Upgrade your Home with These Outdoor Shower Ideas 

Trista - April 12, 2022

Stop searching for basic ways to update your home and go bold with an outdoor shower. It’s a popular way to make a mundane task stylish. From coast to coast, people enjoy swimming in the ocean, diving in a lake, or even splashing in a chlorine-filled pool to cool down, work out, and have fun. You can use your outdoor shower to rinse off before heading indoors. And no, you don’t have to be a millionaire in Southern Cali to enjoy an outdoor shower. You need a small space, a creative vision, and the desire to have a rinse-off area outside. It’s not like you need to get undressed, so don’t worry about privacy too much. From cleaning your feet, a furry friend, and needing a water source for other reasons, you have the means to build an outdoor shower. Check out these unique ideas, and you’ll want to get started on your new home upgrade right away.

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30. Create an Outdoor Shower Using a Small, Enclosed Space

Do you have a small walled-in area near your bedroom that you’re wondering what to do with? Instead of leaving this as an empty and functionless space, you could turn it into an outdoor shower like this one! Choose some bold and bright tiles to add to the floor, giving it a very Mediterranean feel, and then add all your favorite foliage. The water from the shower is also beneficial for the plants, and you may want to consider plants that enjoy the misting that they’ll get from the steam of a shower.

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29. Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower has the feel of a beautiful Balinese spa, and you can bring this aesthetic into your own home. There’s no need to go on an expensive vacation when you can replicate this at home. If you have a new patio off your suite, this outdoor bathroom design is a fantastic way to turn it into a functional space. The best part about this design is that it can still work as a patio area when not being used as a shower. The configuration of the bench allows for seating. Plus, the walkway looks like a standard path when you aren’t using it as a shower pan.

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28. Feel Zen in Your Own Home

You’ll enjoy some tranquility with this outdoor shower design. The use of pebbles always makes a space feel so much more relaxing, and the contrast with the wood makes the room feel rustic and tranquil at the same time. Finish it off with some modern metal showerheads, and you’ll have a contemporary Zen space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t have a walled-in space, you can put up a wooden fence like this to create the perfect outdoor shower area for your main bedroom. This outside bathroom idea is excellent if you have some extra garden space that you don’t have the time to maintain!

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27. Bring The Outside Indoors with this Bathroom Design

Bring the outside in with this outdoor shower design! If you want to expand your bathroom but aren’t sure how adding a glass panel to the outside area is an ideal way to do this. Add wooden floors and a wall to give it a tropical beach feel. Put a stunning pot plant in the corner of the shower and really bring in those beach vibes to your bathroom. By adding your shower outside, you’ll have more space within the bathroom for a large soaking tub or an additional indoor shower if the weather isn’t on your side.

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26. Build a Hidden Shower Like a Secret Garden

Can you even spot the shower? If you love the minimalist look and the barely-there style, this outside shower is how you should design your space. It blends in so well with the outdoor room, which means you can use this space as a multi-use area. Suppose you have a balcony facing the neighbors. Here is an outdoor bathroom idea that has additional privacy for the bedroom. Go for the all-wood look, which will blend in so well with the natural surroundings if you love a style sympathetic to the environment you live in.

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25. Get an Outdoor Shower For Beach Lovers

Do you live near the beach? An outdoor shower is a great way to keep your home sand-free! Build an enclosed area on a deck or the backside of the house. You can wash the beach off before you walk through the house. It will also feel refreshing to rinse the salt water off in the beautiful sunshine before carrying on with your day. Purchase a wooden bench and add that to your shower area to be a space you enjoy being in. If this is just a rinse station rather than a shower place, you don’t need to build walls. Keep reading for more outdoor shower ideas.

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24. Try Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom Designs

If you’re not entirely sold on full outdoor showers but still want some element of it in your interior design, this contemporary bathroom design could be the perfect compromise. It is very much still an enclosed space, roof and all but the addition of planter beds and the top being able to open and close will give you just enough of that outdoors feel. Build beautiful alcoves into the walls – not only are these a brilliant design feature but very practical too to hold soaps, shampoos, and other bathroom amenities. Choose plants that enjoy steam as their water source, and you’ll have a flourishing garden.

