Unique Modern Staircases That Immediately Stand Out

Trista - May 15, 2022
Covet House

8. The Most Luxurious and Organic Set Of Stairs 

This staircase design wraps around the tree in the center, and it continues to surround it, somewhat in the shape of a snail. All of this feels so organic. The color palette of white and gold is different from what we usually see in staircases – wood, glass, and concrete. The visual lightness makes the staircase feel incredibly luxurious and contemporary. These stairs have an opening between each step, which lets us see the tree, and it is crucial as the staircase design centers around this feature. 

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7. The Cat Staircase 

This unique staircase has a very interesting name – the cat staircase! If you think about it, it really is the perfect name as the staircase leads up to a small enclosed loft space (similar to that of a cat stand). A small staircase like this is ideal for an equally small area. Gone are the days of old-fashioned pull downstairs to get you to the loft. Instead, you should be using them as a design feature. The bold black and geometric shape of these stairs is the perfect contrast against the stark white walls of the rest of the room, and it frames the space and doesn’t take up much room either.


6. Traditional Stairs With A Twist 

Up and up we go with this interesting set of stairs! It’s almost like you’ve got two staircases for the price of one! This design is exceptional for a very narrow staircase and with just enough intrigue to not make it too busy for the space. It uses the traditional materials for staircases – wood and more wood. But by creating the interlocking stairs at alternating levels, this design is something traditional with a twist. It also seems to be a very steep staircase, and they designer exaggerates this incline. Probably wouldn’t be great if you have somebody in your home with mobility constraints. 


5. The Sensualscaping Stairs

This set of stairs has its own special name: The Sensualscaping Stairs! They designed these innovative stairs with spirit and sensuality in mind. Furthermore, the designer created a sequence of luxurious sculptural spaces. It looks like each level of stairs has been peeled back to reveal the flooring. This stair design is very sculptural and very artistic! It seems as though the stairs are growing as a tree would. The lines of the stairs continue onto the wall, and it’s instrumental in creating the incredible flow of the design.

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4. The Stairs Of Steel 

These incredible steel floating stairs are one of a kind and are quite the contrast with the concrete wall they are attached to. This staircase creates a very industrial feel within the space but is also very polished and modern with the clean lines and edges created by the entire structure, and it blends in with the perfectly polished floor. These floating stairs will be a great design feature in a modern loft set against an exposed brick wall if the concrete is too harsh of a wall coating for you. 

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3. A DNA-Inspired Staircase

Here is another beautiful minimalistic staircase. The designer must have gotten inspiration from a strand of DNA! While the concept is very natural and organic, it’s also quite a playful concept. A staircase can act as a core design piece of a home while being functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Staircases are becoming more exciting with their designs, and architects are making these prominent features in the homes they design. They crafted this incredible staircase out of incredible pieces of wood that weave together in perfect harmony. 


2. A Staircase Made From Wooden Boxes

This incredibly sculptural staircase comes from wooden boxes and platforms. A thin metal black frame supports the entire structure. This innovative design is a very high staircase that ascends three stories! The boxy platforms make the stairs and complement the geometric flooring choice while still being a minimalist set of stairs. There are fascinating shapes created by the black supporting frame: from triangles to rectangles. Using different forms is an excellent method of adding depth and texture to an otherwise plain room. 


1. The Spilled Out Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases really allow the designer to explore the curves of the design and how they wrap around the central point. This staircase is created from oak and creates a landing of three stairs before the turn of the stairs begins. These platforms fill out the space and are extensive platforms that get smaller as you start to step around the middle beam. It looks as though each step is spilling onto the next one. They achieved this staircase design by emphasizing the points where each angle meets the curve.