Top Crafts to Do With Kids at Home

By Trista
Top Crafts to Do With Kids at Home

The feeling is mutual for many parents – you’re running out of things to do with your children. The school days aren’t as long as they were before because it seems like your kids can get their schoolwork down in half of the school day. This leaves many hours during the day that you need to fill with activities to keep the kids busy, especially your little ones. 

The struggle is you don’t want to place them in front of the television or Xbox all day long. You know they need to work their creative muscles as well. But, what can you do with little money and that’s easy enough for all your kids to enjoy? Crafts. Below are 35 easy and affordable top crafts to do with your children while you’re stuck at home. 

Wind chimes are an excellent decoration for your home. Shutterstock.

Key Wind Chimes

Do you have a lot of old keys around your house and you don’t know what to do with them? If so, you can make your own key wind chimes. All you need are keys, paint, string, and a stick. First, you want to paint the stick and then the keys. 

Make sure you let each side dry before you paint the other side. Then, you want to cut the string and tie each string around the hole of a key. Tie the other side of the string on the stick and then cut another string so you can hang up the chime.