Who Knew You Could Be So Creative With Cinderblocks?

James Loftus - April 8, 2023

Cinderblocks are a versatile and affordable building material that can be used to create a wide range of structures in your backyard. From garden beds and planters to barbeque pits and even swimming pools, cinderblocks offer a sturdy and durable foundation for a variety of outdoor projects. With their rustic and industrial charm, cinderblocks can also add a touch of style and personality to your outdoor space. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or just starting out, building with cinderblocks is a fun and accessible way to create custom structures that meet your specific needs and preferences.

The examples below show just how creative and interesting people can get when it comes to cinderblocks. They are fun, they are exciting, and most of all, they are inspiring! Whether you’re looking to create a lush garden, host a backyard cookout, or cool off in a refreshing pool, the versatility and affordability of cinderblocks make them an ideal choice for all your outdoor building needs. So, grab some cinderblocks and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Image source: Cipriani Charles Designs

The Cinder Meditation

Undoubtedly, this arrangement is among the most soothing on this list, if not the most. It invokes a feeling of inspiration to sit on the floor with legs crossed and take deep, calming breaths. The ambiance reminds me of entering a church filled with burning candles, which immediately instills a sense of calmness. There’s just something about it that brings about peace and happiness, and even the grumpiest of individuals would find themselves overwhelmed by its tranquility.

Image source: Outdoor Kitchen Design

The Ultimate Barbeque Set Up

Building a backyard barbeque stove using cinderblocks as the foundation is a satisfying and practical project. The sturdy and heat-resistant blocks provide a durable base for the grill and a full bar space, perfect for hosting outdoor gatherings with friends and family. The addition of a sink makes clean-up a breeze, allowing for seamless meal preparation and post-grilling clean-up. Whether it’s for a casual weekend BBQ or a more formal outdoor dinner party, this backyard barbeque stove with its full bar and sink is a versatile and functional addition to any outdoor space. With its rustic charm and practical features, it’s sure to become a centerpiece for entertaining guests in style.

Image source: Design Improved

The Colorful Planter

Painting a cinderblock with a wide variety of colors to use as a planter is a fun and creative way to add some color and personality to your outdoor space. The smooth and uniform surface of the cinderblock provides a perfect canvas for your creativity. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you opt for bold and bright hues or more muted tones, the painted cinderblock planter adds a touch of visual interest and style to your garden or patio. With its unique and eye-catching design, this planter is sure to become a focal point in any outdoor space.

Image source: Hunted Interior

A Very Colorful Use of Cinderblocks

The clever use of cinderblocks as supports for plants was elevated to new heights with the addition of this stained-glass piece. The plants rise gently from the cinderblocks, creating a lush and vibrant splash of greenery. The stained-glass piece, with its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, added a touch of whimsy and charm to the display. The cinderblocks provided a solid foundation for both the plants and the stained glass, with the natural texture of the blocks enhancing the rustic and earthy feel of the overall design. It was a beautiful and unique way to repurpose an unexpected material, resulting in a stunning and functional addition to any space.

Image source: source-homyfeed

The Entertainment Center

Building an entertainment center from a combination of cinderblocks and wood is a unique and stylish DIY project. The sturdy and durable cinderblocks provide a strong foundation, while the wooden shelves and compartments offer plenty of space for your entertainment essentials. The design can be customized to fit the size and style of your space, with options for adding additional shelves or compartments to suit your needs. With its industrial charm, the cinderblock and wood entertainment center is a versatile and functional addition to any living room or entertainment space. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or just relaxing with friends and family, this entertainment center is sure to impress.

Image source: happy-home

Garden Beds Deluxe

If you are tired of staring into a backyard that is more brown grass and dried weeds, why not create your very own garden bed made up of those cinderblocks you’ve got laying around? Keep in mind that you need the regular cinder blocks with two openings. This type of block is perfect as you don’t have to dig up your garden. All you need is to arrange the blocks and add some soil in it before you start planting. The end result will be a beautiful garden that will become your canvas for all kinds of flowers and herbs!

