Try These Indoor Activities With Your Pets while Stuck at Home

Trista - June 30, 2020
There are so many fun toys that you can buy to hang inside their cage for entertainment purposes. Shutterstock.

Buy Some Fantastic Cage Toys

When they are in their cage, they need many things to entertain them. Make sure you have lots of interesting toys hanging inside that they can play with and chew on. You could even get a foraging tree for your parrot for much excitement. 

Another great toy to hang in their cage is a mirror; it will almost create the illusion of them having a friend in there with them. Pet stores have a wide variety of toys to keep your flying friend entertained, even when they are in their cage. 

Keep a radio or television on for your pets when you aren’t at home, so they aren’t left in silence. Shutterstock.

Leave On Some Background Sound

Last but not least, when you aren’t going to be at home and won’t be able to talk to your bird, you should leave a radio or television. This background noise will keep them company and entertained when you aren’t at home. 

You might think it’s a good idea to put on the nature channel, but predator sounds might scare your parrot. Stick to the news or a sitcom channel with lots of human noises that will keep your parrot occupied until you get home. 

Pets are our family, and we want them to be happy and having fun at all times – indoors or outdoors. Shutterstock.

Keeping Pets Happy And Healthy

Our pets are like part of the family, and we want to ensure that they are always happy, healthy, and of course – entertained. There are so many fantastic options to make this happen, and some of them don’t cost you anything at all. 

Pets love having our attention and care. When you play with them indoors, make it count, and make it an experience that you both enjoy. Taking the time to do an activity with them will make your day so much better and theirs.