Try these Dreamy Basement Design Ideas

Trista - July 26, 2020
Adding space for the laundry can help when it comes to the piles of dirty and clean clothes that tend to collect everywhere. Shutterstock.

Add a Laundry Room

Do you have your washer and dryer sitting in a random spot in your home and always wished for a wonderful laundry room where you could fold and hang clothes? Whether your washer and dryer are in your basement or stuck somewhere else in the house, you can build an incredible room for them. 

You don’t need to build more walls unless you want to. You can easily put up cupboards, storage space, shelving, a sink, and any other items you think you’ll need. You can even decorate the wall and floor in a particular area, so people know where to look for the clean clothes that they forgot to put away. 

Sometimes your study area doesn’t have any electronics, including a computer. Shutterstock.

Create a Study Area

Do you need a separate space from your office that houses all your books, hobbies, or just a place where you can work on specific tasks, such as writing? Maybe your children handle their homework better when they have a designated space away from distractions, but it seems there is a television in nearly every room. You might also dream about becoming a best-selling author, but you don’t have a space to write your book. 

Make your basement a study area where people can work, complete their school work, or go back to school, or do anything else. Set up a bunch of bookcases so you can house all of the books and create a mini-library. Get your minds going every day by learning something new. 


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