Image source: lena-sekine

The Outdoor Chill Spot

Did you know that spare cinder blocks can be used to create cool concepts! In fact, there are more possibilities than you might have realized. For instance, you can make a cozy outdoor bench for your garden. The enjoyable part is designing the seat as you can tap into your artistic side. To make the bench, you’ll need eight cinder blocks, which you should space out evenly. Then, you can insert four planks of wood through the block holes for additional support and stability. If you desire, you can paint the cinder blocks and add some attractive cushions for extra comfort.

Image source: gagohome

Fireplace Anyone?

Picture yourself returning home after a long and stressful day at work, and being able to relax in front of a warm fire. With the help of cinder blocks, you can construct your own fireplace. No matter what the size of your backyard, you can use cinder blocks to build a fireplace of any shape or size that will perfectly complement your home. You, your friends and family will be able to enjoy warm fires as you relax throughout those summer evenings.

Image source: claudia-paguiar

The Combination Bench Seat and Storage

If you find your home cluttered with various objects scattered around, maximizing space-saving storage is crucial. While it’s smart to invest in storage fixes like those plastic containers, another option to consider is creating one with the good ole cinder blocks. This trick involves stacking two layers of cinder blocks to establish a sturdy foundation. Then, add some type of mattress and top the whole thing off with cushions. The best part is that you can use the cinder block openings for storing just about any type of item you can come up with.

Image source: suzanimal-ronpaulforums

Easy Access

Having a fireplace means that you’re always having to keep logs in order, a painstaking undertaking to say the least. and the arrangement may not always aesthetically-pleasing. However, you can use cinder blocks to stack your firewood in a tidy pile. Insert four wooden planks into the cinder block’s openings at a 45-degree angle. Once they’re securely lodged between the blocks, fill the remaining space with kindling or logs. It’s essential to keep the firewood dry. This storage solution is excellent since it frees up space and eliminates the need to worry about the wood’s clutter

Image source: bob2112-troublefreepool

The Cinder Pool

Many people aspire to have a genuine swimming pool at their residence. Unfortunately, owning a real pool is a very pricey endeavor, often running in the tens of thousands of dollars to construct. Forget about all that cost with those fancy pool builders, you’ve got cinder blocks! By using cinder blocks, cement and some ingenuity, you can construct a custom-made swimming pool. Just lay the pool’s foundation, walls, and floor before filling it with water and taking a dip.

Image source: happy-home

Cinderblock Composting to the Rescue

Constructing a compost maker is a one of those selfless acts with the environment in mind. By doing so, you can reduce your household’s waste and provide a natural way to enrich your garden soil. If you’re looking for a way to create your own eco-system, why not cinder blocks. Simply designate a portion of your lawn and border the area with the blocks. Toss in fruit and vegetable peels to create your compost pile and use it as needed once it’s fully decomposed.

Image source: kate-miss

The Cinderdesk

With so many people working from home post pandemic, having a desk somewhere in your place is almost a necessity these days. If you’re a person of means, you could splurge for an expensive desk from one of those high end furniture places that will cost you an arm and a leg, or you could go the less expensive route and pick something up at IKEA. A third option is to snatch up some cinder blocks from the back yard and create your own desk. I like the concept of this approach, but it is lacking in regards to the practicality of it. With that said, it does bring a bit of a “conversation pieces” aspect to it.

Image source: home-edit

The Cindershelf

Using cinderblocks inside the home is a way to bring a bit of grit and outdoor style, indoors. There is so much to like about this particular shelving set up. To begin, you do not have to drill holes, damaging your walls in the process. The combination of the blocks and the wood planks also looks incredibly sturdy. Outside of an strong earthquake, you will never have to worry about the thing collapsing as you might if you were to hang shelves on your wall. And best of all, the set up is as simple as stacking the cinderblocks along with the wood planks which even an idiot like myself could handle.