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23. Create Your Own Tropical Paradise Shower

This outside shower idea is another fantastic option for those who don’t want to be rinsed under the stars but still want to feel like they’re on a tropical vacation! If you have a balcony or patio space outside your bathroom, consider doing this bathroom upgrade to the room. Create a wall with a built-in planter box and fill it with large tropical plants or whatever takes your fancy. Use glass doors, too. Why? Because sliding doors would work too to open up your bathroom to this space. It will also add more space to your shower if it’s a small one! When it’s colder, you can keep the doors closed but still be able to enjoy the greenery from inside your shower.

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22. Use That Empty Space with an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor shower designs can get expensive – especially when you have to build walls, create extra space, and put in tiled floors. Do you want an outdoor shower without the cost of it? This attractive outdoor shower option is perfect. Choose a corner area in your outdoor space where you want to add something but haven’t been sure what it could be. You’ll need to create a space to install the showerhead, and a simple large tile or concrete on the floor will do. Surround the area with plants and hedging to complete the look. It won’t be a very private shower, but it looks great!

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21. Enjoy Some Double Trouble

It’s time for an incredible double trouble outdoor shower! Outdoor showers are great, but they’re even more fun when you can have someone join you. This stunning walled outdoor shower has an impressive concrete wall. Create a lush jungle around you in garden beds, using a variety of ferns. A lovely wooden deck would serve well as the flooring for this shower, but you could also continue the concrete wall down to the floor to create a statement shower. To feel like you’re out in a rainforest, make sure you get the rain shower heads to be completely immersed in the water.

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20. Build a Large Outdoor Shower

This sizeable outdoor shower space is incredible, but we know not everyone will have the freedom to create a masterpiece like this. However, if you do, you should add this to your at-home to-do list. Use wooden slats to build the fence and use wood for the flooring option. Surround yourself with your favorite plants – whatever that may be. Create a feature tile wall to where you’ll attach the showerhead. Choose some Mediterranean-inspired tiles or go for a more neutral option. This outside shower idea would be the most fantastic extension to your main bedroom.

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19. Have the Cutest Shower Cubicle

Cute, cozy, and doesn’t take up too much space – that’s what this outdoor shower is! Close off a patio space with wooden boards and a statement tile. We love the black and white pattern on the tile, which is warmed up by the wooden slats of the shower cubicle. In a space like this, where you don’t have the option of a niche or bench to place shower items, create hanging space. You can hang towels, sponges, and even hanging storage to put your shower gel, shampoo, and razors. Spruce it up with a potted plant just off to its side.

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18. Envision the Dreamiest Spa Outdoor Shower

This spa-like outdoor shower is dreamy with white pebbles, large marble tiles, and wooden accents around the space. Don’t spend thousands of dollars to tile the entire length, and the stones can work just as well and create something different that you wouldn’t find in an indoor shower. Rather spend money on a beautiful marble tile for the shower walls so that you feel the impact as you walk into the space. Purchase a bamboo ladder and use this as towel storage which you can move around the area as you wish. Add some greenery in as well to complete the look.

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17. Consider an Extension of the Indoor Bathroom

Here is the definition of bathroom goals – outdoor shower or not – this home design is incredible. This outside shower idea shows exactly how you can make the most out of a bathroom space that isn’t large enough to accommodate both a bath and a shower. For most bathrooms, it is preferable to have both options, and this is how you can do it. The outdoor space is a continuation of the indoor space with the same concrete wall – this is a clever way to make the room cohesive. The choice of wooden boards for the shower floor creates a separation between the areas, but it still flows. Finish it off with a green wall, and you’re all set.

