Trendy Colorful Interior Designs for All Those Tired of the Usual

Trista - April 13, 2022

From pastel tones to bold and bright shades, color is back in the design world. We’ve had neutral homes for far too long, and now it’s time to have some fun with design. If you aren’t ready to go crazy with color, there are many unique ways to incorporate pops into your neutral space. Color is a fantastic way to introduce personality into your home, and you can do it in ways that are easy to change if the trends change. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

Dazey Den

30. The Boldest Bedroom You’ve Ever Seen

Who says that a bedroom has to be neutral tones? If you love bright colors, embrace them! This colorful interior design is ideal for your space. If you are going to do bright colors in your bedroom, use two contrasting colors that work with each other. Orange and blue are fantastic choices for this concept and blue works as a more relaxed and neutral base with the orange popping from it. Create a beautiful accent wall using wallpaper, and then choose your fun curtains, carpet, and other accessories. You can use wood within this space to help balance the area’s brightness.

Jungalow / Justina Blakenry

29. A Pop of Color In Your Living Room

This colorful interior design is another fantastic example of using orange and blue in the living room. You can use these shades as a pop of color within a more neutral space. Besides, this colorful interior design is a great way to insert color for those who don’t want an overload of it. Pick an area in your home where the surrounding walls are more neutral, and then choose a bright sofa and a rug. You can also have fun with your choice of scatter cushions, mixing in other color tones that work with the color of your sofa or armchairs. If you want to make it a bit extra, choose a colorful coffee table or ottoman. Go one step further by adding trinkets and colorful books to the surrounding shelving space.

Dazey Den

28. Fall In Love with Lime

Are you a lover of lime? Lime is a bright color, but it can be quite relaxing too. That is, if you pick the right tone, of course. Lime works beautifully with pastel tones, so if you aren’t interested in super bright colors, this is the way to go. Create a living space that is fun and cozy with lime, green and pink tones to compliment it. If you want to embrace the colors, you can add them to the wall panels. Paint the lower half in a stunning pastel pink and the top half in lime green. Bring these colors into the space in the form of artwork, pillows, and curtains to finish off the look. This colorful room design is fun and adds a dose of personality to your home. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

MyDomaine / JC Designs

27. Choose a Beautiful Burnt Orange Accent

Colorful doesn’t always mean bright and in your face. If you are tired of your neutral space and want a change, there are ways to bring colors in that aren’t too jarring for you. Burnt orange is a very warm and relaxing color in a bedroom, and it also works brilliantly with neutral tones that you may already have in this space. You don’t need to paint the walls, change your curtains or install a colorful rug, just order a new bedspread to bring this magnificent color into your interior design. You can also introduce brown leather and wood into the room to help soften the orange tones of the accent bedding.

Dazey Den

26. Keep Your Space Light and Bright With Color

This colorful interior design is another take on the combination of green and pink but with a lovely deep forest green. These tones are more on the neutral side of colors, making it possible to incorporate colors without feeling energized by them all the time. Keep the space light and bright by swapping out your white walls for a light sage green. You can also keep aspects of white on the trimming, roof, and even a chair or two. Bring in more green in the form of pot plants around the space and an accent chair. Choose a fun couch in pink velvet and bring in colorful and textured pillows to decorate it with.


25. Incorporate Primary Colors Into Your Interior Design

On the opposite end of the scale, you can make a room special by using dark colors and brighter tones to make the darkness bolder! Choose a navy blue or even a black as your wall color. You can then highlight bold pieces of artwork you may have in your collection and pieces of furniture too. These colors may get lost on a white wall, but a darker room will highlight them. This interior design trend is about primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Furthermore, it makes it such a fun and artistic space. Life is too short to make boring interior design choices! Pick the yellow couch, buy the red lampshades, and enjoy your living space to the max. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

BoredPanda / TopDezigners

24. Go Super Retro and Super Fun

This interior design is super retro and super fun! Once again, using the more muted tones of these colors, they’ve incorporated not one, not two, but three different colors into one space without it being overkill! These colors are all complementary to each other, specifically in these shades. If you have an interesting area with walls and windows and can’t hang up art, make the walls your art! Choose bold colors like this and incorporate them into all aspects of the room. From furniture to decorations and even plants! This colorful interior design is the ideal way to make your home fun and stylish at the same time. If you are going for bold colors, keep the lines and decor simple in the space to let the colors really sing.