Image source: sara-tramp-photography

The Cinderbed

This may be one of the oldest ones in the book. The obvious plus is that this will be incredibly durable for the long term. You will never have to fear your bed collapsing beneath you as you count sheep in your sleep. Also, there is the “cool” factor for those teens who love to show just how they are different and cooler than their friends. And, of course, we always have to mention the inexpensiveness of it. The cost of some cinderblocks from your local Home Depo combined with a wood board and a mattress will be far below what you’ll pay for something from the furniture store.


Image source: step-by-step


With a pile of cinderblocks and a bit of creativity, this person was able to construct a set of steps in the backyard. The rough texture of the cinderblocks gave the steps a rustic and earthy feel, blending seamlessly with the natural environment. The blocks were stacked in a staggered pattern, creating a sturdy and stable base for the steps. With each additional block, the steps grew in height. It was an affordable and practical solution to a landscaping challenge, and the result was a unique and visually appealing addition to the backyard.

Image source: home-style-diary

The Cinder Pit

In keeping with our theme of cool fun ideas for cinder blocks, here we have a very creative effort by someone who clearly loves to laugh with happiness and faith. You see what I did there? How can one not like this effort as it is simplistic, yet creative, colorful, and of course practical. The benches are done up in a very festive way, and the fire pit in the middle will make for a warm and inviting experience. This is simply a fun and cool setting to hang out with friends and family on a Friday evening!

Image source: little-piece-of-me

Cinderblock Plants

These cinderblocks had been repurposed in a creative way to support plants hanging on the side of a wall, resulting in a unique and visually appealing display. The sturdy and reliable nature of the cinderblocks provided a solid foundation for the plants to grow and flourish. They had been arranged in a pattern, with each block supporting a different plant. The natural finish of the cinderblocks provided an earthy backdrop for the vibrant greens and pops of color from the plants. It was as if the cinderblocks had been transformed into an intricate work of art, with each one playing a crucial role in creating the overall visual effect.

Image source: how-to-instructions

The Cinder Kebab

The sizzling sound of kebabs being grilled on cinderblocks is something to behold as it fills the air with a savory aroma. The cinderblocks make for an excellent cooking vessel, with charcoal burning in the center, providing the heat needed to cook the food to perfection. Skewers of marinated meat, vegetables, and fruit were carefully arranged on the cinderblocks, with the juices dripping down and sizzling as they hit the hot coals. The rough texture of the cinderblocks added to the rustic atmosphere of the outdoor cooking area, while the grilled kebabs added a touch of sophistication to the meal. It was a simple and practical solution that resulted in a truly memorable and satisfying dining experience.

Image source: bright-lights-big-color

The Perfect Cozy Place

The cinderblock table and benches were a charming addition to the backyard, providing ample seating for outdoor gatherings. The blocks had been stacked in a sturdy formation, with wooden 4×4’s serving as bench seats. The rugged texture of the cinderblocks contrasted with the smooth wood surfaces, creating a unique and visually interesting piece of outdoor furniture. The practicality of the design was undeniable, with ample space to accommodate family and friends for meals or games. Whether it was used for casual dining or lively conversation, the cinderblock table and benches added a rustic charm to the backyard that was sure to be enjoyed by all.

Image source: the-improvised-life

Stability and Practicality in One

The cinderblock and wood table was a simple, yet practical addition to the backyard. The cinderblocks were stacked in a sturdy formation, with a single wooden table laid across the top. The natural tones of the wood contrasted beautifully with the gray cinderblocks, creating a visually interesting and unique piece of outdoor furniture. The design was both functional and versatile, with ample space for dining, games or relaxation. The table was easy to assemble, and the use of cinderblocks as support added to its stability and durability. Overall, the cinderblock and wood table was a charming addition to the backyard, perfect for outdoor gatherings or relaxing afternoons.

