cute little stations for storage. Make your kids feel like the space is truly their own by putting everything within reach and encouraging clean-up time!


Utilize Extra Space Behind Doors

There’s a little-known storage space right in front of you: the space behind your door. Odd, right? But think about it; you close your door and there’s at least three to four inches of space between the door and the shelving inside. In pantry areas, this space can be utilized to store spices and other food products. Install a basic, narrow shelving unit (easily a DIY project, or affordably done by your local carpenter) to fit your door and your needs exactly.

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Bathroom Mason Jar Hacks

Bathrooms get surprisingly dirty and dusty, fast. They can be a pain to keep organized and hard to maintain the aesthetic in an area that sees a lot of traffic day in and day out. Plus, any kind of hygiene or beauty routine in the bathroom usually involves some minuscule bits and bobs. To make that part of your day easier (before you hit the coffee), use mason jars to organize items like q tips, cotton balls, and gauze. Using uniform jars that fit your bathroom’s aesthetic means they’ll blend in perfectly while keeping the place organized. Class it up a bit with decorative jars.


Kitchen Organization Racks

Kitchens are the spaces that truly bring families together. No matter what your cultural background is, chances are, everyone gathers where the food is being made. But in both small and large kitchens it can be hard to stay organized with so many products around. Harder still to decide what to store away in a more permanent area, where they aren’t immediately at hand. Luckily, items like baking sheet storage racks can keep your cabinets organized and make it easy to find exactly what you need. These racks are made to fit sheets of any shape and size, from a basic baking sheet to a muffin tray. They fit easily under counter space or can be utilized in the pantry for additional storage. No more digging around in the dark for that one beat-up tray – make cooking more fun with the hassle forgotten.


Fold-Out Tables

Fold-out furniture was big in the late 1800s when cities grew quickly and people needed to make the most of small spaces. You’ve probably seen old movies with beds popping out from the wall (a popular feature in comedies). Over the decades, houses were built bigger, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about fold-out furniture altogether. In fact, fold-out tables are a perfect option for adding a bar or breakfast nook to your home. Whether you go for a mass-produced design or a custom-made piece, these functional furniture pieces add character to your home as well as additional storage space.


Makeup Hack: Cutlery Organizers

Makeup can be hard to keep track of. There are so many bits and pieces: thin eyeliner sticks, tiny lip glosses, blush rounds, and eyebrow pencils. For a long time pouches were the preferred way to both store and travel with makeup, but they’re not an ideal option for storage in the long run. Frantically digging through a packed bag when you need that last-minute lipstick fix can be frustrating. At home, at least, using a cutlery organizer for makeup storage will keep everything neat and tidy. The individual sections of a cutlery organizer are the perfect size for items like eyeliners or lip gloss. Smaller sections can be used to store pencil sharpeners, eye shadow rounds, blush, and more. Find an organizer that fits your bathroom or bedroom drawer and never dig through a pile of makeup again.

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Craft Caddies

For crafters, organization can seem like an oxymoron. It’s not uncommon for those who love crafts to take on multiple projects, and therefore, near impossible to stay organized if you don’t already have a system in place. Plus, a lot of crafting items are small and easy to lose. Craft caddies are a great way to keep adult crafters or crafty kids organized. They’re essentially totes (of the material of your choice) that have sections and helpful slots, like paintbrush holders. Keep paints, polymer clay, buttons, and more organized and separated in each section. Easily tote crafts around or clean them up quickly and tuck them away. These caddies are a great solution not only for organization and storage but for the busy crafter who doesn’t work in just one area.


Organize Your Life at the Door

Chances are, one or both of your parents used a wall calendar while you were growing up. They’d jot down birthdays, appointments, sports events, and more to try and keep the family’s day organized. But wall calendars have fallen out of favor as they don’t do their job as well as they could. With limited space, it’s hard to actually organize your day. Consider getting a multi-organization unit that also works for storage. These are built so many different ways and you’ll easily find one to fit your needs. Common builds include a calendar (usually chalk or eraser board), key hanger, mail bucket, and corkboard. Organize your day, week, or month to fit your needs and make sure you’re not forgetting anything as you head out the door.

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Farewell Tip: Declutter Your Space!

As a parting tip, let’s talk about decluttering your space. These days there are quite a few TV shows, books, and consultation services dedicated to teaching you how to declutter. But it’s overall a simple process. As you get ready to organize each space and create new storage, start by going through every item in that area. If you’re adding storage to your closet, first pull out all your belongings and decide: do you really need this? Do you ever wear this? Should it be stored away with seasonal items, or is it better off donated? By decluttering your space, you’ll have even more room for things you actually need, and finding items will be easier in the end.