These Storage Hacks Save Homeowners Tons of Time and Money

Sai Leigh - November 15, 2022
Mom Home Guide

Craft Caddies

For crafters, organization can seem like an oxymoron. It’s not uncommon for those who love crafts to take on multiple projects, and therefore, near impossible to stay organized if you don’t already have a system in place. Plus, a lot of crafting items are small and easy to lose. Craft caddies are a great way to keep adult crafters or crafty kids organized. They’re essentially totes (of the material of your choice) that have sections and helpful slots, like paintbrush holders. Keep paints, polymer clay, buttons, and more organized and separated in each section. Easily tote crafts around or clean them up quickly and tuck them away. These caddies are a great solution not only for organization and storage but for the busy crafter who doesn’t work in just one area.


Organize Your Life at the Door

Chances are, one or both of your parents used a wall calendar while you were growing up. They’d jot down birthdays, appointments, sports events, and more to try and keep the family’s day organized. But wall calendars have fallen out of favor as they don’t do their job as well as they could. With limited space, it’s hard to actually organize your day. Consider getting a multi-organization unit that also works for storage. These are built so many different ways and you’ll easily find one to fit your needs. Common builds include a calendar (usually chalk or eraser board), key hanger, mail bucket, and corkboard. Organize your day, week, or month to fit your needs and make sure you’re not forgetting anything as you head out the door.

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Farewell Tip: Declutter Your Space!

As a parting tip, let’s talk about decluttering your space. These days there are quite a few TV shows, books, and consultation services dedicated to teaching you how to declutter. But it’s overall a simple process. As you get ready to organize each space and create new storage, start by going through every item in that area. If you’re adding storage to your closet, first pull out all your belongings and decide: do you really need this? Do you ever wear this? Should it be stored away with seasonal items, or is it better off donated? By decluttering your space, you’ll have even more room for things you actually need, and finding items will be easier in the end.