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16. Make A Statement with This Outdoor Shower

Drench yourself under this fantastic outdoor shower head in this secluded spot. You can’t go wrong with the sunshine above and beautiful trees overhead and in the shower room. The shower is quite a focal point in this outdoor shower design with its geometric and metal design. It protrudes away from the pebbled tile wall and over a lovely concrete slab to form the shower floor. Surround yourself with tranquil plants like ferns and even bamboo. Seal it off with a door so that the space is accessible to the room it is attached to and to other guests.


15. Transport Yourself to Europe with this Unique Shower Design

Does anyone feel like they’ve been transported to Europe with this outdoor shower? From France to Italy, this bricked and stone outdoor shower space takes you on an instant getaway in your own home. Imagine yourself on the cobblestone streets of somewhere romantic – but it’s right there attached to your home. Create a beautiful fountain feature as part of the space, too; you can even throw coins in there for some good luck. This rustic space is warm and inviting and can easily be used as a thoroughfare when not used as a shower. It’s another beautiful addition to your home.

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14. Try a Lovely Jungle Delight

We’ve now left Europe, and we’re going to the jungle with this outdoor shower! Have you ever seen such an abundance of plants? The greenery makes this outdoor shower setup stand out from the crowd. Forget the walls. Instead, use plants as natural barriers to make this a private and tropical space. The higher the trees, the better! This outside area is a great way to use vertical space as the shower area isn’t large, but its height makes it feel a lot bigger than it really is. Suppose you don’t have any roof limitations. In that case, there is nowhere to go but up with a shower like this.

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13. Create a Rustic Outdoor Shower

This shabby-chic outdoor shower is the perfect blend of rustic and chic! It’s so simple yet warm and inviting too. The white shiplap wall blends perfectly into the country-style home, and the copper exposed shower piping is just the cherry on top of this outdoor shower design. Add a large pot plant to the space; a citrus tree would look fabulous in this outdoor bathroom idea. Suppose you don’t want an outdoor shower in your bedroom. In that case, this bathroom design would suit your home’s shared outdoor shower space. It even works well to create an additional guest bathroom for your home.

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12. Go for a Minimalist Outside Shower Idea

This simple bathroom design is oh-so minimalist but oh-so-fabulous! If you spend a lot of time outdoors – at the beach, in the garden, or even hiking – a simple outdoor shower like this could be life-changing. A setup like this doesn’t take much, and it will undoubtedly add value to your home. Add a shower pan to one of your existing flower beds and select your shower unit to finish it off. While this offers no privacy, it’s an efficient idea to have in your life and will change how you live. Keep reading for more outdoor shower ideas.

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11. Upgrade Your Home with a Complete Outdoor Tub and Shower, Not Just An Outdoor Shower

So, this exterior design isn’t just a shower; it’s a whole outdoor bathroom – tub included! If you have a lot of open space that is just crying out for something like this, use the area, and instead of just putting a shower, pick an incredible freestanding tub for the space. You can then enjoy a soak under the stars by candlelight or a fresh outdoor shower. Large paving stones create the perfect base for this space, with foliage mixed in between. You can also use pebbles like this stylish bathroom design. We love the mix of earth tones here, but you could also opt for plain gray or white.


10. Envision the Perfect Balcony Bathroom

Are you loving these DIY outdoor shower concepts? Reclaim your privacy and an extra outdoor bathroom with this design idea! Do you have a primary bedroom balcony overlooking the neighbors or a busy road? Maybe you want more privacy without closing your curtains. Either way, try this outdoor bathroom idea. Fit it with a freestanding tub and a shower unit, and you’re good to go. If you don’t like the idea of a bathtub outdoors, you could put an additional showerhead or just a seating area in the space to fill it up.

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9. Relax in a Multi-Purpose Zone

We love this outdoor setup because it is a multi-purpose space for all your relaxation needs! Include a small sitting area on the patio space and use a side table to house beautiful candles and your favorite books. You can enjoy this space when you need a break, but you can also use it as a bathroom. Another highlight of this design is the lights in the alcoves of the shower wall. It creates the perfect mood lighting and lets you see the products you use if showering at night.

