Upcycled Utensils: Transforming Kitchenware Into Crafty Decor

Ashley - July 21, 2023
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Use Silverware As Cabinet Handles

Are you ready to replace the handles in your kitchen? Don’t go out and buy more run-of-the-mill, mass-manufactured cabinet handles. This is another opportunity for you to use up that old silverware you’ve got lying around! Spoons and forks will work fabulously for this purpose, and they’ll give your kitchen that coveted rustic feel. Just gather up some old silverware, make sure they’re squeaky clean, and create a bend in the handle, just like in the picture. Then, you’ll need to attach the silverware to the cabinets. When you’re done, you’ll have a tasteful, vintage bit of decor on all of your cabinets! Imagine if you also had a silverware chandelier hanging from your ceiling in the same room!

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Turn Old Funnels Into Candle Holders

Many people run across a handful of old funnels while cleaning out their garage or attic. We don’t tend to use these in our kitchens anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still serve a purpose! Funnels make for perfect tapered candle holders. Place your old funnels on a serving tray like shown in the picture, stick your tapered candles inside, and light them! This makes an excellent centerpiece for holiday or birthday dinners. However, make sure you put a dish or something fireproof underneath the funnels to catch all the wax that drips down. The last thing you want during a dinner party is your awesome hack turning into a fire hazard!

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Repurpose Galvanized Buckets Into Lampshades

Galvanized buckets are super versatile, just like mason jars, so there are a ton of things you can do with them. One of the simplest ideas is to transform them into lampshades! When a lampshade breaks or becomes unusable, replace it with a galvanized bucket. This creates an especially unique effect when used with hanging light fixtures, as shown in this picture. However, you don’t just have to slap the lampshade on there and forget about it. You can turn this into a crafts project to take your decor to the next level. Drill holes in the sides of the buckets to create a cool pattern, or paint them to match the theme or decor of your room.

Photo Credit: potterybarn.com

Easy-To-Carry Drink Cooler

Here’s another great idea for your unused galvanized buckets. Turn them into easy-to-carry drink coolers for your backyard get-togethers! Galvanized buckets work wonders for maintaining temperature, so they’ll keep your drinks cool for hours without having to refresh the ice as frequently as you would with store-bought coolers. Just bring your bucket outside, set it on a table or your porch, and fill it with ice. Then, add your drinks of choice! The handles on these buckets make it super easy to carry around the yard as the party migrates or bring it back inside for ice refills. Plus, you can decorate the buckets with paint, glitter, stickers, or other materials to create some unique and gorgeous.

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Make Plant Hangers With Spoons

Yes, we have another spoon upcycling hack to share! Spoons are pretty heavy-duty and are capable of holding a bit more weight than you’d think. However, keep in mind that they’re not designed to support super heavy objects, so choose which plants you use with this hack carefully. Bend your spoons to create a shape similar to the one in this picture. Attach it to the wall of your porch, greenhouse, or indoor wall if you’re hanging indoor plants. Then, hand a lightweight potted plant from the spoons! This is a cute idea that won’t be immediately obvious to visitors, so they’ll be fascinated when you point it out. Be prepared to explain your process so guests can recreate this awesome hack at home.

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Use Old Teacups For Bird Feeders

Do you want to attract more birds to your yard and upcycle something you’re not using anymore? Try this awesome teacup bird feeder hack! All you need for this hack is an old teacup, a plate or other dish that can hold the bird feed (you could even use a frisbee!), rope, and bird feed. Take the plate and drill holes around the edges. Then, thread the rope through the edges and tie it to a tree branch or other high object where birds are likely to gather. Next, fill the dish with bird feed and add your teacup. This idea is simple, cute, and perfect for gardeners that love giving their yard a unique touch.

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Vintage Teacup And Teapot Clock

Teacups feature pretty heavily on this list because there’s a plethora of ways you can reuse them. Adding them to the frame of a clock to create a vintage teacup and teapot clock is a great way to put your collection display without letting them take up valuable counter or shelf space. You’ll need strong glue for this to work, but it’ll only take a few minutes to do. Just glue your teacups and teapots onto the frame of a clock and wait for them to dry completely. Then, hang the clock on your wall and admire the beauty of it! You’ll want to make sure you hang this in an area where kids and pets can’t get to it.

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Use A Cheese Grater As An Earring Holder

Here’s another great idea for making use of old bell cheese graters. Turn them into a simple earring holder! Anyone who wears earrings knows how difficult it is to keep the pairs together. One of every pair inevitably gets lost, but instead of spending money on a manufactured earring holder, try this trick! Get out an old cheese grater and make sure it’s clean and dull. Then, give it a nice coat of paint or stain to freshen it up. After that, you can use it to hold dozens of pairs of earrings. This is a great way to keep your earrings organized and prevent them from getting lost.

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Upcycle Bread Loaf Pan Into Flower Planter

Baking bread at home is a lot of fun and a great way to experiment with different breads, but sometimes you end up with a ton of extra bread loaf pans and nothing to do with them! If you find your kitchen cabinets overrun with excess bread pans, then you need to try this hack. Easily turn a bread loaf pan into a flower planter with a few minimal supplies, and you’ll get it done in an afternoon. Take an old bread pan and make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned. Then, paint and decorate the outside. Once it’s dry, you can create some drainage holes in the bottom of the pan. Then, all you need to do is add potting soil and your favorite flowers. Place this in your garden, on your patio, or on your porch to add a gorgeous piece of decor to your yard.