Home My Design

23. Say Hello to Colorful Patterns

Introduce not only color to your home but colorful patterns too! From stripes to swirls, this is a very playful interior design concept. Keep most of your color plain and without a pattern, and choose your patterned additions wisely! Introduce a patterned couch partition or opt for colorful and patterned throw cushions for the couch. You can also introduce a slice of patterned wallpaper to an accent wall in the room. Keep the other design elements, such as decorations, to a minimum if you are introducing patterns. Otherwise, you might feel overwhelmed and have too much happening in one space. Pick a hero and let them play their part in your room of choice. / Claire Staszak

22. Make Your House a Home with the Right Paint Shades

This colorful interior design truly makes this house a home. It feels well-thought-out and curated with the subtle hints of color within the space. The introduction of the red into the dining room chairs is such a clever accent and pops against the wooden dining room table. The green L-shape sofa blends in beautifully with the framed windows and the greenery happening outside of the space. The rest of the room is relatively neutral, with white walls and dark wooden floors. The designer has the perfect canvas to introduce more personality into this living area without the color completely taking over. Even adding a fruit bowl to the dining room table acts as a natural pop of color and decoration.

SA Decor and Design / Kare Design

21. Create an Interior Design Masterpiece with Bold Colors

This colorful interior design is truly a designer’s dream. Why? Because someone is willing to go this bold with design features! The monochrome of the floor provides the perfect base for the bold colors of the couch and the carpet. Without this, it wouldn’t look nearly as impressive as it turned out to be. Use interesting textures and shapes with the colors you introduce into a space to build a layered room design. There is so much to enjoy, from fluffy cushions to velvety couches in this living space. Be playful with the pieces you choose for your home; color is fun, so that’s what the area should represent. In this room design, the couch forms the hair of the face on the carpet, and it’s this attention to detail will make your home an interior design masterpiece.

Dazey Den

20. Make the Colors Pop with a Range of Shades

If monochrome is not your aesthetic, you can still go full-on with color and turn out a magnificent room. Pick your colors carefully when mixing a combination. This colorful room design is full of vibrant tones: pinks, oranges, blues, and greens! The white ceiling helps to make the room feel larger and lets you enjoy the rest of the pops of color in the space. Since this room has a lot of light coming from the windows, the glass helps break up the hue’s boldness. In addition to the window’s glass, you have a glass coffee table. Simple uses of glass within a bold space will help you decorate without feeling overwhelmed by all the design features happening in the room. A fun rug is always a great solution to bringing life to the floor if you aren’t ready for an entire floor redo.


19. Warm Up a Room with Yellow Tones

Yellow makes a space so much happier. This colorful interior design has inspiration from a bee with a combination of black and yellow. Black is a great neutral tone that can help colors pop, just as white does in other spaces. Make your color the focal point of the room while adding black accents to allow the hue to shine through. You’ll see in this room that they’ve added a black mantel to the fireplace and chosen black-framed chairs. These black geometric features work well to highlight the yellow accent wall, pillows, and even tiles on the fireplace. You can introduce other colors like orange to break up the yellow and use these for curtains, couches, and carpets. Yellow is an excellent choice of color to warm up a room! Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

Dazey Den

18. Decorate with Pink

Do you love pink? Are you trying to transform your young girly space into a more grown-up pink space? Here is exactly how you can achieve that look. There’s no reason to give up your pink; it’s just all about the choice of shades. This colorful interior design is a peachy pink that isn’t as young as the typical bubblegum or Barbie pink. You can throw in other pink accents in the form of cushions to add more texture to the space. Choose a rich-looking carpet with red and pink tones to make the area more mature. Pick bohemian accents like the hanging crochet tapestry and make this a focal point behind a bed or a couch. Introduce woods and some greens in the way of plants, and you’ll have your grown-up girl pink room! This colorful interior design is also a way to have a pink room in your home without drawing away from more masculine styling.

MyDomaine / Dazey Den

17. Design with Orange, and You Can’t Go Wrong

Could orange be the color of the year? It seems to be becoming more and more popular in interior design. Orange is a color that isn’t invasive and provides a lot of warmth to a space. It can also work in many rooms, and people love the versatility. You can even get leather couches that aren’t orange but have an orange tone to the fabric. Combine this with actual orange elements such as flooring, tiles, or feature pieces of furniture. Orange works so beautifully with wood as it helps to bring out the warmness of the material. Introduce a wooden coffee table or hanging wooden features or shelves on the walls to tie the look together. If you are using orange in an open-plan space, you can also add pops of yellow to take the color to new heights.


