Try These Indoor Activities With Your Pets while Stuck at Home

By Trista
Try These Indoor Activities With Your Pets while Stuck at Home

As much as our pets love playing outdoors, sometimes they have to be inside. Playtime inside is very different from how they can play outside. With pets, you need to keep them stimulated and get the most out of life. 

When pets are stimulated, they are less likely to cause a disturbance in your home – it’s a win-win situation. Playing with a dog outside is easy – throw their ball or stick and let fetch begin. However, how do you translate this activity to an inside game? Keep reading for some indoor pet games.

Let your dog sniff around for yummy treats that you have hidden around the house. Shutterstock.

Sniffing Out Treats

Dogs have incredible noses and can sniff out almost anything. This concept is a great place to start with an indoor activity for your pet and is an indoor version of fetch. Place a few of your fluffy friend’s favorite treats around the house and let them find it. 

Your dog will put its senses to work as it engages the sense of smell as it tries to find these delicious hidden treasures. You can also set the difficulty level of this activity depending on where you decide to hide the treats and how many.