Wooden Pallet DIY Projects That Steal The Upcycling Show

Monica Gray - April 15, 2023
Morning Chores

DIY Succulent Garden

Upcycle your old tables for a DIY succulent garden you can put in your backyard. You’ll need a few pallet boards, screws, and face nails. Once you build the structure, clear-coat them and start adding your succulents. Ashley, from Mountain Crest Gardens, created her succulent garden. She said, “I used ground or weed cloth and stapled it to the back and on the inside. I then filled the pallet with soil and cut holes for the plants. Then, once the plants were in I watered the whole thing. Now, we will have to wait at least a month to hang it, so that the succulents can root.” Eventually, your succulent garden will be sprawled with beautiful, vibrant plants (Mountain Crest Gardens).


Wooden Pallet Kitchen Backsplash

This one will get your friends talking. If something is missing in your kitchen but you can’t quite put your finger on it, then a wooden pallet backsplash might be your answer. Spiff up your kitchen with a few panels of raw, exposed wood. To keep the pallet boards protected against moisture, you can seal the boards. If you love the look, you might want to have the exposed wood across your entire counter (Home Talk).

The Merry Thought

Build A DIY Outdoor Swing

It’s time to put your favorite backyard tree to use! Build an outdoor swing using leftover pallet wood you have in your garage. All you need is the wood, screws, a drill, a saw, durable strings to throw over the branch of the tree, and a comfortable mattress. A little bit of material goes a long way. Once you layer the pallets together, attach the strings. You can decorate the swing however you’d like, and add weatherproof blankets, cushions, and pillows. Your weekend morning coffee just got a whole lot cozier (Homedit).