16. Try Color Blocking in the Kitchen

This colorful interior design is the funkiest kitchen we’ve ever seen. It is the ultimate form of color blocking. If you’re ready to go for it, you may as well go all the way. Pick three to four bright colors, although this would work with pastels, and alternate them on kitchen cabinets and shelving. You can even paint the sides of your island in a different color. Choose one color to paint the walls as you’ll be getting the pops of color from the various cupboards and furniture in the room. A white wall would also help the colors pop in this space. Choose more colorful accents in the form of your chairs, table cloths, and other decorative items. This unique kitchen design is a bold look, and if you aren’t ready to go big or go home, you can tone it down by only painting the top set of cupboards or vice versa.

BoredPanda / TopDezigners

15. Go Monochromatic for Colors

A great way to use pigment is to pick one and then use various shades in one spot for a monochromatic design. In this room, they opted for blue and used two tones of color. The royal blue is used as the accent color, while the lighter blue on the wall is what ties it all together. The use of white within the space gives it that Grecian feel. You could also turn this look into a coastal style or Hamptons-inspired design. Play around with lines and tones in this space to make it more interesting but not overloaded with vibrant colors. Colors can create a very relaxing space; it’s not just the neutrals that can achieve that aesthetic.

BoredPanda / TopDezigners

14. Update Your Room with a Creative Print

If you love a specific print, why not use it all around? There are some very tasteful ways to use one print in multiple areas of a room, especially when it is colorful. This stunning yellow and green/blue print is in the curtains, armchair, couch, and even the coffee table, but it works! The yellow is popped even more by the top layer of the sofa, being the same yellow with pillows too. The pink is also fun in the cushions and the roses. It’s all the little things that count in a space like this. Even with the color, a print like this example creates a feeling of total opulence and richness. If you want to make your living area feel more grand and colorful, this is the design you want to be taking inspiration from. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

Design Hunger / Pastel Rita

13. Use Green and Pink for a Picture-Perfect Space

Green and pink are a trendy color combination! If you have a bar area in your home, this colorful interior design is a great way to turn it into a fun, Instagram-worthy spot. Go full monochrome with the bar area: counter, chairs, and even the backsplash. You can then use the rest of the space to go totally pink. If you don’t want just to use one shade of pink, use a pale pink and then another pink with more depth. Decorate the space with more pink and green accents – even some pink or green glassware. While you may not want to have a trendy colorful main area in your home, a smaller space like this is great to have fun with when it comes to your design choices.

Design Milk / Sam Buckley

12. Go Bold with a Mixture of Styles

Color, patterns, and shapes — oh my! There’s a little bit of everything in this bold interior design. While this interior style might not be everyone’s taste in lounge design, it certainly makes an impact. Once again, pops of orange are trending, acting as the neutral in this palette. You might even spot the bright orange ceiling! The blues cool down the space and help make it a calm space despite its busy design. The use of circles and rounded edges also help soften the design aesthetic rather than having sharp lines, which may have made it a harsh room to be in. This colorful interior design could be a great style for office space if you don’t want it to be your main living area.

Decoholic / Evros / Susie Agathou

11. Keep It Neutral with Color

If you absolutely love color and fun design but also feel your heart pulled toward a more neutral design, here is an option for you! Just use pops of color here and there. You can keep your primary palette neutral and add small touches of color in the form of decorative items that can be removed or swapped out. Be playful with colorful lettering that forms part of the room’s design. You can also use color in daily use objects such as dishcloths and oven gloves. Don’t forget that chairs are also an easy way to incorporate color; it could be the seat cushion or the chair’s metal. Also, place fun and colorful items around your space, including decorations and usable items like fruit bowls.

Roo Home / Polygon

10. Opt for Colorful Wallpapers for a Designer Look

Here is another excellent example of having a trendy color-driven interior but on the more neutral end of the scale. Colorful wallpapers are a great way to introduce this trend into your home. Besides, you can always wallpaper over it if and when you want to move on to the next big thing. You can even select two different wallpapers with the same colors. In this colorful interior design, they’ve chosen blue as the connecting factor between the two. You don’t need to wallpaper the entire room, and you can pick one or two walls to have fun with. Add in a bit more shade by painting some cabinets or bringing in colorful pieces of furniture. As always, a carpet is an easy way to bring it all together and to finish off the room to make it cozier than it was before.


9. Feel Dreamy with Pastels

Moving into the pastel realm of colors, this subdued colorful interior is just as much fun as the brighter colors. There are lovely lemon yellows, sage greens, and even some baby pink in there! Choose one color and use it as a trim for your windows and walls. With this, you can keep your white walls and just use a hint of color to add some personality and depth to the surroundings. Pastels are an excellent choice for various spaces: lounges, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a nursery. Pastels are quite neutral and mix very well with wooden tones and whites. This colorful interior design is just enough of a break from the usual concept without going too extreme with the changes.