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8. Consider a Soft and Subtle Outdoor Shower Design

This soft and subtle outdoor shower aesthetic has made us feel peaceful, and we’re only looking at a photograph of it! It is another fantastic way to create a simple outdoor shower space, without too many frills but definitely with design. The exposed piping offset by the pale blue tile of the curved wall is aesthetically pleasing. If you aren’t sure what to do with your area, try a curved wall like this outdoor space. Add some giant ferns around the area, and you’ll feel like you’re soaking up the sun on a Greek island.

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7. Turn a Walkway into an Outside Shower Space

This outdoor shower is an architect’s dream! It’s the perfect use of space and also makes perfect sense. Create a pathway using beautiful paving stones filled with gravel or pebbles; use contrasting rocks and pavers to make the space pop and become a focal point. You can use the space as a walkway to the outdoor patio or a gorgeous outdoor bathroom. Make sure to add towel hanging space outdoors with the shower or just inside before entering the wrap-around walkway.

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6. Repurpose an Old Pond or Firepit

Do you have an old pond or fire pit space that you aren’t using? Instead of filling in this space with dirt and covering it up with grass, turn it into something beautiful like this! Since you’ll already have the space dugout and probably paved, it should be an easy enough project to repurpose. Add some extra pebbles to complete it and consider putting up a fence around the area or planting a trellis where ivy leaves or other climbing plants can grow. Install a high showerhead so that this space works as a secret garden or as an outdoor shower space.

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5. Activate Zen Mode with This Shower Design

We have just activated Zen mode with this outdoor shower! The wooden walkway is simply spa-like, while a bamboo wall surrounds the area and instantly relaxes us. If you have a tropical-inspired home or love feeling relaxed, this design is for you! There aren’t too many frills – it’s the simplicity of this space makes it work so well. The use of different woods in the area makes it feel at one with the nature surrounding the shower. Install a beautiful rain shower head and enjoy this outdoor space. Keep reading for more outdoor shower ideas.

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4. Open Up Your Space with an Outdoor Shower

Glass walls make a space feel so much bigger, allowing you to incorporate areas with each other. If you have glass doors in your bathroom already, use this unique bathroom design and start planning your outdoor shower. Suppose you wanted to fit in a double vanity? In that case, remove the shower, place it outdoors on the patio, and enclose both these spaces with sliding glass doors. If the weather isn’t on your side, you can close the doors and enjoy an indoor shower. If the weather is beautiful, open those doors and enjoy the fresh air while showering.

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3. Try a Pebbled Outdoor Shower

This outdoor shower celebrates pebbles and stone features, making it natural and blending into the alfresco. A narrow, but long space is ideal for an outdoor shower. For this spot, you could opt for one or two showerheads. You could install wooden roll-down blinds to block off the space if you want additional privacy. Also, it will provide you with some protection from the elements in case it is too hot or too windy outside. Create a stone bench so that you can switch the shower on and use the space as a makeshift sauna.

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2. Make a Forgotten Space Beautiful

Do you know those narrow walkways along the side of your house between you and your neighbors? We hardly ever use these spaces, and they are usually forgotten about or filled with old junk. Turn this space into the most beautiful outdoor shower, complete with climbing roses and a huge shower head. This unique bathroom space is picture perfect and is an ideal use of a forgotten enclosure. The outdoor bathroom idea also works if you are a pet owner; you could pop them in the shower after a long walk and get them cleaned up while you clean yourself! Put up a wrought-iron gate with a locking system for privacy.

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1. Renovate a Small Space as an Outdoor Shower

Do you have one of those weird upstairs annex areas, and you aren’t sure how to use the space because of the strange wall angles? Well, we’d suggest an indoor/outdoor shower space! Open up the top with a skylight or retractable roof to feel you’re out in the open. Place a beautiful fern in the corner of the room and pitch a shower bench where you can sit and soak up the steam from the shower. This outdoor bathroom design would also work well in a small room where you can add a glass door or a large glass window.