Image source: home-decor-magz

The Cinder Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse made from a combination of a cinderblock and a wood perch is a must do project for any avid bird lover. The strong cinderblock provides a solid foundation for the birdhouse, while the wooden perch offers a comfortable and natural resting place for the birds. The design can be customized to fit the size and style of any backyard, with options for adding extra features like a roof or additional perches. The birdhouse offers a safe and cozy space for birds to rest and nest, and it’s also a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or just looking for a fun and functional DIY project, this cinderblock and wood perch birdhouse is sure to delight.

Image source: the-horticult

The Perfect Fall Décor

Building a wall of cinderblocks to hold small candles and pumpkins for the fall is a creative and fun DIY project. The sturdy and classic texture of the cinderblocks adds a touch of autumnal charm to any outdoor space, and the small candles and pumpkins can be arranged in a variety of configurations to create a custom display. The warm glow of the candles and the vibrant colors of the pumpkins create a such cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for autumn gatherings with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or a Thanksgiving feast, this cinderblock wall is a versatile and stylish way to add some seasonal flair to your outdoor décor.

Image source: instructables

Cinderblock Smoker Anyone?

Building a backyard barbeque pit and smoker using cinderblocks is a great way to create a custom outdoor cooking space. The sturdy cinderblocks provide a durable and heat-resistant foundation for the pit and smoker, allowing for long hours of slow smoking and grilling. The design can be customized to fit the size and style of any backyard, with options for adding extra shelves or storage space. The smoky aroma and delicious flavors from the smoker are sure to impress family and friends. Whether it’s for a casual weekend cookout or a more formal outdoor dinner party, this backyard barbeque pit and smoker is a versatile and functional addition to any backyard space.

Image source: yahoo

Plant Perfection with Cinderblocks

Building backyard shelves using cinderblocks for a wide variety of large and small plants is a simple and practical DIY project. The sturdy and durable cinderblocks provide a strong foundation for the shelves, allowing them to support a variety of plants in different sizes and weights. The shelves can be easily adjusted or reconfigured to accommodate new plants or changing needs. With their rustic and industrial charm, these cinderblock shelves add a touch of style to any backyard space. Whether you’re displaying colorful flowers, fragrant herbs, or leafy vegetables, these shelves are a versatile and functional way to create a beautiful and thriving garden.

Image source: borganic

Artistic to Say the Least

In the warm summer sun, building a cinderblock couch in the backyard is a fun and creative project. The rough texture of the cinderblocks contrasts beautifully with the softness of the pillows, making for a unique seating option. The artistic drawings hanging on the wall behind the couch add a pop of color and personality to the outdoor space. Whether it’s a piece of abstract art or a colorful landscape, the drawings create a focal point that draws the eye and adds visual interest. Overall, the combination of the DIY cinderblock couch and artistic wall décor create a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for lounging and entertaining.

Image source: natural-gas-firepit-guys

The Giant Pit

Using cinderblocks to build a large fire pit in the backyard is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your outdoor space. The rugged, industrial appearance of the blocks lends a touch of rustic charm to the setting. As you stack the blocks, the fire pit gradually takes shape, and you can adjust its size to fit your needs. Once complete, you can fill the pit with wood or charcoal, creating a cozy ambiance for gatherings and outdoor parties. The sturdy, heat-resistant nature of the cinderblocks ensures that the fire pit will withstand the elements and provide a long-lasting source of warmth and entertainment for your backyard


Image source: borganic

The Cinder Chairs

The backyard has been transformed into an inviting oasis with the addition of cinderblock chairs and a fire pit. Sturdy and practical, the chairs have been constructed by stacking and arranging cinderblocks, creating a comfortable place to sit and relax. The fire pit is a focal point, built with the same blocks and providing warmth and ambiance on cool evenings. The rustic appearance of the cinderblocks adds a touch of charm to the outdoor space, while the functional design ensures they will withstand the elements. This simple yet innovative use of building materials has created a cozy and welcoming atmosphere perfect for gatherings with family and friends.