8. Have Fun Mismatching Your Pastels

Have fun with your pastels and choose great pieces of furniture that you find in these tones. We love the concept of mismatched chairs all in pastel tones! While the chairs themselves may not match, their styles are very cohesive and add a real touch of playfulness to the space. Finish it off with pastel vases and ceramic pieces. You can even change out the lighting to blend in with these colors. One of the best things about pastels is that you can mix and match any pastels together, making them versatile and easy to incorporate color into your home. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

BoredPanda / TopDezigners

7. Enjoy a Slice of Lime

Lime green is such a uniquely beautiful color; it’s no wonder it’s become so popular as a color for interior design. Imagine a full-on lime feature wall. These light wood floors are a dream come true for colorful interior design! Make the color of the wall the main feature of the room and keep your other design choices to a minimum, furniture included. This colorful interior design could be a great way to design a foyer area in your home or office space. Create built-in alcoves that you can paint in different shades. Consider something like orange or yellow. You can either display decorative items in these alcoves or use them as shelving. Pick neutral tones for your furniture, a white couch, and white tables to let the lime green come through.

Decoholic / Gemelli Design Studio

6. Combine Lime and Orange

Clearly, we can’t get enough of lime and orange because here they are again, together this time! Can you see how the orange accents help warm the wood’s tone? Or perhaps it is the wood that is making the orange pop? The lime green mix helps break up the warm tones and adds a cooler color to the space. A room shouldn’t be too warm or too cold, and it should be just right when it comes to design! You’ll notice how the rest of the room has been kept very simple with white walls and wooden furniture to let the colors play their role in the design. A plant wall also helps to bring in a touch greener, and you could even choose a brighter green plant here or an orange flowering plant.

Goods Home Design / Pinterest

5. Create a Pop Art-Inspired Room

Pop Art is the ultimate era of color usage! Create a feature room dedicated to your love of this style of art. This colorful interior design is an incredible way to decorate a space like a basement where you want to brighten the space dramatically. Pick up the colors from the artworks in other room elements, such as the furniture, carpets, and pillows. You could even paint a feature wall. Don’t let too many rules govern your design in this room; it should be fun and bold. By creating the pop art wall, you’re creating an art installation and thus a talking point for many dinner parties! Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

Dazey Den

4. Add Coral for the Perfect Shade

We’ve seen pink and green, but how about coral and green? Coral works the same way as pink does with green, and we absolutely love it. The fun part of this design is the use of metallic in it. The gold edging on the furniture is a breath of fresh air this design needs. The heaviness of the velvet fabric is made more modern with the incorporation of gold. Keep it fresh with beautiful green plants and make them a feature in the space. For the green wall, add some paneling for depth since it will have one color.

Designer Hunger / Pastel Rita’s

3. Embrace Your Inner Barbie with Pink

A pink explosion just happened here, but it was done right. This monochrome look is incredible, and it’s giving off a very Barbie-esque vibe. You can’t go wrong from a pink dining room space to a pink guest bathroom! If you are dying to have an all-pink space, a guest bathroom is a perfect spot for this. You can even get yourself a pink toilet — how much fun would that be? Light it up with a neon pink sign to give a playful wink to this space. It’s totally fem and would be perfect for your all-girl home. Keep reading to discover trendy colorful interior designs.

Dazey Den

2. Try Rainbow Shelving

We love this rainbow design, and it reminds us of the way the Home Edit works in their organization. Take the rainbow effect to a new level by painting the colors into your home. If you have a shelving unit, consider painting it in fun colors. This colorful interior design could also work for a bar unit in your home or even a kitchen with open shelving. With the white partitions of the shelves, it breaks up the color. Introduce pastel tones in the chairs and repaint the bar or choose a beautiful piece of marble with pink tones in it.

Contemporist / ReutovDesign

1. Use Pink and Green for the Designer Win

We couldn’t finish off this colorful interior design list without one last pink and green room. This time the designer selected muted pink and mint green – absolute perfection all around the room. The designer has wholly embraced the colorways from the floors to the ceilings. It is trendy to include cacti in pink and green spaces; they are the ideal green for these two tones. Introduce stone or concrete features to modernize the room in your lighting, tables, and decorative items. The round lights complement this bubble-inspired furniture, and everything in this space just works to create a relaxing open-plan living area.