You can go a bit beyond regular, unfinished wood when it comes to antique finishes. Shutterstock.

What Furniture To Try This Technique On

Most people want to use the antique finish on their wood furniture because this makes it look more realistic. Other people feel that this is the only type of furniture you can use when it comes to giving it character, but this is not true. While some techniques focus on wood and some people will say that you shouldn’t try any painting technique on something other than wood, you can pick nearly any piece of wood furniture for this project.

Do you have furniture that you want to give an antique look that’s been laminated? No problem! You can use this method on furniture that is laminated, which most new dressers and tables are today. You can even use this method on furniture that already has a paint finish. However, you might not want to look at plastic or metal furniture for this process. While it’s not impossible to give these pieces an antique finish, these steps focus more on wood furniture than other parts.