Image source: flickr

Your Very Own Art Installation!

You want a way to turn your backyard into an art installation? Well, this guy did with this striking art piece. This work stands tall, drawing the eye with its vibrant colors and whimsical decorations. The artist made use of cinderblocks what they painted in an array of hues, ranging from deep blues to bright oranges and many more, and adorned each with intricate patterns and designs. The piece is both bold and playful, reflecting the creativity and personality of its maker. As the sun sets and the colors of the blocks deepen, the art piece becomes even more mesmerizing, casting shadows and adding a touch of magic to the backyard.


Image source: design-sponge

The Cinder Vase

When you are hanging with guests in the backyard, all you need is a simple yet elegant table arrangement to catch the eye. To achieve this, you can simply set up a striking centerpiece vase made from cinderblocks. The grey blocks contrast beautifully with the lush green foliage spilling out from the top, and the sturdy base of the cinderblocks provides a stable foundation for the weight of the flowers and the water. The arrangement is both functional and artistic, and it blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the backyard. This will make a wonderful conversation piece at dinner!

Image source: No source

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

I just love how these cinderblocks are being used cleverly as a fire pit in the backyard, allowing for cooking over an open flame. This backyard chef is making use of wood kindling inside the cinderblocks, providing the necessary heat to cook the food to perfection. The flames dance around the cinderblocks, casting a warm glow for those gathered around, as the food sizzles and cooks, filling the air with a tantalizing aroma and making mouths water in anticipation. These cinderblocks provide a sturdy base for the fire pit, allowing for safe and secure cooking. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a backyard barbecue with friends and family.


Image source: the-sacramento-rose

The Cinderblock Garden of Magical Colors

In the backyard, cinderblocks and wood have been combined to create unique and stylish planters. The cinderblocks act as the base, while the wood planks are used to create the planter boxes, adding a touch of warmth and texture to the design. The natural wood tones contrast beautifully with the gray of the cinderblocks, making for an eye-catching addition to any backyard. The planters are filled with an array of greenery and flowers, adding color and life to the space. With their durable and sturdy construction, these planters are sure to last for years, providing a charming and practical element to the backyard landscape.


Image source: Outdoor Kitchen Design

The Cinder Planter Extraordinaire

In the backyard, cinderblocks are being repurposed as planters, creating a stunning display of greenery along a wall. The cinderblocks are stacked horizontally, forming a sturdy foundation for the plants to grow. The crevices between the blocks are filled with soil, allowing for multiple plants to grow in each one. The use of cinderblocks adds a rustic charm to the otherwise natural beauty of the plants. It’s a cost-effective and practical way to add some greenery to any outdoor space. This unique combination of materials creates an interesting focal point in the backyard, inviting guests to stop and admire the beauty of nature.

Image source: last-home-decor

Gotta Love Cinderblocks and Natural Wood!

The cinderblock and natural wood table top is the perfect solution for a DIY barbecue table in the backyard. The cinderblocks are stacked in a sturdy formation, creating a strong foundation for the table top. The natural wood table top, made from 2x4s, provides ample space for grilling utensils, food, and drinks. The beautiful grain of the wood adds a touch of elegance to the rustic look of the cinderblocks. The table is perfect for hosting outdoor parties, barbecues, and family gatherings. The design is simple yet effective, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create an outdoor dining area without spending a lot of money.

Image source: cool-creativity

The Cinder Student Edition

This cinderblock and wood plank desk makes for a functional and cost-effective solution for a student’s bedroom. The cinderblocks were stacked in a sturdy formation, with a wooden plank laid across the top to serve as the desk surface. The desk is spacious enough for a laptop, textbooks, and other school supplies, with enough room to spread out and study comfortably. The design was simple, yet practical, making it an ideal choice for students with limited space and budget. The cinderblock and wood plank desk is a perfect blend of form and function, providing a stylish workspace for any student.