Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Take Your Plants To The Next Level

Monica Gray - November 14, 2023
Good Housekeeping

Use Empty Bottles

This person went the creative route and decorated their old bottles and cartons and turned them into unique plant holders! To make it fun, paint faces on the front of the bottle and use ropes to dangle the bottles from a shelf inside. Fill the bottles with plants and soil that match the colors on the bottle (Good Housekeeping).


The IKEA Hack

Dive into the unique offerings at IKEA, where even cutlery containers can become the foundation for a distinctive project. Break the mold by repurposing these containers beyond their culinary role! Snatch up a few alongside curtain cables, and set out on a creative escapade to craft your personalized DIY vertical garden. By filling these containers with plants and soil, you’ll not only reimagine everyday items but also inject your space with a vibrant and customized flair. This inventive undertaking serves as an enjoyable and effective means to infuse both greenery and individuality into any room of your home. (IKEA Hackers).

Horti Culture

Chest Of Treasures

Explore another innovative way to repurpose an old dresser or chest by transforming it into a stylish vertical plant stand. If you don’t have a spare dresser, check out platforms like Facebook Marketplace to find one that fits your style. With a waterproof barrier, pots, plants, and soil, you can easily convert the drawers into individual plant containers. This DIY project not only breathes new life into unused furniture but also allows you to create a personalized indoor garden, turning your room into a green oasis filled with the charm of upcycled decor.(Horti Culture).

Good Housekeeping

Succulent Shutters

For those with an older home adorned with shutters that may seem underutilized, consider repurposing them into a captivating vertical garden. Transform these shuttered spaces into unique plant displays by filling the slots with succulents or mosses arranged in a line. This imaginative approach allows for complete creative control, enabling you to customize your vertical garden with as many or as few plants as you desire. Embracing this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution not only breathes new life into forgotten shutters but also brings the outdoors inside, adding a touch of natural elegance to your living space. (Good Housekeeping).